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Great Finishes – We All Remember A Few

Relive the Milkovitch Moments

Creator of the Milkovitch Moments – William Milkovitch

The eight great international first-to-last finishes published by the Sporting Post over the weekend attracted a lot of interest and I thought I’d dig amongst my yellowed notes to find a few of my local favourites.

Sadly the accompanying movie clips are not always available, but I’m hoping that readers will suggest a few of their own memorable races, not necessarily features either, writes William Milkovitch.


Prontissimo beats Clean Break

  • 1985 Prontissimo v Clean Break  –  Richelieu Guineas

This battle between the two Cape colts can certainly fall into the category called ‘going hammer & tongs’

  • 1987 Sloop v Main Man –  SA Guineas

A different type of finish altogether, where Main Man  seemed to have bullied his rival into submission – except for Nicholas Shearer who had other ideas.

  • 1977 Don the Stripe v Pacer –  Gold Cup

I only listened to the radio commentary with my Dad. I remember Ernie Duffield going bananas. Was it because he was from Natal ?

  • 2002 Ipi Tombe v Angus –  Durban July

To this day I can’t figure out how this fabulous athlete of a filly got up!

  • 2017 Marinaresco v Al Sahem –  Durban July

What a warrior or gladiator Marinaresco was on that day!

Bernard Fayd’Herbe just kept pushing, pushing, steering, steering – and then the kitchen sink in the last 50 metres.My favourite finish .

I will always have the image of Marinaresco stretching his neck out in the last 2 or 3 strides, almost as if he knew exactly were the photo finish line was.

In addition, I saw an isolated clip of Mr. Fayd’Herbe’s girlfriend, fiancé or wife watching from the parade ring. It was something to behold. You didn’t need the commentary or a visual of the race to see what went down.

  • 1979 Politician v Festive Season  –  The Met

Remarkable guts shown here by horse and Bertie Hayden.

  • 1987 Main Man v Model Man v Bush Telegraph –  Mainstay 1800

This race brings goosebumps to me whenever I watch. The Gov Jeff Lloyd took a chance and it paid off.

  • 1995 Tourisimo v Counter Action v La Manca  –  Mainstay 1800

An Andrew Fortune special !

  • 1987 Welcome Guest v The Barbican –  Computaform Sprint

Read more – click here

Didn’t Frankie Zackey just mention it? This finish was visually impossible to picture at the 300m mark. If my memory serves me correct, it rained that morning or early afternoon. Welcome Guest was overheard saying in horsey talk over the last 50m – “Got you suckers!”

  • 1987 Mark Anthony v Royal Chalice –  The Queens Plate

In my opinion, I rated this win more meritorious than his 8 length victory 4 weeks later in The Met.

  • 1986 Potomac V Model Man –  SA 2000 (The Daily News)

Another classic ‘hammer and tongs’ battle from the top of the straight. Both horses gave it  everything that they had & more !

  • If you would like to submit a few of your own racing memories, however vivid or minor, we’d love to publish them. Please email [email protected]

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97 comments on “Great Finishes – We All Remember A Few

  1. LL says:

    The 2018 Green Point goes down as my most thrilling. Hard to beat that 4 way photo.

  2. Peter Caine says:

    I recall a very special race at Clairwood where Main Man, pipped Model Man. Jeff Lloyd gave Jean Hemming a big hug after!

  3. Peter Caine says:

    Another great finish that comes to mind. Raise a Raucus and Count du Barry!

  4. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Excellent William, memories galore 👍

    Mr Ed, the horse Great Sun featured above, who owned it.
    Was Terry Wilmans involved in it ?

    1. Editor says:

      Tilly Wilmans?

    2. Editor says:

      Tilly – a great character
      David Payne’s client

    3. Editor says:

      Didn’t Tilly run an estate agency in your town, Cecil – back in the day?


    Thanks Peter that one is listed — see here 1987 Main Man v Model Man v Bush Telegraph – Mainstay 1800

  6. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Aah, oh yes Mr Ed. How is this for a small world. In 1976, my mother 😘 bought a brand new house from T Wilmans for 24,500 that we couldn’t really afford, but we got it. Greyling Straat, pan handle, mostly businesses around it now.

