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Gold Circle Takes Over Tellytrack

Phumelela owe Gold Circle 'millions'

Paul Lafferty

Paul Lafferty –

Winning Ways host James Goodman caught up with Gold Circle Director Paul Lafferty, who is also a Chairman of the KZN Trainers Association, on Friday afternoon.

Laff talks about financial disarray up North, Gold Circle ranking behind Investec in the creditor queue – all said prior to the official business rescue announcement on Friday afternoon.

Watch the interview here

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64 comments on “Gold Circle Takes Over Tellytrack

  1. Elvis says:

    Please bring back Shaeen Shaw !

  2. Eric Red says:

    Definitely Shaeen Shaw

  3. Selwyn says:

    Any logical reason why South African racing has not adopted the HK model..centralized billing etc?

  4. jc lee ching says:

    I agree Selwyn

  5. Gman says:

    I hope this will be the end of the infamous spinning wheel and Xbox races.

  6. Shanil says:

    Get hard core punters as presenters. Age should be irrelevant . Not afraid to go against the favourites.

  7. Lewis says:

    Shaheen Shaw!! The best presenter ever to be on our screens, he is entertaining, knowledgeable and says it as it is. BRING HIM BACK

  8. Andre says:

    It is time that Tellytrack gets new management, it requires a proper make over because Telllytrack is not user friendly

  9. Selvan says:

    What can we say, government doesn’t take notice of the damage they are causing to job loses

  10. Cecil Pienaar says:

    This is more good news along with the Oppenheimer Daughters news… Geez, someone switched the light on again at the end of the Dark tunnel.

    I say again. Does Shaheen want back in ? I hope so, maybe he reads this and replies.

    LoL. But if we have James Goodman, Andrew Bon, Paul Laff, my namesake Cecil, Warren, Kevin, Molly 😅 will Shaheen get a word in …

    Aah, I look fwd to The New Racing chapter.

  11. jc lee ching says:

    Telly Track needs a professional make over, the present product is poor. Telly Track should be a vehicle to advertise racing to all and sundry, making new people interested i racing. Programming is weak, you never know WHEN a certain item that you want to see is on air. You spend hours trying to view something then it does not air. The times advertised are simply bogus. The camera men AND programmers need more coaching on what viewers want to see and how to present Horse Racing. They never seem to have proper shots of horses going to post. Instead of getting good side camera views of the horse to display it’s well being we are treated to rear end shots or close up’s of the jockeys. We need to see how the horse looks and moves not a profile of a jockey.

  12. Azzman says:

    I will love to see propper pre race interviews with owners and trainers, there are some that are always willing…. And then a decent canter down of every horse, not just the presenters opinion about one or two horses he likes. I look for different things in the canter down than the person next to me maybe… And unfortunately im not a form punter, im more of a punter that follows the best looking horse according to me… So would love to see it more.
    I agree too with the sentiment of giving one or two real punters a chance of presenting, guys thats not afraid to speak up and speak the language of punters…
    Just my opinion

  13. Barry says:

    I absolutely agree bring back Shaheen and let’s Hit Them Hard !!

  14. Deon says:

    this was worth the hard lockdown. bring back S Shaw

  15. Viv says:

    Keenly awaiting, lets see ………

  16. I.mohamed (smiler) says:

    Shaeen shaw all the way

  17. Selvie Chetty says:

    I had as a lady punter would like to see more attention given to local racing and then to overseas racing …telly track really needs to undergo a make over …

  18. Hugh says:

    C’mon people smell the coffee.☕

    This Tellytrack deal will be set aside by the business rescue practitioner or a court. Phumelela has preferred Gold Circle over its other creditors. They must know this.🤬

    Will the real Brian Riley please stand up and inform us why the RA did not take Phumelela’s share in Tellytrack in lieu of lost stakes? 😱

    Who is fooling who? 🎭

  19. Shanil says:

    Shaheen when irritated is a joy to watch. Thoroughly entertaining. Need real presenters like him and Alistor.

  20. PC says:

    This must be a joke. When was the last time gold circle showed an operating profit. Another shocker

  21. Ronnie says:

    Shaeen Shaw the best.

