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Ryan Moore -‘I Never Thought I Had It’

Frustrating run of seconds for top jockey

Ryan Moore, second in the Pegasus World Cup Turf Invitational in Florida last Saturday and in the Classic Mile at Sha Tin on Monday, had to be content with the runner-up spot yet again in the Sun Met at Kenilworth on Saturday.

Ryan Moore – international bridesmaid at moment! (Pic – Chase Liebenberg)

The Racing Post reports that Moore looked sure to score when he sent last year’s winner Rainbow Bridge up to join One World a furlong out, but the 17-4 shot proved to have less in the tank than it appeared and One World battled to a head victory.

“Rainbow Bridge ran a great race but I never thought I had it,” said Moore, who had never ridden in South Africa until Saturday.

Jockey MJ Byleveld, winning the country’s richest conditions race for the first time, said: “Ryan went a head up on me but I always thought I would hold on.”

The 15-1 winner was the first Met success for 38-year-old Byleveld but the third for trainer Vaughan Marshall, who admitted he might not have run the four-year-old had the owners not pressed him to do so.

He said: “I had my doubts about whether he would stay the ten furlongs so I was in two minds about running him here, but the owners were very keen to do so.”

Hawwaam, the latest Mike de Kock star, went off favourite at 43-20 but he was beaten into third, a further three and a half lengths back.

The four-year-old is owned by Hamdan Al Maktoum and now goes into quarantine before leaving for Mauritius (when he will be similarly isolated for three months) and will next be seen in action in Britain.

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33 comments on “Ryan Moore -‘I Never Thought I Had It’

  1. Gregory says:

    G.lerena could have won!
    There was no magic riding from moore
    I hope& prayed that ” Rainbow” will loose
    They way the owners treated Gary….
    Greg Elsie’s River

  2. Paul says:

    Ja, perhaps the owners thought they were dealing with “another Gary”.

  3. Shaun says:

    There you go. Haawwam is no Champion.

  4. Garrick Bergh says:

    Gregory –

    That was a petty, vindictive comment which unfortunately permeates racing all too often. And while you are about it try and get your basic spelling and facts correct – It’s Gavin Lerena and not ‘Gary’ Lerena and its ‘lose’ not ‘loose’.

    The owners reportedly left the rider appointment to the trainer. Yet that has not stopped you from having an unwarranted and uninformed go at them. In the trainer’s considered opinion ( note : OPINION) Lerena had produced not one but TWO successive rides that he regarded as less than optimum. On that basis he elected to make the change. Ryan Moore rode a flawless race and was beaten fairly on the day. Good luck to the winner.

    I would be interested to hear your take on how the same jockey might have improved the performances of the other fancied runners which finished even further back.

    Contrary to modern mythology it is the HORSE that carries the lump of weight fastest from point A to B that wins races. Jockeys can influence that outcome but often not as much as the riders in the stands would have us believe. At the very least they are all trying their very best in the Grade 1 races such as we saw on Saturday.

    At least you can claim that your prayers were answered. I wish you a happy life using prayer for such malicious purposes.

  5. Shaun Holland says:

    Gregory smoke more Pot brother.

  6. Pops says:

    Shaun,Hawwaam is a champion.He is definitely the champion of Gauteng racing.
    Racing outside of Gauteng you hear,’draw a line through that run ,he is better than that,you have not seen the best of Hawwaam,he needs to jump from 1 or 2 barrier ‘. And now he is leaving our shores without us seeing in the flesh this better than Horse Chestnut performance.

  7. Ivor M. says:

    Your comments about Rainbow Bridge and the manner in which Moore rode are quite pathetic.
    You obviously don’t know too much about ” The Sport of Kings “.
    My suggestion is get your facts correct and learn to spell before making comments.
    You are clueless.

  8. Rogan says:

    Jockeys are making money not us punters we get ting robbed as for anton marcus i would waste my time backing him

  9. Moza says:

    If this was a vocab session then, i would agree to the statements above. However this is a racing post media, get to the point.
    Its infact too late to comment on the race as its over, punters caught a hiding while the bookies scored. Its the name of the game guys.

