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Waiting Patiently

Nobody's saying anything

It’s now over a week since an answer was anticipated on our top of the pile application to the National Coronavirus Command Council.

An email addressed by the Sporting Post yesterday to the NHA CEO and Chairperson requesting an update has not yet been responded to.

Andrew Bon sent us this clip of a deserted Turffontein this week.

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33 comments on “Waiting Patiently

  1. eric red says:

    How does Vee know our application was top of the pile when they receiving hundreds of applications daily ?

  2. Philip Goldberg says:

    The fact that we have not yet had any response shows that we went in with the wrong message and the wrong messenger.
    Mr Moodley went in like a whimpering puppy, as if his last pay check depended on it.
    This is exactly what the government wanted to see, and now they making us sweat.
    I thought at the time it was all wrong.
    When the racing industry approaches the gov, don’t even mention what you want from them, just tell them and show them what you can give them, and give.

  3. Avril L says:

    Would be interesting to know how many – if any – applications have been signed off by the NCCC.
    Let’s not forget members of this committee have secured monthly incomes and don’t have to worry about the well being of their families or the welfare of horses. It’s so disheartening to know that the future of racing lies in their hands.

  4. Neil Croft says:

    government was struggling to run the country under normal circumstances what makes u think it would be any different in a crises? the definition of insanity is asking the same question and expecting a different result…

  5. Marina says:

    I couldn’t bear to watch the whole clip on Turffontein, too depressing and sad for words….

  6. Boete says:

    Guys just look at the confusions and decisions of opening of schools and you know racing is f k

  7. Gary Turf says:

    Think it’s time for Mrs Slack and Ruperts to now sort them out once and for all

  8. Wendy ross adams says:

    Please can some wealthy person make a plan
    Here we cant put horses down its not their fault
    Surely there is farms in drakensburg where the horses can stay just temporary until they can come back into racing why dont the trainers get together and do something or is it ever man for himself and his horse.

    1. Editor says:

      David Safi made a reference in the Winning Ways Show to a possible home.
      We mailed him yesterday and haven’t heard, Wendy

  9. DavidS says:

    Not recieving my emails,, call Jaque Hugo on 27713688410, he can assist

    1. Editor says:

      Thanks David!

  10. Sherwin says:

    Friends, let us not lose sight of the topic here.
    There are numerous regulations that don’t make sense to many.
    But this is a discussion about govt’s decision to not allow horseracing during this time it should not be confused with bans on clothing, cooked food, cigarettes etc.
    Is the governments decision on racing really a thumb suck ? Govt may be concerned about saving lives but they also appear to be concerned about sending out the wrong message.
    Do they allow racing while places of worship are closed ? Do they provide an opportunity for people to gamble their money whilst their families are starving ? Ethics and science are at the forefront of their decision making process.
    They are well aware of the economic implications and tried to to address with the R500bln stimulus. Even they know this will not be enough and there will be casualties, This is a problem all governments are facing now.
    Did we get our science right in our submission ? Why was the full application not made public for racing stakeholders to scrutinize ?.

  11. Editor says:

    Kindly sent in by a reader off News24:
    Earlier this week, Gauteng Premier David Makhura said Gauteng as a whole would move to Level 3 and would not move between levels of the lockdown in a disjointed manner.

    The technical support team of the NCCC, known as Natjoints, is expected to finalise this in the coming days.

    Mkhize’s plan for the next phase of the government’s response to curbing the spread of Covid-19 includes a ward-based response, which will see people being employed to enforce mask wearing and social distancing, while others would screen people in wards across the country.

  12. g. naicker says:

    if one IS objective under these extenuating circumstances one should not be comparing any trade or industry to another. this is a situation were if u meet the requirements u should be required to open your trade and industry. this is the big mistake our government is making in its decision.especially after the first six weeks of the lockdown. I heard that the employment in the horse racing industry is about 60 000. that sort of employment rate should have definitely be given some sort of priority.
    i further hope that the hierarchy of racing have learnt and not to prioritize these politicians at big race meetings as mentioned by others as well.

  13. Saint Tropez says:

    Once known as the Sport of Kings………..how sad to see the other side of Turffies in the state it is. At least the track looks in good shape for now. Thank you Andrew Bonn for sharing this clip, we can only pray and hope that someone in govt can come to their senses and realize what impact their delay in making a decision has on the whole racing industry, not just human beings but animal welfare as well.

  14. Grant says:

    Hi Ed.

    You mentioned earlier in the week that the dti was doing inspections or something to that affect unconfirmed. Do you have any more information on this issue or was it fake news?.


    1. Editor says:

      Hi Grant
      That was conveyed to us.
      But was never confirmed via racing channels or the DTI.

  15. Anand Chetty says:

    My opinion right now is that CR has lost credibility and NDZ is trying to run the show.
    The lockdown must end immediately, workers are safer at WORK, not wandering streets aimlessly or cooped up in poor cramped living quarters in townships and shacks

  16. jai says:

    vee is just being hopefull.racing will have to wait its turn like most industries

  17. Cas says:

    The question I ask again Ed is what about totes and bookmakers I am 2 family members sitting at home earning nil as the totes is closed . Uif has not paid and we are taking strain.

