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SA Racing – Disappointment And Hope, Says Veteran

His top horse goes for SA Derby

Gr1 winning veteran trainer Joey Soma has appealed to everybody who has the interests of racing at heart to unite.

“If we don’t stick together, we are in trouble. That’s the only way for this game to survive.  I’m just disappointed that the people running the sport have not used this time in which we have no racing, to talk to all of us,” he told Tabnews when confirming that his star Got The Greenlight will be aimed at the Gr1 SA Derby.

Got The Greenlight – goes the 2450m for the first time (Pic – JC Photos)

Regarded as the top juvenile in the country last season, the son of Gimmethegreenlight had a belated start to his three-year-old career in the Gr3 Tony Ruffel Stakes over 1400m in January, finishing fourth.

He then travelled to Cape Town for the R5-million CTS 1600 but was clearly not at his best that day.

However, when he walked into the parade ring for the Gr1 SA Classic, he looked superb and ran accordingly, winning the second leg of the SA Triple Crown by 0.75 lengths over Green Laser.

At that stage Soma was unsure as to whether he would aim his charge at the SA Derby over 2450m but has now confirmed Got The Greenlight will take his place in the line-up, hopefully to be run at Turffontein on Saturday 2 May.

Joey Soma – a lifetime in the game

“There were thoughts about running him rather in the Horse Chestnut over 1600m but I have decided to stick with the three-year-olds and see if he stays,” said Soma.

“We’d rather take a chance within his age group. I believe he will get 2450m and if he does stay, then we will go for the Durban July. If not, we can always bring him back in distance.

“When you think about it, the Derby is the only time many horses go over 2400m. After that they run in July over 2200m or the Met, Champions Challenge and Summer Cup, which are all over 2000m. So, we’ll take our chances.”

In addition, history has demonstrated that horses do not necessarily have to be stayers to win a Derby, as we saw in horses like Legal Eagle, Key Of Destiny and even Elusive Fort, who went on to break the 1300m course record at Newmarket.

The trainer confirmed his charge is in good nick. “He’s doing very nicely, I’m very happy with him. He’s looking unreal and is a stronger horse than he was in the Classic.

“I just hope we do run on 2 May because it’s not easy to keep a horse on the boil. We were preparing them for April and now May. A horse doesn’t have a turn-on, turn-off button.”

The Green Team at Equus 2019 (Pic – JC Photos)

Soma acknowledged that while the going has been tough over the past four weeks, the grooms deserve a huge amount of credit.

“I’m very proud of all the grooms. At the start of the virus people will predicting that with all the grooms living together, there would be an epidemic of major proportions.

“But I have to praise the way the grooms have taken responsibility. We have a 50-50 spread of those grooms who live at the racecourse and those who live outside but nearby. The security at Turffontein has also been outstanding, making sure everybody washes their hands when they arrive and always taking their temperatures.Anybody who is borderline will go to the medical centre to be checked out, but fortunately nobody has contracted the virus.It has been very, very pleasant to see the manner in which our grooms have conducted themselves. They merit our respect and deserve more exposure for the role they have played, especially during these difficult times.”

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48 comments on “SA Racing – Disappointment And Hope, Says Veteran

  1. DEAN DEMONT says:

    Joe, are you surprised, when the share price came dwindling down from strength to tuppence, nobody said a word.. now it’s a complete circus.. I mean I read somewhere that the Singapore turf club, were compensating owners $1200 .The reason they can do that is because its run as a non profit organization.. here, it’s a help yourself vs help yourself. I am a punter by profession,and paid my dues many moons ago feeding racehorses and running at a complete loss…I can only imagine what the owners are going through now.. I can say 1 positive thing is that Gold Circle have come to the party in many aspects and I hope Phumelela can take a leaf out of their book.. after all, racing strength is in the Cape and Johannesburg, both centers run by Phumelela, and with all due respect, Gold Circle which is a level less, are coming to the fire,and showing how it should be done. Anyway,as you say in these trying times,its time to stick together and get this game back on track..

  2. Mohamed says:

    Wasn’t this the same chap who jumped ship from the concerned owners group a few years back?? Now he says let’s stick together…

  3. Joe Soma says:

    Mohammed- I am the same chap -who was proudly part of the concerned owners! The facts are that a democratic vote was taken amongst us 11 who started it, of which 7 voted in favor of joining the RA.

