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Top Jocks In Action

Dettori is one of ten riders

Some of the very best male and female jockeys in the world will compete over four races in the first ever stc International Jockeys Challenge at the King Abdulaziz Racetrack in Riyadh on Friday.

On the eve of the inaugural running of the $20,000,000 Saudi Cup, jockeys from 10 different countries will compete on the dirt track and among them will be the 2019 Longines World’s Best Jockey, Frankie Dettori.

Dettori has strong claims of winning the opening leg of the challenge on Moshaghebah, who is drawn in stall 4 and was a winner of her last race. Another interesting runner in the 1400m event is Matmon, who raced in smart company last time and will be ridden by three-time champion jockey in New Zealand, Lisa Allpress.

Lisa Allpress is among a number of elite world riders involved in Friday’s competition (Pic- Neville Hopwood)

“I was extremely thrilled to be invited and excited about the races tomorrow to be riding against world-class jockeys for world-class trainers,” Allpress said. “Hopefully I can show what I can do but in a challenge like this a lot comes down to the luck of a draw.”

She continued: “I can’t wait to get out on the track. My first impressions were ‘wow’ we don’t really have anything like this back at home so I’m really excited to be a part of this.”

The most successful jockey in Breeders’ Cup history, Mike Smith, has the notable mount on Sun Hat in the second leg. Sun Hat was a three-time winner in England and has won over 1650m in Saudi Arabia previously.

Group 1 winning trainer Bader Rizaiq could be a part of history as he has two runners, Aeisam and Nassohah, in the second leg of the challenge. Leading British jockey Nicola Currie and the Canadian history maker Emma-Jayne Wilson have been drawn to ride Aeisam and Nassohah respectively.

In the third leg of the challenge, Frankie Dettori will ride the five-time winner Sha Aem, while Adel Alfouraidi will ride Bajeer, who was a winner of his last start.

French jockey Mickaëlle Michel looks to have a very strong chance of finishing the challenge on a high in leg four on the recent winner Bint Alaqeelah, while the Japanese superstar Yutaka Take could have an outside chance on Yafooz.

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17 comments on “Top Jocks In Action

  1. Eric Fordred says:

    Not a true champion Jockeys challenge without South African Jockeys (sic)

  2. Pieta says:

    Who would you have sent?

  3. Rian says:

    Same ?????

  4. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…Eric Fordred are you feeling okay today buddy ? are sure that all your meds were taken correctly and on time ? Don’t get me wrong we do have a handful of really good jockeys then we have a bunch of good jockeys and then we have lots of mediocre jockeys that can count to 10…let’s not mention the last bunch because they are like really really really bad…it’s very surprising to me that Eric mentioned it’s not a true champion jockey challenge without SA Jocks…Eric had we had the likes of Late Gerald Turner Felix Coetzee Bartie Leisher Robbie Sham Jeff Lloyd Basil Marcus the late Roois Fourie Muis the Ace the late Jimmy Anderson the late Martin Schoeman Weichong Marwing and lets give James Maree a mention as well then it would be worth chirping about….at this Stage I can honestly only think of one Jock that would do okay and bearing in mind that the kid is only 19 If I’m not mistaken and that’s *Luke Ferraris* the youngsters got the complete package i said it 2 years ago and I’ll say it again that *Luke Ferraris* is our next Muis this kid will be going places… I can’t wait for him to get the riding experience against the best just for awhile thereafter the world is his oyster and pls NOTE my comment so I don’t need to repeat myself in 5 years time…there are a few clevers on this panel that are eating their words right now about *Luke Ferraris*…anyway that’s just my opinion,, onething for certain is that *Luke Ferraris* will not be far off a Frankie Dettori in a couple of years 5 years max from now there’s no doubt about that…I’ll like to see who the so called experts would suggest it will be interesting to see Lol

  5. Daniel Peter says:

    Where’s Ryan Moore and Anton Marcus?

  6. Warren says:

    South Africa would be well represented by Pierel Striker Strydom. World class , the best jockey SA has ever produced . Over 5500 winners.

  7. Eric Fordred says:

    Anton Marcus, Pierre Strydom can still hold their own anywhere in the world, many other Jockeys in SA who will step up to fill the void going forward but that’s a discussion for another time, preferably when I’m off my so called Meds, thank you for an entertaining letter Mr Zackey

  8. Pops says:

    Frankie,don’t be surprised next time you enter the parade ring and you feel you should have worn your thick bear skin 3/4 coat,although the temp is 32 degrees.
    And those downward side glances from those short men in floral outfits have nought to do with those new Florsheim shoes you wearing.
    Just be thankful the Tote and Bookies do not stand in the chilly Parade Ring.

  9. Rajen says:

    Pierre is the only Top jockey left that we can give accolades to.He is and always will be a Champion in my eyes.

  10. Michael Jacobs says:

    Our best jockeys of the past 3 decades have sadly retired and the remaining few are getting old. Muis Roberts, Basil Marcus, Jeff Lloyd, Bartie Leisher, Robbie Fradd, Karl Neisius, Freddie Macaskill, Gavin Van Zyl, Anthony Delpech and Weiching Marwing have all retired and Anton Marcus, Striker Strydom, Mark Khan are getting to the end of their careers. The new guys are not stepping up to the challenge. Jocks like Richard Fourie, Aldo Domeyer, Lyle Hewitson, Grant van Niekerk, Luke Ferraris, Samanga Khumalo and Muzi Yeni need to step up their game and re-establish the world-class mark of Sourh African jockeyship.

  11. Ingie says:

    Are you forgetting about natural horseman
    Please don’t compare Richard Fourie Aldo
    Domeyer Samanga Muzi with Lyle Hewitson
    They are not in the same league

  12. Rian says:

    Ingie , they are not in same league ????? Meaning they and Hewitson
    You mention all by their name and surname except Samanga and Muzi
    Hewitson must still prove himself and has long way to go
    MJ you left out one of the best riders of a horse I have ever had the privilege of watching and thats Garth Puller
    Thku for the list so far

  13. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Look fwd to having a fresh and fit Muzi Yeni back.

    Frankie, you sure Luke Ferraris won’t be regarded ‘very good’ only on Tarry horses ? Not necessarily my view.

    We all have our favorite jocks, but some of the comments at times is uncalled for…

  14. Ingie says:

    Thanks Rian I am in agreement with you
    I didn’t have time to type all of them still
    A few
    Have a wonderful day!!

  15. Ingie says:

    Cecil give credit when it’s due cause most of the it’s just about certain jocks

  16. Joao says:

    Some of these comments are really funny. In a digital world where racing can be viewed 24/7/365 the thought that there is “untapped” talent in SA is hilarious. I mean we actually do have international owners in SA and I can’t recall any of them feeding back to The Sheik or indeed any other International Owner the absolute need to “recruit” this riding genius from SA.

    There is no doubt we have produced talent in the past but that is where it remains, in the past. Perhaps our model of an academy is now outdated.

    Indulge me for a while.

    The recent success stories from the academy are all from racing backgrounds. The rest are all Millennials (generation Y) and that generation is pretty much numb when it comes to most things.

    They are super dextrous with their fingers and amazingly talented on anything with the slightest electrical pulse but are they really “outdoorsy and sporty” ?

    Of course there are going to be exceptions to the rule but the theory of taking in 8 kids that have never even seen a horse and think milk comes from Tesco and that global warming is a thing and that there are more than 2 gender’s and then trying to produce jockeys is in my opinion failing.

    It would be interesting to ask any jockey older than 35 if when he was growing up he had a pet of any sort that he was responsible for and then ask the same question to any jockey / apprentice under 25

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