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July Fashion Theme Announced

Have you got 'Butterflies' yet?

The official Vodacom Durban July 2020 fashion theme ‘Butterflies’ was announced this morning, and now the countdown begins to Africa’s greatest race to be run at Hollywoodbets Greyville on Saturday 4 July.

South Africa’s leading bookmakers Hollywoodbets report that July betting has been ‘fairly steady’ during the first week of their ante-post market and it again endorses the enormous appeal of the Vodacom Durban July with all 55 horses having been wagered on .

“The most money so far has been for the top duo Rainbow Bridge and Vardy, with some support for Cape Derby contender Silver Host and recent Gauteng Guineas winner, Ikigai,” confirmed Hollywoodbets’ Patrick Bradley in a chat with the Sporting Post on Monday morning.

Click on the image below to see the latest Vodacom Durban July betting

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11 comments on “July Fashion Theme Announced

  1. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…Pls pls pls pretty pls pretty pretty pretty pls could the bright sparks in KZN that introduced the new Computaform format in KZN without bothering to do a survey before going ahead now PLS change it back to the old format…Your Clever Trial Run Is Now Almost Finally Over..the Boxing match that took place last week at Greyville had a lot to do with the new format punters are frustrated about the sudden change… I’ll say it again that 75% of the racing public that use Computaform are Indians and Lebanese and not 1 from either side are happy with the new format they are totally against it…trust me that turnover on the national tote is dropping at a fast rate and if it continues we’ll be forced to play the Open bet with bookmakers for the simple reason there’ll be more value…as it is the Open bet has crippled the racing industry so do you want to now force the player that still believes that the open bet is destroying the game to now support the Open bet with bookmakers instead..Chatting right now to Sheldon Peter’s he kindly passed on a guy by the name of Raf who apparently is the right person to deal with regarding the new format,,Raf said they would be meeting again at the end of the month to discuss weather or not they’ll be staying with the new format or not…Raf said he’s had 3 complaints since the introduction which i find it very difficult to believe knowing how many hundreds of players have complained to me or friends of mine about the new format… maybe they should do a survey outside every tote and bookmaking outlet to get a true reflection,,only then they’ll see how many computaform users are so upset with the new format…I’ll bet my bottom dollar the result would be 95% to 5% in our favour that old format is a no brainer to stick with…Raf had your Cell No been available to the public I’ll gaurentee you that you’ll have had a new cell number after the 1st meeting…should we do a trial run and see the result ? Lol

  2. Lagen says:

    Let’s hope by the time of the July we will have the old format back. This format really makes studying a nightmare.


    I would have thought the authorities would have opted for a “Grooms be Groomed” for the July 2020 theme.

    All grooms country-wide to be bought a top-of-the-range shiny pin-striped suit funded by the RA with complimentary fee entry.

    All trainers, owners and racing officials to wear traditional grooms apparel with the stipulation that a woolen balaclava be compulsory.

    Bitches Be Bitches

  4. DEAN DEMONT says:

    I couldn’t agree more… we commented about this suicidal format a few months back,and some clown presenter,couldn’t remember who it was,was actually saying on tellytrack during his preview how great and ingenious the format is for the novice punter. Well at the end of the day, if they cannot see the KZN pools are actually down by 20 to 30%, then I am backward. It’s the most hideous introduction to racing ever, I hope Raf Sheik gets to read the grievances by many astute form analysts and season punters as myself. Please God they dont introduce 1 and 1a next, then we will be (*edited). Nevertheless I can only echo what Frankie and Lagen are saying, get rid of it,wake up and cater for the serious punter. Hey Gold Circle, if you guys want to make it fun,by all means,have a “donkey derby” once a week and entertain newbys, but give us die hards what we want.

  5. Robson says:

    Racing must be the worse sport in the world .. One can never please a soul .. If it’s black then they want white .. If it’s green they will want yellow … To many geniuses without loot ……

  6. IAN says:

    Butterflies!! What next? Someone is getting paid a fortune for thinking up crap like this. The money would be better spent improving the lot of the hardened punter and not the “once off” hanger-on.

  7. Cecil Pienaar says:

    It could have been Caterpillars 😂 I think the Marketing Mngr got the idea at a Kiddies party… LoL

    I still love The July, by far the biggest. Here we are in Feb, already with betting options.

    Yes Frankie, we can have the following

    1. Shango, draw 1, 52kg
    19. D I Again, draw 19, 60kg

  8. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…Cecil will let’s hope and pray it’s back to normal soon,,I’ve tried my best and what’s still mind boggling is that the person that apparently is in charge has only received 3 complaints…Cecil not a word of a lie I’ve received over 100 complaints on my WhatsApp…nobody but nobody is happy with the new format…What’s eating me inside is how they went about it never mind the computaform users…had they done a survey along with a complimentary Computaform over a few meetings it would be case closed and all back to normal..if the old format is not back in place by the 2nd week of March *POOLS* will *DROP*further…in my 40 years of racing and attending the KZN season for 4 months of each season for 30 years it’s the 1st time I’m not looking forward to going,,it has always been the best time of racing for me by a steeplechase margin from the time you land in KZN the vibe is on there’s just something about the KZN season that will never fail to get the blood rushing…Let’s hope the change is soon Cecil

  9. Rian says:

    Under Hollywood July entries, Shango looks to have new trainer B Crawford ??

  10. Donald says:

    Frankie , I hear you mate but that is what you get when your title sponsor makes demands on your operations !

    The title sponsor will decide if it stays or goes , not Mr. Raf ?

  11. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…Donald i understand that Mate,,but try and see if you can get one of the guys that came up with this crazy idea to answer a call it’s impossible..Donald it left me no option but to call Sheldon who then said Raf would be about the best person to speak to..Raf gave me his word that when they sit down in a few days from now he’ll bring the matter up,,Raf at least took the time out to take my call and listened to what I had to say,,but my concern is that Raf doesn’t understand the frustration we the computaform users are going through…Donald how on earth can one change a format that’s been around for 50 years just like that without doing a vote I’m yet to hear of a complaint concerning the old format besides the cost of R45 for a Computaform…there should have been a vote over a period of 48 hour’s after 4 meetings max had taken place…Donald there’s not a tote or a bookmaking outlet in JHB where I visit that the guys are happy about with this new format…Hollywood must also realise that only 3 to 4 hundred Computaforms are sold for a KZN meeting and to make matters little worst is that there’s no refund if a meeting is cancelled or abandoned…I apologize if I sound like a stuck record but I’m not going down without trying my absolute best

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