    His office was in Chapel Street, walking distance. These 2 street names survived the name changes

    Aah, how does this pic bring back memories, all good, what a lekker era

    Thank You 👍

    1. Editor says:

      Gee Cecil
      He was a legend
      That house must be worth a bit more now
      Tilly was a great story teller

  7. Rian says:

    Hey William, great memories, but a personal fav of mine and I still have dreams about the bucks I could have made
    It was the 1979 Richelieu Guineas at Milnerton 1600m
    Kenny Michel on Horatius and think the whole of Cape Town had backed him but Muis Roberts on Bold Tropic spoilt the party in a fantastic race
    Calvados no slouch took the lead coming into straight but quickly tackled by Horatius and Bold Tropic and what a finish
    Bold Tropics ears were flat with about 150 to go but Horatius bad draw of 15 counting against him
    Poor Lenny Taylor and Colin Randall who prepared him beautifully

  8. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…Wow classic memories of note… well done 👏 Tks William

  9. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Absolutely Mr Ed, Tilly did work and spec building with Apple Construction at that time. I can be wrong, but he started the pan handle thing in certain older areas, so not just an Estate agent. Geez, I remember the sign on his office with a 🐴 on it

    Yes, after inheriting the house, hung onto it for sentimental reasons and eventually sold, a nice push start for us. The Circle of Life

    Also a great memory of the old lady picking Gondolier in 1985, unlikely July winner. Pat Antelme and Jockey Harvey. Trainer Antelme also a Scortsville long odds specialist in the mud

    Thanks William and SP , wragtig a split pic bringing back such lovely, happy memories …. Great Sun 🌞

    1. Editor says:

      Cheers Cecil

  10. jc lee ching says:

    In Full Flight vs Sentinel

    1. Editor says:

      Scary thought is its almost 50 years ago that they dead heated in the Guineas

  11. Rian says:

    Thx Ed missed it

  12. Ashley Maistry says:

    Flaming Rick coming from last pip Alufti was a fanatic ride by Karl N… That day he got it just right. From the wide draw.

    1. Editor says:

      Earned him horse of the year
      Thats surely one of the big last to first finishes

  13. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Hello Rian, Michael actually rates Bold Tropic along with Sledgehammer as some of the best he rode locally.

    I also remember him beating Senor Santa in that famous match race.

    Good Night All 👍

  14. Chris says:

    Tilly’s first horse was called Bold Warrior.He followed up with a filly called Little Mo.First time out she was 7 lengths clear after 400 metres and won in canter after being backed down to odds on.

    1. Editor says:

      Brown silks / yellow cap, Chris?


    Yes, the Flaming Rock race was another one I have listed.

    Mr. JC Lee Ching, I left that one off as I was too young to listen to the commentary ! Thank you

    Sorry about the other few mistakes… I get over-excited when typing.

    Poor Lenny Taylor and CT after that finish.

    Remember how Horatius used to drink a beer, Rian ?

  16. Chris says:

    Thats correct Ed.Little Mo was a flying machine.I am not sure who rode her but I think Gary Verne who rode a lot for David Payne in those days.Gary used to give great info to Philip Goldberg and Selwyn Elk at Racing Mirror where I used to spend a lot of time at because I was managing to make a living out of punting.Was a whole lot easier in those days.

    1. Editor says:

      Thanks Chris
      Some famous names there
      Not Raymond Rhodes? – he rode Great Sun

  17. Chris says:

    I will have to go back to my Racing Mirror collection to check.Last time I got them out was a good few years ago when Ettiene V.Westheisen was at my place for a braai.We talked about old coups and some of the real characters from the old days.Keep the stories coming William.Never get tired of them

  18. Michael Higgs says:

    what abt the match races divine act and brainteaser / i think senor santa and model man


    Yip, Senor Santa and Northern Princess

    Remember Cliffie Otto and Michael Azzie just before the off…. “Oh please, you think your horse is fast, you haven’t got a prayer” . That promoted it brilliantly !

    Good to hear from you Mike

  20. Craig Davis says:

    Envy and Wolf Power in a 2 year old feature at Clairwood. Rupert Ellis Brown Stakes ???

  21. Barry Dunnett says:

    What a fabulous article! Its so nice to see the excitement it generates. We must endeavour to do this more often.

    What about doing one on jockeys? trainers? bookmakers?

    1. Editor says:

      Good idea Barry

  22. Vicke persadh says:

    The 2016 July win of The Conglomerate was exceptional..widest draw,narrow Greyville track ridden by SA champion jockey Pierre Strydom. And perhaps considered a second bow for the owners,yet it was the most polished and perfect ride I have ever seen in my racing career…forever the best finish ever. Well done PIerre Strydom..


