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Air Travel Discouraged

Please try not to fly

The NHA, Phumelela, Gold Circle, Kenilworth Racing, the Racing Association and The Thoroughbred Horseracing Trust, as a further preventative measure, discourages all air travel of industry participants entering racecourses and training establishments countrywide, subject to the 14 day isolation period being complied with.

This is effective from Monday 23 March 2020.

We appeal to all persons involved in the racing industry, to act responsibly and with integrity as your conduct and commitment is paramount to the continuation of racing fixtures.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused, but the established high-risk element of airports and the severity of the Coronavirus (COVID–19) necessitates such drastic measures.

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9 comments on “Air Travel Discouraged


    On the betting front, with all these sports restrictions imposed, I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s big game in Bhutan – HIGH QUALITY UNITED VS PARO UNITED FC

    Kick off @ 2pm our time

  2. Mini B says:

    Dearest Horse Racing Industry,

    I admire your desire to prevent Covid 19 from spreading by implementing all these new measures.

    When I look at these measures, I cant help but think that they are only measures that favour the Operators.

    The word ‘hypocrites’ springs to mind. You are only thinking of your financial position. You are trumping the rights of jocks to earn a living by travelling by plane to different centers. You are trumping the rights of owners to be on course to watch our horses run. If we wear protective gear, we should be allowed on course.

    This attempt to ban air travel of jockeys and trainers is a laugh a minute. Air travel is perfectly safe if the passenger wears the necessary protective gear. An appropriate face mask and gloves should do the job.

    If jocks cannot travel by plane, all those in the horse racing industry should be banned from taking trips on buses to Flamingo Park and we should be banned from taking a ride in any taxi whether it be a hiace or an uber.

    What measures have been put in place about ensuring that grooms do not contract the virus? It is all good and well to show outsiders that horse racing is trying to stop the spread but this is only window dressing without taking sufficient measures to combat the virus from attacking grooms who now look like the most susceptible grouping left in horse racing.

    Just saying

    In light and love

  3. Ignis says:

    Hi Mini, pleas enote these sanctions has been implemented world wide, to try and stop our jocks and staff to get infected. Ever thought about it if one jock gets infected all of them will be placed in quarantine. That would meen no more racing for most of the venues. So it’s understandable that they are trying to prevent any such case from happening. The biggest spread of the virus is currently airports. As owners we would rather watch on TV as the horses run, then not being able to run our horses at all. And ever thought how horse racing will survive if it was to be banned for a month or 2?

  4. Eric Fordred says:

    Well said Ignes, Mini B has obviously not thought this through?

  5. Michael Jacobs says:

    Mini B, as an owner,wants to be oncourse to watch his horses run, yet bemoans the operators for putting in place restrictive measures to prevent the spread of the virus. So who is being the hypocrite?

  6. Steve Reid says:

    Lets call bullshit on this here and now. Have a look at Muzi Yeni engagements next week and tell me how he will fulfill his engagements arriving sans air travel? He’s not the only one. Warren Kennedy and Craig Zackey have similar punishing travel arrangements to make.

    It is time for our regulator to regulate and stop abuses. The clear and obvious answer is to isolate jocks on a provincial basis. If you ride in KZN you stay in KZN unless you travel by road to Joburg or wherever. This industry is adopting a very cavalier attitude to this virus they better hope it doesn’t come back to bite them.

  7. Steve Reid says:

    Just a final thought. Mr. Editor perhaps you can confirm with Moodley that they will be setting the example for the industry and no Stipes or NHA personnel will fly from Monday? Maybe just ask him to confirm how the NHA personnel on duty in PE are getting there.

    I guess the answer to that will reveal if this is a window dressing or not.

    1. Editor says:

      Will do Steve

  8. Mike says:

    Hi guys any news on Smanga after using a trainee starter for a feature race no clue why they would even think of this

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