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Cape ‘Not Discriminated Against’

Local punters get explanation for Derby Day Pick 6

While Saturday’s Cape Derby Day Pick 6 pool reached over R1,3 million, there were some local investors querying why TAB offered no carryover injection as an incentive to attract more hype and cash.

The Sporting Post put it to TAB that last week was a miserable one for punters, with two meetings chopped in half for a variety of reasons – and all out of the customer’s control.

And the guys were looking to get some money back on the attractive Gr1 Cape Derby Day card at Kenilworth.

Popular fancy Delta Queen opens the Kenilworth Pick 6 on Saturday (Pic – Chase Liebenberg)

Saturday was, after all, the culmination of a superb Cape summer season. There were different sponsors on board and the prawn-hungry crowd was a more than reasonable one by any average Saturday standards.

At the same time, we acknowledged that it’s a bad time of the month, turnover wise, but that Gauteng Guineas day – a Gr2 , run on a delayed Wednesday evening at Turffontein on the 12th of this month – enjoyed the boom and benefit of a R1 million Pick 6 carryover.

A TAB spokesman responded promptly, suggesting that our veiled insinuation that the poor Cape cousin was being ostracised, was simply not accurate.

“The Gauteng Guineas is a poor foundation on which to suggest favouritism or parochialism. The race meeting only fell out of the radius of month-end racing as a result of a postponement and for obvious reasons TAB could not withdraw carryovers that had already been published and comprehensively marketed.”

He went on to say that, as stated repeatedly down the years, TAB deploys carryover monies when and where they have the greatest impact.

“It has long been TAB’s well-documented carryover policy to focus carryovers on major month-end race meetings, when the maximum number of TAB customers have the wherewithal to participate. For the record there were numerous Grade 1 (to use racing terminology) soccer matches on Saturday and with the exception of Soccer 15, to which TAB is currently applying an automatic rollover policy, there were no carryovers. Available soccer carryover monies are being held back for the next two weekends for the reasons stated above.”

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25 comments on “Cape ‘Not Discriminated Against’

  1. Rob Champion says:

    Show me a meeting in Gauteng with a G1 event on it that hasn’t had the privilege of a Pick 6 carryover. They can say what they like Saturday’s meeting in the Cape had no less than five features races including the G1 Derby. There were overseas dignitaries from the Asian Racing Conference in abundance plus the well attended Prawn Festival was in action. Surely this was enough to warrant some form of carry over? Say what you like The Cape are the poor cousins!!


    Phumelela have just shown that they do discriminate against the racegoer – Patrick Davis it’s 17:45 pm, show a bit of respect to Cape racegoer.

    Where’s your statement about the swap of meetings

    1. Editor says:

      Emailed at 17h05, William!
      Please note that the race meeting scheduled to take place at Durbanville Racecourse on Tuesday 25th February 2020 has been moved to Kenilworth Racecourse.

      Times and distances remain unchanged.
      Following an inspection of the track with a senior Jockey in attendance, the decision was taken to move the race meeting to Kenilworth Racecourse, as there is an area of concern at approximately the 50m mark where the grass cover is poor. This will be remedied before the next scheduled meeting which is the 7th of March 2020.

  3. Dave says:

    I’ve never understood the hype around carryovers ….. to have a carryover in the first place means that punters have been losing ….not quite my idea of fun …..I’d rather win a few thousand rand more often to retain interest but I guess different strokes for different folks …..

  4. Rian says:

    I’m with you Dave, but the louder we moan, scream, have SP voting on subject nothing will change

  5. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Mr Tab Employee, I couldn’t care a rats @rse about Gr1 soccer bets.

    The Cape Derby was moved, remember?
    Insinuation ‘ se gat ‘

    So why wasn’t it moved to Sat 29 Feb… By then everyone would have been paid, incl Pensioners.

    It’s proven when there is a carry over the pools exceed most predictions. Even Race 3 on the card was a graded race.

    [email protected] story, anyway….

    1. Editor says:

      Features probably fitted in with Asian Racing Conference – iso with BSA Cape Yearling Sale this week.
      Tail wags dog again


    Thanks Mr. Ed for the information.

    And Rob Champion is correct, they can massage the excuses anyway they want, Cape Town is the poor cousin.

    What a massive blunder by rubbing up against Phumelela….still the biggest poison to SA racing.

    Stick to numbers(lotto) and football betting Phumelela


    Well said Cecil !

  8. Collin devanpershad says:

    P6 should have had a carryover added. This is poor marketing of cape racing. It’s as simple as tat.