  10. karel says:

    The absolute total crap most posters utter on this website when it comes to the Met and the running of the favoured horses… how about some informed post-race analysis!
    The official time for the Met was a fraction outside the course record (and Met record) of Bunter Barlow (2001) and the second best time, set by Pocket Power (2007).
    The horses which ran 1st and 2nd were behind the pace setter Head Honcho throughout, with the field strung out, well in arrears.
    Now if the two racing handy almost break the course record in a fast run race, what must the horses do who are having to make up ground on them? Every length is equal to a fifth of a second, so five lengths is a second. They’d have to break the course record. That’s not going to happen.
    To put it simply: the horses coming from behind had lost their chances well before halfway!
    Seen in that light, Hawwaam ran as well (or better) as you could expect, given where he came from.
    Vardy had no chance at all to repeat his Queen’s Plate fast finish in a race run very differently compared to when he won so well.
    Pace makes the race. Always.

  11. Sagie Pillay says:

    Had Gavin Lerena rode Rainbow Bridge.. It would have won…

  12. Tony Mincione says:

    Much of the oucome of this race was decided early. It was clear that Vardy, Do It Again and Hawwaam weren’t going anywhere. We knew that Head Hocho would go, but with a master rider up. We knew the most consistent Grade 1 horse in Rainbow Bridge would try to settle but not far off.

    In a way Moore rode the perfect race in defeat. He had every reason to think that the pacemaker would stop, as would One World “the doubtful stayer”. MJ won because he had the faith in his big striding horse, somehow knowing he would still be responding at the end of a relentless gallop. Even he must have been somewhat shocked. And more to rally under fire. He could not have been shocked if his horse stopped (perhaps not as severely as Head Honcho) and got passed.

    Hawwaam won “his” race, after the field got cut off from the pace.

    The gaps behind Hawwaam were compressed, but that was to be expected given the pace Striker had set for them, one hair short of too fast. What was astounding was to see the gallopers burn the sizzle out of the sprinters and the gap One World and Rainbow Bridge made between themselves and the field.

  13. Jay August says:

    Karel and Tony, the analysis both of you have made is unfortunately beyond the the average SP commenter. That Hawwaam won the mini race behind the initial three pacesetters seems lost on most.

    Frankie should come out of hiding as he has nothing to be embarrassed about. Hawwaam ran as best he could given the circumstances. Third in this race, run as it was, is a small victory.

  14. Paul says:

    Karel, what do you make of the pace/fractions set by Strydom? Did the Master of Pace give his horse a real shot? I have not seen the Stipes Report, perhaps there was (another) reason Head Honcho faded so badly?

    1. karel says:

      I got him going past the 1200m in about 72s – a sprinter’s pace, so that may have been a little too fast for Head Honcho.

      It’s not easy to get pace just right!

  15. Paul says:

    Thanks Karel. Yes, I understand. Huge respect for Strydom as Master of Pace and never more dangerous than when setting the pace (in my view at least). Head Honcho with Strydom up was my “outsider” pick so disappointed with his run. Was hoping there was another reason.

  16. Tony says:

    To be fair, the horses right behind the pacemaker practically short-headed the race and those further behind couldn’t make up the ground. If you take anything from that, the closer you were to Strydom, the righter you were.

    You could argue if they had hung back a little more, and striker could “rest” a little mid-race, who is to say he couldn’t steal it? As it happens, the Owner coupling to the pacemaker was the only other horse in the field to have his MR go up.

    Head Honcho certainly can’t beat Hawwaam or Vardy from behind them, and he can’t beat One World or Rainbow Bridge from next to them. As the 3rd lowest rated horse, he ran within a length or 2 of the other two. I would say rather than go looking for the Master in the board room, someone just toast him…or send him a case of something.

  17. Deezo Snyman says:

    Moore of a muchness. He never really had it albeit until after the wire. Moore pushed RB too early even after putting him in the box seat. The only jockey that knows RB is Richard Fourie. I hope Sands gets RF back on RB for the Durban season. He will win the Greyville 1900, July and then the Champions. There is not much in terms of class that will challenge RB for the Durban winter season.

  18. Fish says:

    This nonsense of Hawwaam winning a mini race is a joke. Pace is a crucial component to a race and jockeys should be switched on. Hawwaam lost fair and square please let’s just stop there.

