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Sunday Morning Frustrations

'I should have listened to my wife'

Virtual racing from Milnerton, a frustrating roulette wheel that has me yearning for the days of 8 and the neighbours. But what’s the story with Tellytrack?

Dean Dyers writes in the SP Mailbag that he got up early on Sunday morning to enjoy some racing.

This morning I got up really early to enjoy the Australian racing and some Hong Kong – I really enjoy the latter.

But between the TAB betting menu and Tellytrack, I became totally disorientated and eventually landed up switching to Netflix.

This is supposed to be entertainment – not an uphill battle. They can’t make it easy to win – at least make it easy to enjoy!

Why on earth can they not simplify things for us? Why not make it user friendly?  What’s the virtual racing about? What’s the roulette about?

I read here on your site that Tellytrack have a new boss. But they will blame lockdown for difficult circumstances and working remotely off a Willard battery in one of their garages at home.

Racing is deep in the dwang.

Yet at times like this, with time on their hands, they are doing buggerall to improve anything. That includes communication, performance and repairing relationships with us mugs. And let me not start on the carryovers.

My wife keeps telling me …told you so. She’s is looking clever right now.

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18 comments on “Sunday Morning Frustrations

  1. Michael Jacobs says:

    I no longer watch Tellytrack except to watch the races, be it local or overseas. I have the race card, I know the time of each race I need to see and so switch between channels accordingly. A race is 2 mins max, so that is all the time I give to Tellytrack. Life becomes enjoyable again. No wasting of money on tellybetting, roulette, lottery, soccer pools l, obscure exotics in some foreign land with a R6000 pool(!) and all the other rubbish that Teletrack is trying to fob onto us. Don’t watch, don’t listen to the irritating Neil and Shane, don’t listen to the presenters, racing is back to the way it should be, except of course for the lockdown.

    I have realised that Tellytrack is just a money-making machine for the racing industry, so I will use it only for whatvI need from it.

  2. Cameron James says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more Michael. I still cant fathom why a racing channel would ever want to promote a game of its opposition (The casino).

    Sports betting and the casino are supposed to be racing’s kryptonite. The further it gets away from it the stronger it gets. The operators Gold Circle and Phumelela must realise that a Jack of all trades never masters any. I don’t frequent the casinos often but on the rare occasions i do, i never see them market horseracing or sports betting.

  3. Kenny says:

    A racing channel should be run by a racing fan not some accountant.

  4. Cameron James says:

    What about a certain Mr. Shaheen Shaw, a person who knows exactly what the punter wants.

    In a perfect world we get a rival broadcaster to produce and market horse racing content only…

  5. Rian says:

    Don’t watch Tellycrap anymore since introduction of the Stupid wheel rubbish from Milnerton
    How anyone can bet/ be fed (*edited) like that must be a Robot
    I use other means to gather info and have a bet if I really need to

  6. Singing boy says:

    Here’s a tip for Gulfstream racing fans. Simply type into your browser:
    https://www.gulfstreampark.com/racing/live-stream . It’s a free stream of Gulfstream racing only and gives you really good info and betting in real time. I don’t watch tellytrack at all currently. Just wait for Gfstream Thursday to Sunday and it’s been really worthwhile.

  7. paul alexander says:

    Tellytrack appears to be operated by some mindless Bot during lockdown. They cut off Gulfstream coverage just before the Florida Derby. They focus on the Swedish chariots when vital info is being shared from Gulfstream. And at 12pm like pumpkins, they go to sleep.

  8. Gary Turf says:

    @Cameron James…..Well said Sir
    Where do you ever see racing terminals and sports betting in a casino.
    But these (*edited) at Phumelela have No regard for horse racing.They have prostituted racing and as a result,our great sport has gone downhill.

    So what is the Solution…..Seeing that they do not want to replace every person at phumela who has sold Racing down the river,we now have to take our sport AWAY from them.Go back to the Turf Club system that loved and grew Racing.

    And with regard to Tellytrack 239…..Thank goodness I got the special Racing decoder in February 2019.My racing is permanently on the SA Live Feed channel.
    To those of you that have not got this separate decoder,do yourselves a favour and get it on May 4…..Will change your life.

