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Funding Model Ready To Take Off

NHA 2020 AGM minutes

National Horseracing AuthorityWhile horse welfare is high on the agenda for horseracing, the funding thereof is another issue.

At the NHA AGM held in January this year Mr Ronnie Napier noted that  we have been trying for 7 years to obtain industry funding for horse welfare and regrettably have not made a great deal of progress before now.

He added that both Messrs Moodley and Hyde had helped a great deal in giving their support.

Read the 2020 NHA AGM minutes here

He was pleased that we now have everyone on board, which includes Hollywoodbets, the Bookmakers and all the Equine disciplines.

He said that with The NHA’s continued support and assistance from the Asian Racing Conference, we may actually at last come up with a funding model that would help horse welfare.

Let’s all get behind it!

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34 comments on “Funding Model Ready To Take Off

  1. Leon Smuts says:

    Consider growing tote racing by introducing player friendly products. Allocate a small percentage from these products specifically for the care of retired animals. Give people an added reason to place a tote bet by adding a social responsibility element to new bet types. I for one will gladly support an initiative like this especially if punters can receive measurable benefits from new products. We all need to have a social conscience and a less burdensome means to contribute.

  2. Cassim says:

    We need more teller open please / Saturday at turf only 3 windows open downstairs

    1. Editor says:

      Referred to Phumelela / RA


    What about somebody @ The NHA giving Patrice Motsepe or Tokyo Sexwale a call… surely they can help ?

  4. Hally says:

    Patrick and Tokyo ain’t so stupid to invest in horse racing. Let alone its a dying sport. Who do we blame?


    Hally, I think this is one massive conspiracy by The Sporting Post to bring racing to it’s knees.

    Introducing handicapping, publishing Stallion manuals, introducing Racing Record and then to top it all, produce a bi-weekly racing newspaper !

    What a bunch of charlatans…I’m going to put the Public Protector on their ass-es

  6. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Conspiracy theories,, Some guys should be studying Dbn Poly form, round 2 Punters challenge in sunny Durban ✌️

  7. George says:

    The problem with seeking industry funding is that you are seeking funding directly from punters who are then held accountable for the welfare of horses by default. The punter never gets mentioned at the many AGMs in this business as the ego of breeders, trainers and officials must be satiated first. In the RA and NHA AGMs minutes the punter is mentioned three times only and in the case of the NHA only in relation to Mark Sham introducing himself. The problem is not hard to spot here as punters have turned away from this parasitical behaviour.

  8. Never before has one person derived more enjoyment, knowledge & winnings over 30 years due to the Sporting Post & Racing Record.

    Mr. Editor, I’ve changed my mind… Ask not what the Sporting Post can do for racing but what you can do for the Sporting Post 👈👈

    Sorry Cecil, I studying right now

  9. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Just checking William 😊 Happy Punting.

    Magic day on the East Coast predicted

  10. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    Losing my touch here Leon!! The player friendly PA is the most unpopular bet at the moment with pools lower than quartet pools in some instances…. people want to win and they want to win big and have fun when losing a bit.

  11. Mboni says:

    I used to attend race meetings regularly at the Big T in the past and spend a few Rands on the tote. On big race days, we the faithful; were treated like lepers when the so- called celebrities come into town to enjoy the big day. I then stopped attending . I also only now bet my princely R20 at the off tote once in a while-every 3rd month!

  12. Leon Smuts says:

    Broaden your mind Rod. When staring at the same bets day in and day out you lose creativity’s edge. Don’t be stuck in a time warp with what you think are the only bet types that racing will ever have. You are an owner and it gave me great pleasure to see your horse doing so well the other day. I was literally shouting it home (did admittedly have it as a selection in my Pick 3). More owners should have the opportunity of experiencing the rush only you as owners can relate to but I want to see punters having more fun as well than they are having right now. The lights will still go on for racing that current exotics are only scraping the barrel of possibilities. When it finally dawns racing will get the benefit of way more players, especially smaller less affluent ones that are sidelined for the big wins under the present regime. Happy punters will see bigger pools and ultimately a more reliable funding model from which you as owners and all other punters will benefit. Thanks for the banter though, its always appreciated and eagerly anticipated.

  13. Michael Jacobs says:

    There are a few ways to reinvigorate the tired old exotics. SA tote seems to think that more and more of the same is going to win over the punters, but they are delusional. There are now about 10 jackpots a day and 20 on a Saturday if all the local, Australian , English, other overseas jackpots, blitz,quick-mix, etc are counted. This is exotic -overload! Punters want sonething different. Also the exotics should be a 50c unit and not a rand, particularly the pick 6 which is exorbitant to take a perm. And why not bring back couplings? The pick 6 could also be re-engineered to produce more winners, particularly the “one-out” scenario. How’s about “any-5” as a consolation? SA tote is doing the same things all the time but expecting different results? The definition of madness and self-destruction.

    I have a good idea for a new exotic bet that will level the playing fields between all punters, be affordable, create more winners, grow participation and bring back the excitement and the thrill. Someone can give me a call if they’re interested.

