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‘Fairview Commentary Is Fine’

Quick response rejects suggestion

With all due respect, racing management generally don’t respond with enthusiasm to complaints.

But a prompt response on Monday morning from Phumelela Eastern Cape GM Luciano Passerini gets him our customer action award for the month.

Poster Rudi commented on the Sporting Post website at 07h25 today:

Come visit PE racing. No commentary outside the lounges for about 2 years – nothing been done. Complain many times but still the same. That’s why the public rather watch at the only tote in PE in Sidwell, where cars been broken in daily. All this been taken up with the people in charge but nothing been done. If you don’t sit upstairs, you just another punter get lost. The way they think.

We immediately sent the post to Phumelela Eastern Cape GM Luciano Passerini.

He responded.

“I reject what Rudi has posted.Every raceday we have a technician doing soundchecks in all venues. Karin le Roux and I do our rounds during racemeetings and I can assure you if we have a problem, it is rectified immediately. My next question is that who did Rudi mention the commentary problem to? None of the management staff are aware of these complaints that were lodged. Rudi, I challenge you to visit Fairview, introduce yourself and point out the problem to me. I will buy you a complimentary meal and a beer, personally, if you are correct and we are in the wrong.”

Thanks to Luciano for the quick response.

Now take up the challenge, Rudi – please let us know what transpired.

We hear the food is good.

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22 comments on “‘Fairview Commentary Is Fine’

  1. Chris Swart says:

    I suggest Luciano take a visit overseas, particularly Goodwood where you have massive crowds

    “Battaash is giving them a real hiding here” could be heard from the hill to the Richmond and it is a massive course in terms of numbers

    I did not hear a single commentary over anything but the TV during the Queen’s Plate festival which was disappointing because part of the race is the audio and mannerism of the commentary

    Having been to Fairview you can normally hear Alan as loudly as Goodwood

  2. eric red says:

    Why does Alister or Nico comment on PE racing from the Tellytrack studio every meeting when you got Alan Bumpy Schoeman commenting on course?,,paying 2 commentators to do the same job,,does not make sense to me,,

  3. Roderick says:

    I really enjoyed commentary from Alan Schoman at Arlington and Fairview but why dont we hear him on tellytrack although he does commentary on course.

    1. Editor says:

      Roderick, there was a suggestion that with the increased international exposure of our racing – at the time – that Alan’s accent was not understood by all of the overseas viewership.
      Whether that is the reason, we can only speculate

  4. Rian says:

    Gee Ed, try listening to the Swedish lot, it’s a mixed bag of names and nos
    Thank goodness some of the bigger centres have a great numbering system that you can follow, we are light years behind
    Thx Alan for the passion you still have for the game

  5. Donald says:

    Refreshing to get a response to a inquiry by a customer by a plain and simple public relations exercise which I would expect from any business enterprise !

    Now the question is why on earth do the other horse industry authorities just ignore and allow to fester other such complaints and inquiries , legitimate or otherwise , by their customers on this self same platform which offers them ” right of reply and response ” ?

  6. waynefouche says:

    Alan is a character of note!! He does get very excited at the finish of some races and makes a few mistakes (are we all perfect????) so I heard that was the reason Aly was selected to commentate remotely. Alan does the on course commentary and Fairview will miss him once he retires. Maybe this is why Rudi is confused as he certainly can’t be going racing in PE!!??

  7. Roderick says:

    You know Mr Editor they get the big names like Terry Spargo to call the gold cup and he calls WITCHCAFT instead of ITSMYTURN one would think we all do make mistakes but why not get Allan Schoeman to call a Gold cup how happy that would make him to really be recognized by the racing feternaty that we do appreciate him as our racing commentator and his up there with the best.

  8. Gavin says:

    Bumpy is fairview.. Alisator is a friend of mine and I told him it was a disgraceful decision to replace bumpy… Some of Theese people have no clue…

  9. Nicolin says:

    I’ll be honest, Alan Schoeman doesn’t have the most polished commentary voice but.. Here Tellytrack so concerned about someone’s voice to rather have someone call from studio yet they can show us a Roulette table and cartoon horses run, so international viewership is so important yet us viewers locally can sit and stare at a table spinning for hours every day?

