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De Kock Slams Forum Phantoms

Faceless internet trolls - please stand up!

Multiple champion trainer Mike de Kock has had his fill of keyboard phantoms who almost demand transparency and then sling off behind the mask of a pseudonym.

“One of my most insightful mottos in life is, ‘Suspicion haunts the guilty’. My message to the consistently bitter, obstructive commentators, who often suggest skulduggery in the racing industry is, ‘If racing is so bad, why are you still around? Why don’t you do us all a favour and get out?’”

Speaking on his website, www.mikedekockracing.com, De Kock referred to negativity among “faceless internet trolls”, who complain about a lack of transparency and then criticize those who reveal stable information and offer reasons for disappointing runs.

He said: “People are quick to sling off, but they don’t really have the facts. I challenge anybody to come from Cape Town to Johannesburg and to do what we do coming the other way. Never mind acclimatisation, it works both ways.

“Having said all of this, I’m not sure we owe anyone an explanation about runners running below par. Whatever gets into the press in the interest of transparency seems to get twisted, especially on racing forums.

“We’ve tried to inform the racing public with transparent comments in everyone’s interest, but we have to suffer for that at the hands of internet trolls, many of whom have little understanding of the industry and feel it’s their right to sling off at trainers, jockeys, horses and administrators whilst hiding behind pseudonyms.

“We’re suffering abuse for our transparency. It’s often the same individuals slinging off, week after week. They contribute no value whatsoever. There are several trainers who are re-considering their stance on transparency. We’ve tried to help the punters and racing fans, those who really love racing, but all we get back in return is ridicule. Why should we continue?

“This is not the racing media’s fault, they have reported our words, but there are a few negative people out there who misconstrue or purposefully misrepresent our comments and it’s doing the industry no good.”

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65 comments on “De Kock Slams Forum Phantoms

  1. Maddox says:

    Ag shame Mike. Boohoohoo.
    If the shoe fits, wear it.
    And just by the way the next winner that you tip, I mean really tip, not “has an each way chance,” from your stable will be the first.

  2. Barry Irwin says:

    This is why I have been against anonymous posts forever.

  3. Robert says:

    Go try it for yourself then take your own abuse
    Before you chrip show us how you can become a champion
    I am waiting


    Watch this chain-line have +50 posts abouting chirps, chrips & chrisps

  5. Philip Fourie says:

    Maddox! Why you hiding behind a “pen name” son?
    Show yourself!

  6. Rian says:

    Cowboys don’t cry MDK , this is Africa, some human beings choose to remain anonymous for personal reasons and that is their right SP and other News Media do the same as they have our Real Names, you have been in the military and been training horses most of your life
    Take it on the chin and move on, wishing you all the best on your move to Australia

  7. Cameron James says:

    Damned if you do and damned if you don’t Mr. DeKock. People can speak hurtful things when it affects their pockets. People who love the sport will never begrudge any trainer willing to point us inthe right direction.

    Its a small faction that’s hell bent in inspiring these conspiracy theories. You’ve earned your stripes sir, you have nothing to prove. Your statistics speak for itself. The majority of the racing public love to hear from trainers and jockey alike no matter the outcome of a race.

    Be Bold just like Silvano did!!!

  8. Tim Bassett says:

    Maybe the Editor should only allow posts where a full name is visual.

  9. Brian says:

    Come on Maddoxput your brain where your mouth is

  10. Anand Chetty says:

    I agree that those who wish to comment should use their real names. Make constructive criticism. There’s too much of disrespectful, personal and insulting comments on this forum

  11. jc lee ching says:

    I remember the bad old days when the newspapers portrayed this sinister black attired man with a large scissors, him being the official CENSOR. Really Mr Editor there are many posts that we may not agree with but surely we ALL subscribe to freedom of speech? or don’t we? if you don’t agree and you are offended can’t you just ignore it and carry on? Mike de kock is a great trainer and has valid points but so do other people and I feel that they are entitled to have their say, wright or wrong. I hope you don’t buckle under this onslaught of erudite pressure and take up the guise of Jimmy Kruger. Sterkte ou seun.