  9. Leon Smuts says:

    @Gary Turf. Agree with a number of your comments but cannot with regards to the Turf Club System. I have nothing against this model and certainly do not agree with the corporate model of racing but we should not forget that corporatisation came about because the previous system was in real trouble.

    You mention that The Turf Club system loved racing and that appears to be true but it certainly also failed at growing racing just as the current system is doing. There seems to be a general misconception that growth can happen by itself if the sport is well run. This has some credibility but not without specific programs to grow the customer base.

    Compelling reasons are needed for anyone to get involved and stay involved in racing especially as people have many choices in terms of how they could spend their hard earned money. What makes racing special and worthy of pursuit? This is what the industry and whoever ultimately becomes responsible for growing racing should be asking themselves.

    Unless racing is able to make participation a lot more entertaining than now it is sure to continue failing in this vital area of the business. The question then is what would constitute worthwhile entertainment and more importantly what would keep people coming back for more? It will be a combination of many things. Family fun, value for money, affordability across a wide demographic, more entertaining products, more winnable formats, attractive loyalty programs, transparent data, easy accessibility, well policed racing, animal care and aftercare, expanding on tote product concepts, aggressive advertising, secure facilities, well trained staff, marketing teams, caring for the entire racing community which includes grooms and clear evidence that clients are truly valued.

    If racing does the above it has every chance of flourishing again and it doesn’t matter what model is used as long as the objectives are to see racing succeed for everyone that makes a living from it. A common vision, common goals and a dedicated and passionate staff will make it possible.

  10. Viv says:

    Well said guys….now its becoming totally clear that these racing managers have no idea how keep this industry working appropriately; so the next easiest thing is to copy cat their opposition.hahaha these guys must be the biggest jokes….

  11. Nicolin says:

    I completely agree, if no live racing, show us some interesting documentaries, old classic races etc etc

    Can’t those who want to bet on Roulette and virtual stuff watch it on the same platform they’re betting on?

    Who in their right mind finds a wheel spinning and watching cartoon horses running, interesting?

    Catch a wake up, this is utterly domb

  12. Cameron James says:

    Hi Gary

    The biggest issue i have with the authorities of horseracing is the lack of transparency.

    We the clients , have no voice whatsoever as our complaints are never even taken seriously. We don’t even warrant any reasoning from the powers that be. We can complain all we want, but after some time, its swept under the carpet. There is absolutely no accountability.

    A simple example, poor old Frankie Zackey has implored for the Computaform to be revised to its former format in terms of numbering. I have read only of the negatives, not one post came has endorsed the new format. What does that tell you?

    Guys if we want change, WE have to do something but we need the buy in from every single racing enthusiast out there. Abraham Lincoln onse said “a house divided against itself cannot stand,” We have a considerable brains trust on this very platform to contibute to the betterment of racing.

    Things have got to change, I have to wonder if Markus Jooste is still not puling the strings through the people he put in power…. because nothings changed. The industry is still being plundered for the selfish needs of a select few.

    Ed, if we get some sort of vote , if any viewer prefers the current tellytrack product?

    When people bet, they want to see and hear their fancy run in a race, not the presenters going on and on about a soccer 10 pool or selections.

    I wish the new guy in charged at Tellytrack can read our comments and engage us but respectfully. That will be the 1st step to gain some credibility….

  13. Stephen REDMAN says:

    Agree with most of the above why can we see one or two race meetings well presented – open a second channel for all the 2nd rate meetings



    That’s how much Phumelela (tellytrack) value their customers…what’s left of them.

    This has consistently been their track record.

    If Phumelela (Tellytrack) had competition, Multichoice would have shut them down years ago, irrespective of a legal agreement.


    The mere existence of Phumelela & Tellytack has be deleterious to SA Racing

  16. Oscar says:

    A fantastic suggestion..

  17. Racing guru says:


    The current system is not even allowing us to deposit money into our account to play overseas racing… Pathetic
    What r the fat cats doing?
    Can’t the IT guys even have that simple thing working?
    Really sad
    I think when everything is back we punters should boycott racing for a certain agreed period of time… Maybe then there will be a wake up call

  18. Ramesh says:

    Another issue with telly track is that when horse are cantering down to the start they focus their cameras to the on course presenters, we must see what is spoken Not listen, which I hardly do because I can lose money on my own fancy, Not on anyone’s tip.

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