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Newsflash : Fairview Update

'We cannot relent to demands' - leading owner

The SAPS and Nitrous Security are assisting at the Fairview training centre, which is reportedly under siege by a crowd including unhappy grooms, after negotiations fell apart following, what initially appeared to be, constructive meetings this morning.

The Sporting Post reported yesterday on threats by certain grooms of the Yvette Bremner yard, after the dismissal of a colleague who had allegedly stabbed a horse last week.

Leading owner Hedley McGrath met with the grooms representatives earlier today and had offered to reinstate staff and benefits – with the exclusion of the alleged offender.

“Our meetings were constructive. But there are conflicting stories being spread amongst them and they are now demanding to have the dismissed employee reinstated and to see Yvette Bremner. We are not prepared to be dictated to. And for safety reasons, we are not allowing them to have access to our staff. Our jockey Wayne Agrella was also intimidated this morning. Thankfully the SAPS and our security are here to defend us. I don’t know where this will end,” said Hedley.

There has been no word from the NHA, Phumelela, the RA or SAGA on the matter.

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20 comments on “Newsflash : Fairview Update

  1. King Chris says:

    I can’t believe the mentality of some of these grooms.To inflict pain on the animal to get attention is a no no.And the trainer is right not to reinstate the culprit. She must stuck to her guns

  2. Ronny says:

    That Picture though of that security team…………..they look more like mercenaries….And its easy to guess why there has been no word from the NHA, Phumelela, the RA or SAGA on the matter? No Quick/Easy $$$ to gained in this matter.

  3. Danny Collins says:

    I cannot believe this trainer has to fight this fight on her own accord! What is happening to horse racing in this country? No comments or actions from our racing authorities!?? This is unacceptable behavior from this groom stabbing a horse! He should never be allowed near a horse again no matter what he has to say! THAT IS IT!! Soon these grooms and trainers will have no owners left!! I am not blaming any of the other grooms and trainers or Yvette for the matter. However, this cannot carry on! This is unacceptable behavior….

  4. Rian says:

    I’m just glad the yard and the rest of the Horses are been protected and the rule of law takes its course,
    The Security chief of the NHS leaves a lot to be desired, just look how long it took for them to sort out Milnerton
    The SOP should be straight forward for any knowledgable Professional on Rocket man’s team and the security cluster should have been advised immediately to nip this in the bud.
    The security at least look professional and definately not mercenaries
    Keep up the good work Mr McGrath and your professional approach wins in the end

  5. Tracy Harries says:

    Where are the unions in this matter.. Close up shop

  6. Lionel says:

    Why do these things happen in the first place?

  7. Lionel says:

    What drives someone to commit to such an act

  8. typical marxist radicalization, they are getting this behavior from certain groups who want to bring down saf Racing, the Marxists that run this country, wake up before it is too late

  9. Ridean says:

    I dont know the story behind the story why the grooms are unhappy, but the one who stabbed the horse can never be reinstated because he must be charged for cruelty against an animal.

  10. Andrea says:

    Why has the groom not been arrested actually, for premeditated animal abuse??


    Trainers, Phumelela are obliged to show pictures of a minimum certain amount of race-meeting, over a year, as part of them receiving broadcast rights revenue from overseas sources.

    If they don’t they are in breach and will be cut-off from payment.

    So you have them, without that income they will surely collapse.

    They must ensure safety at their cost

  12. George Ellis says:

    The groom should be charged for animal cruelty by the SPCA

  13. Steve Reid says:

    Five burly white guys with guns – the public protector and the Gauteng government ( I know its E Cape but hey it’s also Phumelela property ) is going to love this.

    You wonder how it is possible for our industry captains to sit on their hands in times like these?

    For the record my personal views are if the groom should indeed have stabbed a horse then I hope he gets what’s coming to him. All the best to Hedley and Yvette

  14. Gman says:

    Would like to know the reason why this employee stabbed the horse? Taking out your frustration on a defenseless animal what on earth was he trying to prove.Labour issues should be dealt with around a table not through violence.

  15. karel says:

    They should charge the groom for bringing racing into disrepute. The NHA is good at that.
    Once they are back from the Asian Racing Conference, of course. First things first.

  16. Pops says:

    When a groom kicked a horse in the belly at Greyville,the trainer was charged.
    But that would be stirring it a bit

  17. Steve Reid says:

    lol @ Karel. The NHA are indeed fantastic at charging individuals under 72.1.26 when it suits their agenda. They are as good or even better at sweeping cock-ups under their carpet and taking the 5th when it comes to any problems concerning grooms.

    An absolutely incompetent organization.

  18. Elias Mbali says:

    As a concern citizen, punter and animal lover , in this country we are blessed with a lot of dispute resolution mechanism. If somebody is dismissed fairly or unfairly that cannot be ground to go on strike . Trainers are custodians of other people’s assets ( horses) . Under that jobs are been created , where the main purpose is to take “care” of the horse . Failure to do so ,on the groom part then there is no job. In this instances the employee did what can be referred to as “sabotage” which is subjected to summary dismissal and legal action should have been followed.

  19. Graham HJ says:

    Another day in SA racing, the fall out from a corrupt enterprise…..You still aint seen nothing yet. SA racing is f£$ked……ANC, NHA, RA……I say no more….

  20. Hally says:

    I wonder if the grooms are dancing. SA is the only country that dances when strikes.

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