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Trainer Tired Of Begging Owners To Pay

Threat to name and shame

The issue of slow or non-paying owners is a sensitive subject that seldom gets ventilated and probably requires formal intervention by the NHA.

Our racing regulator’s apparent inability or reluctance to intervene in situations where members and privilege holders are defaulting, has been a long debated tale of little action.

Late last year, owner Mark Sham launched a survey with the sole aim of demonstrating to the National Horseracing Authority that their inaction in routing out defaulters is having a material adverse effect on the future and sustainability of the industry.

He called on all service providers, participants and stakeholders in the racing and breeding industry to step up and make a difference.

Now a local trainer has resorted to social media to vent his frustrations.

He writes:

So sick and tired of certain owners that run up 40k to 50k accounts over 2 to 3 months and then don’t pay and still say they animal lovers. What kind of humans are you? These are animals we are working with that need to be fed and cared for.

Meantime the trainer must continue to find the money to care for their horses and still keep our own accounts up to date. Time to start blacklisting and getting them out of my stable.

If they are not careful I’ll name and shame them so their friends and family can see their true colours. You know who you are!

If I had to mention the amount of money I have outstanding as a small stable you would be shocked!

They should not be allowed to have colours!

To all the owners out there that do pay your accounts, and that is most owners, thank you very much for playing your part. It’s just sad that there are some bad apples out there.

So over begging for payments.

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25 comments on “Trainer Tired Of Begging Owners To Pay

  1. Gman says:

    Let us know who the owners are so that we know not to bother putting them in our bets bcoz if you dont pay up then I wont bother working with their horses.Mayb thats why the owners cant pay up every month due to their horses not bringing in any cheques.It is always the same owners in the winners box.

  2. DEAN DEMONT says:

    This all boils down to a comment I posted some time back, racing should be governed the way they race in Hong Kong. All monies paid,shouldn’t go to a trainer, it should be paid to the jockey club,and then distributed to trainers to pay the grooms,vets,farriers etc. If a owner misses 2 payments to the jockey club, then the owner that defaults share, should then be available for sale… this way whether it be family,friends or partners,no hard feelings can arise from this because it’s the jockey club that then takes action.

  3. Shireen says:

    Totally wrong….if you want to own racehorses…pay your trainer….

  4. Art says:

    Name and shame

  5. Hamish George Stewart Stewart says:

    Let owen heffer take over racing.only man who knows what he is doing in racing

  6. Hamish George Stewart Stewart says:

    Tax sports bets and use for stakes .every owner will afford the sport of kings

  7. Bridget says:

    MR TRAINER do you want to start a war

    Reading your threatening comments , maybe you take on horses for the wrong reasons without doing a due diligence other than reading about breeding and confirmation, racing horses has nothing to do with being a animal lover, get in the program for goodness sake, you may be allowing your owners to give you more inferior stock hoping to offset stake money for fees, some trainers also talk so much nonsense to the owners about expectations on the day that causes friction and animosity between themselves, whilst no excuse relating to your comments, maybe look in the the mirror and tell yourself to turn it up. A certain trainer never paid over the winning stakes to its owner after receiving 50% of bonus for winning because he could not pay , after telling its owner he did not wish to run the horse from a bad draw , the horse duly won by 2. When the trainer was told his action would be reported to NHA not only did he retaliate by wanting to meet the owner at NHA office but the NHA responded telephonically by saying ‘got nothing to do with them.’
    The jeckle and hydes of racing should be doing the RA job and looking after both trainer and owner and amend the rules ,instead of giving the impression of caring for our dear animals welfare. Has Vee Moodley gone in hyding?


    Has Vee Moodley gone in hyding? 🤣 🤣 🤣

    Arnold ?

    Oh Bridget you clever girl, that’s a classic . I think you should replace David Spade on the late night show.

  9. Tiger Pillay says:

    Unfortunately these are the so called owners that go around bragging on how many horses they own
    But what they don’t disclose is that they don’t have the money to pay the trainers that do All the hard work


    I dont think it matters what type of horse the owner places with the trainer. Surely professional owners are aware that not every horse will cover its costs, in fact most wont. If you put a horse with a trainer and only intend paying if the horse wins then you should not even be allowed to be an owner. Some people want to act like race horse owners but it seems that their egos are bigger than their wallets. Thete is no excuse for failing to pay any account that was agreed to, whether it’s for clothing, cleaning your garden, or feeding and caring for your horses. If you don’t care how your horse is fed and cared for unless it wins, then it’s just an object yo you, and you are definitely not a horse lover. Probably never even come to the stable to see your horse. I know a trainer in this situation, and it’s horrible what these owners put him through.

  11. JT says:

    The biggest issue is stakes are way to low. As Example. 1990 average car prices +- R15 000. Today Average car price +- R320 000. In 1990 SA Nursary Stakes R75000. Today R 750000. There needs to be a full study around why stakes was left behind when everything else increased. Why did stakes not keep up with real inflation ??? Now a horse needs to win at least 3 races a year to cover the cost. Thus only a small number of horses are paying there own keep in SA. Not the case in other countries.

  12. King of Pain says:

    Trainers need to pay grooms a living wage and improve their living conditions to basic living standards first

  13. Mike says:

    Not a game to make money in

  14. Nish Moodley says:

    It is always a good idea to look at statistics before commenting without your facts.
    This is a sticky subject and will be until trainers get their act together.

