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Hollywoodbets Sizzling Punters’ Challenge Winner Revealed

13055 participants countrywide - wait for round 2!

Umkomaas-based Shailendra Hariram, aka Vivtor, has come out on top as the ultimate winner of the first ever Hollywoodbets Sizzling Punters’ Challenge.

He is up R20 000 in his Hollywoodbets account courtesy of his predictions over the course of the competition.

In second place on 564,79 points, Amith Pheku collects R12 000, while Asgar Essack, who picked up 563.83 points, will pocket R7 000 for finishing in third.

The top 20 finishers are shown in the table below.

A total donation of R5 125 will also be shared between the National Horse Care Unit and the Coastal Horse Care Unit, courtesy of Hollywoodbets and Gold Circle, as the challenge wraps up.

With seven meetings concluded in the Sizzling Punters’ Challenge, the competition has been brought to an  end with the postponement of all South African racing fixtures, due to the South African government’s lockdown due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

With strict measures to curb the spread of the virus, horseracing has been placed on hold for the next three week. The final two race meetings of the competition – at Hollywoodbets Greyville (Friday 27th March) and Hollywoodbets Scottsville (Sunday 29th March) – have been abandoned.

The decision was made to declare the current overall leaderboard, the final result.

As such, a big congratulations goes to Hariram, who has been crowned the outright winner of the Sizzling Punters’ Challenge, having notched a total of 598,08 points.

He will receive a deposit of R20 000 straight into his Hollywoodbets betting account.

The payouts don’t stop there.

We are also proud to announce a total donation of R5 125 to the National Horse Care Unit and the Coastal Horse Care unit. This is an accumulation of winnings earned by Hollywoodbets and Gold Circle employees who featured on both the daily leaderboards throughout the competition and the overall leaderboard at the end – another fantastic initiative brought to you by Hollywoodbets!

When contacted for a comment, Hariram couldn’t contain his excitement.

“It was such a great initiative by Hollywoodbets. They added an exciting dimension to horseracing in KwaZulu-Natal and most importantly they also invested back into the game.”

He will be using this much-needed cash to assist his daughter with her university fees.

His most memorable selection came in the form of Noble Joshua, who won at a price of 4/1, when running on strongly under a calculated ride by apprentice Jabu Jacobs.

Alluding to his competition strategy, Hariram explained:

“It’s all about consistency, studying form and a little bit of luck always helps.”

A keen player of Lucky Numbers, his first selection of the competition was his lucky number 12 – Cool Runnings, who won the first race at Hollywoodbets Scottsville, on 1 March 2020. It was a close call as shown in the photo below!

Hariram’s great start as his lucky number 12 (Cool Runnings /Keagan de Melo) grabs Green Phantom (Sherman Brown) on the line (Pic – Candiese Lenferna)

Hariram is a longtime Hollywoodbets account holder who is eagerly looking forward to the next edition of the Punters’ Challenge, once racing resumes.

The competition attracted 13 055 participants and in view of the overall incredible response to the Sizzling Punters’ Challenge from horseracing fans all over the country, Hollywoodbets has decided to reboot the competition as soon as fixtures resume.

Keep an eye out on social media and the Sporting Post for more details in the coming weeks.

Top 20 below:

Vivtor 598,08 R20 000,00
Amith 564,79 R12 000,00
Oscar 563,83 R7 000,00
A0828774046 558,63 R4 000,00
Best Handicapper 556,73 R2 000,00
BetMaster 555,21 R1 000,00
Azfar 555,15 R1 000,00
Sarvesh 551,46 R1 000,00
Paythepiper 550,86 R1 000,00
WhatAmIDoingHere 550,77 R1 000,00
Yogen 547,94 R500,00
Whoops 546,3 R500,00
SR001 545,73 R500,00
Deltaform 540,3 R500,00
Jithor 539,79 R500,00
Jcs 535,82 R500,00
Brad 535,78 R500,00
Tristan 535,37 R500,00
Ralph 535,07 R500,00
Dalibhunga 534,58 R500,00
  • Press release published by Hollywoodbets on Friday 27 March 2020

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31 comments on “Hollywoodbets Sizzling Punters’ Challenge Winner Revealed

  1. Gavin says:

    Great completion.. Love it..

