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Fairview Stalemate: NHA Comes In For Praise

Deadlock leads to abandonment

Stakeholders from punters to owners and trainers were amongst the losers at Fairview on Friday, with Grooms occupying the track in what appears to be a protest that stems from a dismissal at the Yvette Bremner yard last week.

Ms Bremner was granted an interdict in the Port Elizabeth High Court on Wednesday to prevent Grooms from entering her premises without permission and from interfering with the the routine day-to-day training and racing of her horses.

Tensions reached boiling point before the fifth race at Fairview on Friday, where Ms Bremner had her first runner of the afternoon, Sir Frenchie.

In what is believed to be a first in racing in this country, the Stipes granted permission for Sir Frenchie to be saddled in his stable yard and he was walked across by jockey Wayne Agrella to the parade ring for the routine passport scans and checks that are carried our pre-race.

The race did not proceed and the Grooms demanded that the Bremner horse not run.

This appeared to be in direct breach of the interdict and Ms Bremner consulted her owners, who refused to allow their horse to be withdrawn under demands from the strikers.

Phumelela advised in a press release that in the interest of the safety of all role-players and horses, Friday’s race meeting at Fairview was been abandoned due to strike action by grooms after the running of Race 4.

Races 5 to 8 were called off but the feature race, the Lady’s Pendant, will now be run next Friday, 28 February 2020.

Dividends were declared for the BiPot, Place Accumulator and Pick 6 but bets on both Jackpot pools will be refunded.

The NHA, in consultation with the operator, thus made the decision to abandon the meeting in the interests of the safety of all involved.

Owners Braam van Huyssteen and Hedley McGrath were full of praise for the manner in which the NHA’s Racing Executive Arnold Hyde handled the situation.

“He respected the court order and took the only legal and rationale action in the difficult circumstances,” added Hedley.

Yvette Bremner thanked her loyal staff and those amongst her colleagues and in the racing industry at large who had supported her and her team in ‘a terrible situation.’

The next meeting is carded for Fairview on Monday 24 February.

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61 comments on “Fairview Stalemate: NHA Comes In For Praise

  1. Tony Ridgway says:

    I would have withdrawn my horse. The noble thing to do.i

  2. Rian says:

    Was Arnold Hyde on the course???, and the security cluster must surely have given them information as they surely have informers amongst the groom’s, just like Military intelligence had informers at Wits and every University in the country…
    If he was !!! Surely they should have known they would target Mrs Bremmer runners , or were they after the TAX , endangering animals and human life


    Al well and good but again the puntets is tje ones losing money. Phumelela still took out their 25% of exotic pools PA and P6 but I am sure that most puntets on these bets liost money for no fault of their owm. Phumelela should have refunded tje total pool. Why must punttets always have to pay for things that are not their fault
    What will prevent the grooms of occupying the course next week?

  4. MGram says:

    Tony Ridgeway you are joking. There is nothing noble about giving in to those (*edited) who have no respect for the law.

  5. B D steele says:

    It might be noble but would it be the best call ,next week it could be Smith horses they don’t allow to race, Then what…?

  6. Joao says:

    Tony Ridgeway,

    We (International Racing Club ) and Michael and Laura as well as others that race with this wonderful stable will NOT bow to these demands.

    We won’t move our horses elsewhere to “get them running” we are in FULL support of Hedley and Yvette and the rest of the team.

    Scratching a horse to pander to the ILLEGAL demands is not the way, negotiating and paying the ransom draws a line in the sand that will never be erased.

    What I personally would like is our horses to be nominated ALL over SA by Yvette and then bring the WHOLE lot to a standstill when the grooms “strike” in all the other centres where we would in theory have runners.

    This is MY personal opinion. I think its HIGH time that the industry stands up and stands together against ALL that is wrong with it.

    This is more than a groom getting sacked for hurting a defenceless animal. This is about principle and about THEM and US.

    The THEM is NOT the grooms, the them is the MACHINE that has taken our beloved sport to the brink of bankruptcy. THE them is the corporate ponces that are this very evening wining and dining in Cape Town.

    Export protocol really!!!!! that is the ” saviour” What rubbish.

    Lets not forget that Mr Ferraris only a while ago had issues with grooms which led to him shutting the whole lot down.

    we cannot and should not nor will not bed this time.