  19. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…Jay my reason for not getting involved is that when people talk bullshit it irritates the living daylights out of me…Jay it’s clear that 80% of the SP users haven’t the foggiest idea about racing…Its so easy to make excuses and trust me there are many that I can make and that are valid,,but I’ll prefer if the anti racegoers or sore loosers rather try and guess that out…1 point I’ll personally would like to mention is that the Hawwaam i know was never a happy horse in the Cape and still to finish 3.5 off them was a fantastic achievement…there’s still no doubt that he’s the best horse in SA…as for the ride on Rainbow Bridge I thought it was one of the better rides witnessed on the day it was sheer class…personally I think the Queens Plate run took its toll on Rainbow Bridge it was a tough tough race for him and still to come back 3 weeks later to go down a head was all heart and ability…90 % of the racing public don’t understand what a hard run is and what it takes out of the horse it knocks them for a proper 6…Vardy a champion miler…Do it Again one can only take positives from his run ran on nicely he’s back.. if any horse deserved a Big Win was One World absolute warrior,,well done to Vaughn and MJ…Lets hope the big guns start raiding in JHB we need trainers and owner’s with big balls to do it like AF put it

  20. Rian says:

    Bunter Barlow carried 53 kg I think, 7 kg less than the winner and rest of field, please don’t compare times set by Bunter Barlow 33/1 to Sat Met
    Most of the posters crap is enjoyed
    Didn’t know they have mini races and can one bet on them
    Keep up the informed pre race analysis

  21. Mike says:

    Very nice analysis.. hats off

  22. Clay says:

    Unfortunetly horse racing is a money game. So we will never know if there are dealings behind closed doors. Strydom is a wiely one and has heaps of race experience.

    In saying that I think Tony’s comments are spot on. It was a fast race, for Hawaam to end up 3rd from where he was, was a great performance.

    I personally think he is better than that and letting Gav, Criag or Warren ride him will show us how much the jockey matters, but that wont happen.

    I hope we dont lose our best horse to greener pastures, but money talks.

    Still think Hawaam could flatten that field all things equal. By the way, lost a bucket of money on Hawaam, so might be a bit bias on his abilities.

  23. Rian says:

    The only one that’s been talking loads of Bullshit has been you Frankie, when he set foot in Cape Town and he won you kept on about his SUPERSTAR status and it’s been proven twice now that he is not !!!!!
    You were even trying to get punters to lay illegal bets for crumbs sake, you even dumped Hawaam during the race
    Anyway don’t say 80 percent of SP users are stupid, comments like that will bite you in the ass

  24. Fish says:

    Frankie how can you say Hawwaam is the best horse in SA? On what basis do you make that statement? I still can’t believe you can make statements like that…don’t you learn? You must enjoy the taste of humble pie…

  25. clinton says:

    Guys Gavin did say Ryan Moore doesnt know horse .He was spot on
    At the 300 m mark l would f taken 1/5 Rainbow bridge win he was cantering double hands full
    Gavin on the horse he wins

  26. Mike says:

    Let’s move along racing is racing

  27. gops naicker says:

    congrats. to the winner.as said earlier on. wat goes on behind the scenes…..
    trainer and jockey never transparent about there horses.especially the jockey stubborn like a mule.attitude of not appreciating the punters.

  28. Michael Jacobs says:

    What was the betting on the “mini-race” that Hawwaam won? And by winning that mini-race will he now be Equus horse of the year? There are a few racing scientists on this site who think they are so super smart and clever, but they always come with hindsight afterwards. The MR handicapping brigade!

    1. karel says:

      The only time for hindsight is afterwards.
      Some clever people would call it post-mortem – a curiosity to find out what happened.
      Some other people have no curiosity, only opinions.

  29. Antono says:

    You guys know everything about this “sport of kings”. The only thing you don’t know about is who determines the outcome , and who shares the cash!?!?

  30. Tony Ridgway says:

    The best horse won, and the second best horse ran second, in a race with pace. We all expected Head Honcho to lead… obvious. The two stars who followed him were just biding their time; they were both perfectly ridden! As for “commentators” claiming jockeys who have won multiple Grade 1 races are crooked, or pathetic, is just testament to sore losers and subjective fools. One World and Rainbow Bridge have NEVER run UNPLACED, they were obvious choices to fight out the finish, for me. Racing is for grown-ups, not infantile moaners and whingers who have no clue what they’re talking about. BTW Garrick, how’s you “guitarist” collection? Do they still have “Ragtime” stickers on them?
    Finally – props to Sporting Post – you guys are on top of the game always, and your articles on who says what and why always informative and on the button. Much regards to all!

  31. John Rambo says:

    Ryan Moore rode a marvelous race. Rainbow Bridge could do no better on the day. In the end, he lost by a head only. Still gallant and valiant in defeat.

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