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Casinos, Restaurants, Cinemas Open…

But what about racing?

Seeing, seeing that as from Monday casinos are open, restaurants are open and cinemas are open, we as owners are allowed on course to watch our horses, while having something to eat in one of the lounges on course?

Nicholas Nassif writes that surely it falls in the category as a casino in some areas and as a restaurant in other areas – and most definitely like a cinema in other areas with everyone glued to the racing going on!

Hollywoodbets Greyville under lockdown (Pic – Candiese Lenferna)

A Racecourse is way bigger than any of the abovementioned with probably less people than any of the above mentioned.

I’m not starting a dispute, but it would be amazing to fit in with the rest of society and do the things we love to do.

Ed – As per their Press Release issued on 28 May 2020 and based on the President’s speech last  Wednesday night, the NHA is in discussions with the Ministers and currently awaits updated Level 3 Lockdown regulations.  

A Press Release will be issued with revised regulations on racing behind closed doors by latest 24 June 2020 that will be effective 1 July 2020.

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35 comments on “Casinos, Restaurants, Cinemas Open…

  1. Marlon Sing says:

    Sir with all due respect appreciate what our government has done to open the sport of horse racing,if you feel the need to see your horse go to the stables,dont destroy some privelage that we as small owners have,take your family to steers,McDonalds,whimpy I dont care but allow our ANC government a fair opportunity

  2. Pieta Louw. says:

    Marlon, wait for auntie zol…..weird but you will always hear it…..

  3. Chris Evans says:

    Our ANC government has had every opportunity to handle the pandemic sensibly but some of their decisions have been more than questionable.You can drink but you cannot smoke.At one stage could not even buy a bottle of wine but in 99% of other countries this was not a problem.How anyone can compare going to a Wimpy to going to the races is beyond me.If you can go to a supermarket with a mask and with respect to social distancing why not the same at the racecourse.

  4. Sebastian FLyte says:

    Tally Ho to you chaps across the herring pond but in the mother country we remain tight you may say unlike you colonials anyhow pip pip n
    me old cock.

  5. Sebastian FLyte says:

    By jive just off to the hunt one has to wear a mask makes it difficult to take a swig from the old flask what.Pip pip.

  6. Cecil Pienaar says:

    So, I will book early at Rockerfellas Scottsville. I will walk thru the full casino ?, who is gonna stop me then watching all these Cape horses cleaning up….

    01 July, race courses and totes will open, me thinks

    Happy Father’s Day everyone, we also remember the one’s in heaven.

    Oh yes, and especially to all the Oupa’s like Rian ?

    ( Marlon ? nice ad for the anc and mc Donald’s, isn’t there a link with oom cyril. LoL )

  7. Cj Aucamp says:

    Mr. Ed..any news on the Kimberly horses going to KZN, and an idea when are they carded to race etc? As you know i am one of the so called small owners and i am looking forward to watch them on tv..from Vereeniging.

    1. Editor says:

      Hi CJ
      We havent seen any programme amendments
      Talk was that Mondays at Hollywoodbets Greyville would be the ‘new’ Kimberley centric slot.
      Have dropped Raf Sheik a line

  8. Craig says:

    How can one compare going to a supermarket to watch horse racing

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Craig
      Plse add your surname

  9. Cecil Pienaar says:

    More Pieta
    die antie se as die manne drink, raak hulle dronk en koop dan sommer n pakkie CK vir R100, goeie geld se sy ?

    Mr Ed, All have a nice day ?

    1. Editor says:

      Selfde and u Cecil
      Koud in die Kaap vandag

  10. Chris Shaw says:

    Unfortunately our government lost the plot after the first 3 week lockdown, imagine my domestic help can come to my home to clean etc. but my son & daughter can’t come and have a cup of tea and a chat on father’s Day, how bizarre.

  11. Neilvv says:

    Will the smoking section be open in the restaurants?

  12. James burrow says:

    If the public can go to Casino’s surely we can lay our bets at a TAB outlet or at the course

  13. Marilyn Meth says:

    Will we be allowed to smoke when visiting a casino,

  14. Paulo Do Carmo says:

    Ed….This is incorrect information – very. Whilst the President gave the go ahead for these these things as part of his ease down of lockdown plan on the the 17th of June, no regulations or dates have been set. He is allegedly speaking again tonight 21st June and the relevant sector Ministers will then address the regulations and legislation around this. Details are yet unclear as to how and when.

    1. Editor says:

      Agree Paulo – regarding the date.
      Mr Nassif says ‘as from Monday’.
      That may well be premature.

  15. Wayne Fouche says:

    Marlon Sing your comments leave me speechless!!!

  16. Terri kietzmann, says:

    Correct, my other half debates this with me everyday! Ugh

  17. Pieta Louw. says:

    Hi Cecil, hoop jy het n leaker “PA dag “

    Ja as dit by rook kom….ek koop nou rondkyk twak….auntie zol sal dit nooit kan of wil stop nie…
    Was a great Ascot week, Frankie…..(the other one) was brilliant throughout.