  22. Mano Moodkey says:

    Priority to local racing a full interview after each race jockeys comments display all betting in advance to help punter to sort their selection especially to local racing . Please bring back uncle Molly

  23. Naveen says:

    Let the small punter dream big of winning the pick6 also. Change the rules and let couplings apply. Sometimes a trainer has two or more horses in a race and the lesser fancy arrives and throws you out of your bet. How often have you heard, ‘the wrong one arrived.’ Trainers themselves get surprised, so how does one expect the punter to know it? Just wondering if the radio commentaries could return to keep the punters who are on the road,eg. Company reps, drivers,and people in offices,etc. interested just so that they can feel the excitement of a race, rather than just looking at the results and either getting excited or getting disappointed. Just a thought,though.🙄

  24. Siva says:

    Shaheen the man
    Hell he is the best
    You biscuit

  25. Waagz says:

    Bring back shaheen shaw ASAP

  26. Denzil says:

    I don’t understand why so many people are singing the praises of Shaeen Shaw? What I remember about Shaeen is that he was mostly more interested in putting up slides of the betting for a meeting where the PA was due to start in 3 hours….rather than focusing on current international live races, which was about to be run and on which many punters may have had a bet. I also remember him once undermining… that Swedish female commentator and questioning why those races should be given any airtime on Telly Track. Well news for Mr. Shaeen, Sweden is one of the few venues we have nowadays. By the way that Swedish commentator is very informed and passionate about her racing.. it’s just that she has a foreign accent. I also recall Shaeen once saying we’ve had enough of this cemetery bend stories ( with regards to a live race from Kenya) and instead was wanting to focus on some other local race which was still hours away). This sometimes inconsiderate and selfish behavior by Shaeen may be funny an entertaining for some viewers.. but is definitely hurting the bottom line of betting pools on televised racing, which in turn has a negative effect on the sustainability of racing in SA.

    I personally never have a bet on Any horse, which I have not viewed pre-race or at the start and I’m sure many seasoned punters will agree. (I don’t care what the price of the horse is, or who is tipping it) A horse that is being unruly at the start; sweating and getting worked up or even shivering and shaking will 99 % of the time run badly. But the Producers at Telly track don’t have a clue, they would rather put up slides of Soccer 6 selections or Free Tab Sheet selections and a lot of other useless information while a race may be 2 minutes to thee start in Australia. Those Australian as well as Swedish Commentators often give valuable information prior to the race, for example which horses are being backed, which drivers and trainers are in form on the day and so on.. such information is of great interest to punters.

    In order for Gold Circle to take the current “Helly Track” and turn it into a successful information steam for punters, which should be their primary objective and to attract prospective punters in turn increasing pools and contributing to the future sustainability of racing, they need to have people who fully understand and appreciate their roles and responsibility in the industry. Telly Track should also in future be freely available online and even in bars and taverns so that new blood can be attracted to the game. We need new enterprising thinkers.

  27. Hamisj Stewart says:

    We need JamesGoodman back in the parade ring tipping from an astute horsemans perspective not off the top of bookmakers board.He was a legend back in the day.Went out of pick6 but he got our money back .Ive sat many times with my trainer Garth Puller watching them go down and he says that cant win especially favourites and like clockwork they dont arrive.The ordinary punter who keeps this game alive do not have a horsemans eye.Complaceny ruined this game

  28. Hamisj Stewart says:

    Congrats Denzil well said.It is your objective thinking so lacking in our game.

  29. Wayne Fouche says:

    Please not Warren and Kevin. They might be nice guys but they couldn’t tip a thunder storm rolling on it’s way toward them!!

  30. Horseboss says:

    Telly track, needs live running to go with its south african racing to enhance, what they are selling, if I’m not mistaken, a company by name of Equimotion was already producing sectional times and live order display..