  7. Gman says:

    Scratch the horse end if story why be hardegat and let the punters suffer bcause u cant get your house in order.How many owners,trainers etc lost out because u feel nobody will dictate you.What actually happened at that stable nobody knows.With the Jooste saga a few years back it was decided that his horses wont run at kenilworth because of possible protest action.Why not let the stable sort out their labour issues first before this really gets out of hand.DID ANYONE LISTEN TO THE GROOMS SIDE OF THE STORY???

  8. Julian says:

    Well said Joao. Radical thoughts, but desperate times call for desperate measures. It’s astonishing to think that people spent this week with their heads in the clouds at this conference in Cape Town, while the industry burns. SHOCKING !

  9. Gman says:


  10. I M Wright says:

    Well said Joao. It’s about time we all stood together and said No to intimidation

  11. Bert Bester says:

    I thought that the court order was against the grooms only and not the NHRA. If it is only against the grooms, do not understand why the NHRA should be congratulated for respecting a court order that was never obtained against it.
    I seems that the NHRA may have been the spark that ignited the protest by allowing the horse to be saddled at the Bremner stables. Had the horse been scratched by the stipes, there would not have been any protest on the race course. I have no idea why Arnold Hyde got involved as he was not a stipe on the day and had no say in the affairs on the race course. Everything should have been left up to the PE stipes and Arnold Hyde should not have interfered. If the Bremner yard was quick enough to get an urgent order against the grooms, they should have gone back to court and got an order that the grooms be arrested for their disregard of the court order. Although the grooms were responsible for what happened, my take on the day is that the NHRA chose the Bremner yard over the rest of horse racing. A poor decision. What happened to the NHRA taking action for the greater good of horse racing. Thankfully no-one got hurt by the protest. Mr Hyde needs some lessons in common sense. He needs to stop meddling and leave the decisions to the stipes at the coal face. We all know that the grooms were wrong, yet the decision to allow the horse to be saddled at the stables was poor form. Two wrongs do not make a right. The grooms and the NHRA are both wrong.

  12. Fyndraai says:

    I am not a parton of the Bremner yard and neither did I have a bet in PE today. What I don’t understand is how grooms can hold a race meeting to ransom when their dispute is with the Bremner stable and not the Racing Operator of whoever is in control of PE racing. Surely the Racing Operator should have appointed sufficient security to keep the grooms away from the racecourse so that racing could continue.

  13. Racing Fan says:

    GMan, the CCMA held a special expedited hearing for the groom who stabbed the horse, gave him an opportunity to respond to the allegations of his fellow groom who saw and reported him, but refused to attend his hearing. If you like to see the very disturbing picture of the stab wound you can give your contact details to the editor and we will forward it to you.

  14. Racing Fan says:

    Bert Bester, you have clearly never owned a race horse. Be it as it may the interdict is against the 40 ex Bremner grooms, Greeff head boy(named Shoes) who claims that the grooms only adhere to “Bush Law”, Paddock head boy Stephen, Tara Lang head boy Andries, Gavin Smith head boy Victor,
    Bremner head boy William and anyone acting through or with respondent 1-44(respondent 45) and Minister of Police(respondent 46).With or without an interdict nobody had the right to enter the race track. The Police came to the party with a solid presence and the riot squad who has always been on standby in case of illegal mass action was on the scene in a matter of minutes. Owners in the Bremner stable hired enough additional security to secure the safety of their horses and stable staff.
    When the riot squad arrived the protesters within minutes cleared the race track and with all the police
    present there was NO reason to cancel the race meeting. Owners in the Bremner stable was responsible and arranged the presence of the police and the riot squad as the racing operator either
    did not see it as their responsibility or did not have the funds to obtain the very costly interdict these
    Bremner owners did. Pictures and video footage of most of the track invaders will be handed to the
    police who might or might not apprehend these interdict transgressors. Arresting these transgressors might cause further disruption of amongst other the race meeting scheduled for Monday. Bert, we have a constitution which provide laws as executed by the SA Police. Bush law do not apply here. Hope you have a better understanding now.

  15. Mavistos says:

    Its unfortunate that this situation has been blown out of proportion by all involved. Tje Nhra should have held an inquiry over the matter to establish truth and even go to an extent of private or independant investigation to resolve this matter.

    These grooms cannot stand together if indeed such gross inhuman allegation is true. Mr Hentley must prove it, as such allegations are of very serious nature..