    1. karel says:

      It is a fine line.
      We try not to be judgemental, but there are limits of decency (some would have legal implications for us).
      Most people whose posts are binned fully know why.

  12. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…Mike let’s hope they understand,,I’m certainly going to enjoy the Trevor Noah remarks…unfortunately you’re dealing mostly with people that are either brain dead or absolutely clueless about the game…any positives about racing said on the site 80% of the click will lambaste you for your honesty so why bother,,let them thumb suck who needs the 10 bucks they invest for the week anyway… oops I almost forgot about that other comedian William Milkovitch who spends his 20 bucks religiously every week..these are the fuckers who are so anti racing and talk so much shit but yet SP allows their posts to be posted…FFS surely there’s got to be some good in racing or that comes out of racing

  13. James George says:

    Ok So,now we know that Anand Chetty and others are suggesting that those who wish to comment should use their real names
    1) How would we know if that IS their real names.
    2) By knowing their real names ,what difference will it make if no one knows who Temba Zulu is.(Where he comes from and other information about him)
    3) You do not have to have any part of your real name in an eMail address.
    4) So is XXX XXXX the dogcatcher from Bloem,the man from Pru or one of those from down the road

  14. Deon Anthony says:

    The is Mike De Kock and then you get everyone else
    MDK magic always
    A champion trainer
    A champion stockman
    A living legend
    History rewritten time after time
    A great man that can put his hand up for any challenge at anytime and needs no introduction
    MDK and his team – straight forward no bullshit what you see is what you get
    Trainers phone MDK for advise asking where and when to run their horses and he guides them from his head and heart in the right direction knowing himself that they have a chance of beating his horses in the race
    To all the wannabee professional phantoms wake up and smell your coffee before it’s cold

  15. Ray Thomas says:

    Thanks MdK people hiding behind fake nanes are spineless. What I would like is those big mouth Cape Trainers to come to Jhb. If their horses are si good as they claim then they should win here easely. It takes a few weeks to acclimatise and then we can see where the better horses are and trainers are. Snaith Crawford Marshall Bass come shiw us. All you do is blow hot air.

  16. Shanil says:

    Mike is no doubt the best we ever had. No one ever thought horses from Africa could compete with the best internationally. However punters were never guided from his stable with respect to his babies 1st run. Clearly remember a runner in clairwood when Laf questioned Warren Kennedy after the stable 2nd choice won about the how so much money was traded on interbet. This question was on every punters mind as we clearly were mislead the stable said needs the run. Laf had to publicly apologise. The game needs more punters and winners.

  17. TABASCOSAUCE says:

    Robert and all you other people, leave Maddox alone. His my boyfriend and is a wonderful man.

    You people from Jhbg are just jealous

  18. Roy Sukdhev says:

    Names are not really important …. the content is. If it irks someone …. too bad.

    If guilty …. it hurts and becomes Defensive.

    If it’s the truth then defense tactics are implemented. Horse racing involves blood and flesh and as easy as mug punters make it out to be.

  19. Clinton says:

    Mdk is one of the most open trainers around . I remember Dhabyan was running at Turffontein and l asked Mdk if l can have a bet . He said hold on and watched the horse go down to the start . On his way back he passed me and said yes have a bet . The horse shat in . It’s idiots that sit behind their key boards and make these comments spoils it for real punters . What’s the chances of him telling a pubter again zero

  20. Ralph Fell. says:

    There exists a striking similarity between these anonymous cretins and their inability to spell the simplest of words, their grammatical slaughtering of the Queen’s English and sheer inability to construct a basic sentence. One senses that their jaundiced view is driven by ‘talking from their pocket. That said, one should pity them because there is no cure.