    Phumelela, couldn’t pay and they then started saying times were off…

    Where have u heard of timing systems being on par? I mean those tracker things are towards the back of the horses and official times taken from horses nose… Doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that the times will never be the same, but who am I just a guy who loves his racing and enjoyed the order of running being displayed live

  31. Pops says:

    Hugh, after reading this,do you still think the coffee smelling should continue.
    Phumelela Gold Enterprises (PGE) is a joint venture between South African horseracing and tote betting operators Phumelela and Gold Circle. PGE is managed by JSE-listed Phumelela and owns the domestic and international broadcast and information rights to South African horseracing. PGE also owns and manages Tellytrack, South Africa’s domestic horseracing TV channel.

  32. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Morning All, interesting comments

    I am just very happy that Tellytrack will continue. I have faith in GC, I am sure they will improve it. Let’s face it, anything is better than the current TellyCrap

    We need some new faces, Presenters, Not necessarily Tipsters. I only play SP and a few regular Posters tips

    To all the Mothers* and Ouma’s out there – Happy Mother’s Day 💐, we also remember the one’s in Heaven

    Have a Good Day All

    PS – * Mothers in Law included

  33. NAUTILUS says:

    I agree that we should focus on SA racing and make it great again. Too much time spent on overseas racing, and that’s not bad thing but local is lekker. We need more transparency and more info before each race. As a punter we want to experience the vibe @ the different race courses,no matter who you interview, give us a sense of our local stars. Let us as punters, owners get excited about a new racing star. I trust change is good, so looking forward to some new changes and new beginnings. In the meantime let’s all stay safe with eagle eye’s.

  34. Pops says:

    Cecil,looks like your English has improved somewhat.(no Mother in Laws) Lol.
    You have to keep that up seeing the Last Outpost is heading to take over racing and Tellytrack.
    No post race interviews in Afrikaans.

  35. Melissa Lae says:

    I am not a horse racing fan, the main reason being at the end of most of these horses racing careers, they do not find adequate homes etc etc. But I did get to spend many years watching the early morning training rides, did attend races and owned a few of these amazing horses at the end of their racing careers. I do not want to see this industry die, all these horses killed all those employed in this industry unemployed and the list goes on… Our lockdown must end, safety issues such as social distancing etc put into place and we need to go back to earning livelihoods before the only option for many of our people will be crime. I hope to hear that racing will be resumed shortly.

  36. Cecil Pienaar says:

    He He Pops, true 😅👍

  37. James Goodman says:

    Thanks Karel for publishing this. I will keep interviewing informed people. You may subscribe and be notified of our channel on Youtube. Its Free to all your readers and anyone else! Its Winning ways show and has many previous interviews, which will be of interest!Please share with your Facebook friends.

  38. Leon Smuts says:

    I think it is safe to say that a lot of the drivel dished up by Tellytrack had little to do with the competence of the people working there and everything to do with a screwed up mandate. It was very clear that Phumelela wanted to exit local racing and was hoping to end up as a bookmaking business featuring sport and overseas content which would have cost them a fraction in terms of what local operations cost. If allowed they would have wormed themselves out of any responsibility for local racing except to hang on to the broadcasting rights which are hugely profitable given the large international audience interested in screening our races.
    Give our current guys a chance as with some additions we will see a difference in future it terms of how our local product is covered. i have no doubt that a change in mandate will result in a better product for all punters.

  39. Boete says:

    Maybe know the camera quality and the on the line finishes will clearer like our Jhb finishes and upgrade on the totes with proper security the joke if all times was seeing the security working behind the windows in the pine street tote

    1. Editor says:

      We will ask Mr Loker to comment on that

  40. Isaac says:

    I’m happy for GC ,maybe we will be able to get more racing reviews from Western Cape an kzn unlike focusing only on turfontain an vaal.

  41. raventhran lionel naidoo says:

    We as punters need trainers and jockeys to start giving proper and true information prior to races.alan greef is a good example to follow….if the horse is ready to win he tells u it has a winning chance…keep punters happy and horse racing will get better…..OR ELSE WE HEADING FOR DOOM

  42. ryan says:

    Darry Maree !!!! Now that was a man with the golden tongue for outsiders.
    Shaheen and Darryl were electric during their time on TT, perhaps a revival could put a spark back in SA racing

  43. imfourie says:

    Great program James, you and Paul gave alot of answers to questions needed over the past couple of days. We hope Paul is spot on with us opening this comming week.