    I did a calculation on stakes earned in the 3 maiden races today at Greyville, race 5, race 6 & race 8! Total stakes earned from the 37 carded runners was R 638,475. If you take the training fees at R 10,000 per horse excluding all the fantastic extras that is thrown in, over 1 year it comes to a staggering R 4,440,000. Some horses running in these maiden races were 5 year olds, the majority were 3 & 4 year olds. Really, a 5 year old maiden! Poor owner is paying through his arse!

    So at the very least, the owners would be paying trainers fees for 2 years for the 3 year olds. No wonder owners can’t keep up! Balance of scales is certainly not in their favour!

    So Dean, I like your proposal regarding the jockey club, because it is very hard to get out of a donkey. You get all the spin stories from the trainer to keep you sucked in while bleeding you!

    That’s my take on this. Trainers, please be honest with owners & don’t bulls*^t them about next time it will win.

  15. Tony says:

    There is no doubt that owners should pay their training costs to trainers but trainers also need to run their businesses more professionally. In any business when you want credit, a credit application is required.Then it is up to the business to decide on how much credit to give and this application is a legal document with repercussions in the event of default and no longer relies on a gentleman’s hand shake alone, those days appear long gone?.
    Stagnant stakes have certainly put pressure on all parties involved, Owners should ideally not be in horse racing for profit alone and trainers should not keep horses in training when a horses chance of winning is minuscule. Desperate people, seem to do desperate things..
    South African at many levels now finds itself in a position where the expenses are more than the income and no country, business or individual can sustain this indefinitely. All parties need to compromise and adjust,and act rationally. .

  16. George janak says:

    List the deadbeat owners in the DRF so everybody knows who they are. Owners are always praised about time reality shines light on the scumbags.

  17. Michael Jacobs says:

    Owners and punters keep horse racing alive. Everybody else is a service provider and/or employee in the industry. But it looks like these 2 stakeholders are getting the worst of a raw deal, and the other stakeholders (particularly the management, executives and shareholders of operator bodies, authority bodies and associated bodies are creaming it at the expense of the 2 biggest contributors to income in the industry!

    There’s not much punters can do besides complain or leave the game for other entertainment and gaming streams- casinos, lottery, soccer pools and sports betting. And many have left, most of my friends no longer come to the racecourse, some play online and watch on DSTV, but most have given up the game altogether. However, surely there is a lot more that owners can do to drive change in the industry? Resign en masse form RA? Give operators an ultimatum to increase stakes or else everybody sells their horses at end of the season? Make representations to govt about the state of the industry.

    Owners should be far more vocal in this industry, they are the only stakeholders who keep the industry going. Punters play because horse racing is a gaming/gambling option, but they can stop playing tomorrow. Whereas owners keeps the multi-million rand industry afloat!

  18. Gman says:

    Thumbs up to that.The fat cats sitting at the round table have more to gain than the owners who invest heavily of their own money in this game but get little to no reward their efforts.To have a winning horse collect a cheque of R30k whereas you have fees in excess of R10k a month is ridiculous.UK racing almost came to a standstill a few months back because of the stakes that were mediocre.The trainers and owners had fields of two – three runners just to get their point across.Time to follow suit hit them where it hurts.

  19. Johnny says:

    Name and shame, how can u do this towards your trainer….he as well as staff members have to survive……sell your horse if you cant afford it….the right thing to do

  20. King of Pain says:

    Support Nish and Dean ideas and HKJC best practices.no wonder they are so successful.Get rid of the bookies too.you will encourage more fair play in horse racing.

  21. King of Pain says:

    Any feedback about the millions that was declared dividends to Phumelela shareholders that was supposed to benefit the grooms

  22. 7734gerald says:

    It amazes me how the trainers can complain about non paying patrons , what about the owners who are lied to by trainers about horses that Trainers have purchased and are then strung along sometimes for up to a year to pay without the horse winning. What about trainers who put couplings into a race that belong to two different owners , with both owners being told that their horses can win?
    I personally have been strung along by lying trainers who tell you that your horse is doing well then only for the jock to tell you after the race that the horse was flat. Whilst this does not refer to all trainers in the game there are a lot of average training trainers just looking for training fees every month knowing full well your horse doesn’t have a hop on winning.
    Last year I was away on business in China and told by a trainer that my horse would win , I transferred R10000 into the said trainers account to back my horse only to be beaten by the stable coupling then told afterwards that the trainer was shouting about he caught the exacta. Trainers need to be honest and transparent with owners about their horses before they complain about non paying owners. I am an owner who has been taken for a ride by trainers and even though I proved to the NHRA through emails and messages that the trainer created an expectation ……nothing was done. At the time of writing of this comment I have horses in training and do not owe any trainers any fees.

  23. Gman says:

    If jockeys are not allowed to place bets on horses why not do the same with trainers.They work with these horses everday.Sometimes horses gets beaten by lenghts for months and then the one day it wins like an odds on @ big odds.Trainers have the inside edge and they give instructions to the jockeys on how to run the races.

  24. Dirk Lochner says:

    Look at the price money…… Somebody is killing the industry

  25. Speedster says:

    It is not only trainers that take owners for a ride, jockeys do the same, some of them throw in the towel long before the race is over, I watched the replays and analysis the jockeys behavior during each race, sometimes the horse jumps from draw 1, but the the jock decides he wants to run the horse on the outside track… I rather stay a punter and just play the long shots, of which there are many…..

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