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Monday Return For Local Racing Is On The Cards

Level 3 opens the door

It is welcome news for local racing that Gold Circle have taken the initiative and gone onto the front foot in anticipation of getting local racing back on track on Monday 1 June.

KZN trainers have shown their ravenous appetite and raised their hands with a show of approval with an unprecedented 376 entries, including Glen Kotzen’s Gr1 winner Eyes Wide Open and Dean Kannemeyer’s popular big earning 2yo of last term African Warrior, amongst the runners weighted for the eight-race polytrack meeting at Hollywoodbets Greyville.

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement on Sunday evening that that we will be dropping to level 3 lockdown status was confirmed to be applicable countrywide by Health Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize today.

The draft provisions expected to be gazetted tomorrow, are anticipated to include a provision for permitting professional non contact sports and Gold Circle are continuing with their core business – and hosting the opening meeting behind closed doors under strict protocols.

A Gold Circle spokesman said that the company  had made a decision to commence the administrative processes in advance of the racemeeting, including entries and weights, rather than waste valuable time and risk losing the long-awaited slot.

See all the weights here

  • Pic of African Warrior – Candiese Lenferna

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38 comments on “Monday Return For Local Racing Is On The Cards

  1. Singing boy says:

    Great news. Just need to get the online betting accounts support up to scratch and allow for easy withdrawal options like HW does and boom ….!!!

  2. Jack Swarts says:

    Fantastic Gold Circle!!! And sincere congratulations on being bold and bullish to make the first move. That’s the kind of leadership our racing industry needs.
    I wish you well for your first meeting after this severe drought of racing of the past 2 months. May your business thrive going forward.

  3. Joey says:

    New to online betting are you home happy with Hollywood and do they pay on time ?

  4. Singing boy says:

    Just read that Openview has reached the 2 million subscriber mark. Now imagine if Tellytrack were to be broadcast on the Openview bouquet that’s free of any monthly charges. How many more punters and new people would become interested and be able to bet from home????

  5. Gman says:

    Yes S Boy
    But the suits think with their bank balances first and the rest is a distant 2nd.

  6. Gman says:

    You only heard about phumelela/RA+NHA for the padt two months.Now Gold circle is being congratulated for thinking ahead.WOW#!!!Vee this Vee that.
    Its as if someone else does all the work and I get all the credit.

  7. Shanil says:

    Congrats to GoldCircle for their pro activeness . However should a meeting punters been waiting desperately for be run on a poly track surface. May be the grass tracks need another 6 months to be prepared. Punters should tread wearily. It’s a Monday. Poly / Sandtrack same thing.

  8. Oscar says:

    Well done to Gold Circle..But a tremendous
    Thank you must be given to Andrew Bon, Hazel Kagiya. Vee Moodley. Justin Hoffman ,Frankue, ,Gman and others whose presentations and letters regarding the protection and lives of the innocent horses
    Was greatly responsible for the resumption
    of racing.
    Perhaps now the horses can earn their money and be saved from a possible catastrophe.
    Thanks God we are finally seeing the light.

  9. Hilton witz says:

    Why no comments allowed to divan mollers response and the article on the media forming an organization?Freedom of speech being disrespected

    1. Editor says:

      Hilton, we purposely disabled the comments on this post as it was Moller’s response to the Winning Ways Show interview.

      We considered that allowing comments on it would likely lead to an exchange of blows of ‘he said she said’, allegations and the rest, and the consequential legal spin-offs in an environment where we are moderating allegations without the full facts, are just not worth it.

  10. Sunnyboy Moopa says:

    Punters will allowed to go to any Tab outlet to place their bet ?

  11. bob kistnasamy says:

    Excellent news that GC is getting started to race. The enthusiasm from the trainers is a good indication of how the industry has been starved of the sport.
    Let’s hope that the Minister now comes to the party.

  12. Terry Day says:

    As a punter, do you know when racing will resume in the Cape Province as well as Turffontein and the Vaal ?