    Are you still seriously CONCERNED about what took place in 2007? Surely we have more important things to worry about now in 2020? If you would like the full background to the whole concerned owners issue, I welcome you to contact me telephonically and I can fill you in.

    Now I challenge you to a) put your correct name down in full; b) give your suggestions as to how you propose we get out of the situation racing finds itself in; c) tell us what your contributions have been to the industry over the last 13 years.

    Happy punting!

  4. PL.NEL says:

    Thank you Mr Soma, you have been an inspiration to many of us, and I love the way you pick your races and the way your runners fight it out.Your charge will be an interesting runner in the derby and might just be really good value for the July. Watching the program for all.

  5. jai says:

    mr soma
    you should have ran your horse in the guineas now you would have been a triple crown contender.
    i think you have the best 3 year old in the country on paper .
    lets hope racing resumes for you.

  6. Cassim says:

    Well said Joey I have always made money on your horses really hope we can race from the first:

  7. Jonathan says:

    In my opinion Phumulela and Gold Circle should join forces and get single controlling body. They then nominate a board who take the reigns of racing. Get young blood who can think out of the box and have modern ideas for racing. I know I will be shot down by some quarters but this is my opinion

  8. Grant Maroun says:

    This is why racing is in trouble. Because certain people don’t want to accept that we are where we are because there’s been no accountability for what’s happened. We keep hearing let’s not play the blame game. Certain people took huge dividends and bonuses just over two years ago. Now we must all stick together in order for racing to survive. In my opinion racing is still in the hands of the same people that put in trouble so how is it going to help by everyone working together.

  9. DavidS says:

    Grant you see the woods from the trees but remember there is none so blind as those who will not see

  10. Rian says:

    Well said Mr Maroun, all the machines , computers etc were bought by Horse racing revenue and brought in from Australia so long ago , they the same machines etc been used today to take soccer bets
    Let’s look a bit deeper into the soccer 13, it’s costing us R1,70 plus minus and in Sweden it’s costing them $ 0,10c or Euro 0,06c
    Maybe it’s time for some good investigative journalism to get to the bottom of this sickness that’s been thriving under CNA

  11. Joe Soma says:

    Mohammed and I had a long conversation this evening, and as expected, were both on the same page. A thorough gentleman, and sadly lost to the game as an owner- but still very passionate. Perhaps we will still be able to win him over going forward- if we can get the game right.

    Thanks to everyone else for their kind comments.

    Grant Maroun- you are 100% correct. As an owner/ trainer/ punter- who has invested a lot of money in this game- you have all the right to feel the way you do. But if we don’t stick together, what are the other alternatives?
    We need horse racing to resume on the 1st May as we are all responsible for a lot of horses and livelihoods!!!

  12. Jacob Moller says:

    Jonathan, that is exactly what that (*edited) from “Skelmbos” and his mates had in mind.To control everything .By now even the floodlights at Greyville would have been stripped and sold to a scrap dealer.At least now we still have an operator in KZN and they are not doing to bad it seems.

  13. Joao says:

    we are getting the numbers lads its just a matter of time

  14. Hilton witz says:

    Both the ra and phumelela need to have external audits asap and those who committed any irregularities must be brought to book …Grant maroun is right you cant just forgive and forget *edited

  15. MGram says:

    Joe there are many that were in the Jooste fold that like you want to forget it ever happened. Taking into account how this industry was destroyed by that man, all people who benefitted from their association with him should be excluded from any role in the new structures. It’s not good enough to say let’s forget about the past and let’s move on.

