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Marcus – ‘Hawwaam Is Better Than That’

The son of Silvano still does one or two things wrong

Sometimes as a sporting nation we are very unforgiving.

The words of Anton Marcus after being quizzed by Tellytrack presenter Paul Lafferty at Hollywoodbets Greyville on Sunday about the favourite Hawwaam’s 3,75 length third behind One World and Rainbow Bridge in Saturday’s Sun Met.

Three Met musketeers – pacesetter Piere Strydom, winner MJ Byleveld and third-placed Anton Marcus (Pic – Chase Liebenberg)

“I’m happy with Hawwaam. Visually he had every chance.Maybe if he draws 1 or 2 and drops his head. Who knows? But let’s take nothing away from the winner. Vaughan Marshall has done an unbelievable job keeping One World on the boil this long. And MJ Byleveld isa  popular jockey. Well done to them.”

Marcus said that overall he believed Hawwaam was ‘better than that and still does one or two things wrong’.

“When they rectify that, I’d like to see how he does.”

Watch the clip of his interview below:

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31 comments on “Marcus – ‘Hawwaam Is Better Than That’

  1. Prasheen harrimohan says:

    There is no excuses this time for no one hawaam is dead weight. Put Marcus or moreira or even dettori he will still not be class. I reiterate he is not class he never beat nothing be4 and will never win against class. Maybe if he runs in the uk against weak fields he might win a race or 2. Well done one world. And I think now rb can earn the rag of best horse in the country coz he is the most consistent of all. Hope to c him down for champion season and hope his best partner Richard rides

  2. Donald says:

    This horse needs to be gelded !

    Leave him in Mauritius and he could finish in the top ten of their horses at the end of the season and Frankie has only got a four hour flight to go and visit his ” champion ” ?

  3. Prasheen harrimohan says:

    I meant to say rainbow Bridge in my comment

  4. Pops says:

    Marcus,Anton Marcus, when Hawwaam drew 12 barrier you said, the 12 gate ‘gives me options’”
    Now you are wanting barrier 1 or 2..
    But in the LQP you jumped from gate 1 and it looked like you did not like that position.


  5. Clinton says:

    We did our lives on hawaam,should never race again, please send to stud,can’t afford to lose again!

  6. Richard Letwaba says:

    I gave advise on how can Hawwamm(12) win the met but MJ(13) did that instead. Gave advise on Vardy but Craig stood with a galloper at the back(DIA). Well done MJ by watching only the back of Head Honcho until the pouncing stage & not allowing RB 2 dictate terms 4 u.

    It was more of a brilliant ride than the horse that got 1st cheque. 1 of the most professional trainers I know was so unprofessional by lashing @ Murcus & give him a ride again. Jockeys confidence wins races & he knows it very well.

    By the way load shedding came 5 min b4 the race. I watched recorded version. Owners must always b @ the course when their horses run otherwise Eishkom will deal with them.

  7. Tim says:

    Hawwaams style of running looks a lot different compared to his runs in jhb. He always looked as if he was chasing the race along. So used to that burst of energy he has at the end of a race.

  8. karel says:

    The absolute total crap most posters utter on this website when it comes to the Met and the running of the favoured horses… how about some informed post-race analysis!
    The official time for the Met was a fraction outside the course record (and Met record) of Bunter Barlow (2001) and the second best time, set by Pocket Power (2007).
    The horses which ran 1st and 2nd were behind the pace setter Head Honcho throughout, with the field strung out, well in arrears.
    Now if the two racing handy almost break the course record in a fast run race, what must the horses do who are having to make up ground on them? Every length is equal to a fifth of a second, so five lengths is a second. They’d have to break the course record. That’s not going to happen.
    To put it simply: the horses coming from behind had lost their chances well before halfway!
    Seen in that light, Hawwaam ran as well (or better) as you could expect, given where he came from.
    Vardy had no chance at all to repeat his Queen’s Plate fast finish in a race run very differently compared to when he won so well.
    Pace makes the race. Always.

  9. Robert says:

    Not just the punters who post crap 😂

  10. Pops says:

    The great Ernie Duffield more than 30 years agofigured out that 6 lengths equals one second.The British have now changed and say 6 lengths equal one second.
    But that depends on the Going.
    Where does the 5 lengths equal 1 second come from?

  11. Jay August says:

    Pop, considering you have this figured out can you answer a few questions?

    1. How long is a “length” in metres?
    2. How does finishing speed factor into the calculation of 6 lengths to a second?
    3. Taking 1 and 2 into account how accurate is the magic 6?

    Looking forward to your reply.

  12. Mike Miles says:

    Nice parting comment from Anton.
    “When they rectify that , I’d like to see how he does.”
    Eat that Mr de Kick

  13. Pops says:

    Jay August did you read comment correctly.It was stated Ernie Duffield figured out not I.And below is an article from British Racing site.
    When constructing speed ratings for a race you need to know the finishing time for each horse. However, if you are only given the finishing time for the first horse to pass the finish line, which is often the case in UK horse racing, then you will need to know the distance by which each horse was beaten. From the ‘lengths beaten’ for each horse you can calculate a finishing time for each horse as a length is equal to a certain fraction of a second, as given below.