    We often hear if jockeys been punished for number of whips they hit a horse and stipes reports mention Animal Welfare. This is exactly the same, allegation of horse been stabbed and they do nothng. Its unbecoming of NHRA not to act. These grooms need to be resoected and going to courts will fuel the situation more than simple holding inquiry. Where are pics of stabbed horse or so.

    Theres nothing NHRA should be praised about here, they fuelled the situation and lacked sight to solve the matter.

    We wonder what will be next…

  16. Leah1 says:

    @Bert Bester, Arnold Hyde is the head of all stewards/Stipe’s in South Africa and he is the person that the stewards under him, (the stewards in port Elizabeth) would turn to with regards on what should happen next etc. He is the main person to deal with when things like this happens. I don’t know what you are on about. Get your ducks in a row before you throw peoples names around…

  17. Theo says:

    What nonsense you talk-so the Bremmer yard must be punished-get rid of the grooms-there is a lot of unemployed people that will sort the grooms out themselves if they get the chance to earn a proper living

  18. Shanil says:

    We talk here like the groom make no contribution to the industry. They are the lifeblood of the industry and an important role player. Owners are asleep at the crack of dawn when these grooms are working and caring for these horses. Like any industry strike action. Negotiations and mediations must take place to resolve this matter.

  19. grasslip says:

    What to say after yesterday’s debacle…

    I’ve sat on the fence without bias to this whole ordeal as one cannot judge either party without knowing the facts from both sides and as is both sides will have a very different story to tell, that one can be be very sure of, however, I can safely say if the racing community could stand together as well as the grooms did, then we as lovers of this beautiful sport would be far better for it and we would get these knob heads running the game out as they choose to line their own pockets first instead of having the interest of the sport first and foremost on their agenda.

    It’s well easy for people to comment on a situation that they have no idea about. Unless you were at the stable when it happened, know all the facts, the build ups, the what went wrong, rather dont comment…

    The only part of this debate I tend to lean towards is that it’s an absolute joke that after a meeting being abandoned because of said event, punters should of at least been returned their money they spent on exotics as it sure has left a sour taste in many people’s mouths. Since at then end of the day the only people who benefited, yet again, were the bookies, Phumela, and oh wait, the owners, trainers, and grooms of races 1-4 hahahahahahahahahaha…

  20. George Croucher says:

    Tony Ridgeway
    Your posts are generally sensible and insightful but to suggest that to bow to the demands of an illegal strike would be the “honorable” thing to do is mind boggling..
    The Bremner yard did everything by the book with regard to the grievance that they had with the groom in question leading up to the meeting and were granted an interdict in the Port Elizabeth High Court on Wednesday,what more are they expected to do?? Why should their owners suffer or be held to ransom and refused the right to run their horses and at the same time set a precedent that would DEFINITELY have led to many many more meetings been interrupted by people who clearly do not have any interest in the industry and only see it is a cash cow that feeds them…
    The truth of the matter is that the defiant (and totally legal) stance that the Bremner yard has taken will not only send the right message but will save racing from many many more lost meetings …
    Sad to see that there was not a single comment nor query from any of the “Anti Bremner” brigade with regard to the well being of the innocent victim in this entire fiasco, the horse that was injured, sad but true.

  21. Pops says:

    Bert Bester, Arnold Hyde must have been a member of the Virtual Boardroom,also known as Big Brother Boardroom on the day.

  22. Bert Bester says:

    Please do not knock me for making fair criticism of Arnold Hyde.
    I have checked the Rules. Only the stipendiary board on duty can give permission for a trainer to saddle a horse at stables of a trainer. Arnold Hyde was not a stipe at yesterdays meeting. He meddled and interfered in the duties of the PE stipes.
    After reading further comments I must agree that Phumelela is complicit in all of this. It has an obligation to ensure that racing goes ahead and to stop this from happening. Not having enough funding or staff to stop the protest from happening is not an excuse. We must not forget that all the groom problems stem back to Phumelela taking for itself provincial monies that was supposed to better the grooms living quarters.