  16. DavidS says:

    I go on to SP and normally go straight to Who Thinks What ? and then glance though, as I did earlier and seeing Grant’s post I then clicked and responded before reading the article he was responding to, not too clever but it’s a habit of sorts, I am in no way saying Joey is one of the guys who will not see, as I personally know he is one of the few that read things correctly from a long long time ago, however I will always say Phumelela should be reduced to a gaming company with Superbets, the tote, betting world, Telly Track, racecourses and all other aspects of racing must be transferred back to racing including the isle of man and other overseas structures and placed under a new body incorporating the Trust and a proper Racing Association which includes all owners as intended when it was formulated at inception before it was cut to whatever it is now for paying members only, then Phumelela should sign an acknowledgement of debt for all the damage done to racing as well as the return of the outrageous money they paid for Superbets etc,

  17. Grant Maroun says:

    David phumelela should get nothing. Remember everything they have is because of racing. It was built on the back of racing most of the overheads were paid for by racing

  18. Beatle says:

    Joe to many people in racing will never forget what you did by been a sell out and now you of all people say we must unite = hopefully racing people do unite but you need to be excluded from any new form of been included and yes we will not forget the past

  19. SFJ says:

    I had a smug smile on my face after reading how disappointed Joey Soma is with the people running the show in horse racing becauae they have not taken the time to talk to everybody during this crisis.Joey wants all of to stick together because if we do not we will be in trouble.

    I am an insignificant cog in the horse racing wheel. Nonetheless, I have watched in the background how things have unfolded. I cannot believe his hypocrisy and what’s worse, he has not appreciated it.

    Joey probably made his comment about the top brass of horse racing not speaking to everybody because he does not know what is going on. It must be hard for him because Larry Wainstein, his best friend and direct line into the goings on in horse racing is no longer running the show at the Racing Association. I feel for Joey. I know that Joey was on the trainer liason committee for horse racing for years after Larry Wainstein took control under the mentorship of Markus Jooste. Again, I feel for Joey if he is not part of the liaison committee. If he still is, I dont know why he is complaining. His assistant trainer, Gaby Soma worked for him and Phumelela. Joey knew everything that was happening behind the scenes. I feel sorry for him that Gaby has gone into the auction business and he does not know as much about what’s going on.

    Joey is right, we need to stick together in horse racing. But who is the ‘we’ he mentions. Is the ‘we’ sticking with Markus Jooste as a client or sticking with Larry Wainstein or sticking with Phumelela or sticking with everyone that makes our lives better but not for worse.

    It must be tough for Joey to feel left out in the cold. It must be hard for him to feel like all of us.

  20. Steve Reid says:

    Mohammed would be well advised to speak to members of the Concerned Owners who did not sell out to Jooste. As all good detectives will tell you “follow the money” to get your answers when it comes to clandestine, criminal and fraudulent activities. I was not part of the Concerned Owners group so I will leave those that were to comment at a later stage.

    I have however hammered on about Jooste and his lackeys for years, a real keyboard warrior. Let me illustrate my racing capture point by simply naming people in were placed in charge of the racing structures without a democratic vote taking place:

    NHA – Lyndon Barends
    Racing Association – Larry Wainstein

    No vote needed at Phumelela but Joostes gabba Rian du Plessis gets bundled in without knowing how many legs a horse has and the axis of evil was completed.

    Some of these sellouts got millions, some got an unending supply of race horses, some got positions of power they never deserved and funnily all of them want to forget as quickly as possible as if this never happened.

    Make up your own minds why we are where we are yet the very architects of racing demise call for us to stand together.

  21. DavidS says:

    Grant you are right they deserve nothing but disgrace for what they have done to racing, my thinking was give them the Superbets deal and let them ride off into the sunset with an agreement whereby they pay back the money that broke racings back, but I have no insight into the inner workings of Phumelela and am giving an outsiders view, as for the other comments about Joe it must be remembered that him and Larry had a volitile relationship, Joe did not always agree with Larry or the things he noticed that were out of place and he was vocal about it, Joey has never in what I have seen done anything intentionally or otherwise bad against racing, in fact he stood up for many injustices in racing and I was witness to this, he definitely tried his utmost to assist Formgrids in any way he could and was livid with certain chiefs and made it known to them regardless of consequence, dont get me wrong that I am sticking up for him out of friendahip, I am merely saying what I have seen, Joey and I have had our bumping of heads but truth be told he has always had racings interest at heart, but yes I agree that the stick together bulldust does not hold water as you cannot continue with the same bad apples as they are rotten and will make all the efforts rotten, they must move on and the people who are put in place must be properly screened because greed and self indulgence and self interest is part of human nature as we know and racing must be protected from men without integrity, the game has paid the price and those who take control must think hard and do the correct thing above friendship and self gain etc

  22. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Morning Steve, when I read your posts, the name Jacques Pauw comes to mind. I will love racing until the end as well, but my wish is for a Commission of Enquiry one day.
    Not a TRC, not just tell and all is forgiven.