    Barry, I have loads of stuff like that….I’m just to lazy to post it sometimes

    1. Editor says:

      C’mon William 🙂


    Great/tight finishes aside, I have selected my dream 5 horse 1200m sprint race to be held @ Clairwood Park at a time to be announced :






    My 1000m dream race would more than likely be quite different.

    1. Editor says:

      Dream race
      Dream venue!


    As my ex-girlfriend Svetlana said, ” William, I so proud of you, I always knew you could barely do it”

  26. Alex Page says:

    What about the 1990 Cape Guineas between Pas de Quoi and Face North? A great finish where tragedy followed both horses afterwards.

  27. Rian says:

    Must be lots of girlfriend stories out there William, but think Ed will have his hands FULL deciding which to bin

    1. Editor says:

      You right, Rian
      We dont want to open that door
      William very fond of Svetlana though


    Oh yes Alex, excellent reminder.


    Rian, I wrote a letter to my love and on the way I dropped it … in the Big Four box.

  30. Brian says:

    Are we forgetting Sea Cottage/Joiiify?

    1. Editor says:

      That’s an iconic finish, Brian

  31. Seattle Slew says:

    Thanks William for some fabulous memories. You’ve included my two favourites: (1) Politician 1979 Met – greatest finish of all time (he carried 58,5kg and conceded lumps down the field!!!!!) and (2) Potomac/Model Man – greatest finish of all the races I’ve actually seen (i.e. 1983 onwards when I started following). Craig Peters’ commentary was brilliant, it added to the occasion.

    Three legendary races which were way before my time but based on what I’ve read, they would be right up there:
    Sea Cottage/Jollify deadheat
    Sea Cottage (61kg) gunning down King WIllow in the Clairwood Winter Handicap (I genuinely think Sea Cottage is the greatest to have graced our turf)
    Duel between In Full Flight, William Penn (aged 10 or 11) and Mazarin in 1972 Champion Stakes.

    Can anyone share some memories of these? Thanks.

  32. Seattle Slew says:

    William, regarding your dream sprint race: I rate Sunera as the best 1200m specialist I’ve seen but I’d like to add a curve ball to your field – Empress Club if she was in the mood 🙂

  33. Pmb says:

    Agree Alex the Pas de quoi / Face North was a great finish between at the time 2 quality unbeaten horses. Was that the last guineas at milnerton? Draw there was much of a factor and was a really good test of 3 year old milers.

  34. Pops says:

    See someone mentioned Selwyn Elk.He just gave up running a Tote a few months back.Now he can tell some good racing stories from the Good Old days.
    Gets a hot tip.Backs the horse at good odds days before race.Trainer phones not happy with info getting out.Trainer then scratches horse.Next time out at very short odds horse bolts home.

  35. Marco says:

    The late Bertie Hayden said to me once,besides Politician winning the Met the next best when he won the Gold Cup on a horse called Furious for Anne Upton.He said that Furious had no right to win that race,he said that he absolutely flew in the latter stages to get up to win.

  36. Michael Higgs says:

    thanks Willie for correcting me Northen Princess yep all good hope every one is as well just bored without horse racing !

  37. Dylan says:

    Face North vs Pa De Qui in the Cape Guineas. Kevin’s Shea and Eric Chelin in a epic battle and two horse who suffered Terri me fate at some stage. Great race and great story for those who don’t know it.. maybe Sporting Post can dig up some tales of them.

  38. jc lee ching says:

    I’m a HUGE HUGE HUGE Sea Cottage fan but in my humble opinion I think Jollify won.

  39. Marshin says:

    Dance with the devil also provided some great finishes with her style of riding, in the gold challenge at clairwood, and the summer cup.

  40. Donald says:

    Sea Cottage ( Fairthorn – Maritime ) was the greatest horse ever to race in South Africa. I think he won 21 from 24 starts and I watched him run in the ,66 July to finish 4th with the bullet in his leg when baulked for a run all the way down the straight and then in ,67 when he ran Jollify down from well back into the straight with a crazy weight difference to dead heat. In my opinion what made him so great is that he won over any distance in all three racing centers.