  23. Steve Reid says:

    For the NHA to be praised for their role, or lack of it yesterday, beggars belief. They are the reason for this entire sorry mess. Why is it that the NHA can license anything that brings in money, but the biggest group of people employed by the industry are the trainers problem? Why is it that other employees in a trainers yard need to be licensed but somehow the grooms are not? Trainers, assistant trainers and stable employees all need to be licensed but the grooms are not the NHA problem. Why is this farcical situation still allowed in 2020? Hendrik Verwoerd would be proud of this model. The situation is so ludicrous that should a groom be promoted to a “stable employee” or assistant trainer, then suddenly the NHA want some sort of regulation in place. Let’s call it what it is, an elitist and exclusionist organisation.

    This industrial action has been ongoing for years and it seems that every big raceday delivers some sort of protest action. What have we learnt from these? Why is it that nothing has been done to address the grooms situation and a solution found? What is needed is for the grooms to be properly documented and licensed by the NHA before they can be employed by trainers. This will lead to the “authority” being able to enforce their rules on the grooms when they misbehave on the racecourse. Problems outside of the racing arena can then be handled in the usual way by the trainers. The stumbling block are the incompetents that man the NHA. I say once again that this NHA is an old school boys club, hiding behind archaic rules. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, they are inefficient and need replacing soonest.

  24. Mutt Murali says:

    Croucher surely you realise that a jockey may be able to ride a horse without an agent [you ]. But he cannot ride a horse without a groom. In the supply chain try racing without grooms , you are rambling on about future lost meetings , these guys are losing their wages and livelihood NOW.

  25. mutt murali says:

    Croucher surely you realise that a jockey can ride without an agent. [YOU]. But he cannot ride without a groom. In the supply chain why is their such disparity?

  26. George Croucher says:

    Mutt (LOL ) your argument is situation based, when you have an argument for us punters then we become the most important cog in your wheel, for owners then they get promoted,or jockeys and for todays topic its the grooms that cracked the nod..cant you comprehend the fact that every one of the above mentioned and others are all co dependent on each other??
    The other day when racing was abandoned due to poor track conditions the Jocks where slated by all and sundry as if after sitting on a bus for 5 hours to get to the course they suddenly decided to forfeit any of the income they may have earned by continuing and chose to stop racing…now grooms illegally disrupt a race meeting with absolutely no regard for punters,owners et al and you come with your righteous cr@p about how they are losing their wages/livelihood …..On the point of Jockeys agents we have absolutely nothing to do with the ability of our jocks to ride a horse, so yes they could indeed ride a horse without our help…in fact they probably better off not taking advice from us on how to ride :)…
    Apologies for my thinly disguised contempt, I did my best to sugar coat it, but found it a mission impossible…. Cheers Mutt 🙂

  27. Titch says:

    Having seen the wound that was inflicted, it sickens me that people can try defend this barbaric act on a defenseless animal…absolutely sickening…

  28. Titch says:

    ed please post the pic for all the Righteous Brother wanna be’s to see

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Titch
      We have avoided it thus far ito our editorial policy.
      The matter of the alleged violent act could still end up in court, too.
      We feel it irresponsible and unwarranted to publish the pic on this platform.
      Trust you appreciate our stance.

  29. B D Steele says:

    Steve I know the NHA has not been kind to you ,but if the sun don’t rise tomorrow it’s their doing,by licensing them what difference would that have made yesterday?
    This is just another example of labour holding an industry to ransom and yet SP is now host to a cabal who pander to this type of action and overly project these workers as hardworking,underpaid hard done backbone of the industry.The cry is often pay them more because you as an owner can afford to as you own horses.
    That they chose to work in the industry is mostly because they are uneducated and this type of work is all they can do and the same position could be filled multiple times within hours admittedly by the same kind of workers.How by having them controlled by the NHA is going make a difference beggars my belief.Steve stick to what you know best leave the labour issue well alone lest you become a cake
    In light and love

  30. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey… GC you are spot on,, i might add that there are hundreds of top class grooms in Zim that begging for food no doubt they’ll take the opportunity with both hands if jobs became available..They are fantastic human beings crying out for work in SA

  31. Pops says:

    Bert Bester,you can fairly or unfairly criticize Arnold Hyde all you want.It’s just that the members of the Virtual Boardroom sitting miles away from the race course, explained by the NHA, can hear an objection and have input to all that happens on the race course.So if Mr. Hyde was in the Virtual Boardroom on Friday, he and others could have given permission to saddle horse at yard.
    And Mr. Hyde is a steward.
    What is a problem with the Virtual Boardroom members on any race day is that they are not named as the on course stipes are.The public has to know the names of the official who can have a say in,say,an objection and the outcome.

