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You Can Own The World!

All are equal on the turf!

Forget the prestige and the accolades – the sheer elation at your superb athlete’s win is the ultimate high! It is indescribable!

There is little more beautiful in life than a thoroughbred cantering down to post – unless it is the same horse powering home to victory!

Sarah Whitelaw writes that from the sounds of galloping hooves, to the drama of seeing unlikely champions emerge, owning and watching thoroughbred racing remains a thrill to all who are involved.

Happy feature winners with Gimme One Night (Pic – Chase Liebenberg)

Champions, both equine and human, emerge from all backgrounds in racing, and, all men/women are equal on the turf.

But owning a racehorse is so much more than just appreciating and savouring the beauty of a thoroughbred racehorse.

From the thrill of a successful bet, to watching your horse finish first past the post, the sport of horse-racing truly offers something for everyone. Watching champion racehorses compete against each other remains a high-light of today’s sporting world, with the likes (in recent times) of Frankel, Winx, Zenyatta and South Africa’s own charismatic champion Pocket Power (to name but a few) becoming household names.

Owning a horse allows owners access to visit their horse and watch him/her gallop, and there are few more thrilling moments than watching your promising young thoroughbred stride out impressively in a home gallop.

Jonathan Snaith, an intergral part of Snaith Racing, one of the leading racing outfits in South Africa, had the following to say about the joy of racing, ““There is nothing more rewarding than shouting home a race horse. A horse that you selected as a yearling and watched grow into an athlete you are proud of.”

Owning a racehorse introduces first-time owners an entry into a different world, and opens up potentially exciting new social opportunities, as well as being introduced to one of the oldest and most fascinating sports in the world.

Winston Churchill perhaps said it best when saying, “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man”, and, as an enthusiastic racing owner himself, Churchill was surely speaking with the image of a thoroughbred in mind!

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