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RA Steps In To Assist Northern Cape Owners

Subsidy to be paid for month of June

RA LogoThe Racing Association has stepped in to assist owners of horses based in the Northern Cape.

A communication issued on Friday states that in light of the announcement made this week that racing at Flamingo Park shall not take place for the month of June, the Directors of the Racing Association, mindful of the impact this has on Owners in the Northern Cape, have decided to extend the grant to Owners in that region for the month of June.

The Racing Operators shall advise on the status of Kimberley in due course. In the interim, and in the absence of racing, the grant of R1000 per horse will be paid over for the month of June.

The terms and conditions of the grant will remain as previously stated and the RA will engage with each of the Trainers in the area to ensure the number of horses in each stable remains accurate. Payment will be made in the first week of the new month.

The RA states that it remains committed to communication and honest feedback and again encouraged engagement on their website.

Find  the  link  ‘Engage  with  the  RA  Board’  under  Quick  Links  on the www.racingassociation.co.za  website and mark the email for the Board’s attention.


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