  44. Brian says:

    I hear all these comments and for the most part they are right.
    As a broadcast guy, Shaheen “shouted’ and I’ve said this before in this very same forum.

    Was he passionate? No doubt whatsoever! Could he be “calmed” into a proper broadcasting environment?

    Without any doubt!

    Here’s the thing

    I’m thrilled GC have taken Tellytrack

    They are Horse Racing people!

    I’ve said it before on this very forum, Less is more. I’ve emailed Rob Scott without reply, and this is what I really hope for.

    Before you become a “betting channel”, Rob Scott, you have to have a product.

    The product was a shambles of dog poo!

    As my old mate Jack used to say, “a foxtrot uniform” in a Dixie”

    He had a few other WW2 sayings but that’s for another time.

    Thing is, TV is an incredibly powerful medium, but for crying in a bucket, follow the other sports, and do ti right!

    Sorry Warren Lenferna, you’d be out, No offence.

    K Shea, I think left alone giving more rope, you’d make more impact.

    Grant Knowles, Fiona Ramsden, sorry.

    I’d take this station and get rid of ego’s

  45. firstfivelegs says:

    An interesting couple of days for SA horse racing. The future of Phumela is now in the hands of genuine racing people, and we can only wish them well. For as long as the government however cannot differentiate between casinos and the horse racing industry, the odds are against them. As for Tellytrack, there is opportunity for a new broom to sweep clean. There has been too much deadwood, far too many hangers on, and a jobs for the boys culture in Tellytrack for far too long. Trouble is that I doubt whether there are sufficient candidates with the required level of industry experience and expertise, as to be able to properly revamp and change the image and effectiveness of the product. Watching Tellytrack lends itself for me, to making comparisons between SA coverage of cricket versus Channel Nine in Australia, and Sky in the UK. Amateurish in comparison. Maybe like those stations we need to import some talent to supplement the best locally.

  46. Paul Karam says:

    Mr Goodman I had the privilege of meeting you many years ago at a steakhouse I owned.

    Very affable and approachable in recent times I’m sad to say that’s changed, Numerous appeals for NHRA employees to answer questionable studbook entries , different rules for trainers.

    DNA test and results remain unexplained by Prof Alan Guthrie and Onderstepoort University Equine department.

    What about a Q/A for the Racehorse auctioneer

    I would gladly debate Miss Kayiya regarding our Thoroughbred studbook ?

    Karel and Sporting Post thank you for allowing me to express my concerns.

    Stay safe sporting fans.

  47. Dave Other says:

    Yet another Shaheen Shaw fan – he could make you take a bet when it wasn’t worth it !

  48. Kenny says:

    All the current studio and on courses presenters need move on and let the new blood take over. Most of them never went though a fair hiring process anyway.

  49. Noel says:

    @Paul Lafferty and @ James Goodman could I ask that the plight of racing be sent out to national media, as there are so many businesses and industries that making it on to national news, yet our industry only seems to be active via our racing network and media. It is time that all of south africa know what our industry is faced with. Job losses, euthanasia of animals is important enough for the rest of south africa to know about and to ask for their support. SAA has had more than enough coverage on national news, it’s time our beloved industry that generates more in finances and employes thousands more than SAA starts getting the same media coverage.

  50. Donald says:

    The heading of this article is incorrect as the C.E.O. of G.C. has advised in a written article in S.P. that this is in fact not the case yet Paul Lafferty stated in the interview with James Goodman that this WAS in fact the case ? ?

    These contradicting statements to the racing public by the two G.C. directors is totally unacceptable and I believe an explanation from Paul Lafferty on how he could have got it so wrong is warranted !

