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Retired Judge Would Add Credibility To Task Team

Reader asks: 'Self-gain and vested interests again?'

On Tuesday the various entities in South African racing announced the appointment of a ‘Special Task Team’.

While the principle is sound, the faceless and anonymous approach again suggests a lack of leadership and a will to take responsibility.

A reader, ‘Racing Veteran’, has written to the Sporting Post mailbag and taken issue with the most recent press release.

He writes that the time has come for the ‘leaders’ in racing to wake up and smell the coffee.

I hope the 21 days they are going to spend in isolation, will give them time to reflect, think long and hard about why racing is in its current position and if they are honest with themselves, will realise that they are largely responsible for the problems in racing and have so far shown nothing in their formlines to suggest that they are able or capable of sorting out the situation.

Who are the members of this task team? Why no names?

Surely if one is part of the fact-finding solution seekers, one  would want to put your name to it.

There needs to be accountability firstly for any action taken and held liable if they fail. The flipside of course is being acknowledgement and rewarded if they succeed.

Once again it will more than likely be the same old same old who continue on their merry way, driven by self gain and vested interest.

Had we been told an independent task team has been commissioned with, let’s say a retired judge at the helm, then there was hope for the industry. At least there would have some sort of credibility. Now it’s just an anonymous spokesperson looking for the usual pie in the sky. Heaven help us!

And does the task team honestly think government will give them the time of day?

Does this task team think government will even consider any of their recommendations under the current circumstances we are facing?

Is this task team even representative of all spheres of the industry?

Who is controlling the mandate of this task team with proper sound governance in place?

Does this task team think government will talk to the very people that have itigation pending, just because they felt entitled to tax, that the government has put back into the fiscus?

Let’s just be honest for a moment.

All this cleverly worded drivel that they regurgitate as press releases, is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

I predict that a cure for COVID-19 will be found, way before they even think they are going to get anywhere near any of their goals. They couldn’t do it in better times – why in these awful trying times for society?

If for one moment, as a non-essential service they are hoping to get special dispensation to continue operating training centres during lockdown, then i will hunt the Easter bunny until i find him.

21 days of just feeding and watering horses, will result in another month before they fit again and racing can resume. That takes us to end of May.

Reality is staring cold faced at the leaders of this industry. Yet they continue as if its business as usual.

Racing is now officially on its knees.

Racing can ill afford this final shutdown body blow.

Racing deserves the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

And there is no better time than today!

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6 comments on “Retired Judge Would Add Credibility To Task Team

  1. Graham Hurlstone-Jones says:

    In house propaganda coming up. They will deny, lie, obstruct, distract, twist, distort….this is like watching how the ANC run SA…..its the same and we all know why it’s like this……personal self interests with agendas that have nothing to do with the upkeep of SA racing, it’s the money they are after or what’s left of it. Like SA the racing will crash and burn first as long as they have there slice, the elites don’t give a F….They will kill the goose as we see the ANC doing at full speed, this has been the pattern for a long time but we jolly along every day with a new sensational headline. Nothing will change, there is no will, every single stakeholder has their own agenda….cannot disturb the status quo, I wonder why ?….It will be a farce, the whole thing will be a cover up……

  2. jai says:

    they always been full of lies in the past nothing new .its about time racing came down to its knees they had it to soft for to long .

    the gravy train is over…!!!!!!!!!

  3. Brett Maselle says:

    There is nothing wrong with the thought process of Racing Veteran when he/she suggests that a retired judge could have made the world of difference.

    However, the battle lines have been drawn, so to speak, and the self appointed task team will only be acting in the best interests of their principals as opposed to the best interests of the sport of horse racing.

    In any event, should a retired judge be appointed and he/she accepts the position, the judge will need a specific mandate/instructions with clear authority and powers to make decisions for the parties involved. Otherwise, I believe it will end up being a nonsense event.

    In my view, there are too many parties involved in horseracing that have selfish agendas and as a result are unable to work together for the greater good of horseracing. History speaks volumes.

    I know that some individuals say that the problems are so bad within horseracing that it should be left to crash and burn on its own and thereafter let it rise above the ashes as a new sport without the players who caused its downfall. Unfortunately, we do not live in a mythical world where dreams like this can happen. There is no easy fix.

    In a way, I feel sorry for the task team members because whatever they may do, they will end up being criticised. There is more chance of them landing up with egg on their faces than not. I wish them well in all their endeavours for their masters.

  4. Pops says:

    Someone might just be hunting the Easter Bunny for a very long time.
    According to the Health Minister you can go out and exercise your dog,you can even exercise by jogging round the empty streets.You can even take a walk around to get fresh air.
    So exercising race horses should also be on the list.

  5. James Goodman says:

    It is interesting that the above comments are from the very people who seem to care about racing. Every week we read all the comments, and they are posted by the same clear thinking people who have the interests of the sport they obviously love as their motive.I have grown old as a racing man and seen all the industry comments all my life. Anyone who tries to be constructive is either ignored or sideswiped by cronies of the hierarchy.All we get from “them” is we must pull together and subscribe to their agendas.These have been flawed at best and criminal at worst! I am more than annoyed at the lack of credibility of our “leaders”.

  6. Ralph Fell. says:

    Meaning of ” They.” The Hierarchy Enslaving You.

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