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Who Could Replace Larry?

Time for a fresh start?

Following the recent resignation of longstanding Racing Association CEO Larry Wainstein, the owner body has advertised for a replacement.

Racing AssociationApparently the primary role of the RA CEO is to enable the Purpose, Mission and Strategy of the Racing Association, being “to protect and advance the interests of all owners, while ensuring an excellent racehorse ownership experience and playing a leading role in the inevitable restructure, transformation and re-capitalization of the horseracing industry.”

Amongst others, It is also to protect and advance the interest of all owners, specifically in improving stakes and programming, as well as align Kenilworth Racing to the interest and objects of the RA, improving revenue through better utilisation of RA balance sheet assets, and so on.

Remuneration is not expected to exceed R2 million per year, cost to company.

All applications must be sent to [email protected] and noted for the attention of Wehann Smith.

Who would be the right person for the job?

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23 comments on “Who Could Replace Larry?

  1. Cecil Pienaar says:

    LoL. Karate, Judo, Kick boxing or at least a short temper is a requirement.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. 😅

    Enjoy your retirement Mr LW

  2. jai says:

    get julius malema.
    maybe racing needs him

  3. Brett Maselle says:

    The question: “Who Could Replace Larry?”

    The Answer: Anyone who is able to string a sentence together, does not look to benefit themselves, has horse racing’s best interests at heart and who will treat RA members and others with humility and understanding.

  4. Steve Reid says:

    The greater conundrum would be to ask the question as to who could do a worse job for owners than Larry did. I initially thought that Phumelela would be concerned about the replacement until I saw who was screening the applicants. Surely to goodness we have reached the stage where Jooste loyalists are not in the picture any more? Clearly not.

  5. Pops says:

    Brett Maselle are you not answering the question,”Who should replace Larry”.And not “Who could replace Larry’
    According to reports a person who will treat RA members and others with humility and understanding could never replace Larry,he was not that person.
    Could a Nokia replace my iPhone?
    Thees English shes so confusing

  6. Prasheen harrimohan says:

    What qualifications Mr editor

    1. Editor says:

      General business management, administration and finance
      Government and C suite stakeholder and relationship management
      Marketing and event management
      Loyalty Program management
      General understanding of horse racing ownership, administration and breeding
      General understanding of totalisator operations and fixed odds betting
      Business process optimisation and digitisation

  7. Yungsta says:

    Prasheen don’t rush pal

    As you can see the salary has been cut BUT the opportunities to double this are tremendous especially if your partner can supply the trophies and you plan your own business interests in the future, oh! Must have a passport to allow you to take advantage of other fringe benefits like flying business class to English Derby what a doe…….! Dont throw it all away for greed Bru

  8. Farouk Sallie says:

    look no further than MR MICHAEL LEAF.. HONESTY, INTEGRITY n racings u song hero.. a real GENTLEMAN with vast knowledge in de industry..

  9. jc lee ching says:

    What about MO?


    and breeder, how dare I forget !

  11. Gordy says:

    @Mr Sporting Post Editor

    This is an UNDENIABLE FACT. Before you trash it, you should as any RA director about this truth. If any deny it, they will be lying. Please publish this as it is very newsworthy and horse racing has a right to know.

    When Larry Wainstein met with the RA board to discuss the terms of his leaving the RA he took with him CLYDE BASEL and told the RA directors that he had chosen the Phumelela employee as his successor and that the position should be given to him.

  12. Steve Reid says:

    Gordy I’m not sure where you sourced this information. If it is true ( I can believe anything of the RA, Particularly previous boards ) then clearly Larry was not listened too, or perhaps he was and Clyde will be ordained in the very near future after a charade of looking for a new leader. I will admit that I have heard the Basel RA rumour through my contacts. My response to those is that at last it appears that we finally have some members on the board that are not ruled by self interest and will do the right thing by appointing a capable, non-tainted by Jooste individual to take owners interests forward. Those seemingly basic criteria should rule Basel out.

  13. Brett Maselle says:

    At Pops…well said.

    At Gordy… I doubt that Clyde would take such a huge drop in salary. If I was a director of Phumelela, I would be calling in Mr Basel and asking him serious questions about his allegiances and intentions.

    At Steve…I am 100% with your views.

    At Anecdotally… Apparently the RA has a bookkeeper who earns in the region of R150k a month. If correct, the bookkeeper may end up earning more that the GM.

  14. Pops says:

    Did anyone think Larry Wainstein would quietly walk away.

  15. Justice says:

    Larry did a good job and his contribution to the industry is remarkable. If I am to answer the question ” who should replace Larry ?: Collen Gordan did build a good foundation for RA future during his era as a general manager. I believe in this gentleman managerial ability to continue where Larry left off and to do even better. @ Collen please apply for this job and go back to RA where you belong in my view !

  16. Shanil says:

    7 million pick 6 carry over on Saturday. Grant Knowles interviews Strydom after his win and not one word is asked about his mounts. He does the same thing in Cape Town interviews. Most frustrating for exotic players. Its time On Course presenters had a strict interview agenda to follow. And jocks rides in later races is included.

  17. Gman says:

    its simple when Pierre is under 6/1 don’t bother putting him in any exotics.10/1 and better bank him.

  18. Hally says:

    Why bother playing horses. Bet on greyhounds lol. No one wins not even the owners are making a profit Larry was the only one who can smile

  19. Johnny Peter says:

    Pops should replace Larry as he always has a lot to say . Let’s see if he can say it in public or at least state his proper name. Imagine the CEO of a company called POPS . Be man enough and state your proper name Poops.

  20. Pops says:

    Johnny,Johnny,Johnny,could you please read–
    The use of pseudonyms is permitted by posters to afford everybody the equal opportunity to inform or express ideas, on condition that the content of any post does not infringe upon any aspect, stated or implied, of the Sporting Post’s advertised public comments policy.
    So what you should do is get Sportingpost to change their policy,which should make you happy.
    And Johnny,have you not known of an CEO of a company called Tokyo or Lucky(Montana) or Boy( Mamabolo) or even plain Johnny.
    So you see Pops as a CEO would fit right in with Johnny as a CEO,would you not say.

  21. Cecil Pienaar says:

    I vote for (second) Pops for the job. If Harry could do it for so long, anyone can. OK, staats amptenare need not apply, salary is only 2M p/a

    What’s in a name

    In my railway year, before military, die Spoorweg (Railway)
    Boss was – Sakkie de Kock. The Asst, built like Jimmy Abbott, was Tiny v d Merwe …

    LoL, true story

  22. George Ellis says:

    Only one man and that is Mr Michael Leaf he has the brain,Passion and integrity to run the RA.

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