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Michael
      Drop us a mail and we will forward to Rob Scott.
      He does respond.

  14. Rian says:

    7 years it’s taken, what a load of horse (*edited), when exactly did Moodley and Hyde give support, it’s a joke
    We have had the exotic bets problem discussed so many times and the results were supposed to be handed to the professionals by SP
    Futsol, time bomb, soccer GG, , Blitz, etc etc
    James Goodman even tried
    At Gulfstream tonight they had 10 races and 2X Pick 5 ; 2X Pick 4 ; and a rainbow 6( same as pick 6)
    Pools large and the units for pick 5 is 50cents , think rainbow 6 is 20 cents
    No blitz , Q mix and other crap bets

  15. Brian says:

    Fully agree Michael. i haven’t taken a Pick 6, Jackpot or PA since couplings were dropped. I’m simply not into to donating to those guys and they seem blinded by “exotics”

  16. Denver says:

    Why not give the couplings rule in the pick 6 a trial run for 3 months and see if there is a change in pools. if there is a change in being higher pools then do another trial run by dropping the unit to 50c and in my opinion i think that it will attract more punters and higher pools.

  17. Brett Maselle says:

    The AGM was held on 15 January 2020. An extract from the NHA AGM minutes is below:-

    “Mr Gavin Wiggill introduced himself to the meeting. He said that he had read an article in the Sporting Post earlier in the week, which appeared to be quite an incriminating article about the Constitution and the selection of Board Members of The NHA. He said that he had not seen a rebuttal and
    wanted to query whether this was fake news, or whether it was something the Members should be concerned about.
    The Chief Executive thanked Mr Wiggill for raising the question about the article on the Sporting Post regarding multiple questions that have surfaced on social media. Firstly, social media had stated that Mrs Susan Rowett is not a Member and should not be on the Board. He said that this statement was flawed as Mrs Rowett is registered under her maiden name Miss S E Kalmanson. My understanding is that women are entitled to keep both their married and maiden names. She is a Life Member as well as a colour holder. Furthermore, Adv Panayiotis Stais was the member on The NHA Board. To be proactive, the Chief Executive said that he had the relevant forms with him and requested Mr Wiggill to look at the application for Adv Stais, as well as the information confirming that Mrs Rowett (Miss S E Kalmanson) was a colour holder. The Chief Executive stated that it was important that Mr Wiggill, or any of the Members who wished to take the opportunity to view these documents that covered both of these flawed statements, were welcome to do so. He said that as they contained personal information, they were for viewing purposes only and would need to be handed back to the Chief Executive. He added that as far as the Constitution was concerned, the Nominations Committee comprises four persons as per Clause 14.3, page 11 of the Constitution:
    14.3 In the event of the number of persons serving on the NOMINATIONS
    COMMITTEE falling below the required minimum of 4 persons, then the
    remaining persons shall co-opt a person who previously served for a period of
    not less than twelve months as a NATIONAL BOARD DIRECTOR to the
    NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE so that the number of persons qualifying as
    NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE incumbents and serving on the
    NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE again reaches the required minimum of 4 persons.
    If one member is not available, they are allowed to co-opt a member who was on the National Board for a period of 12 months, hence they co-opted Mr Baitz as one member of the Nominations Committee was not available. The Chief Executive advised the meeting that he was prepared to handle any further questions that may be of concern to the Members emanating from websites and social media.
    Mrs Rowett said there had also been an allegation against Mr WittsHewinson.
    The Chief Executive confirmed that Mr Witts-Hewinson is also a member of The NHA and confirmed that this could be proved.
    Mr Wiggill said that this would not be necessary as he was comfortable with the response given.”

    A Press Release was published by the NHA on 16 January 2020, a day after the AGM.

    “At the 138th Annual General Meeting of The National Horseracing Authority that took place yesterday, a Member raised the allegations in a letter published on the Sporting Post website. The allegations concerned the legitimacy of some Members of the Nominations Committee as well as some of the National Board Directors.
    All the allegations were refuted by the National Board and the Management of the NHA who produced supporting documents to the satisfaction of the Members present at the Annual General Meeting. The question and answer thereto will be recorded in the Minutes of the 138th Annual General Meeting in due course.
    The Members present, whilst in agreement with the general policy of not commenting on social media posts, felt that in this instance the seriousness of the allegations warranted an immediate statement.”

    Comparing the extract from minutes of the AGM to the press release, the NHA misrepresented the facts to its members and the world at large.
    I remain steadfast in my views regarding the illegitimacy of the NHA national board.
    I have asked the NHA (per Mr Moodley) on two occasions for the documents mentioned. On the first occasion there was no response. On the second occasion, i was told where to get off the bus.
    This will not end here.

  18. Michael Jacobs says:

    May I ask a question, what is the brouhaha about the RA on this chat? There are a few people here who obviously have a beef with the RA. Are they members? Surely if they are members they can challenge their concerns through the organisation channels? And if they are not, then WTF is all the chatter about?? Are Messrs Milkovitch, Maselle and Reid members?