    On the number of legs, ?, I once saw a Big 5 legged Elephant Bull in KNP …

    Have a Good Day ?

  23. JessK says:

    In 2008, three members of the Concerned Owners’ group, Brett Maselle, the late Ian Jayes and myself took the RA to court and won our case with costs. In the court transcript it details this ”clandestine” meeting with Jooste (remember him) which culminated in Wainstein’s ascent to power and certain others suddenly becoming beneficiaries of the alleged fraudsters (Jooste) horses. People are not stupid and have had their eyes opened, albeit too late, at the formation of the RA/Jooste/Phumelela/DuPlessis cabal that captured and destroyed racing. And by the way, the RA has yet to pay us our costs as ordered by the court.

  24. DavidS says:

    I think most people were aware of the consernd owners split but like myself I think there are many racing people unaware that there was a court case, out of ignorance I ask what was the case about and how come the RA never paid costs if they were ordered to

  25. Rian says:

    An order by the court and still no payment after 12 years, just shows who you dealing with !!!!

  26. Joao says:


    surely not, I mean there was a spare R13 m to go into the abyss surely you ones got a cheque mailed to you under the new regime? Have you checked your post?

  27. Michael Jacobs says:

    It is very interesting sitting in the peanut gallery here, watching Mr Soma’s dirty laundry being aired in public. There certainly are/were senior trainers (particularly in Gauteng) who were in the pockets of the Jooste/Phumelela/RA cabal. Now that the wheels have come off so spectacularly those senior trainers are crying crocodile tears and asking for unity, but when Jooste was around they couldn’t have cared less!

    There is still a very prominent owner who was Jooste’s senior lieutenant and is still around but laying very low. How has he managed to dodge bullets flying around the industry?

  28. Pops says:

    Are we giving Joey Soma a fair shake here? What did he do or not do?
    If it was because he said it was a great honour to train horses for Markus Jooste,others who are still around said the same.
    There is an owner who is/was a great friend and horse owner partner with Markus Jooste.
    While sitting in the ‘sad corner’he also called for únity. And said, that ‘things are never as bad as they seem’.
    He did not get the Soma treatment.Why?
    Some say Joey Soma was in the wrong camp.
    Maybe he believed in working from the inside to make a change.

  29. Donald says:

    I think Mr. Soma meant to say ” if we do not stick together I ( not we ) am in trouble ” !

    However , having stated that at least he is prepared to stand up and have a stance in an industry that appears to me to be run under some sort of secret code that we , the customers , under no circumstances must be made aware of ?

  30. JessK says:

    I have asked Brett Maselle to dig out the court papers and what was said in them to the High Court about Larry Wainstein and Joe Soma doing a u-turn and doing a deal without authority.
    Brett has told me that he will post later today or tonight. He says Joe has a convenient short memory.
    Remember that after the deal, Larry became RA chairman and Joe started to get horses from Markus Jooste.

  31. Steve Reid says:

    DavidS let me make it very clear that I consider Joey Soma to be a very good trainer, his record speaks for itself. As an individual I like Joey, we have known each other for over 30 years and I respect him as a knowledgeable and passionate racing person. That he attempts to engage the machine when things need looking at, I have also personally witnessed and I agree that he speaks out on occasion. I can however not change history, what happened happened, we can’t get around it.

  32. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey..Unfortunately Joe’s eye for a racehorse seems like its got him into some troubled waters,,but thankfully for his clever thinking he never got to involved…this all started when Joe once again found a group winner at the sales called Happy Landing,,with limited stock Jooste gave JOE a few more chances knowing that the man can even train a cat to win a race… Joe is one person that I will fight and defend for until death,, this one human being that has and always fought for what is right,,on many many occasions that i visited the yard to drop off parcels of paper notes he was always having a dig at Phumelela or the RA…Mention 1 trainer who would not except horses from Jooste and keep in mind that out of all the trainers that did train for Jooste Joe had the least number of horses that belong to Jooste i think it was 5…was it not fair at the time to give Jooste a big boost after winning a number of group races with his horses…I was always on Joe’s case about asking Jooste for more horses and Joe’s reply was I’m happy with the few that I’ve got,, I wanna keep it nice and tidy,,for me to depend on 1 owner is not good I’ve seen far too many trainers fall that way…If there are 2 people in the racing industry that has fought for the right things in racing is Joe Soma and David Safi by a steeplechase margin that I’m aware of,, yes I’m sure their are many out there that have fought that have fought just as hard,,but what I’ve personally witnessed along with thousands others,,the bal in my opinion humble opinion have ground to make up