    Always use the correct lengths per second for the race run. It used to be that 1 second always covered 5 lengths but since June 15th 2008 the British Horseracing Authority has set the following distances as equating to one second of time for all UK horse races. In some books (especially American ones) you might see 5 lengths per second as being the norm. If you do that with UK times then you will end up with inaccurate speed ratings.

    Flat – Turf

    6 lengths per second on going Good or quicker
    Mr.August you will notice they do not take into account the finishing speed factor.
    And a length is equal to the length of a horse.
    But Jay,why do you not direct your questions on seconds and lengths to Karel? Surely you know his standing on horse racing.

  14. Prasheen harrimohan says:

    Karel you know so much about racing I’m sure you are a multi millionaire from horseracing. They should give you Larry weinsteins position. So explain to us what went wrong with hawwaam in the qp and in the triple crown when he lost to national park. U sure u not the sheik commenting under the name Karel.

    1. karel says:


      Thanks for the interest.
      You can find my view on the running of the Queen’s Plate here: https://www.sportingpost.co.za/2020/01/lormarins-queens-plate-2020-3/

      All black type races are evaluated in the Digest every Thursday, which you probably are aware of.
      The race of Hawwaam against National Park is here: https://www.sportingpost.co.za/digest/7-february-2019/
      See page 22.
      There’s also a comment from Gavin Lerena when questioned by the Stipes about his riding tactics on Hawwaam.

      Hope this helps.
      If there’s anything else, don’t hesitate to ask.

      By the way, there is a section on the website called Insight: https://www.sportingpost.co.za/insight/
      It has masses of interesting stuff.
      A lot of grown-ups go there.

  15. Pops says:

    If the course record of a 2000 metre race is 122.1 seconds and One World runs it in 122.48 seconds ,can we honestly say One World almost broke the course record.
    Working out 5 sec equal 1 length, One World would have been 9 lengths of the course record holder.
    Remember when Horse Chestnut won the Met by 8/9 lengths everyone said that was a great showing.He quite literally annihilated the competition.

  16. Pops says:

    Sorry all but that comment about the course record and One World’s time and 9 lengths off the course record made complete sense to me when happily typing it.
    But now rereading it it makes no sense at all.
    So Karel is correct I posted absolute total crap.
    and with that the glass will not be refilled.

  17. Art says:

    Ed you have to step in and start editing some of the BS on this site.I think some of the commentators actually believe the crap that they write and then I have to wade through it.Some really interesting comments but as Naas said ‘on da udder hand’🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. Editor says:

      That’s the joy of it Art
      Mark Twain said that it were not best that we should all think alike; it is difference of opinion that makes horse races. He obviously didn’t foresee racing chat forums
      Oscar Wilde apparently also said that man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth
      It’s complicated!

  18. Tim says:

    Reading what karel says means one thing to me, wrong tactics from anton by dropping hawwaam out. Mdk gave those tactics. I guess it looked like hawwaam was always chasing because those front two weren’t really stopping looking at the fast time of that race. In a grade 1, the really good horses at the front are difficult to overhaul. Hawwaam was then placed incorrectly in the running

  19. Dave says:

    It’s fun reading all the different stuff on here …..some of it is mind-boggingly stupid (which we need so that the good stuff stands out !) ……some of the grammar is deplorable but who am I to judge …….and there’s nothing better than the super sarcasm of a pi**ed off Karel ! 🙂

  20. Cameron James says:

    In a previous post someone mentioned that pace makes a race, that is 200 percent correct. I watched the first four races and noticed whatever was in front duly obliged in winning. Surely these seasoned jockeys should have noticed that too.

    Then in the Group sprint they went helter skelter, Russet Air came from off them. Again Clouds Unfoulded benefitted from a decent pace.

    In the Met they went slow which clearly suited One World. There was nothing flying at the front two in the finish. All theses ratings don’t incorporate for conditions on the day. Also this year there was a distinct liking for the inner rail going, every horse that went to the outside fell into a pile of trouble.

    In parting I have to admire the guts and will to win by One World, his victories were almost a carbon copy of his Met Victory. He loves a fight and Ryan Moore should never have moved up so early. Should have sat longer, to eyeball One World for so long was RB’s downfall.

    Going to get interesting in the Durban season….

  21. Deezo Snyman says:

    I love Karel’s comments. “It has masses of interesting stuff”. A lot of grown-ups go there. ” left me in stitches. Couldn’t help thinking of rubberbands, masking tape and charged up vibrating things. Lol.
    Sorry but I just went off a tangent!

    1. karel says:

      It’s about dominance, and sweat and whips, the smell of leather – and the eternal quest of who comes first …

  22. Garrick Bergh says:

    Karel – I sincerely hope you were referring to horse racing in your last post! Lol.

  23. Paul says:

    Good thing Karel’s Missus is named Kinki, then!

    1. karel says:

      Pace makes the race.

  24. Paul says:

    Karel, as a highly experienced businessperson, you surely know the customer always comes first?

  25. Deezo Snyman says:

    Karel. You are top class. But I must confess that your knowledge on horseracing is second to none and that you put many a male posters to shame. I wish we had more fabulously informative females like you.

  26. Rian says:

    See you at the Expo tmw, Grand West, posts getting to juicy now

  27. Jay August says:

    Pops, before you dismiss me from class you may want to enquire why the US are comfortable with 5 and the UK 6. You may then want to revise your answer slightly. You may also want to keep an eye on the BHA website – handicapping section – in the coming months or at least check that your source website does.

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