    I think it was during the ,90s just when computers started that a race card was actually printed with all the best horses in a virtual race when computers were just taking off and the result of that race on computer was 1st Sea Cottage ( that virtual race was just before Horse Chestnuts time who I rate as the second best to have raced in this country )

    I wonder if anyone could track down a copy of that virtual race card , it would be very interesting to see the field , weights , draws and jockeys ?

  41. Selwyn Elk says:

    Tilley Willmans first horses were actually trained by Brian Cunningham before he moved to David Payne. One of his better horses in those years was a horse called Spiders Web. Before becoming an estate agent Tilley worked at the railways.His best hoses were Great Sun, Bold Warrior and Little Mo all by Persian Wonder- Hard to Beat


    Seattle Slew, your curve ball is my curve ball !

    You’re right because when you have such a brilliant filly like Empress Club, she just could decide that she won’t want to be left out in a tight finish 1200 or 800…

    They are pack animals right, so your point is taken with her been such intelligent animal.


    Michael, good to hear… it’s six days in and I’m struggling with exercise.

    I went for a long, innocent, illegal walk last Friday, late afternoon and return and 8:10PM.

    But I won’t chance it again ! I almost got arrested. They were reasonable though.

    No golf, football, not even a snakes & ladders tournament !


    Marco, that race I remember !

    110% correct

    1- Furious 58kg

    2 – Preciptack(GB) 50.5kg

    3 – French Mustard 51.5kg

  45. Selwyn Elk says:

    A finish that left punters spellbound in the 70,s was when The Maltster, trained by the late J.B.K. Cooper and ridden by the great Lester Piggott at Scottsville was left a furlong at the start over 1600 meters and made up the ground to win going away, to the delight of the huge crowd on Bull Brand Internationl Day.Piggott was fined after the race for swearing at the starter. The Maltster turned out to be one of the best of his generation, winning the Dunlop Gold Cup the following year

  46. Selwyn Elk says:

    Hi Chris, it’s been a long time, yes , Gary Verne did ride Little Mo in his first start at Greyville, putting daylight between herself and Twice Over, trained by the late Jackie Gorton, father of legend jockey John Gorton,who was aboard Jollify when dead heating with Sea Cottage in the Durban July

  47. Selwyn Elk says:

    William Penn was 11 years old when he returned from a spell at stud to get beaten the shortest of short heads by In Full Flight in the 1972 Champion Stakes- an interesting fact is while at stud he sired a very successful horse called Admiral Penn, who he raced against on his return to racing and as far as I know this is the only time in this country that a father and son have competed against one another on a racetrack

  48. Selwyn Elk says:

    Hi Pops,you have a good memory, the horse concerned was Moonstruck and it won at Scottsville, a long time ago!

  49. bob kistnasamy says:

    The Malster was left 16 lengths at the start and that for me was the best ride by Lester Piggot. I was at the race course on the day and it was an unbelievable last race.

  50. Selwyn Elk says:

    Hi William, that sprint would definitely be a crowd puller, imagine if we could include the likes of Harry Hotspur,Trocadero, Kruger Rand, Abbey Boy and Taban into the mix, would bring back great memories!

  51. Mighty Crystal says:

    Some great reflections written about in this thread….1 stand out for me was a finish between National Emblem & Special Preview at Gosforth Park …they were young 3yr olds at that stage with big reputations.

  52. William Milkovitch says:

    Good afternoon Mr. Elk

    It would surely have. Me and my damn imaginary races.

    My virtual dream 1000m race held @ Kenilworth, only because a bit of breeze would always be on the go at about 3pm would be

    Harry Hotspur, Divine Act, Taban, Golden Loom & JJTHEJETPLANE.

    I would have about 20 emergency acceptors :

    Tommy Hotspur, Lasserfaire (AUS), Rotterdam, Flobayou, Sentinel, Goldmark, Senor Santa, Sunera,
    What a Winter, Shea Shea

    Trocadero, father of Craftsman, I never saw him run – me too young

    Abbey Boy, heard commentaries with him, and heard Ron Philips tip him at 8am on Saturday mornings on English Radio or Springbok Radio.

    I never saw Sentinel run, but my Dad couldn’t stop talking about him.

    I must say Mr Elk, probably my fathers favourite talking horse was William Penn. As you reminded us he was one remarkable horse.

    William Penn manages to run 2nd to Force Ten in the 1972 Met ! He was a 3 y/o in 1965..crikey !!