  19. Mr. Michael Jacobs,

    Your first sentence ‘May I ask a question’ ?

    Asking about, acquiring knowledge and understanding on how these various racing bodies are & were structured at or on corporatization is what I’m on about.

    So I research, ask questions and quiz people. Most don’t like it… shame, how unfortunate for them.

    What isn’t fortunate is that racing is bankrupt and individuals have benefited in their personal capacities but the services & passion that they purport to have rendered to the racing industry is where ?

    Sir, would you have an idea where all the fruits of their expertise is to be found, seen or tested for assessment ?

    So Mr. Jacobs, whether I’m the prime minister, the head of the NHA, South Africa’s champion tea drinker or the waste management executive who ramages through your dirt bin, I bring up the issues that have crippled racing as does Steve Reid and Brett Maselle.

    Secondly, I hope it will ignite a spark with owners and trainers who moan about their various dire scenario’s in SA Racing.

    Additionally, my brouhaha is directed at the NHA, The RA, Phumelela, Gold Circle, Kenilworth Racing or the Racing Trust.

    I use the Sporting Post, subject to moderation, to do this.

    I prefer to use this platform to talk about the intelligent eye and/or the noble head of the horse but, alas, that is wishful thinking.

  20. Pieta says:

    Michael, if Messrs Reid,Maselle and Milkovitch are in charge you will be a happy camper……and the industry…..believe me.

  21. Steve Reid says:

    Dear Michael

    I will admit to having gone and googled the meaning of brouhaha so thank you for educating me. I now consider myself a proud racing brouhahanian (sic). I could take hours explaining my position on the evil complicit axis of the RA, the NHA and Phumelela but I think I can simplify if very quickly by using yourself as an example in my response.

    What is the brouhaha about Kenilworth Racing from Michael Jacobs who clearly has a beef with them? Is he a member? If he was a member he could challenge his concerns through the appropriate channels? If he isn’t a member WTF is all the chatter about?

    Do people the respect of reading into the history of their “struggle” and you will understand where they are coming from. This website has all the answers that you seek it is no secret what the gripes are, they have been well documented for years.

  22. George says:

    Jacob’s question is very pertinent to his own brouhaha about everything in horse racing. Perhaps he would answer his own question next time he seeks to make an argument on the wrongs in any area of horse racing. For someone with so much to say he lacks self awareness.

  23. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Geez, another new word for this Natal ballie..

    Brouhaha – here I was thinking it is slang for the type of rugby the BB’s are playing at the moment 🤭

    1. Editor says:

      Not far off, Cecil 🙂
      a noisy and overexcited reaction or response to something.

    2. Editor says:

      Cecil, from your and William’s generation…

      We wished former Cape trainer Lionel Witkowsky on the magic milestone of his 91st birthday today on our SP facebook page
      Maybe you’d like to wish him on that platform


    Oh Cecil, that’s a classic, nogal !

    Years ago when I was auditing in the UK on contract, a fellow colleague chirped on a tea break…

    “What’s all the brouhaha, our findings have only uncovered a discrepancy of 3.2 million quid”

    Any chance of rain @ Turffontein tomorrow, Ladies or Gents ?

  25. Cecil Pienaar says:

    M😂rning Mr Ed, thanks will do …

    Have a Good Day 🤟

  26. Cecil Pienaar says:

    William (Brou) were you up until 2am again…

    I fancy Leadman and Mangrove today for a double, both around 12-1. I’m probably way off the mark…


    Thanks Cecil, I’ll include them… win, lose or draw.

    My few Scottsville fancy’s on Wednesday were way below par.

    Lekker weekend to you

  28. Michael Jacobs says:

    I donot have a beef with Kenilworth Racing as the “RAmblers” above seem to think.

    I am a punter in the Western Cape, essentially a “customer” of Racing in SA in general and the Cape in particular. So my “beef” is abour the poor service to the general public particulatly the “Cape Flats” punters that keep the game alive in the Western Cape through their punting and support. My beef is about tue treatment of these customers in the peak summer season when KR shunts them off the racecourse to make way for the socialites and celebs. Customers are allowed to comment and complain, that is normal and allowed.

    However the brouhaha about the RA bemuses me. If these guys chirping about the RA are members then surely they can take their issues up with the organisation. I think the constitutuon and financials have been dissected on this site ad-nauseum. Not sure if the Larry Wainsteins, Michael Leaf’s, et al have ever responded or even know about the furious and frantic keyboard jockeying taking place here, maybe someone should write to them directly instead of through this forum.

    So for your information I will state that I am a punter and thus a customer of Cape Racing. Please state if you 3 are members of the RA. Or just RAmblers?

    1. Editor says:

      They are aware of it Michael

  29. Rian says:

    My Question is, what happened to the monies made out of the sale of all the ground sold at Kenilworth outer boundaries and car parks as well as the Milnerton sale

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