  21. Mark Bass says:

    Brilliantly article and well said Mike !
    Ray Thomas you obviously didn’t read his article at all then, the whole point is that it’s not easy to travel horses. Think that hot air might be coming from your ears 😉

  22. Sagie Pillay says:

    A good idea is to show ur tickets with da amounts u bet on.. No use criticising if u boxing a quartet with 6 horses for R10 that’s a fun bet if u losing thousands every week den its different… Thumbs up to MDK Racing

  23. Michael Jacobs says:


  24. Michael Jacobs says:

    Either the trainers are lying to the public or else they don’t have clue on how their horses will run. I don’t know whats worse! I can understand small trainers finding it difficult, they don’t have many good horses to measure against. But top trainers like De Kock, Snaith and Tarry, etc have top horses in their yards, so they have good line horses to assess their runners against. Yet invariably the outsider wins and the trainer is perplexed. I’m sure they’re laughing all the way to the bank, or else they just don’t have a clue and are hoping for the best! But you will here afterwards on the interview that they gave the owner all the confidence! Liars!

  25. Owen says:

    Suur druiwe MR D

  26. B Steele says:

    Frankie some good might come out of racing but your post above won’t cut it

  27. Loren D says:

    Mike de Kock is entitled to his opinion and so is everyone else.

    The trick about expressing an opinion is to make sure you are heard and not to force it down the throat of anyone else.

    Mike de Kock is revered by many in racing. There are many in racing who are not like minded as him.

    Mike de Kock is irritated and upset by unnamed punters who he calls trolls because they disagree with him and criticise him.

    Mike de Kock seems to forget that the trolls are responding to comments and statements he made in public. By the trolls commenting, Mike de Kock must have struck a chord with them.

    If Mike de Kock wants to ensure that no-one will troll him in the future, he can quite easily stop making comments and statements in public.

    If Mike de Kock chooses to make comments and statements, there is nothing to stop others from disagreeing with him or criticising him.

    I do not know anyone that relishes being criticised. Mike de Kock must realise that he makes his own destiny and his choices are made with his eyes wide open.

    Mike de Kock is no different to any other celebrity. The trolls will not stop. They will end up being and feeling like a plague.

    If Mike de Kock can’t stand the heat, he should stay out of the kitchen.

  28. Shaun Holland (Crayfish) says:

    Maddox you have Shit for Brains. Mike is the best.

  29. TABASCOSAUCE says:

    Shaun (Crayfish) … Maddox is my boyfriend and knows all about horses and the racing industry and ugly things that happen that newcomers are unaware of like the CT mayor that visited Kenilworth on Saturday

    And just remember that Crayfish feed off dead matter and body parts from the ocean

  30. Danny Collins (Jamtin) says:

    People slamming a man like Mike De Kock, have no respect!! He is a legend in racing. He singlehandedly made SA racing famous around the world!! He is a true horseman!! Mike do not even go there….. you don’t have to!! You and the other trainers have already done it all. Racing is flesh and blood, many things also go wrong in races and many favorites loose!! Don’t slam a trainer who is transparent to the game!! We need to fix racing, alone no man can do it. Get up and give honest but constructive criticism and lets make racing better again. I wrote under my first horses name!! Never tried to hide away from what I said. I will be using my real name from today!! To all trainers out there, be transparent and lets get the most important people back spending their buck on horse racing instead of rugby etc. THE PUNTER!!

  31. Leon Lotz says:

    Micheal Jacobs
    I am sure you were born in a city and use to much of something that does really make you a world class horse trainer.Did you ever even fed a budgie? What Mike De Kock know about horses you will never know.
    Loren D shame you must have a very short memory,did you ever really followed racing where Mr De Kock raced horses,maybe you sit in the kitchen all day .
    Thank you Mike well said

  32. Anthony Waters says:

    Well said Mike, you don’t have to explain to anyone, your results speak for themselves. We going to miss you and I’m sure you are going to be a big hit in Australia

  33. jai says:

    mdk you should retire
    your glory days are over
    go spend more time in the golf course.

  34. Steve Reid says:

    To be fair to MdK there are a lot of people who criticize unfairly and mainly through their pockets. What still amazes me to this day after 40 years of being a punter, are those that believe every utterance out of a trainers mouth should be taken as gospel and verse. I often get multiple trainers info on big race days via the obligatory whatsapp groups and if you took these comments to heart we would often have multiple dead heat results in races. Amusingly trainers with more than one runner often tip multiple horses in the same race as having “big chances”. Clearly fairy tale telling and fear of pissing owners off is alive and well in the Western Cape. The bottom line is a trainer can only tell you of the well-being of his or her charge, nothing else. You should do your studying of form and use trainers comments as a confirmation of your selection, and then hope for the best. If you want sure things invest in a Retirement Annuity.