  13. Anand Chetty says:

    Sunnyboy, all tab outlets will be closed.
    Only online and Telly betting allowed.
    I don’t know if the industry has used any media and the lockdown time to encourage or educate people how to go online
    If they have, great.
    If they haven’t, I would be shocked

  14. Donald says:

    Hi Ed , your decision and reasons to not allow comment on Divan Mollers article I find very interesting and in the circumstances possibly understandable !

    However , I am going to take a chance and make one comment in this around about manner and that is Mr. Goodman , if he wants to be an investigative journalist , must ask investigative questions of answers given to him in his interviews and give right of reply as and when required ?

    On the subject at hand it appears to me that government is now making all sorts of amendments to what was initially planned under level 3 lockdown and I further understand that the original NO SPORTING events is going to be amended to allow for NON CONTACT sporting events of which horse racing has an outside chance of falling under that category ?

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Donald
      Yes the draft changes speak of non contact professional sports being permitted
      So there is hope!

  15. Avril L says:

    Kudos to Gold Circle for using initiative and giving it a go. The NCCC can’t even be timeous with their news briefings, so who is to say when a signature on a document will ever be forthcoming.

  16. Jack Swarts says:

    Waiting for approval from the Government is like waiting for rain in a desert. We need to move on!

  17. Anthony says:

    ED, has this opening been confirmed or are they blowing hot smoke again, come next week all nominations cancelled again and all our hopes dashed??

    1. Editor says:

      We good to go Anthony!

  18. Let's Race says:

    Can you verify Ed ?


    The NHA is pleased to announce that Horseracing in South Africa will resume on 1 June 2020 behind closed doors. The NHA have informed the Racing Operators accordingly on the requirements that needs to be complied with in order to stage these meetings.

    The following rules shall be applicable on the effective start date.

    The field sizes will be restricted to 12 runners per race with the exception of ALL Pattern races in which 14 runners will be allowed.

    Jockeys will be restricted to ride in the region of their choice and cannot move in between provinces. They will be allowed to make ONE move prior to the commencement of racing.

    The adjusted minimum riding weight in Handicap races shall remain at 54kg.

    Horses moving between regions shall NOT be allowed unless a horse is moving to another province on a permanent basis as per the regulations of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

    All Horse Transport Companies must have the necessary Permits to move horses between the training centres and race courses.

    The last race must be run not later than 16h45.

    Any persons with comorbidities shall not be able to attend.

    Racing at Flamingo Park shall NOT take place in the month of June. The Racing Operators shall advise on the status of Kimberley racing in due course.

    All of the above will be applicable for the month of June. Any relaxations shall be implemented in conjunction with the status of the Coronavirus pandemic, together with any positive changes to the Governments adjusted risk strategy from July onwards.

    A further release on the Health & Safety, together with the surveillance protocols, as per our submission to Government shall follow.

    The Racing Operators have commenced with pre administration work for the upcoming meetings.

    The NHA is pleading to all participants to self-regulate regarding prevention and hygiene practices. The Covid-19 pandemic is in its infant stages in South Africa. The scientific and worldwide statistics, forecasts that this virus will be in existence for an extended period. Individual responsibility will go a long way in assisting the South African Horseracing Industry to continue racing, creating value and to the ultimate sustainability thereof.

    Vee Moodley

    Chief Executive

  19. Gary Turf says:

    Racing Starts on Monday at Greyville

  20. Art says:

    Ed .Looks like MDK has definitely got some people talking
    Racing to start on 1 June I see.

  21. PL.NEL says:

    Wishing all participants a healthy welcome back, may your june and forward be well rewarded.

  22. Slakes says:

    At last, the games are beginning. What a toast!