  33. DavidS says:

    Frank, I fought them (those in power that had had total disregard for racegoers/punters) in the 80’s when I formed the South African racegoers association and then again from 2004 onwards when they unbelievably refused to assist Formgrids (given freely to the industry at my expense, a contributer turnover as well as a 24/7 worldwide ambassador for South Africa racing ) but I must say Charles Faull and Ian Jayes spent t a lifetime trying to bring positive change to the game and guys like Brett, Jess and Steve Reid have made huge sacrifices and faced the wrath of the upper echelons and have been unwavering in there stance, James Goodman has also stood his ground and think about all the victims of Phumelelas axe man like Shaeen shaw, Garreth Pepper and a host of others we dont even know about who were ripped from the game they loved and dedicatedtheir lives to and think of Andrew Bon who has to work under their whip with threats and yet still manages to produce world class work,,

  34. Brett Maselle says:

    The extracts below come out of an affidavit that I deposed to under oath on 22 August 2008 in the application against the RA. It is important to note that the RA did not set out a different version to what I said below.

    A copy of all the papers can be found in the court file or ask the RA for a copy if you are a member.

    Clyde Basel deposed to the answering affidavit on behalf of the RA. He was the RA manager at the time. Larry Wainstein was the RA Chairman.

    I hope that Joe will, after 12 years, start to recall the facts a lot better.

    No further discussion on this thread will be entered into by me.

    For reference purposes
    IAN JAYES = First Applicant
    DIMITRI KYRIACOU =Second Applicant
    BRETT MASELLE =Third Applicant
    THE RACING ASSOCIATION =First Respondent
    REGISTRAR OF COMPANIES =Second Respondent


    “35. At the beginning of 2007 a group of disillusioned and disgruntled members of the First Respondent was formed and became known as “the concerned owners”. This group started a Steering Committee which consisted of Larry Weinstein, Joe Soma, myself, the First Applicant, Ormond Ferraris, Trevor Raath, Daphne Byers, Andy O’Connor, the Second Applicant and Warren Laird. The concerned owners wanted substantial changes to take place in the First Respondent and were of the view that the First Respondents board of directors at that time should be removed in toto.


    37.Mr Weinstein, who is currently the Chairman of the First Respondent, was very proactive on the Concerned Owners committee in seeking to show that the necessary quorum for the special resolutions was not present at the 2005 Annual General Meeting.


    37.6 A few days prior to the meeting on 2nd May 2007, Messrs Weinstein and Soma met with Markus Jooste and Chris van Niekerk who were members of the board of directors of the First Respondent.

    37.7 Messrs Weinstein and Soma purported to represent all the members of the First Respondent who wanted the directors to be removed and who had signed requisitions calling for the directors removal.

    37.8 Messrs Weinstein and Soma reached an agreement with these two directors of the First Respondent that the concerned owners group would not pursue the removal of the First Respondents board of directors.

    37.9 I was beside myself that such an agreement could be concluded as Messrs Weinstein and Soma did not have authority from the concerned owners group to do what they had done. I, at all times made this clear to them and voiced my views in no uncertain terms to Messrs Weinstein, Soma and the members of the Steering Committee of the concerned owners.


    38.1 A meeting of the concerned owners Steering Committee was held at Mr Weinstein’s home on Wednesday 2 May 2007 a few hours prior to the scheduled meeting to vote on whether the board of directors of the First Respondent should be removed.

    38.2 Attempts were made by Messrs Weinstein and Soma to pacify me as I was adamant that no deal could be reached.

    38.3 Messrs Weinstein and Soma informed all:-

    38.3.1 of the members of the Steering committee that they believed that the vote by members of the First Respondent would go in favour of the First Respondents board of directors and everything we set out to achieve would be lost.