    In that same 1965, William Penn win the Post Merchants at Greyville

  53. hilton witz says:

    Mr editor why not get mr elk to do some articles for s.post as with over 50 years in the game and many at the coalface of the industry he knows how punters tick and a great pity that he is not used in at least a consultancy role by the operators …Having spent time with him lately and seeing his precious collection of racing mirror im sure his articles would be very insightful for readers

    1. Editor says:

      Thanks Hilton

  54. Rian says:

    Then went on to win July, beating his half boet Huwaai, he was brilliant
    Remember in his comeback at Kenilworth, it was a wed feature but not sure no 1 , and had to stand in long Q at Kenilworth tote opp Kenilworth centre , not far from Coimbra, William
    I had to put on my Dad’s 2 lines for jackpot and saw in William Penn’s race the 2 was scratched so my dad’s rule was if 2 scratched take 1 and so on if 9 scratched take 8
    Anyway on my bicycle to the car park to watch against the fence
    Magic times, William won and so did his Jackpot


    Thanks for sharing Selwyn & Rian

  56. Selwyn Elk says:

    Hi William, your dad was right, he was a special horse, he was beaten in his first start by a horse of Terry Ryan’s called Anaconda, who incidentally finished up in the top division. He made amends in his 2nd start winning comfortably, ridden by Australian jockey George Davies. Sentinel was unlucky to have been in the same crop as , in my opinion one of the top ten horses to have raced here in the last 50 years, David Payne’s charge , In Full Flight, winner of the 1972 Durban July.The two clashed on numerous occasions with In Full Flight holding the upper hand ,their dead heat in the Queens Plate is still spoken about today. Two great thoroughbreds that graced the turf in the early 1970,s with In Full Flight tragically passing away the day after finishing 4th in the J.B Metroplitan

  57. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Mr Elk, I am enjoying your posts, especially the info on the earlier years

    Thank you for sharing 👍

  58. Rian says:

    It was the guineas Selwyn, probably two weeks before the guineas they met in another thriller and I F F got the upper hand by a sh, great days


    In Full Flight, was my Aunty Cynthia’s sweetheart and her second boy friend was Yataghan. 1973, years before my father died.

    I was 10 and playing 5c poker stakes with them and watching them fill in jackpot forms.

    My Aunt worked as an accountant for Ronnie Ovenstone – Denizen etc etc


    Thanks again Gents, I getting all sentimental.

    Rothmans King Size, extra length extra filter

    uitsonderlike rokersgenot

  61. Cecil Pienaar says:

    It seems 1963 was a good year. Although only 10 myself, I think the brilliant In Full Flight ran 4th in the Met, the winner carrying a lot less weight.

  62. Selwyn Elk says:

    The SA.Racing Mirror cost 70c and was in full colour , The Computaform is sold today for R45. My editions from 1977 still look like new, how times have changed

  63. Selwyn Elk says:

    Thanks Rian, you are quite right, another good race between the two where was when In Full Flight got the better of his bitter rival Sentinal in the Clairwood Easter Bonnet Nursery, it was the first time they met and turned out to be the start of their future rivalry over the seasons to follow

  64. Selwyn Elk says:

    David Payne’s first winner as a trainer was a horse called Early Bid and he named his stables at Summerveld “ Early Bid”- a very appropriate name!

  65. Rian says:

    Selwyn, do you remember who ran third to the dead heaters, was it Idol Worship ???, memory a blank for now as I know Idol Worship was placed in Guineas but forgotten now

  66. Selwyn Elk says:

    Hi Rian, nothing at all wrong with your memory, it was in deed Idol Worship

  67. Selwyn Elk says:

    Hi Cecil, pleased that you are enjoying the posts of years gone by, it always brings back fond memories

  68. Barry Dunnett says:

    The Yataghan/Elevation duels were special. Can’t quite recall their specific races but can visualise the photos in the paper where the jockeys didn’t know who had won.

