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Newsflash: Racing – Level 3 Hopes Flicker

Or are we jumping the gun - again?

NHA negotiations with the government continue and the chief executive officer Vee Moodley is hopeful horseracing will be included in the Level 3 list of industries that can resume operation.

He told Gold Circle’s David Thiselton:

“Negotiations are being escalated, we are hopeful to be included at Level 3 – we are in the hands of the government. The president may be announcing some directions tomorrow or Friday and am hopeful that we are considered. I am sending further updates through mainstream on Wednesday.”

Moodley said the particular medium being used today for his message was yet to be confirmed.

Ed – President Cyril Ramaphosa will address the nation at 20h30 this evening on South Africa’s ongoing measures to manage the spread of the coronavirus  through the implementation of a risk adjusted strategy.

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29 comments on “Newsflash: Racing – Level 3 Hopes Flicker

  1. Steve Reid says:

    My money is on 1 June.

    There’s more danger going to a shop than on the racetrack.

  2. Philip Norman says:

    Agreed – especially if it’s a Betting Shop.

  3. Pops says:

    Steve,the clever money is on a week before 1 June. Cyril sent out his ministers to announce the bad news and is reserving the Pollyanna moment for himself.

  4. MGram says:

    No chance Steve this will take time.

  5. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Are we jumping the gun – again ?

    No – Cliffie and others get ready

    Monday 01 June. Flamingo Park
    10 races carded
    1st of at 12.00


  6. bob kistnasamy says:

    Month end Monday Meetings or first Monday of the week in the month is reserved for Fairview. Flamingo Park only gets the left overs.
    Whatever the news, let’s hope its a positive one for the horseracing industry and the start is soon and safe.

  7. Peter says:

    Just start racing. Who cares about their permission at this point. They are clearly being unreasonable.

  8. PL.NEL says:

    Agree, let’s race now,, first off at 5am with 25 minute intervals we could run 2 pick sixes by 9am. Call it the coffee and risky rusk meeting.

  9. Livingstone says:

    Controlling social distancing at betting shops would be a monumental task – and, I agree, betting there would be very risky. Online betting looks to be the future.

  10. Noel says:

    Mr moodley, why are negotiations now being escalated. Have you not escalated any of your negotiations before the presidents speech last night. Frankly I am so tired if listening to the hot air being conveyed by individuals. I personally think that all the highly paid key positions held by certain individuals in our industry know about as much as we the public do and are able to negotiate terms with government no better than the man on the street. So that really says a lot about these highly paid key individuals.

  11. Christo says:

    Gk Scott, comments like yours are unasked for at this stage. Lets be positive and get racing going.

    1. Editor says:

      That comment was removed, Christo

  12. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Goeie More Almal.

    In Afrikaans se ons – Die President het lank gepraat, maar F*kk*l gese ….

    Have a Good day, atleast we have SP and poster boys like William, Rian, Pops to name a few 😅

  13. Danny Reddy says:

    Online betting guys. Safe and reliable. Besides you can be with your family at home

  14. Noel says:

    @Christo, please don’t talk about positivity, that’s all us owners with multiple horses in training may I add, are actually trying to be. However, we have to listen to constant Blah, Blah, Blah with little and no progress to actually start racing, even behind closed doors. I think we have a right to now start getting frustrated. I don’t want talking anymore, I want action. For the sake of our industry, our horses that we have to feed monthly and all the jobs that are actually at risk.

  15. Fritx says:

    Hi all been well my thought as July run end of July if racing gets back would it b ok with authorities in charge let kzn racing have 3 race meetings a week example Tuesday Thursday Saturday so can fit our winter season in an horses to prep for July even if it’s Mon thus Sunday if it’s b ok as horses has to run been off 3 months an need qualifying races to get into July

  16. Donald says:

    Cecil , I thought the president was very statesman like in his address and said quite a lot the most important of which is that the country should , all things being equal , move to level 3 on 1st June 2020 and therefore horse racing should start subject to strict terms and conditions on that date !

    The question now is what are the horse racing industries leaders doing TODAY to ensure that they engage government to secure approval in principle and thereafter can plan accordingly to ” get the show on the road ” from that date or if government still have reservations to address those reservations TODAY with government ?

  17. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Hello Donald, Thank Heaven we have CR and not the previous guy. I was expecting a bit more from the Pres, he repeated a lot of old news.

    Hoping sincerely for Level 3 soonest… Thing is I was waiting for Ministers to say otherwise again today

    Racing. I pin (All) my hopes on the MOD team, feedback would be nice, cause we care, otherwise we speculate

    I have NO faith in the old regime, not just now, long before Covid 19. My opinion they probably wrote a few emails working from home.

    But, like most of us, I pray and hope racing starts 01 June.
    Yes, other industries as well ..

  18. Rian says:

    Goeie genade Cecil dit was asof ek nog op Skool was toe ek vir hom luister , anyway the reading of a teleprompter doesn’t leave me with a hell of a lot of confidence in him anymore or for our great Sport to take place but have taken a few even money bets on racing taking place on the 1st May with some friends
    C R is better than the rest ,Cecil but he has always been a dove even during the negotiations at Kempton Park and has his hands full to calm the Hawks but don’t want to name them on this Forum
    Hope we going to get a few winners from you when it starts,
    Williams not to quick out the stalls so will wait for him to find his feet first
    Take care Ed

  19. Donald says:

    Hi Rian , you lost your even money bets before the start as 1st May has come and gone and racing is nowhere to be seen , at least in S. Africa ?

  20. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Hello Rian, oh yes we gonna bet all those Cape horses that arrived early at Summerveld. Also the locals training out of Ashburton when Scottsville gets going.
    William long-shot will be our PA go to man for Polytrack

    Good Night, be safe 👍


    William feels his doing an impersonation of Rip van Winkle today, Rian.

    Mr. Cecil Pienaar, is there space at your stabling quarters to bury me ?

    RIP with my losing PA tickets.

    Thanks to the two of you for keeping a smile on my face.

    What type of bet do you generally fancy, Gents ?

  22. Rian says:

    Hey Donald, meant 1st June, you sharp , my fingers getting tired
    Take care

  23. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Hello William 😅, altyd plek vir n goeie vriend.

    Original JP and Quartets especially distance races.
    Also, always looking for the longer shot doubles or trebles with smaller outlay

    The P6 on big race days with carry overs, but not so good with this one.

    Geez, just writing this, I realise again how much I miss it.

    Stay Safe 👍

  24. Rian says:

    William, I’m a trifecta boytjie but the percentage has stuffed it up , but again only my view
    Love quartets as they have been growing just about every time I look
    Would like to see two payouts for the bet but then another if you get the 4 places in any order
    Take care and miss your music

  25. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Sorry couldn’t resist this one

    Please do not involve The Minister of Sport, Nathi M
    He would wanna change most horse names before giving the green light 🤭

    Good Night Mr Ed, All.

    ( No Comrades this year )

    1. Editor says:

      Cheers Cecil!


    Yes Rian, I was a big trifecta player and I’m in full agreement with you about the low fractional % allowed.

    Is it too much for them, including Vee Moodley, when he was the main man @ Phumelela, to strike a balance between the smaller punter and others ?

    What about, at the very least, considering a 20% minimum ‘ceiling’ for trifecta ?

    Well, the opposite of ceiling…

  27. LK says:

    if you get the 4 places in any order

    how is this going to work? all permutations rewarded equally?

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