  18. Clinton says:

    Hey Cas, so you waiting patiently for UIF and the Totes to open 🤔.

    My guess UIF will come first. Don’t you have Online Acc, open one with Hollywoodbets, even get small bonus R25
    Why don’t you apply for that R350 grant, but don’t tell them it’s for gambling

    Good Luck man ….

  19. Linda says:

    This is one of the testing times in our lifetime, the once beautiful sport of racing and the industry as a whole has became a ghost town.

    The racing industry is made out of structures and PGL are burying it to the ground by ignoring those structures. Any person who claim to know the day to day running of the other entity while never work in that but simply base their argument on someone they know, related to, or play golf and drink with them has is absurd.

    Each entity needs to compile their own detailed report stating the benefit of them operating under these strict rules and include a solid contingency plan.

    PGL, NHA, RA, SAJA/Jockey club, the trainer’s along with the groom’s, Teletrack, the veterinary.. ect.

    Then compile a comprehensive report with all entities highlighting the specific strong key elements of the horse racing industry.

    I have never had any confidence in the manner PGL and NHA have conducted themselves as if they are acting on the best interest of the industry but instead they are looking out for themselves.

    Up to date Kranji (Singapore) Sha Tin (Hong Kong) Happy Valley (Hong Kong) these three racecourses are a classic example of working together to overcome obstacles, Asia as a whole are in the forefront of the Convid 19 pandemic but because they have always worked hand in hand with their government their business is still operational.

    PGL needs to know what is their core business and focus on that.

  20. Art says:

    Well said GNaicker that’s exactly how it should be.


    I’ll say…

    Oh you get me ready in your 56 Chevy
    Why don’t we go sit down in the shade
    Take shelter on my front porch
    The dandy lion sun scorching
    Like a glass of cold lemonade
    I will do the laundry
    If you pay all the bills

    Where is my John Wayne
    Where is my prairie song
    Where is my happy ending
    Where have all the bankers gone

    Why don’t you stay the evening
    Kick back and watch the races
    And I’ll fix a little something to eat
    Oh I know your back hurts from working on the form
    How do you take your coffee my sweet
    I will raise the children
    If you pay all the bills

    I will wash the dishes
    While you go have a bet

  22. Editor says:

    NHA Chairperson Susan Rowett responded to say that they do not have any news on the application

  23. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Thank You Mr Editor, let’s hope No news is Good news …

    Level 3 from 01 Jun for KZN and Gauteng to start off with, others to follow 🤟🏼

    Judging by the crowds in Pmb centre, HWBets Scottsville is ready, course looks beautiful ( as always ) …

  24. Rian says:

    Hey Cecil , got this bad vibe all of a sudden and it’s suddenly changing into nagging pain and moving down to my left ba#* ,but hoping it’s only a fleeting moment and tmw will be different
    Why doesn’t this team of professionals open up parts of the racecourse buildings never used any more to the Gov to look after Covid patients and isolate them, surely they could manage hundreds of beds and maybe the Gov will change its spots
    As for Mrs Zuma waiting to take over, that’s when I leave

  25. Calvin Naidoo says:

    Watching Andrew Bons clip made me think about how much we take for granted. Covid-19 has definitely wreaked havoc in our world and will continue to do so until we find a solution.

    So that’s a long long time from now. If we all had a good bank balance to keep us going for the next 3 years then many of us would be able to shut our doors, stay indoors and weather the storm. But unfortunately that is not an option for any human being that is fit, healthy and willing to work, and needs to put food on the table. The Lockdown has some serious side effects which will have much more devastating consequences for the country’s future. It is currently putting major industries under heavy strain, and if the Government doesn’t wake up, then many towns and suburbs will end up like the Big T in that video clip. People will leave in search of greener pastures. It is merely our survival instincts kicking in telling you to “Do anything to survive.”

    If poverty is rife and there are no jobs available to sustain a large population of hungry and desperate people. ..Then what?

    The only people who have the power to prevent this kind of disaster from happening is our Government. Racing has done it’s fair share trying to convince the CCC to allow racing behind closed doors. Time is the only deciding factor for the future of our Racing Industry. Of which we have very little of…

  26. Rudi says:

    Many other companies are close and look worse and people are not doing well why must racing be first on everybodies minds. Let mr bon drive with his camera through joberg and see all the shops factories small businesses that are closed every body suffers . Im playing horses for 36 years of my life but surely the human first.

    1. Editor says:

      No question, Rudi, the human first

      Mr Bon is a racing media man
      This is a racing platform

  27. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Morning Rian, 😅 he he …..

    Let’s hope our Pres have more good news all round tonight, and he is not overruled again….

    Here is to a case of Hansa 🍺 and 🐴

    Otherwise 🍍beer. I ,like many others need to get of this stuff judging by some of our comments.

    Good Day

  28. Taki says:

    Agree with G Naicker and Anand Chetty , well said !

  29. Stiaan says:

    I miss local horseracing… Tired of Gulfstream although I caught a jackpot… France racing sucks

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