  32. Titch says:

    Understandable…It makes vile viewing anyway… Thanx Ed

    1. Editor says:

      Appreciate that Titch
      And we have also confirmed for the record that a case was opened at Kabega Park SAPS on 12 Feb under ref 115/2/2020.
      Which endorses the decision to let that unpleasant incident run its course.

  33. Pops says:

    Racing Fan ,you seem to have the inside track on the goings on.So is it possible for you to answer a few question and more light.
    If the groom stabbed a horse he was definitely wrong and cruel.
    Racing Fan you state –the CCMA held a special expedited hearing for the groom who stabbed the horse, gave him an opportunity to respond to the allegations of his fellow groom who saw and reported him, but refused to attend his hearing.
    1) Who called for this special hearing.The stable?
    2) If it was the stable,how was the groom informed of the hearing.
    3) Was he given enough time to prepare for the hearing?
    4)Did he understand his rights.
    5) What was the outcome of this rushed hearing.
    And ,and why do you call men(grooms) boys.Are these grooms 10 and 12 years old?
    Just want to get a fairer picture of the situation..

  34. Titch says:

    The term “Head Boy” has been used by racing folk for at least the 45 years that I’ve been involved in racing and is as common place as Boyfriend or Girlfriend so somehow trying to intimate that the term is somehow derogatory borders on extreme pettiness, btw at what age do you believe it it should change from Head Boy to Head Man and in your opinion should the same age restriction aforementioned term Boyfriend/Girlfriend??

  35. Steve Reid says:

    Bevan Steele don’t kid yourself into believing that I have suddenly become a crusader, my record through abc pre the vaseline takeover, Scotfree and SP is there for all to see. We have known each other for over 20 years and you know that my views have been consistent in that period. Insofar as your concerns about the grooms, don’t lose any sleep.

    The problem the incompetents have is my documentation of the problem leaves no room for defence. Ask yourself the question – what did the trade unions do against the government of the day in the 80s when they had they had no voice nor representation – they made the country ungovernable. Its not a big stretch to compare that with the current plight of the grooms and the establishment that refuses to acknowledge them.

    And yes, I am loving paying back in spades, I reckon I have earned my stripes.

  36. Brendon says:

    We need to brace ourselves for more anarchy in the days and weeks that follow. Thanks to the absence of leadership and accountability from those that occupy leadership positions at Phumelela, NHA, RA, Trainers Association and Employee Union (in this case the Grooms Association)!

    Phumelela’s lack of leadership and ongoing attempts to suppress and distance itself from the grievances of the grooms is the root cause of the illegal protest at Fairview yesterday. It is mind boggling why Tellytrack does not give due coverage to the on-course strike action, whenever there is one.

    Where is the Phumelela Racing Executive? No prizes for guessing. In London, allegedly with his family. So, in his absence, who is attending to and attempting to manage the chaos in PE?
    Where is the Phumelela Chairman and his fellow executive directors? Conferencing in Cape Town.

    When there is a crisis and violent protests in SA, the President of the country cuts his overseas trips short to return and address the crisis. Phumelela and the NHA should take a lesson.

    Why is there no official statements from the Trainers Association and the Grooms Association on this matter. Same could be said for the Phumelela, NHA and the RA. The racing industry is being held to ransom by a few grooms in contravention of a court order. Monday at Fairview will be more of the same unless there is some intervention and meaningful engagement in the coming hours.

    It is my understanding that the security personnel fired a few rounds this morning to disperse the striking grooms. Ed, please verify from your sources in PE.

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Brendon
      We did do an update earlier today

  37. B D Steele says:

    Steve you 100% your record stands ,you’ve been banned everywhere ,proud of you my mate but grooms ,let them eat cake.The unions are the ears .eyes and mouth of the government and look where it’s taken us!!! Stable workers are the same all over the world not the best paid in the industry but generally a happy workforce , (*edited reference to SA Grooms)
    In the main the voices that call for more money for grooms are not owners paying the bills but bad luck punters who are forever bemoaning that the jock,trainer owner stuck them away.This lot seem to have moved from the “other sight” to now post on SP.As for your quest in keeping the NNA in your sights keep at it ,once again proud of you
    In light and love

  38. Steve Reid says:

    Just for the record nowhere have I called for more money for the grooms.