  2. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Congratulations Vivtor, Amith, Oscar and all the Winners. Well Done 👍

    To HollywoodBets, this was fun. Look fwd to the next one. I plan, hoping to do better 🤗

  3. Rian says:

    Congrats to all the winners and the also rans , well done and you deserve the glory
    But you youngsters will have to watch the toppies like Cecil , who like myself never used the whip putting in our selections.
    The next time we will have more time to study, buy our magnifying glasses earlier and not partake in. anything that could affect our selections or miss a meeting
    Thx to Hollywood for putting the cash and system together

  4. William oupanyana says:

    I have started late,if I have started with the composition I should be lying on top 3.But congratulations to the winner.

    1. Editor says:

      They will do a follow up competition, William

  5. Shanil says:

    How about a prize for the guy who came last. Would be fun.

  6. praveen says:

    Was a great success. Would be nice if one was held in our winter season. Best horses & jockeys would be around. Final leg of competition on “July Day”. That’s if all this “bad dream” we are having comes an end soon.

  7. Brioan says:

    Any chance of them actually explaining how it works in more simple terms just for a simpleton like me

    1. Editor says:

      Brian – it was quite straightforward
      But speak to you before the next one 🙂

  8. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Morning Rian, yes you tell them 😅 next time. I needed that 100/1 Garth Puller shot 🤭, like William M

    We will use the whip, 12 times. All the best 👍

  9. Roy says:

    Good morning. Congrats to all the winners. It is quite a challenge to pick the winners of all the races in a meeting and all the meetings in a month. But it’s great to earn points even if your selection doesn’t finish first. Thanks to Hollywood. I enjoyed the competition. I think that this should be made an official bet on the menu, but over the duration of one meeting, that is, either 8 or 9 races. I wonder what other punters think.

  10. Cecil Pienaar says:

    @ Shanil, yes agree, maybe next time. No cash prize, maybe a dinner date with V 🤔


    Check how pathetic my effort was –

    803 out of 13055

    Well done to all the prize winners.

  12. Rian says:

    Cowboys don’t cry William, I’m 527 and missed a meeting as they made me a late scratching
    Next one you need to concentrate on horses not only fillies, so lots of luck with next challenge

  13. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    Its rather illuminating that this freebie competition garnered 13055 participants. Some may say that’s impressive and Hollywood were overwhelmed with the response, with the system not being able to adequately handle the “heat” each day.

    I think the number is puny – and it highlights how small our market is.

  14. Stewart says:

    Brilliant idea.13000 bets at R10 = R130k to be shared by top 10 punters.R65k to the winner ….

  15. praveen says:

    Just an idea, keep point system the same, but just make it 3 aelections per race. Gives every entry 3 chances to select the winner plus bonus points could be given if all 3 selections finish in the top 3. Or give every entry a “fake” punting budget of maybe R1000 or whatever per meeting. Whichexer entry/entries shows the most profit would be the days winner/s. Entries must include at least 1 exotic bet. Just an idea, don’t know if it would work.

  16. Oscar says:

    Congratulations to the winner and all the people who participated in the Hollywood competition.
    For the first time in forty years of punting I see an organisation give back something to the punter, who forever is on the losing side.
    Highest accolades to all those involved who made sure that the competition ran like clock work inspite of there been more than thirteen thousand entries.
    Looking forward to the next exciting competition from Hollywood.

  17. Michael Jacobs says:

    Rod Matheyse is always very arrogant and belittling of anything that in his superior opinion is “puny” or does not fit in with his elitist agenda. This was a good first attempt, with minimal marketing and specific entry conditions ie. One had to have an online account, internet and device access. Thousands of punters in our country don’t have that. There were also many teething problems.

    More importantly, this competition has shown that there is an appetite for a new exotic bet that keeps you in the game till the last race/leg and pays rewards for the top “selectors”. It could be a winner.

  18. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    Michael Jacobs – please provide a better adjective to describe the horseracing betting market. Please also provide an adjective that would describe this competition’s takeup in relation to the whole horseracing betting population – mine is also puny for this competition.

    I have to disagree with your assessment that the market is looking for a new “long play” exotic. our easiest to catch long play exotic is the PA – and the numbers show that this bet is the most under pressure exotic – gambling is about the rush of winning and winning big, the rush of waiting five hours to win 176 with a profit of 26 is hardly a rush with the qualities of tic or crack cocaine.