  18. Cassim says:

    This is such a joke almost every individual is in goverment employ. Mr Cyril has been in contact with most of the citizens personally. Why do we as citizens wait and see which way they are going. All this fake news we are still on level 3 all most nothing has changed. When we are allowed to bet at totes and casinos is a mystery everyone has a different date. Beats me everytkme.

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Cassim
      Plse add your surname in

  19. The presenter in the studio should study the form for Race 8 @ Kenilworth ( Winning form)

    Lovely PA payout, isn’t it !

    2 DUCHESS OF STATE 0.0 [68] 89.4 {76} 60.0 14 Jacobs X Lensley C (3) 4 1.4 1400

    15 ROCK TRIP 1.2 [65] 89.7 {60} 53.5 15 B *Reserve Bass-Robinson (17) 5 3.8 1800

    11 LUNAR TUNES 1.9 [64] 89.8 {66} 57.0 10 Domeyer A Robinson M J (17) 4 3.8 1800

    14 MISS D’ ARAY 2.0 [64] 89.8 {60} 53.5 2 B *Reserve Puller G R (15) 8 5.1 1400

    8 OVER THE WAY 2.6 [63] 89.9 {68} 57.5 12 Byleveld M Kruyer P P (3) 6 7.8 1200

    13 ORFERD’S FLASH 3.0 [62] 90.0 {64} 54.0 1 *Reserve Crawford HWJ/R (15) 6 3.8 1400

  20. Craig Davis says:

    Hi CJ Aucamp, Jarett Rugg and Bill Human have nominated horses for the Greyville meeting scheduled for 1 July. This is an existing meeting and not an additional meeting though.

  21. Collin devanpershad says:

    All betting outlets shud open up. Tabs n betting shops. Social distancing and civid19 regulations can be installed on the premises. Only sports betting ppl should be allowed in on a one on one basis to play their sports bets n go home n watch. This sports betting chokes up betting shops n tabs. So racing n racegoers can go to race courses n tab outlets n betting shops were civid19 regulations can be adherred to….

  22. Dhana says:

    Since we depend on more locals to go to our casinos (due to the lesser number of tourists at the moment), the Levy should be reduced by at least 50%. Please do consider, thank you.

  23. Taki Takitaki1515 says:

    Marlon Sing, what nonsense , the country is a mess ,your ANC has bankrupted

  24. donald bradshaw says:

    Hi Ed , cant wait to see if your usual request of ” please use your full name ” is also directed to ” Taki Takitaki 1515 ” ? ? This could be a tricky one to handle ! !

    1. Editor says:

      Indeed Donald
      The challenges we create through good intentions! 🙂

  25. donald bradshaw says:

    Understood Ed , can I change my user name to Mumbo Jumbo the 3rd please ?

    1. Editor says:

      That application would have to be submitted on the prescribed forms and considered by the committee Donald
      Please allow 90 days for a decision

  26. Vernon Koseff says:

    Since Paulo Do Carmo knows so much about the regs, does he think that the regs have been incorrectly used by the Jockey Club to allow racing to start and continue?

  27. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…
    Once Casinos cinemas restaurants open,,racecourses in SA will have to open… There’s no way in a million years they can stop us from coming to the race racecourse… It costs up to R12000 per horse per month to keep him/her in racing and I can’t come watch my horses run but casino restaurants movies are all opened up,, No No No sorry please start preparing and make sure all strict measures are in place so owners and punters can enjoy the lovely restaurants on the racecourses whilst we watch our beautiful horses run..
    I can’t imagine how it must have been oncourse when Summer Pudding collected the Cheque and not a soul clapping,, How terrible. But now that the ball game has changed we can bring back that good old feeling oncourse slowly day by day,. And don’t for one minute think trainers jockeys grooms staff are not going to be going to casinos and restaurants and movies…BTW you’ll not catch me dead at anyway casino,, I’ve had my fair share of being admitted into hospitals after a night out at casino’s every tom dick and harry toughing those filthy chips,,sorry not for us…We all have our lives to live and enjoy and as long as we look after ourselves and not be careless then the show is back on the road! I just wish I could be oncourse this Saturday to see The Champ Hawwaam in the flesh probably for the last time??? Come guys pls hurry up and open the gates!!

  28. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…sorry guys just one more thing that I should have mentioned,,PLS PLS PLS we all need to stop supporting the OPEN BET with bookmakers,,we estimating 1 BILLION rand that they are taking away from our totes and VANISHE’S,,that’s 250 million rand Phumelela are loosing out on,, and I all honesty Phumelela are to blame,,now that MOD is on board CLOCK THE DIFFERENCE… Just imagen if we all put our money together what pools will look like… Pls guys we need to stop supporting the OPEN BET including the owners if we really wanna see our game we love so much take off to another level of note..let’s also show some appreciation to MOD for saving our game…Come Boy’s and Girls if we all stand together racing will be like the good olds day’s again

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