  35. Warren says:

    Mike de Kock brought many horses brought to Cape town over the years and won some great horses with them….he doesn`t have to prove or say anything to anyone…..Hawwaam and Queens Supreme amongst other just had an off Met day…..Impressive win by Bella Fever in the 1st race in Meydan last night…..I would like to know where I can find Mike`s other horses in training in Dubai….Sporting post usually have an annual article on the topic….Thank you

  36. Jonathan Harris says:

    Ray Thomas. You obviously cannot follow the conversation. The trainers you mention have absolutely nothing to prove to you or Highveld trainers. Do yourself a favour… Start a new thread or hush my boy.

  37. Speedyvar says:

    When a certain trainer thought there was a problem with the handicappers because he thought his horse was handicapped incorrectly he stated–
    “It’s official, “South Africa’s handicappers have confirmed what we all suspected. They are clueless!”
    It appears that the handicappers yielded to pressure from the Snaith stable to which I say, well done to Justin , I have a problem with the handicappers who, as is clearly evident, do not watch racing.””
    One has to ask,is slinging the handicappers Ok? Because it comes from a top trainer.

  38. Speedyvar says:

    In my almost 30 years as a licensed trainer I have experienced the high-handed attitude of people like Witts-Hewinson and other NHA lawyers and stewards several times in my own medication charges.

    Of late, we’ve even had to deal with Racing Control Executives who attempt to influence the results and the penalties imposed by Inquiry Boards even before they’ve actually taken place, or before the process of inquiry has taken its due course. In essence, you are as good as guilty before you walk into the inquiry room!
    My own horses have been tested for substances around the world, in perhaps ten countries, and wherever I have gone I have experienced the perception that trainers are dishonest individuals or “dope artists” who couldn’t care less for the animal or the sport.

    This is public perception stoked over many years by bad media reports that emanate from respective racing authorities who are all too eager to make themselves look good and to justify their existence at the expense of the reputation of trainers and jockeys and, ultimately, at the expense of the industry.

    Suppose it is OK for a top trainer to have a go at the racing authorities.
    But people don’t touch him on his studio.

  39. Rian says:

    Why can The big F get away with swearing and utter rubbish and when one doesn’t agree then you get binned

  40. Leon Smuts says:

    Lets not miss the most important thing that has come out of this. Comments are actually read, which gives us more power to influence than we realise but it also comes with a responsibility to be fair and to provide suggestions and comments that invite thinking to get better results for all of us in this game.

  41. Theuns says:

    My 2 pence humble opinion remains that MDK is a great trainer which he has proven on the international circuit for many ” moons”.

    In my book he has always been transparent and with fierce competition and big money at stake its nigh impossible to guarantee any thing as a good thing unless he has a Horse Chestnut in his yard. He duly expresses his take and transparency in no uncertain terms. One has to bear in mind that its never a one horse field, hence his caution not to be overly confident, as racing is a gamble and upsets do happen at just about every race meeting.

    Like the Tarry, Spies Snaith’s Azzie etc.. his transparency is worth a lot to the punters who just need to know whether the horse’s might need the run in prep for bigger races or are cherry ripe. MDK like the aforementioned counterparts , in my book, are always ready to share the information which ensures a ” run for one’s money”. We should appreciate their input as no such transparency was evident in the prevoius years.


    I’d like to wish everybody a fabulous Friday the 7th, in particular the EP trainers and jockeys who would put most Transvaal trainers to shame considering the quality of horse they stable.

    Really, in real terms, many of the Transvaal trainers are mediocre and commercially cloned with all the opportunities they get.

