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Tellytrack – New Head

Dual positions for Sawarjith after Goodman goes

Dean Sawarjith, who heads up Phumelela’s international operations, has been given the added responsibility of managing Tellytrack with immediate effect.

Tellytrack is a vital component of South African horseracing in that it is the industry’s television shopfront locally and internationally.

Sawarjith takes over from Betting and Marketing executive Rob Scott, who temporarily took back the reins at Tellytrack following the resignation of Colleen Goodman a few months ago.

“It’s a sound move in all respects,” said Phumelela CEO John Stuart. “It is vital during these turbulent times that there is total focus on revenue generation by betting operations and Dean’s appointment will enable Rob Scott to focus entirely on this vital area of the business, which also includes the immediate support areas of marketing and communications.

“In addition, the international division is arguably one of Tellytrack’s most important customers insofar that it generates a major portion of Phumelela’s revenue and contributes directly to the sustainability of South African horseracing through the participation of Gold Circle and Kenilworth Racing,” added Stuart.

Sawarjith is particularly well equipped to manage Tellytrack with more than 20 years’ experience in various aspects of horseracing.

He started out at Gold Circle and was deployed in various positions before a short move to Deloitte, where he immediately realised horseracing was in his blood.

He soon re-joined Gold Circle and was Forensic Audit Manager there before moving to Phumelela’s international division, then headed up by Stuart.

He quickly became Stuart’s right-hand man and played a key role in formulating the division’s strategies, as well as managing the Eastern Hemisphere and overseeing the customisation of the Tellytrack picture for international customers.

Sawarjith was given the responsibility of running the international division when Stuart was promoted to Phumelela CEO in September 2018.

“Managing both Tellytrack and International is a huge responsibility, but I am looking forward to the challenges at an extraordinarily difficult time for the industry,” said Sawarjith. “I am honoured by the trust placed in me by board members and management.”

  • Press release by Phumelela Gaming & Leisure Limited on 25 March 2020

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33 comments on “Tellytrack – New Head

  1. James Goodman says:

    Hey Dean, congratulations on your post. As a forensic auditor would you not like to start by doing such audit on the failed projects listed below.
    and most importantly the vast change in many horses win tote prices from start of the race to dividend payout.
    I am sure all racing people would love clarity on where the money went and whether it was properly used.
    Maybe a forensic audit into Phumelela could follow? Like the purchase of Supabets, loans and share dividends!
    I am sure you have the inside track on these.

  2. DavidS says:

    James you are a spoil sport,,,

  3. Leon Smuts says:

    Have met Dean and find him to be approachable and likeable and with racing very much in his blood. I wish him well in these turbulent times and know that his talents will serve him and racing well. Not an easy time to be given additional responsibilities but pretty sure that he will serve with distinction.

  4. Rod Mattheyse says:

    Does Dean know any Angels? If so I hope they are on a first name basis.

  5. Clinton says:

    James has a point. Just to be safe. Sounds like a good plan idea?

  6. INNOCENT says:

    Hope you will bring back Alan Schoeman as a main Race caller at Fairview please we miss Alan let’s go back to that original Fairview

  7. Gavin says:

    Lol James.. Wishful thinking

  8. Rian says:

    James, it’s sad that your listed items have not been addressed yet as it’s been going on for to long
    I decided to pop in at the Vasco TAB on Sunday, as I was passing and was disgusted to see the same old same old drab dirty interior
    Punters were standing around wanting to get a bet on for Hong Kongs jackpot etc
    Doors only opened at 10h00 and 1st leg jackpot off at 10.05 and the moans fell on deaf ears, all explained that they didn’t have online accounts and hadn’t heard of hollywoods challenge
    I then went over to the info boards and the old forms were up Tab sheet, free nogal but you had to be a laaitjie to read the small letters, it’s a disgrace
    Anyway James keep nagging and don’t give up, we need answers
    Americans can take 5 pick six bets for a dollar and bet into huge pools organised by professionals

  9. andy elton says:

    Well done Dean on getting the position. Hopefully you will be able to instruct the staff on how to respond to messages via the website Im trying to find out why I can’t access live video feed of racing in South Africa now that I have returned to the UK. Obviously at the moment racing is not taking place but I cannot gain access to replays etc. I am a member of RA and have only ever used your site to watch the races. I have 13 horses in training so obviously have a vested interested in the racing taking place in both Cape Town and Durban.
    Wishing you every success and keeping my fingers crossed you can sort the mess out.

    Andy Elton

  10. Michael Jacobs says:

    They should have appointed Shaheen Shaw to head up Tellytrack. Tellytrack is a racing channel so who best to head up the channel than the best presenter they have ever had! The channel needs a passionate,, intelligent, knowledgeable person who knows what punters and racing folk want!

  11. Warren says:

    Very true Michael, Shaheen Shaw,was ,is the best.

  12. Shanil says:

    Congratulations Dean . Hope to see some changes soon. It’s a tough job and you cannot please everyone with limited resources. However kindly supply your email address for punters to make suggestions. Shaheen used to connect with the punter with his unique style. We now have presenters just rambling on what is displayed on screen. All the best.

  13. George Ellis says:

    Well done Dean Tellytrack needs professional people in position because what I have seen there was no direction.Please bring back Shaheen Shaw he is the best anchor ever

  14. Editor says:

    Email received from Deena:
    Who else is tired of seeing that ROULETTE WHEEL???? I HOPE WE NOT GONNA SEE IT FOR THE NEXT 21 DAYS….. PLEASE broadcast some old races or show us inserts of some of our Champion Horses. I’ve called Tellytrack on numerous occasions and left messages for someone in-charge to call me back…. to no avail.