  39. D. A. Pienaar says:

    I choose to join the camp of Mr Reid. Out of everyone, he makes the most sense. If the grooms are recognised by the NHRA and they are subject to the rules of the NHRA, protesting as they are now doing will be prevented. Just like owners, jockeys and trainers can be sanctioned severely for bringing racing into disrepute, so will grooms if they do the same.

    Owners have the RA looking after their interests but they cannot help an owner when the NHRA is involved. Unions may assist grooms on labour issues but with the NHRA they can do nothing as the regulation of racing is something completely different. Grooms want recognition. Give it to them. It can only stabilise horse racing.

    Mr Reid, you have my vote on this one. Your critic seems to be prejudiced and may not have thought through your comment.

  40. Mavistos says:

    The dignity and contributions by grooms is something that needs to be respected. The cannot fire and hire at will and place on record allegations without a proof.

    Whether there are interdicts or not, proper procedures, i will assume we not followed in firing the groom. Grooms dnt have priveledge and money to hire lawywers or attorneys to counter the interdict :That has been mentality of old SA of forcefully surpressing the voiceless. Of cause that was drastic for grooms to fight the way they did as their only weapon cause nobody cares ,they are changed like our under clothes daily with no respect which one suspects its a case here. Such interdicts dnt bring resolve to the matter instead they harden the ground to more chaos less we havnt learned from our workforce situation in South Africa broadly.

    To go get interdict is a slap in a face for Phumelela, NHRA which runs the rules of the game. Nowhere in its constitition is penned down that trainers or owners can take such a step without informing NHRA or so. This means the process to fire the groom was not fair. This country no matter how much money you have or aggrieved has labour laws to be followed. I guess they werent followed.

    Yes as punters we lost… But NHRA should have foresight to resolve this matter,either by negotiating a monotorium till this matter is resolved allowing the groom to work on other stable work or suspend with pay and letting Bremmer run horses. What they did, on a special stabling prior to race is appaling and faivoring Bremmer according to the eyes of the grooms which i think was a last straw to them.

    These grooms cannot stand together for nothing. There is a real resentment underneath which NHRA should have and must unearth to solve the impasse. Calling police amid and apparent shooting if it happened, wil never resolve this.

    It should be noted that such bad cruelty is still an allegation to the groom (interestingly will be details of the opened case in Kabega) and if its truely that it happened ,it cannot be condoned. Such person must have been arrested already.. Has He???????????,if not why…. We waiting to see as public details Mr Editor .

  41. Titch says:

    It should be noted that such bad cruelty is still an allegation to the groom (interestingly will be details of the opened case in Kabega) and if its truly that it happened ,it cannot be condoned. Such person must have been arrested already.. Has He???????????,if not why…. We waiting to see as public details Mr Editor .
    The fact that the Groom inflicted the wound is not in dispute, he has already admitted that he did it, his defense is that it was accidental, ..having seen the wound there is NO WAY that it was nothing other than a vicious attack…

  42. Collin says:

    As a loyal contributor to this wonderful sport of horseracing i was furious to hear Fairview races was abandoned by grooms unlawfully protesting.ms bremner had an inderdict from high court so how can phumelela allow this kind of barbaric behaviour from grooms.i personally think that a disciplinary hearing shoud be followed because we cannot tolerate this kind of behaviour in the future.grooms should know there are people out there who can do there jobs.

  43. Mavistos says:

    Mr Editor, if it was a vicious attack,why He is not arrested. Why the Animal Welfare is not involved, is it not a crime. Opening up a case is not enough to justify the process of illegal dismisal.

    This mattet was handled emotionaly and such that as the groom claims to be accidental was not tested instead He was and assumed guilty before any factual findings.

    Would the grooms folks in majority stand up for him for nothing? if it wasnt accidental? If it was not accidental, then it means we have animal abusers in P. E stables as its purported so which i dnt think so.

    Truely, it doesnt make sense. This blackmailing before facts must be stopped as it puts grooms as human beings who dont care about their work and anima welfare especially the horses we dearly love.

    Lets be noble and allow due process and inquiry into the matter than drips of information of ‘guilty verdict’ worse holding media kangaroo court.

    We await for NHRA to lead this process to be fairly and have an independant inquiry as they tainted now by being impartial with special saddling of Bremmer horses and sloppy action taken towards resolve of this matter.