  43. Gman says:

    I Have ONE WOR(L)D to youll “HAWWAAMMMMMMMM”

  44. Ray Thomas says:

    He said: “People are quick to sling off, but they don’t really have the facts. I challenge anybody to come from Cape Town to Johannesburg and to do what we do coming the other way. Never mind acclimatisation, it works both ways.

    How is this not part of the conversation? The people who sling off don’t train horses and the Cape Trainers are weak as they do not know how to acclimatise horses. That is the sign of weak training. This is what MdK is pointing out. People point fingers at trainers coming from Jhb to Cape and yet how many of the trainers in Cape comes to Jhb. They complain about travelling yet the Jhb horses travel down every year and win a fair share of the races.

    Mark Bass and Jonathan Harris stop being ignorant and look at the full article and understand this is what is eating MdK mostly. Then you have idiots who hide behind pseudonyms cause they claiming there is no transparency in racing. How much has those Cape Trainers given to SA racing? Yet everyone jumps on the band wagon when the few trainers who are transparent end up losing a few races and the ones who rally should be brought to task is the sneaky trainers who give the public zero information.

  45. Rian says:

    Cape Trainers old and young have been taking horses to Durban mostly for many moons with fantastic success , where they have always challenged the best from TVL and DBN
    Hardly ever do they complain if the get beat!! a wheel turns and there is always next year
    They Stabled mostly at Clairwood and all great trainers, the list is long
    Travelling costs ran into big figures and nobody complained
    Most sports teams take a while to acclimatise and run out of oxygen, same with horses
    Easier the Durban route and they can raid JHB from there but KZN racing is a cut above the rest and the Durban season must rate as the best in South Africa
    Fans are out in big numbers and love the Horse no matter who trains it
    Make Durban GREAT


    My winning Fairview Pick 6

    1 – 5 / 1 – 7, 9 – 11, 13 / 2 – 8, 10 – 11 / 1 – 6, 8 – 10 / 1 – 2, 4 – 7, 10 / 8 Pick 6

  47. Debi Vogt says:

    Hey Tabascosauce ………I had a horse called Tabasco …….I like what you saying …….

    1. Editor says:

      There was a Real Tabasco too from the 70’s – Paddy Mcgivern used to ride

  48. Debi Vogt says:

    Stop picking on the trainer’s i think they are gobsmacked sometimes when their horses win …I think the drivers, they should show much more Transparency it could be quite Interesting ?


    Remember Mr. Ed, didn’t he often ride for the Futeran’s

    1. Editor says:

      Yes, Peter Kannemeyer, Rycroft etc William
      Real Tabasco may have been trained by Alec Soteriadis

  50. Cecil Pienaar says:

    And the winner of a case of Tabasco Sauce is Debi, the 50th post, sponsored by William M 👍 whom predicted 50+ posts.

    Mr MdK, all the best with the Aus move. If you see my Brother in law, Pieter de Klerk, now Peter de Clerck, pls say hello.

    I reckon you’re a Cool guy, don’t take all these posts too serious.

    I fancy your horse in Race 9, Pomander, has to beat Chicano?

  51. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Auto Spell 😂 Chitengo

    Rian, agree, Natal season is Tops, we welcome everyone, even Mr Dembitzer and Kimberly boys. 😂

    Only one thing must change, this Number and Draw thing… OK 3 things, Barrier Trials must go and Craig must come back.👍

  52. Anand Chetty says:

    James George, that IS my real name. Many in the racing world, especially KZN trainers (particularly Paul Lafferty, the stipes (Mr Parker and his colleagues, and almost ALL the KZN jockeys know me. I use my correct name because when I say something I would like to be heard and taken seriously. Racing needs solutions, not name calling. If we are serious about saving this sport, we should agree to disagree respectfully.
    It’s sad to see (presumably adults) behaving like little children.
    Horses the world over get beaten by their less fancied stable mates. If some of the participants in this comments section don’t understand that pace, the jockeys strategy, luck in running are factors that influence outcomes, then perhaps they should try the casino, where eg. in roulette its only luck you need to worry about, no studying of form involved.

  53. Casey Clarke says:

    Rather say no comment than stating “horse will need the run, will be green” etc and then it cruises in by lengths and is backed off the boards. Greeff/Fortune 1st timer rings a bell and the post race interview had me vommitting!
    Cheers to TRANSPARENCY!!!