    I get it ,that you believe your opinion is sub superior, but for the life of me i cant work out why you would think that. Ask Roy Bagatini for some extra wellness attention.

  19. Rian says:

    Rainbow six at Gulfstream a 20c bet pool is over $1600000
    Over there you can take your 5 lines for a dollar and stand chance to win big bucks


    Since 1985, I have bet R 3 809 870 on the PA. I have recorded winnings of R 4 994 359.

    I suspect there could be a 3% variance due to misplaced files and/or inadequate restore points.

  21. Rod Mattheyse says:

    William you are going to be labeled elitist!

    I am always happy to be proven wrong but your returns show an average win of R120 per PA opportunity with the assumption you played every available PA. It would interest me how many PA’s you took over the period. It would also interest me how your staking plan was adjusted when your income grew. What are your stats on the Jackpots for the same period as well as Bipots and pick 6”s.

    Even if we get all this data it will only show how the PA fits into the addict William’s World.


    Roderick, my post is not about proving you or another punter right or wrong. It’s to show that there’s a vast difference in punters betting preferences, expectations and longevity.

    For me, the PA is my favourite and the Vaal is my favourite hunting ground.

    I have punters/dabblers/aunties and racing friends that have asked me for tips from 1981, put their own bets on and many of them don’t ever play the PA.


    To illuminate the variety of punters & betting behaviours, excluding the right or wrong, popular or minimalism, these are some of the types I’ve experienced from sourcing over 3000 e-mailers and personal encounters —

    The chase-your-tail punter.
    The group or get together @ home punter.
    The punter with a strict monthly budget.
    The Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday only punter.
    The punter who goes solely by names/meanings.
    The shortening of prices only punter. (where’s the money going)
    The big race-day punter.
    The mood or premonition driven punter.
    The on the nose high-roller punter.
    The daily, dare not miss a race, small stakes punter.
    The keep up with the Jones’ punter. (She bet R 200, I must bet R 200 as well)
    The easy going, ‘don’t worry there’s always tomorrow’ punter.
    The alcohol driven punter ( can’t remember the bets he/she took)
    The my wife / husband mustn’t know punter.
    The pure enjoyment punter who can stake R20 or R 3000 on one race.
    The fractional punter.
    The ‘trainer told me’ punter.
    The pure form punter.
    The adrenaline driven punter.
    The credit / ‘on tick’ punter or insolvent punter.

    Each will have their day in the sun or in court.

  24. Cecil Pienaar says:

    William the PA King. My beloved mother was 😘 the PA Queen until Dec 2003, very good in PE

    Brian, stay in touch with Rian, William, myself, CeePee I finished 231. You get our picks, discard them, and you’ll do well. LoL. However Rian had a close 2nd one meet and missed one.

    It was fun though.

    Good Night all

    PS – Pmb people, stay home, you (we) made SABC news !

  25. Rian says:

    Hey Cecil, you always get me smiling as soon as I open your posts
    It’s going to be difficult next time to beat the Durban boys and you know exactly who I’m referring to as they live Horses and know the terrain , length of grass, which jock isn’t feeling well , which bookie running an overdraft etc , the list is long but they darn good
    Anyway take care all fellow peoples

    1. Editor says:

      Cheers Rian 🙂


    Sorry to hear that Cecil.

    My mom passed on in 2010. She was the fudge queen.

    Eastern Cape with Arlington was mostly big fat payouts, hey.

    And plenty of races with +15 runners.

  27. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Hi William, yes the circle of life but fond memories.
    She could find them for a place.

    Some of her later favorites were Bodrum and Turncoat cause of the Trainers Maingard and Brown Sr. I remember a race where she confidently picked Uncle Percy at long odds in a small field to beat stable mate Turncoat

    Also stand out, a horse from PE called Final Victory winning 2 sprints in a row here in KZN, mid week races..
    So many others but not always the big names..

    Good times.

    Be safe all 👍

  28. Dooks says:

    Brilliant idea Hollywoodbets although the competition had to come to an end due to the lockdown 7 out of 9 legs it gave us punters and tipsters something to look forward to was setup perfectly hope we can look forward to Hollywoodbets and gold circle continue this contest in future!!!! THIS WAS OUTSTANDING!!

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