    38.3.2 that in the circumstances a deal had to be concluded and that they had achieved something as Messrs Jooste and Van Niekerk had promised that the First Respondents board of directors would meet with members of the Steering committee in order to hear grievances and to consider them.”

  35. Pops says:

    Disappointing.If what Jessk and Brett say are the facts,disappointing.
    Who do trust in this industry?

  36. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…Pops the answer is simple Joe Soma,, he’s all for the game he’s all for the owner he’s all for the punters and he’s certainly a man that wants fairplay…maybe the guys should rethink what they posting for the very reason a lot of stuff that has been said is not true,, so I suggest get the facts straight before posting…It hurts me to see someone accusing Joe of wrong doing knowing the man from the very 1st time we spoke racing has only wanted fairplay in all departments of the horseracing industry..there’s many times where I’ve wrongly accused people where Joe himself has lambasted me for my actions…what is absolutely amazing to me is when Joe Soma has a winner no matter of the the price,, jockey,, owner or breeder the support and congratulations around the winners enclosure is just so refreshing to see it reminds me of my Brother Warren where he’s fans and supporter get the chance to lead in his winners they are loved by the downstairs so called washouts or scum bags of the game

    1. Editor says:

      Tomorrow morning – Joey responds in a frank statement and gives some background

  37. Rian says:

    Hopefully a Happy Landing Ed

    1. Editor says:

      Clever! Sure it will be, Rian 🙂
      Joey just wants the opportunity to set a few point straight

  38. Beatle says:

    I am not here to argue with Frankie but who cares if he had the least amount of horses for Mr Jooste , the fact remains he sold out to the highest bidder and cannot be trusted to represent any owners on any form of board or committee .It’s tough to acknowledge wrong when you been friends for so long , Joe can continue to train horses but stay away from involvement of any sort – a leopard never changes his spots

  39. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…Let’s hope it all ends well where one kisses and makeup,,I’m definitely in the Soma camp Rocky Rocky Rocky ?

  40. Gman says:

    Talk about state(HORSE) capture,
    Thx Brett Maselle
    These are the type of things most of the racing public never ever hear.
    Self interest is the order of the day and when it backfires people wash their hands of any wrongdoing.
    I sincerely hope JOAO gets the support he needs from current owners and trainers to save racing in general,
    Please stand together for current and future owners+trainers.

  41. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Morning Frankie, yes, a couple of things to look fwd to today, Govt response to Moodley, Pres CR update and Joe’s statement.

    Time to move on…

  42. Donald says:

    Joey may have taken wrong options in the past , have we not all , but can we please give him some credit for standing up , being counted and thereby laying himself open to critical comments while the rest of the merry band keep low and hide !

    Look forward to your right of reply Joey that this platform offers ALL IN THE INDUSTRY !

  43. Grant Maroun says:

    Donald you right he has left him self open to criticism good or bad and for that he needs to be commended for. At least he has something to say unlike the rest of the trainers that have nothing say. Trainers are the back bone of racing and need to voice their opinions. So come on guys let’s hear from the trainers what they think.

  44. Joao says:

    Update from Joao @ SABOAT.org

    Ladies and Gentlemen huge progress in the last week. Our numbers are nearly at 200 and within those numbers I can confirm that I have the support of some pretty large owners and trainers.

    When I say I have the support , that support in based on only 1 AGENDA . We need to stand together and have a voice. I have also gathered the support of Jay August.

    Jay will be instrumental in the success of SABOAT.org he is a passionate racing man with a really good cv and his vision is like mine, to be proactively involved in the long term future and sustainability of South African racing.

    In gathering numbers I cannot do everything from the UK and jay (based in SA) will be key in talks between our members when we finally ALL lift our heads up above the parapet and tell the inner circle that we have numbers and we are here to stay.


  45. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…Donald well said,,unfortunately because of your comment Ladbrokes has shorten Joe Soma from a opening call of 1/3 now 1/4 ??

  46. Donald says:

    Hey Frankie , after reading Joeys reply Ladbrokes are no longer laying Joey they are now only betting on ” absolute second ” ?

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