    Where’s the documentaries, old classic races etc..

    Seen numerous comments about this, nothings been done, neither has there been any response.

    Even if its necessary to have that silly table on screen, why not put it on a fraction of the screen at the bottom and show something worth watching

  10. Michael Jacobs says:

    I heard that Allan Schoeman commented from his PA ticket, and that he was always out of the PA, hence why they stopped him from commentating on TV. ?? Can anyone confirm ?

    1. Editor says:

      We all speak from our pockets, Michael?
      Bumpy had personality and character

  11. Graham Hurlstone-Jones says:

    So you class this as a customer response with good intent ? I see yet another patronising response from another Ivory Tower. “I reject” ? of course you do. Saying you will buy him beer and a pie if he is right is rude ( I can see that scenario ), he just wants the system fixed ( why would he complain ? ) so he does not have to sit in a tote that is dangerous. What if he is wrong ? then what ?must he buy you something ? The fact there is an immediate response usually means they have something to say because normally Fairview with that crowd of merry men is usually very quiet with the ongoing stipes and stuff going on. Everyone seems ok with the response, I think it is rude. Why would he complain ? dont be so defensive Mr GM. ” I will look into it sir “……no pies.

    1. Editor says:

      Graham, we are in the complaints game – even Sunday evenings after at 10pm
      This was a fair response within minutes in the context of the environment in which we operate
      We are sounding a bit like them now? 🙂

  12. Rudi says:

    Mr passarini i asked many time for the assitant electrisian an course when will the speakers be fixed ontop af the pavilion poles. If you stand next to the parade ring while a race is running there are no commentary. Sorry could not remember his name and did phone the office also and took it up with them . You can here alan call the horses going down but then they switch to joburg you cant here nothing. 2 weeks before lockdown it was still like that.

  13. Kamal says:

    Lively exciting commentary adds so much more to the horse race itself.Bumpy has that factor,so what if he makes a few errors.those can be corrected within a few seconds of the finish.
    Hope to listen to him calling again before he retires
    Show the man some dignity

  14. Donald says:

    Graham , I am most surprised at your negative comment to a positive response albeit the tone is not PERFECT from someone in authority to a complaint from a customer . The ” beer & pie ” I find to be a friendly way of handling the matter and can see no animosity there ?

    Ed I think has got it right ” we are sounding a bit like them now ” !

  15. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Thanx SP and the PE GM for the quick response
    Over to Rudi, take up the Challenge …

    Allan is a cool ballie, like me, and Rian ?

    My other favorite International commentator is the Kenyan guy, even with 4 horses in the race and runaway winner …

  16. Leon Lotz says:

    As a private trainer Luciano always help,does not matter what day,Sunday or Monday,night or day.One of the friendliest racecourses in the country

  17. PL.NEL says:

    I would like to take this wopportunity to ask for Fairview seating to be addressed. At the moment it has basically 3 indoor facilities, namely O&T and 2 public lounges next to each other and share the same public veranda overlooking the live racing. Lounge 1 is mainly grooms with their families and children and lounge 2 caters for racing public. The difference is quite obvious with stable crowd in gum boots or no shoes, whilst visitors are dressed smarter. Could we please have a R10 coverage area dedicated to visitors who are there for entertainment of namely the kings sport. These people are possibly new blood and owners who should be allowed to relax and be entertained in a more friendly environment. Please.

  18. Gman says:

    R10 cover charge for what/who.What does this request mean(gum boots or no shoes ,visitors dressed smarter + kings sport) Sounds very arrogant to me!!!I was at Fairview for our year end function we had lunch(almost choked on the rubbery beef) I couldnt see any issues I go could down to the pavillion side via stairs linking the two I had a bet downstairs and mingled with a few locals.What is the actual issue here???BOSSES ON TOP BOYS DOWNSTAIRS!!!

  19. Rudi says:

    Well said gman and pl. Nel . They think when the people in lounces are happy everyone are.

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