  23. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…
    Positive thinking and planning and not lambasting people for doing the right thing for racing we’ll definitely make huge strides…Well done to every single person that threw their weight behind getting racing going again,,and big well done to Mike De Kock for getting involved in a big way,, if the keyboard kings only knew what went on behind closed doors they’ll be eating their words,,but then again they not the die hard racing punter so one can expect a negative comment…Finally the BIGGEST WELL DONE MUST GO TO MOD…every single person in racing hss got them to thank MOD for saving our game we love so much…as a avid fan of the OPEN BET I’ll certainly be changing my play grounds and start supporting our national totes,, now that the click has been destroyed i think its only fair to give the support back to our national tote,,so I’m asking each and every punter pls NOT to support the OPEN BET now that we have die hard racing people at heart running our horseracing… MOD deserves all the support possible from us the punter,,it’s certainly not for self gaine but for the betterment of our horseracing racing,, i can honestly say that I see our racing blossoming just like the old days if not better…God Bless

    1. Editor says:

      Well said, Frankie!

  24. Anand Chetty says:

    Sunnyboy asked a question, and I wonder whether anybody will speak up for the small cash punter.
    Has TAB made any effort to bring the thousands of small punters on board by getting them to register for online or Tele betting? They’ve had 9 weeks to do that.
    In any case let’s see what the pools are like, maybe able to show what the cash punters contribute

  25. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…
    Thank you MR Ed 🤜

  26. George says:

    Very Well Said FZ.

  27. John says:

    Well said Frank! I was also a massive supporter of the open bet, I will now only support the National Tote! Racing can only grow from strength to strength. We need all the punters to support the National Tote, please stand together to keep this beautiful industry alive!

  28. Gavin says:

    Yes yes yes… Racing is back baby.. Cannot wait

  29. Cameron James says:

    Ed, instead of drawing lines on sand, why cant the bookies and the national totes work together as we have seen the impact this divison is causing the industry.

    Would be lovely to hear some feedback from the bookmakers in the industry and especially more so that things are heading in the right direction with all the baggage being thrown out.

    Time to put all this personal and petty problems aside for the good of the game.

  30. Anand Chetty says:

    Well done with comments policy, Ed. Real names, verified. For the purposes of mature debate, and not hurling insults with the protection of pseudonyms.
    We need to ALL work together to save this industry we have so much passion for.
    New blood.
    Punter (customer) input.
    Introduce the general public to the sport, especially the younger set, educate them about the value of formlines, breeders, the attending trainer, the special qualities of the top jocks.
    That racing is not roulette, it can be, with study, a game of skill and strategy.
    Call for the formation of a punters forum, not to complain about money lost on a sure thing, but to assist in brainstorming new ideas, bet types, ways to improve telebetting staff and tote staff, rationale regarding scratching of reserve runners at different times for features and non features.
    Points system akin to the casinos, rewards including big prizes eg. Motor vehicles on big days, cash vouchers, free trips and accommodation to participating racing venues.
    Advertising for and interviewing qualified individuals with great management skills and unmatched local and international horseracing knowledge.
    Ed, I have repeatedly said, know your customer.
    Is it possible that racing authorities should engage with punters now? Punters invited for their input to improve the game, not to sound out personal frivolous complaints?
    Could sporting post assist driving this Punter Forum, by asking the relevant individuals to look at it? Raff Shaik from Gold Circle perhaps?

  31. Barry says:

    No horses permitted to move between provinces unless it is on a permanent basis. Surely this idiotic regulation will have a huge impact on the July !! Seriously….WTF !!!

  32. Graeme Hawkins says:

    Hi Barry, the restrictions on movement are, at this stage, applicable for the month of June only as per the NHA release. Hopefully these regulations can be relaxed from 1 July.

  33. donald bradshaw says:

    Bookmakers ! Pools are going to take a severe dive at least in the near future , come to the party and give up your right to the open bet or at least suspend it for one year otherwise the industry is going to struggle to pay acceptable stakes to keep owners in the noble sport and by extension the horse racing segment of your business as a viable concern !

  34. Leon Smuts says:

    The problem is not that bookmakers offer the open bet but that in the past there was a reason to not support the tote as racing was not a priority. It is up to us as individuals to place our bets where it does the most good and makes the most sense. I have always supported the tote and will continue to do so but will never demonise bookmakers or people preferring to deal with bookmakers. I do however feel that we can all do our bit to strengthen racing’s funding model given what should be more of a racing focus from our operators in future.

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