  15. George Spelvin says:

    I confess to always being in a state of confusion when I read the comments of John Stuart. Confused because there seems to be a focus on retaining picture revenue while simultaneously pointing out that local racing makes no profit.

    Is the former (picture revenue) ever possible without the latter (local racing)? Does SA Rugby keep pointing out that they run at a loss locally but rely on international TV revenue for sustainability? Does a farmer in the Free State point out that if he supplied locally he would make no profit and that sending his product to the four corners of the globe generates the majority of his income?

    We live in a global village, or at least we have until now, and making statements connecting the lack of profitability of an activity to the location of its generation is contrived nonsense. That thinking may have been relevant in the agrarian economy of the very long and forgotten past but has no place in today’s world.

    Mr Stuarts confused thinking underpins Phumelela’s collective schizophrenia on a great many issues. If Mr Sarwajith wants to make a difference then perhaps he could have a word with his CEO and have him look at the world and his own company in a different way. Local content generates your international revenue. The two products are not mutually exclusive.

  16. Pieta says:

    I must say that I saw TT in the format it should be for the next 6 months before we might be racing again…..I accidentally released the mute button….pleasant surprise ….no waffling…..everything left to the profs overseas….👍👍

  17. Donald says:

    Colleen Goodman came , saw , took the fat salary with lovely perks , did absolutely nothing and then disappeared and most people think that is alright , no problem there , well I think that was a shocker !

    I posted earlier this week about that damn roulette wheel ” screen saver ” on T.T. that appears to me to have no purpose and notice it is still on channel 239 ? Can someone please explain to me what is going on there ? The wheel does not even spin in the one direction but wobbles back and forth to settle on a number that one can hardly make out !

    Looks to me that our dear Colleen may have departed but her legacy remains !

    1. Editor says:

      Donald that Roulette wheel is a puzzle

      Last night it had a sporadic voice over after midnight
      Then a smiling foreign looking lady appeared, with lotto balls in tubes.
      Then the roulette wheel re-appeared and the ball dropped into the 4.
      I wasnt hallucinating but had no answer when my wife asked – ‘what are you watching?’

  18. Graham Hurlstone-Jones says:

    Bubble gum……no class.

  19. Graham Hurlstone-Jones says:

    Why do James and DavidS sound so polite….the whole lot is corrupt. Corruption turns good people into bad……SA racing has been strip mined for years and yet no one says a word ?… it reminds me of the scene from Monty Python, the Black knight, he gets large bits hacked off but its just a “flesh wound” and yet we watch on as he gets hacked to pieces. Tis but a scratch…..How is Larry doing ? I bet he has a limb….

  20. Cecil Pienaar says:


    Good Night all

    1. Editor says:

      Cheers Cecil

      Tellytrack still scrolling ‘Live Scottsville Racing Today’ this morning 🙁

  21. Donald says:

    T.T. do a lot of good work but need a through professional revamp without any further delay !

    They appear to me to be without any management direction. One would have thought that as they are in the industry someone at T.T. would monitor the comments on Sporting Post and correct any misconceptions we may have by emailing the Ed who would then explain / correct the situation as explained by T.T. ?

    Take this mystery roulette wheel for example , somebody by now at T.T. should have got back to the Ed explaining whats going on there so that we can ALL get a better understanding if any understanding is possible !

  22. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…Donald sure TT have their moment’s in the sun but lately it’s seems one-way traffic… when the boat is rocking do you honestly believe that TT/Phumelela give a damm ,,they just don’t care what the dog in the street has to say or ask it’s shocking that the powers can’t reply to a simple question..Thank God I’ve turned up online casinos,,the way they have put this Roulette wheel bet together is absolutely shocking a more depressing bet I’m yet to see…

  23. Donald says:

    Frankie , its a bloody shocker to be sure and what makes it even more shocking is nobody at T.T. has had the decency to explain what is going on with that roulette wheel which does not even spin correctly. I am becoming frustrated with that damn thing just as much as the number / draw situation at Gold Circle that I trust will be hopefully resolved when racing is resumed sometime in the future ?

    Even the Ed shares my frustration with that creepy wheel !

    1. Editor says:

      It was still there when we last looked Donald.
      Will drop Dieter Wohlberg a mail and try and find out what it means


    It’s not long now folks…. the wheel is about too stop @ TT for good.

  25. Dave other says:

    Absolutely Michael – Shaheen was the best ! I think he was too controversial for the “illuminati” as he was rather good at speaking the truth ……but the world doesn’t (didn’t hopefully) have a place for such good folk

  26. Dave other says:

    I just love that our Ed keeps a beady eye on Tellytrack (almost 24/7) just in case something (good) happens 🙂

    1. Editor says:

      It’s a reflex finger reaction when picking up the remote to press 239 – it’s like indicating when changing lanes, Dave other 🙂

  27. Vivian Leppens says:

    Tellytrack needs a re vamp and they do not have a proper platform on suggestions via e mail

  28. Art says:

    Any news why Colleen Goodman jumped shop?

  29. Kyle Roberts says:

    Like the hydra,different head,same body.treats its customers with no regard and only offers for free when nothing to see
    Thanks but no thanks

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