  54. Pieta says:

    Not sure who mr dekock thinks he is?….gods gift to SA racing? Everyone asking him for advise?
    Yes he was fortunate to receive a phone call……

  55. Jonathan Harris says:

    Ray Thomas. Theirs eisogesis and exegesis. How were you reading the article. His clear gripe was the unfair criticism by those eternal pessimists.

  56. Well done on your winners Mike Meydan Vaal, honestly I dont think Trainers need to comment on all thier Runners, yes it’s the punter who puts money in, owners sponsors et al.

    You know me? I sometimes will listen to a trainer before the big races but I think Mike’s correct I’d rather have less Comments from Trainers,

    To me I’m Strictly pedigree and Numbers guy, if the Horse has not ran I use the pedigree whether the trainer has trained the family, very important in my Debutant picks and whether female lines posses speed and or have made winning Debuts, sibling ratings are important to gauge the class or probable class of the 2yo or 3yo debutant, I specialise in picking Debutant winners across the world UK US SAF

    in handicaps it’s a numbers game for me like I tipped your Diadora to win the other day on my website his last two runs carrying 50 kilo meant he was top rated on my figs to beat the heavy fav and it’s good when it works in price wise. All in all it’s better for us and less complicated as punters pundits to rely on facts and figures.

    Yes a lot of horses are conditioned to win for yards for punts where my figs wont show they can win based on recent form and they run more often than not way past thier Handicap mark,

    It’s the ones who cant back those wins up that worry me but all in all this way you hit enough to make it work. No I wish personally that trainers would stop being so transparent so I can get more customers lol just joking. Horses are not machines take your losses and learn from it people. Trainers do an amazing job that’s my opinion

  57. Sean says:

    Talking about phantoms. Like to know why Afriel was allowed to run. Something smells rather fishy!!!!

  58. espresso says:

    Trainers have no respect or time for racegoers/punters
    We are foolishly unwanted and thrown in as one
    Pain in the neck.idiots.they think they know it all.thats how we are known.Real bottom feeders.
    true punters never listen to trainers tipping.all we want to know is the well being of horses rscing.We cannot trust them to bring the horses fit and ready to do their best
    Some of us dont want your tips and the truth is that its simply possible for a trainer to really know what his charge will run like on raceday.For that reason and that there is money involved is why we wont listen to your ambiguous commentsIt takes years and plentu frustration to be able to actually get what they saying.They have no allegiance to us so why should we trust them in the least.


    Mike De Kock imo is the most influential and professional trainer in SA. He has contributed immensely to SA horse racing and is a living legend.

    Iets not pretend though that there is place for transparency in a betting market. The owners who finance the game could not consistently support absolute transparency in the market. And let’s not pretend that disinformation abounds.

    Punters who choose to make decisions based on trainer or jockey comments are mugs, and should blame themselves for their own I’ll fortune.

    When I used to race it was my practice, to switch off any racing shows and refuse to look at any article or opinion piece written by any trainer or so called fundi All I wanted was my computaform and live toteboard. The truth is in the tote, if you know that truth is represented by 20%. The other 80% noise is designed to mislead you and distort the truth, or else there would be no leverage in the betting market.

    Choose to listen to the noise at your own folly.


    On the issue of racing centers, its not impossible for horses from gauteng or the Cape to do well in natal, it’s really hard to get gauteng horses or even natal horses to perform in the Cape , there are so many factors at play right up until the gates open, winning with these horses in the Cape or Cape horses in Gauteng ranks as excelling training feats

  61. Theuns says:

    I tend to agree with Brandon. I personally only
    pay heed when the top yards voice their opinion and make my own deductions
    The bigger yards hv more line horses to make assessments and their different owners surely must be the first to be ” in the know “as the exorbitant stable and vet fees etc that they hv to pay gives them the ” right” to be the first to have bet, which is only fair.
    However, i still enjoy listening to only the top trainers and study my breeding and collateral form before placing any exotic bets.

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