  9. Brian says:

    Unless I’m a complete dumbass, the TAB spokesman said nothing. If that was an explanation the person should rather have saved his breath.

  10. Steve Reid says:

    The reality is that Phumelela owners with horses racing outside of the Western Cape are discriminated against every single race meeting because of the artificial boosting of WC stakes at their expense. This amounts to tens of millions of Rand per year so rather just keep stum about carryovers. The gift that is the WC keeps on giving to SA racing and continues to struggle to fill fields. Let’s compare apples with apples and compare – today’s WC meeting has 66 horses in 8 races before scratchings, an average 8,25 runners per race. A dead cert is that this meeting will run at a loss for the operator like the majority of WC meetings. Why would Phumelela want to reward an already obscenely spoilt WC who continue with sub-standard field sizes outside of feature race days? In comparison, KZN have 148 runners in 9 races tomorrow, an average of 16.4 runners per race. the Vaal has 141 runners from 9 races at an average of 15.7 runners per race on Thursday. Why should the WC be rewarded perusing these figures? If anything, the WC deserve to be punished, and maybe just the business model makes more sense to boost pools in jurisdictions that provide bigger fields that should result in bigger pools.

    WC owners should be singing the praises of Jooste and Bloomberg for getting your stakes formulas unfairly set in stone regardless of the tote performances in your region.

  11. Silly Sibon says:

    Anecdotal evidence served up as persuasive argument is a Cape Town speciality. Are the poor little rich boys in Cape Town feeling somewhat left out on the gravy train? As Steve points out for the second or third time now, they have been on it for years. Moan less and fill your bloody fields. You are taking yourselves way to seriously.

  12. Graham HJ. says:

    Now the chaos theory will start to kick in…..The jewel in the crown ( P6 ) is slowly being prized out of its clasp…..it is not about the punter and never is….Its still only February, its like watching the ANC run the country all looking after there own tiny little interests while the games play on……distraction. I see Rio was sold to overseas, fav for the Derby ? so no more heroes just bubble gum racing….its arrived…..is no one getting it ?

  13. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    thanks Messers Jooste and Bloomberg

  14. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    as an aside to refute allegations put out some facts like

    a) carryovers applied in ratio to actual betting turnovers per centre
    b) actual results of carryovers generating additional income per betting centre

    many other ways to justify that you will do what you want to anyway – or just say what you mean – Its our way take or leave it


    The judge wanted to make sure the witness understood the solemnity of the occasion.

    “Do you know what the word ‘oath’ means?” asks the judge.

    “Sure do,” says the witness. “Oath means if I swear to a lie, I gotta stick with it.”

  16. Rian says:

    Why not bring back the old system , exotic carryovers went on to the next race, simple straight forward no scientists involved
    Pick 6 carryover in JHB goes to the next meeting and so on, what can be easier or fairer

  17. Michael Jacobs says:

    But at the same time Jooste also ruined WC racing ( and racing in general in SA), by his monopolistic concentration of racing activities. This led to favoured trainers getting his horses, which led to a concentration of horses in a few big yards in Cape Town, inflated prices at Sales, squeezing out the small owners and trainers and putting his lackeys in senior positions in the industry. Now that Jooste has departed, Cape racing is in the doldrums and struggling to survive. His favoured trainers have quit the industry and the Cape can barely muster 10 horse fields.

    The elitist mentality of Cape Racing under Jooste has backfired spectacularly, and now everybody is wringing their hands and blaming govt, bookmakers, casinos, open-bets, etc for the demise of Cape Racing! When they should just be blaming their greed and arrogance against the small punter, small trainer, small owner!


    Good afternoon Mr. Jacobs, now that you mentioned Jooste, has anybody got an updates as to the ownership of William Longsword.

    Isn’t this horse still owned by Markus Jooste. I not talking about Sire Managers or anything like that, just ownership.

    1. Editor says:

      From the NHA in response:
      Please be advised that the Stallion William Longsword is owned by Klawervlei Stud under a syndicate.

  19. Michael Jacobs says:

    Is Markus Jooste not the owner of Klawervlei? Now it’s owned by a “syndicate” . Would be interesting to know who are the syndicate members? Methinks the smoke and mirrors continues……

  20. Michael Jacobs says:

    Is Klawervlei stud not owned by Jooste, or he certainly was a major shardholder? Now it is owned by a “syndicate”? Who are the members of the syndicate? The smoke and mirrors continues…..


    Mr. John Koster, would you like to disclose who are the full group of businessmen that make up that syndicate ?

    Klawervlei is conducted through a corporate entity owned by John Koster and a syndicate of businessmen ?


    But who make up the syndicate of businessmen ?

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