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Donald
      The heading was taken from the interview
      Friday statement differs from Sunday

  51. Shanil says:

    Remember standing behind James Goodman at a tote window in Clairwood. Taking various swingers with a 50 to 1. Included that in my quartet and ran a third. Went home smiling after a tough punting day. Yes need older punters who have experience in finding the shrewdies. Betting from home is not the same as on coarse or totes. Thats why presenters need to create interest and the vibe for punters to enjoy betting whilst your dog is barking and the wife ranting in the kitchen. Only Shaheen could do this. He feels your pain when form does not work and congratulates you when you win. Racing is a game of numbers and stats. Too much info to work in. No presenter is perfect but having the right charisma is crucial for viewers to be interested.

  52. Noel says:

    @Donald I couldn’t agree more. This is absolutely unacceptable to make statements that are not true, does the one hand actually know what the other is doing? This is no better than management from phumelela putting in two different applications to government asking for racing to start behind close doors. Not Cool guys, not cool. Please @lafferty, you need to explain

  53. Donald says:

    Hi Ed , correct Fridays statement differs from Sundays and that is why Paul Lafferty owes S.P. and the racing public an explanation as to how it came about that in the interview he stated that ” Gold Circle had taken over Tellytrack ” when this now appears to be an incorrect statement ?

    He may have a perfectly good explanation for all I know !

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Donald…did you see?
      James Goodman said earlier…
      The interview was done pre the Phumelela announcment.
      Paul only said what has been said in the article above and is borne out by such. Thanks to him for being his usual forthright self.
      We wait with anticipation as per Rocky Horror!

  54. Donald says:

    That is the problem Ed , as I remember the line in the Rocky Horror goes ” SCIENCE FICTION DOUBLE FEATURE PICTURE SHOW ” and that is what is being dished up right now !

  55. Titania McTaggart says:

    One has this horrible feeling that one is watching a Greek tragedy, knowing the outcome but very much caught up in the act.

    All that appears to have transpired is that the actors have changed costumes and are wearing different masks.

    Irony it is.

  56. Rod Mattheyse says:

    Oh damn , so the racing by the 15th is not accurate.

  57. Donald says:

    Rod , in fairness to Mr. Lafferty he did say something to the effect of ” I have a feeling that racing MAY resume on the 15th but my feelings have been wrong before ” so that statement is fair enough and nobody can call him to account on that comment !

    Just a quick comment on horse racing resuming and here I am going to bring in a sport that could easily have been started in level 4 lockdown with 6 m social distancing at all times and simple terms and conditions from the course maintenance right through the playing of completed rounds ALL conducted in the open air and that is GOLF where there can no human contact at all right through the supply chain but the golf courses are now all going to seed ?

    Therefore if this sport cannot be played what chance does horse racing have where there is some unavoidable contact such as leg ups , jockeys saddles and stall handlers holding horses in the starting stalls where social distancing will be impossible ?

  58. Rod Mattheyse says:

    Ofcourse he can be called to account, he wears 90% of the allocated hats in racing, He can’t choose to be a director one moment and then James’ gat gabba the next moment. Do we believe that Phumelela owes Gold Circle this huge amount of money or was it just another tongue in cheek comment?

    But I see where you are going with this Donald, the programming committee at Gold Circle struggled to interpret a Joke between James and Paul about the barrier trials dogs’ rectums, and then as it was said by a director implemented them, with rules and all, the full monty – well except that going very slowly got a tick in the box. The many millions wasted (or did it boost turnover?) could have been used in fighting the consequences of this lockdown.

  59. Joao says:

    Rod hits another nail squarely on the head. The pathetic creating of Barrier trials (in 1 province only) can never be repeated. EVER !!!!! There are many wastes of money along the way and this correctly pointed out is another one.

  60. Racing Fever says:

    GOLD Circle CEO, Michel Nairac, has responded to rumours that the KwaZulu-Natal operator had officially taken over racing’s dedicated channel, Tellytrack, while trainer Paul Lafferty has squashed weekend messages being passed along on Whatsapp forums that he was the man who would be managing a new, revamped DSTV #239.

  61. Taki says:

    Show the horses going down , don’t need Jockeys or trainers comments
    I have often wanted to have a go on a horse only to get put off by the trainers comments , the horses duly obliged

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