  69. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Barry, Yataghan was a Champion horse, although I was very young, remember him. He won all over, The July, Met, Qplt, SA Classic, Champion Cup, Gold challenge and other smaller ones… Proper Race horse. LoL

    Elevation I think won more in Gauteng SA Derby and Tvl Champion Stakes twice, placed in July and Met…

    Wow this SP article bringing back wonderful memories. Some of my race could be wrong, placings I am not sure…

  70. Selwyn Elk says:

    Hi Cecil, Elevation was another champion of his generation winning races from 1000m – 2400m, the mark of a true champion. Trained by the late George Azzie,grandfather of Michael he reeled off 3 consecutive Holiday Inns from 1972- 1974, which is now The Summer Handicap

  71. Rian says:

    Talking about close finishes, the older days before the photo finishes were Ind boggling remember the crowds standing around looking up at the Judges window and the cheers or jeers after he put the no up
    And also the bookies laying odds on the finish

    1. Editor says:

      And the numbers were quite small when they posted them in the window

      Mind you our young eyes were good in the 70’s

  72. Barry Dunnett says:

    When we wonder what about the old days drew crowds, most of the comments suggest why. And including great commentaries before the digital world, lines of bookmakers on course providing showmanship, brilliant match ups, betting on photo finishes. You wanted to be on course rather than off course.

    Fantastic to read the above I must say. I do hope thus type of thing becomes a permanent feature.

  73. Donald says:

    There is no doubt that the demise of the 20 bookmakers in the members , 10 in the gold ring and 5 in the silver under their colourful umbrellas , constant ringing telephones , taking and laying off bets for all to hear , with the punters standing 5 deep in front of the boards have taken a lot of the gloss and shine of a day on the racecourse.

    I worked for a time as the bookmakers photo finish ” spotter ” and in other designations for the bookies in my time and could , but will not , write a book as some ( not many ) of the boys are still around and I still value my life at present !

  74. Selwyn Elk says:

    Talking of grand stand finishes , one that comes to mind is the 1972 SA Derby. Elevation ( Marty Schoeman) and Mast Ahoy ( James Maree) went hammer and nail together up the long Turffontein straight with Mast Ahoy passing the post first. The stipendary stewards were quick to lodge an objection on behalf of the 2nd horse against the winner for intimidation and it didn’t take long for the objection to be upheld and Elevation declared the winner.Jockey James Maree was handed down a suspension for his antics in the race

  75. Leonard Mayhew says:

    Hi William, i’m very pleased to see that you have mentioned one of the unsung champions of South African racing. Mark Anthony. Very few people these days actually remember him. Although he only raced 12 times(under correction), he seemed to be in a class of his own. I agree with you that one of Mark Anthony’s (Mark Sutherland) best wins was against his stable companion Royal Chalice(Felix Coetzee) in the 1987 Queen’s Plate. He gave Royal Chalice chunks of weight and start into the straight and a solid beating. He won going away by over 2 lengths and Royal Chalice in turn was a further 6 lengths in front of the third horse, In the Know. Royal Chalice went on to win the July. Even more impressive is the quality of the balance of the field. Turncoat, Aquanaut(3 time Gold Bowl winner) Bush Telegraph (previous July winner, although in his defense, he was never the same after contracting bilary earlier in his career, Sloop, Wexford Boy, all top horses. In winning the “Met” he shouldered top weight and although winning by 8 lengths, if Felix Coetzee let him go a little earlier it would have been closer to 12 lengths under a hands and heels ride. Everyone has their opinion about who was the best race horse around and it’s an unanswerable question but for me i believe he was the best i have ever seen.

  76. Selwyn Elk says:

    Hi Len, it has always remained surprising to me that Mark Anthony never got a mention when the stars of yesteryear were spoken of. I found it unbelievable that when a computer race was generated some years ago that Mark Anthony was not in the final field.Yes,I for one certainly agree with you that he should be right up there with the very best when the topic turns to champions of the past.

  77. Rian says:

    Well said Donald, hope you find the courage to tell your story without fear, look forward to the thriller


    Mr Mayhew and Mr Elk, yes, visually and because of his 5/10 or 6/10 odds Mark Anthony will always be remembered for his facile Met win.

    It isn’t easy to dismiss that performance, but on ability his win in the Queens Plate over the 1600m was something to behold beating the ‘new kid on the block’ Royal Chalice.

    There’s a gentlemen called Karel Miedema who wrote an article about that QP win. I think he has now been banished to the salt mines of Serbia.

    Maybe, in time to come, he might be free to republish ?

  79. Selwyn Elk. says:

    Hi William, could you not let it be known what Karel Miedema’s article was about The Queens Plate that may have got him banished to the salt mines of Serbia/Siberia, I am sure the readers would like to know?


    Seattle Slew, this is for you


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