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NHT – Now Powered By Hollywoodbets

'Horseracing begins with the horse...'

Leading bookmaker Hollywoodbets continues doing its part to support the horse racing fraternity.

The company has committed to donating a total of R2 250 000 to the National Horse Trust (NHT) over the next three years.

This large investment will enable the NHT and the horse care units operating under its umbrella to continue doing the important work of caring for retired racehorses and neglected and abused equines, as well as continuing rural outreach educational programmes to help those relying on horses and donkeys as a means of income.

The NHT has been looking after the health and protection of equines since 1988. Currently, the Trust is the benefactor of three affiliated care units located in Gauteng, Port Elizabeth and KwaZulu-Natal. Even though the organisation was started specifically with the care and protection of retired race horses in mind, it has extended its sphere of influence and responsibility to now embrace all neglected and abused horses and donkeys. The NHT achieves this by educating rural equine owners on how to properly care for these animals, as well as relocating abused or neglected horses and donkeys when needed.

The Trust heavily relies on donations from the public in order to continue doing this important work.

According to Suzanne Dery, Head of Fundraising at NHT, the organisation is really overwhelmed by Hollywoodbets’ commitment to equine health. “Everyone here at the NHT is excited to see what the future holds and to be able to spread more awareness about proper equine care among the rural communities. We are thrilled with the donation made by the Hollywoodbets team and the meaningful commitment going forward. The security that we now have in the medium term will allow us to tackle many projects that have been unavoidably neglected due to lack of funding. We thank them for their amazing gesture and the enthusiastic and innovative team that comes with it,” she said.

Dery went on to explain that the donation will be directed towards an array of needs that the units have, which range from food shortages to veterinary care. The funds will also be used to assist the NHT and the horse care units in educating the local communities throughout the country.

“It is vital for organisations such as Hollywoodbets, to be involved in supporting the Trust. The horse racing industry brings a long-time valued form of entertainment to mankind. These horses are well looked after whilst in training, but then what happens to them when they stop making money or come to the end of their racing lives? We want to educate organisations in the horse racing industry, on what happens to the horses after their racing careers. If our Trust is unable to achieve the required funding, then there will be no one to take on the responsibility of these retired horses,” she said.

Devin Heffer, Brand and Communications Manager at Hollywoodbets, expressed the view that it is important to give back to an industry that contributes so much to Hollywoodbets’ core business. “Horse racing is a major component of the Hollywoodbets offering, and put rather simply, horse racing begins with the horse. We are proud to be associated with the work of the NHT.”

As an acknowledgement of the new partnership, the NHT will henceforth be known as “The National Horse Trust, powered by Hollywoodbets”

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18 comments on “NHT – Now Powered By Hollywoodbets

  1. Suzi says:

    What an honour for us here at the Trust to have this wonderful partnership with Hollywoodbets. Thank you from all of our Units and from our equine charges who benefit most of all.

  2. Pops says:

    Hollywoodbets, you are doing a great job.

  3. waynefouche says:

    Yes, Hollywood Bets is a cut above the rest now if only they will change the numbering of horses in KZN back to what they were!!!

  4. gavin says:

    well done

  5. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…well done Hollywoodbets it’s a fantastic donation just what was needed Brilliant stuff guy’s…waynefouche lets hope and pray they understand what we the computaform users are going through..I’m always one of the 1st to give credit for any improvement in any avenue in racing,, the new format was a trial run and it was certainly not for us… hats off to Hollywoodbets for trying…I’m sure that the trial run is now almost over we’ll be back to the old format soon..
    God Bless

  6. Anver says:

    Congratulations Hollywood bets for your great contribution to a worthy cause.
    Where are the other book makers in KZN
    Hollywood bets have set the bar follow them in giving back.

  7. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Excellent, good news Article…

    If Hollywood(bets) form a party, I will vote for them…

    If, you do what Wayne and Frankie is asking.

    Again, Well Done HWBets, you guys do fantastic Sponsorships… 👏

  8. Philip Norman says:

    Hi Cecil,
    You mentioned that if Hollywoodbets ever formed a party you would vote for them.

    If they ever offered competitive odds on horse-racing then I would actually bet with them.

    Do yourself a favour and compare their racing odds compared to those offered by World Sports Betting ….. Hollywoodbets take the punters for a ride no question.

    1. karel says:

      Hi Philip,
      Punters must be stupid then, being taken for a ride.

  9. jai says:

    yes karel punters will always be taken for a ride.

  10. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Hi Philip.

    Thx, I shall check it out this weekend, and compare. I play mostly with HWBets and on the tote.

    Good Night.

  11. Steve Reid says:

    Philip with the greatest of respect, you are clearly a very small punter or a bad one. WSB are the undisputed world champs in one thing and that is in limiting winning punters. I find it difficult to comprehend why people would criticize a business donating to a needy and very worthy cause unless there was an ulterior motive.

    Perusing what Hollywood have put into the game, wouldn’t it be great if the 3% betting tax was reinstated but it could only be utilized to improve the game and not line Phumelela pockets?

  12. Hally says:

    Would be great to have Hollywood bets at turfonten racecourse. We feel like we have no choice at all at the races, betting world is always offline, punters always come last

  13. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…Hally seeing that you mentioned a valid point concerning betting world,,on Guineas Day underneath the main grandstands you have betting world and world sports betting there for live racing…Betting World have not got a card facility machine so my mate was forced to have the bet with World Sports Betting WSB had 5/2 Youcanthurrylove and Betting World had 28/10 so it was a no brainer to have the bet with betting world but because of no card facility they missed out on dollars…pity he was a Mate otherwise I would have loved to have laid him 3/1 and no tax deduction had it won…both bookmakers are absolutely useless and are shit shit shit scared to lay a bet

  14. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Hello, Frankie goes to (should go to) Hollywood online

    Any CT tips for t-m.

    Look, I am not the biggest punter, but can say this for Hollywood here in KZN. Their staff are friendly at the Branches. Online is tops, deposits show within minutes.

    Most Important, when you withdraw, even over w/e’s, you are paid within 3 hours.

  15. Philip Norman says:

    To Steven Reid,

    Based on your reply to my post, you must be an absolute fool or idiot to make an observation as to whether I am a small punter or indeed a very bad one.
    I made a very simple observation and if you cared to conduct a bit of research then you would undoubtedly arrive at the same conclusion as me and that is that Hollywood’s fixed odds betting on the horses are amongst the worst in the local industry.

    I am by no means a fan of World Sports Betting at all, and I concur with you regarding reduction of betting limits but be under no illusion that Hollywoodbets don’t do exactly the same thing. My individual win limit with Hollywood has over time been reduced to a massive R1,000.

    Don’t wet yourself about ulterior motives and the like, it is very pleasing that Hollywood appear to be putting something back into the game but then don’t knock WSB in the same breath as they also sponsor quite a few feature races if I’m not mistaken.

    As for your comment about the 3% betting tax being reinstated and the lining of Phumelela’s pockets it is completely irrelevant to the point that I raised.

  16. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…Hi Cecil hope you are well buddy,,very soon I’m going to embarrass a good few bookmakers watch the space… Cape card a bit dicey for me,,JHB card looks more of a punting card just be a bit careful in Race 5 with Mardi Gras add 1 or 2 horses if your budget allows he’s not exactly spot on… MG is preping if he wins it wouldn’t be a surprise at all he’s a very good horse

  17. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Thanks Frankie, all is well here in sunny KZN. I want to win the P6 in CT t-m… Think Anton will win 2 legs, also Mr Fourie… 👍 just cannot find the upsets

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