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Lockdown – Getting To Us?

Positives versus the negatives

I am very disappointed with some of the comments which followed the Mike de Kock interview.

I think it brought out the ugly side of all of us. I don’t blame anyone. It’s the Lockdown hurting us, not only financially, but emotionally, writes Roy Jaan in the Sporting Post Mailbag.

I don’t like to see a person so severely reprimanded whether its Mike de Kock or Simple Simon.

I’m not an expert on human behaviour but I see that the Lockdown is dividing us in a very damaging way.

I think business and sports types are optimists. Positive people.

On the other hand you have the pessimists. The fearful people.

So at the moment it seems to me that this whole issue – whether the Lockdown should stop or continue – boils down to a battle between positive and negative people.

I also want sports to resume. So I’m also disgruntled.

But I think our leaders should negotiate in a calm and dignified way.

Not going to the negotiating table full of anger and with no respect for the other parties.

But as I said, it’s not us. It’s the effect the Lockdown is having on our temperament.

I think being horse people, they should know better. If a horse doesn’t want to listen to you, you have to wait until he’s ready.

On the positive side of an ugly debate, I think it was a great debate.

It showed independent thinking. If someone who doesn’t know horseracing read it, they will see that we are not sheep, but smart and sharp people.

Thanks for a great website.

Ed – the interview clearly evoked an emotional reaction. We were obliged to discard many comments. It’s a sensitive time for all as Roy points out. But we have to retain civility.

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19 comments on “Lockdown – Getting To Us?

  1. jc lee ching says:


  2. Neil Croft says:

    when leadership school taught its class about world disasters/act of god scenarios and carried out the practical lesson, it seems trump, and ramaphoza missed class that day. we cant blame them, but we can be dissapointed that noone ever steps up to the plate, says it like it is and is decisive in direction. probably mandela would have struggled with this but mabey he would have led. thats all we can ask for. correct level heads will win the day however humans are driven by emotion, we all think we know better. u damned if you do and u damned if you don’t. but what ive learned is fence sitting gets u nothing more than a sore bum!

  3. Greg Baines says:

    Dear Sporing Post,

    The letter of Roy Jaan to your mailbag refers.

    Mr Jaan starts his letter off with with the narrative of being disappointed with some of the comments made after the Mr de Kock interview. He goes on to reveal his view that it brought out the ugly side of all of us.

    I find it interesting that Mr Jaan focused on the comments of readers and said nothing about the comments made by Mr de Kock, which started this entire furor.

    Considering the readers comments on Sporting Post, it appears that a simple majority think that Mr de Kock was wrong and did a disservice for racing. They thought that the words used by Mr de Kock about our government policies could have harmed SA horse racing’s chances of getting racing started as early as possible.

    Since Mr de Kock is an aclaimed race horse trainer, a director of the Racing Association and has been an ambassador for SA racing for many years, he should be interviewed by the Sporting Post about his comments made to the Australian media.

    It is not good for Mr de Kock to sit back and allow this ugliness to continue. He started it. He has been chosen by Mary Slack to be involved in the restructuring of horse racing and has graciously accepted this privilege and duty. Mr de Kock needs to explain himself.

    If Mr de Kock is not prepared to explain himself, the negative and positive comments made about the interview are entitled to flow freely. It is not only Mr de Kock that is entitled to an opinion.

    Yours truly,
    Greg Baines

  4. Donald says:

    Dear Mr. Greg Baines ,

    I know you have addressed your letter to the S.P. and not myself but I feel that your letter holds no value and some falsehoods to boot.

    Mr. de Kock owes nobody any explanation at all , he was interviewed in his personal capacity and responded to questions in a clear , calm and civilized manner with respect to all concerned and spoke truth to power.

    Furthermore , your statement ” it appears that a majority think Mr. de Kock was wrong ” is simply an INCORRECT one and I urge you to back to the comments to establish the true facts of the comments made in this respect.

    Trust the Editor of S.P. will forgive me for this response as I am writing possibly out of turn.

    Yours Truly ,
    Donald Bradshaw.

  5. Eric Red says:

    Well said Donald,fully agree with your comment.

  6. Wayne Fouche says:

    I had written a response about the unnecessary attack on Mike De Kock which included my views on the current Government but decided not to send it as would probably have been censored.

  7. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…
    Donald well said…Thank goodness we are not geldings like most

  8. Art says:

    Ed Mr Baines makes a statement that a simple majority found MzdK comments damaging.Ive gone through all 77 comments relevant to this discussion .I put Mike ahead getting support by the majority of commentators .Perhaps Mr Baines is reading the wrong thread or I cant count.Perhaps you can be the arbiter here.

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Art
      Agree with you

  9. paul says:

    Once upon a time a racing personality said “Racing people have short memories” . They always blaming the next door neighbour. Mike de Kock is a racing expert with “broad shoulders” and can assure you that every word he said was said with RACING as his priority and truthfully. He did not in any way say anything out of complex. He deserves an accolade for letting everyone know how difficult it is for racing and yes if something does not happen VERY SOON….well who knows even the rescue team will not be able to put the fire out!!!!

  10. Deon Landman says:

    Mike De kock. Has always had the horses best interests at heart. Practically there is not enough people who can properly care for a thoroughbred. So euthanasia is the best way out for them. This is my experience as a farrier.

  11. Taki says:

    Well said Donald !!!!

  12. Elize says:

    Iam new to this post and all I hear is complaining and fighting , I always thought sport was for sportsmanship whether it be for fun or gambling. Then I hear of those who are fortunate to be in certain positions in the horseracing arena who abuse their positions . They are to my knowledge placed there by the punters. Without punters there is no horseracing.Come clean so business can resume.

  13. Imfourie says:

    I have been following all the Sportingpost comments throughout the lockdown. There are a couple that post negative comments on everything posted on SP. It seems they are happy racing is not continuing, hanging on the lips of government, although we all know there is something very sinister to what is going on and that for some reason government does not care about any job loss or anyone for that matter as there own pockets are not being affected. Understand the frustration of the trainers, they have staff to look after, lots of owners in bad positions not being able to pay there training fees due to businesses in trouble, and it’s getting worst with every passing day. So comments by certain people saying we should stop racing and listen to government as they know what is best should go sit in their homes and stay there for the foreseeable future. It’s been a trend through out the lockdown that people can’t think for them self, they are like sheep, self centered and only think of them self and what’s good for them. To those of you who can’t see the bigger picture or care for anyone except yourself please do us a favor and don’t post if you don’t know what you are talking about.

  14. nick nychas says:

    I keep hearing that without the punter there is no horse racing. They have been racing horses in the Middle East without gambling for centuries even before the thoroughbred to this day. There are a lot of horseman and horse lovers out there too

  15. Charles says:

    Imfourie when you calmed down,do you want to change somethings in this sentence you posted? Feel free

    It’s been a trend through out the lockdown that people can’t think for them self, they are like sheep, self centered and only think of them self and what’s good for them”.

  16. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…
    Nick Nychas…Sporting Post a racing media site… I suggest channel 301 on DSTV is worth passing time if you bored

  17. Taki says:

    Charles I suggest you check your sentences and make changes

  18. Gman says:

    @Nick Nychos-
    There is No cure for what you have.
    Maybe Ear muffs/Blinkers could help.
    Ai tog help vir Henna oor die Hi Way!!!!

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