    1. Editor says:

      We have used the word ‘alleged’ from the outset
      That was despite the alleged offender being dismissed – after he failed to attend a disciplinary inquiry into the matter

  44. Racing Fan says:

    Thank you Titch for explaining to Pops what a head boy is. My girlfriend is definitely not 10 or 12,
    neither is her boyfriend?

  45. Racing Fan says:

    Pops, by now having employed thousands of people we understand basic labour law and execute it
    accordingly. Procedural the stable and the CCMA commissioner were happy.

  46. George Spelvin says:

    There are so many experts commenting on Sporting Post, experts who have the foresight and the hindsight to know exactly what did happen, should have happened and will happen in future. In a world of such uncertainty it is comforting knowing that so many are so obviously gifted in this area. What odds?

  47. Racing Fan says:

    Mavistos, sounds like you have an agenda, Maybe I am wrong. I share the facts out of courtesy to
    anyone that is speculating about the alleged stabbing. I have seen the picture and verified the authenticity of it and spoke to the vet who treated the horse. I have also seen all the documents that was before the CCMA, the trainers case and the groom’s case. As far as the CCMA is concerned they made their recommendation on the evidence before them. No doubt the accused groom received his notice to attend his CCMA hearing but chose NOT to appear. The CCMA then go ahead and make their recommendation which was one of dismissal and leave pay held back to offset against the injured horses vet bills. As for him not being arrested a very good question but the simple answer on
    my enquiry was that his case is being investigated not only by the SAP but also by the SPCA. Nobody
    died but the law is now taking it’s cause. You will see a few of my comments on
    SP as I feel the need to share some information which I know I am not speculating about to help the
    speculators to relax and trust the labour law and criminal law structures of our country. We can now speculate about whose responsibility it is to secure safety to trainers, there staff and the animals at Fairview. Be it as it may, prevention better than cure, hence a court order and army of private armed
    guards until such time it is necessary. Nobody is going to ask the speculators to pay for it as it is already paid for.

  48. Pops says:

    Racing Fan and Titch are you you saying Head Boy refers to a Head Groom?

  49. Titch says:

    Yeah Pops and if you were not aware of that then welcome to reality…If you feel that being referred to as a Head Boy would offend the Groom in charge, Imagine how the Bafana Bafana players must be feeling, unless of course they represent SA in the under 10 soccer tournaments, seeing as the word Bafana is in fact Zulu for Boys…Ive seen many poor attempts made by posters to find a racial bias in unrelated topics but yours is without doubt bottom of the barrel material…….

  50. Rian says:

    Wow Racing Fan, you are so gifted to have access to just about everything regarding this case and you want us to trust Labour and Law structures of our Beloved Country
    Like Titch says , Welcome to reality

  51. Racing Fan says:

    Rian, yes I am gifted, gifted with a phone that has the numbers of all concerned. I simply called
    all and asked for the picture of the wound, the vet report, the CCMA documents and recommendation
    from CCMA commissioner. Spoke to Vee Moodley and some other PE trainers.
    As for trusting the labour and law structures I have no choice as a SA citizen. Off course we have been disappointed at times in the past and will be again in future. At the same time we have been pleased many times too, like this morning at 6 am when the SAP was alongside the training tracks
    at Fairview to ensure law and order.

  52. Titch says:

    Racing any news on how the horse is doing??

    1. Editor says:

      Will be catching up with Dippin Blu this morning, Titch

  53. Gman says:

    SAP should be patrolling the northern areas where violence is prominent.What were they doing their that time of the morning they are supposed to serve the community at large.They should only be called out once a crime is being commited.Seems to me that phone has a lot of numbers seeing ppl get preferential treatment.Can I have his/her number to escort me to my gate.

  54. Titch says:

    Gman why dont you at least think before you attack your keyboard with such utter rubbish…are you seriously of the opinion the the entire PE police force were at the training tracks and NONE elsewhere???
    Everyone has the right to protection especially those who have not only been threatened but had those who threaten them act on said threats, or do you believe that some are less equal than others???
    Please dont bother to respond to this …I do not suffer idiots lightly and i am done conversing with you and will not waste my time responding again…

  55. Pops says:

    Time Out,Gents.There is racing going on.

  56. Gman says:

    Did I pintch a nerve Titch.No need 4 me to comment it is what it is.Read my comment slowly otherwise get an interpretor.SKATEBOLLETJIE???

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