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Singapore Stipes Flex Muscles

Do NHA have the same level of proactive control?

The level of no nonsense policing of racing in Singapore was demonstrated in a recent finding by the Stewards of the Singapore Turf Club that a trainer was not spending enough time at his yard.

On Thursday, 13 February 2020, the Stewards concluded an Inquiry regarding Trainer D Koh complying with the MRA Rules concerning his level of attendance at his Stables. Evidence was also taken from Assistant Trainers Mr SH Lee and Mr YF Leong.

Trainer D Koh also tendered letters of support from all his owners, stables and registered riders that are regularly engaged by Trainer D Koh to ride trackwork.

After considering all the evidence, Trainer D Koh was found in breach of the provisions of MRA Rule 36(2) in that for an extended period during the month of December 2019, he was overseas and had failed to seek approval in writing to be absent from his Stables.

Trainer D Koh was fined a sum of S$2,000. Trainer D Koh was also issued with an official direction outlining certain conditions regarding his level of attendance at the Stables and trackwork that he needs to comply with and which will be reviewed before the end of the 2020 Racing Season.

This direction was issued in accordance with the provisions of MRA Rule 152(5)(b) which reads:

MRA Rule 152 (5) – Any person licensed or registered by the Association may be disqualified, suspended, fined and/or warned:If he shall disobey the orders of the Stewards or those they appoint.’

The Singapore Turf Club Security Department also monitors social media activity.

On Friday, 14 February 2020, the Stewards concluded an Inquiry into comments allegedly posted on social media by registered Groom Mr Mohd Aizuddin Akmal Bin Mohd Hassanee.

Evidence was submitted by Mr Mohd Aizuddin Akmal Bin Mohd Hassanee and the Stewards considered a report and a statement of interview tendered by the Singapore Turf Club Security Department.

Mr Mohd Aizuddin Akmal Bin Mohd Hassanee pleaded guilty to a charge under MRA Rule 152(3)(a) which reads:

No person shall act in a manner which in the opinion of the Committee or the Local Committee or the Stewards is or may be prejudicial to the integrity, proper conduct or good reputation of horse racing in Singapore and/or Malaysia

In that he did post on social media on 10 February 2020 comments which in the opinion of the Stewards were prejudicial to the good reputation of horse racing in Singapore.

When deciding on penalty, the Stewards took into account his forthright and contrite evidence and the nature of the charge. Mr Mohd Aizuddin Akmal Bin Mohd Hassanee was subsequently fined a sum of S$500.

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21 comments on “Singapore Stipes Flex Muscles

  1. Steve Reid says:

    I had a good laugh at your heading. This should be used as a guideline to explain a rhetorical question.

  2. Pops says:

    Was Big Charles’s trainer not jacked up by the SA Jockey Club for not spending enough time with the horse before the July?
    Some old grey haired men may be able to give the answer.

  3. Alwyn West says:

    Pops the trainer of Big Charles was not ‘jacked up’ by the Sa Jockey for not spending enough time with the horse before 1981 July because as his assistant was with the horse

    1. Editor says:

      Thanks Alwyn for the clarity
      Are you the Cape Hunt jockey of yesteryear?

  4. Alwyn West says:

    That’s me Ed as well as earlier on jump races, Wish we could have those days back

    1. Editor says:

      Great days – Torch Song, Bambera, Aldrin , Essen, Going Places , Izak, Sandy, The Wrap spring to mind.
      Peter Wrensch can reel all the names off after half a beer 🙂


    Mr. Ed,

    Do you remember Peter Calitz ?

    1. Editor says:

      No William
      Sampie Calitz, yes


    That’s right, Sampie Calitz

    1. Editor says:

      Rode for Theo de Klerk if I remember correctly

  7. Rian says:

    Persian war, Joy Rob, In Spain, Big Ben,alladins lamp, gypsy( the painted Wild Streak) dialogue,Abakar, sound wave, crumpet, black pepper, thunderbird, early son, and so many more
    Getting on now but great memories and lots of time they rode in pouring rain and never a chance of abandoning the meetings

    1. Editor says:

      Now you going back in time Rian.
      Did Mike Pomario ride Thunderbird – the grey? Or was that Thundercloud?


    I remember In Spain and Joy Rob, Rian.

    Did Lionel Witkowsky has a stable or preferred jockey ?


    Do you remember Saccharum ?

    1. Editor says:

      Dana Siegenberg for Theo deKlerk
      St Cuthbert x Sugarpop if memory correct
      Didn’t he run in Flegg silks?

  10. Rian says:

    If memory correct it was Tony Kalminson, who owned and rode thunderbird but stand to be corrected
    Theo de Klerk started with Saccharum then Greg Botten won with him, always well clear of field and only knew one way
    William, I think Paddy Kruger rode for him
    Remember Adamay William with Dana winning Chairman’s then Keith Brown rode him in hurdles
    I think Lionel’s daughter married to A Steyn and she has his colours

  11. Rian says:

    Paddy Wynne also on Lionel’s horses, I think
    Can’t remember who owned Sachuram but can colours had bit of blue and gold, again I think

    1. Editor says:

      Was Flegg then – same as Mithra. House Lights, Persian War – Pretty Nelly too?

  12. Stan Elley says:

    There were 3 Calitz brothers, all jocks. Jannie, Ampie and Sampie. Weight was an issue for the first 2. Sampie was apprenticed to Theo de Klerk but transferred to me during his 4th year. He was a really good horseman and a talented rider. He was sent back to Kzn in his final year but was unfortunately not able to see out his apprenticeship.

    1. Editor says:

      Interesting. Thanks for that clarity, Stan

  13. Rian says:

    Was their colours Ed
    Stan was assistant to De Klerk

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