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Change For The Good

No more pseudonyms will be permitted

The Sporting Post is changing its Letters and Comments policy.

  • Letters

Letters will be accepted, and encouraged, but will only be published if the writer’s full names (first name and surname) are provided and disclosed to the reader.

No pseudonyms will be permitted.

Letters may be emailed to [email protected]

  • Comments

Sporting Post has revised its Comments Policy.

Comments will be only be invited on certain topics and on letters to the Sporting Post mailbox.

Where comments are enabled, posters are required to post under their full and verified names.

Sporting Post supports free speech and the rights of people to have opinions and therefore encourages the more thoughtful channel of “letters/emails to the editor”.

These changes are specifically intended to increase the quality of Sporting Post readers’ participation and input towards the positive growth of horse racing in South Africa, by discouraging frivolous, rude, personal, and inane comments from faceless and nameless responders.

Thanks again for the support and contributions!

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Comments Policy
The Sporting Post encourages everyone to feel free to comment in the spirit of enlightening the topic being discussed, to add opinions or correct errors. All posts are accepted on the condition that The Sporting Post can at any time alter, correct or remove comments, either partially or entirely.

All posters are required to post under their real and verified names, you can adjust your display name on your account page or to send corrections privately to the Editor. The Sporting Post will not publish comments submitted anonymously or under pseudonyms.

The views of any individuals that are published are NOT necessarily the views of The Sporting Post.

54 comments on “Change For The Good

  1. jc lee ching says:

    I rather enjoy the existing format with all the spontaneous banter. True some cross the line but hey spice is not a bad part of life. It helped us to see who the bright sparks were , we also discovered the dumbos. The new proposal conjures up visions from the past of a man with dark glasses wearing a large elongated hat and brandishing a very large pair of scissors.

    1. Editor says:

      Hi JC
      It’s all with good purpose

  2. Barry Irwin says:

    Long overdue. I applaud you for this move. I am fully supportive. Congratulations.

    1. Editor says:

      Thanks Barry

  3. Eric Fordred says:

    Good move Ed

    1. Editor says:

      Thanks Eric

  4. Hilton witz says:

    Long overdue well done..Should be the rule on all forums

    1. Editor says:

      Cheers Hilton

  5. Jack Swarts says:

    Great improvement. Thanks a lot.

  6. MGram says:

    Whether this is a good move is debatable. I believe Sporting Post has prospered more than the other websites because of its policy of allowing pseudonyms. My view is that the views and readership will soon drop. People like gossip and different views. That is why tabloids are the giants of the media in the UK. Serious news is not wanted by most ordinary folk – we have enough of that without it creeping I to our hobby. The world is already too serious. I believe that it may be the start of the end of robust debate on Sporting Post.

    Why do you have to change a successful formula seeing that you already have a screening option and do censure comments you deem inappropriate?

    1. Editor says:

      McGram, it’s a shift in focus for the reasons outlined.
      We believe we can still provide a platform for above-the-belt informed debate.

  7. Rian says:

    Agree with you MGram and wish you well Ed, it’s been a great ride and have enjoyed it immensely and have loved the posts from all especially Cecil the real gentleman , William Pops , even Frankie, and all the Warriors and Punters who keep this game alive
    Cowboys don’t cry, take care and Stay Safe

    1. Editor says:

      Dont talk in past tense Rian 🙂
      We are still here and kicking

  8. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Mr Editor, I understand why you have to go this route. I can only assume a lot of time goes into all these comments before being posted

    I have posted under my real name from day 1, it’s been good and informative, funny and met great guys using first names only, hope they all stay. Off course people using their full names as well, real racing people.

    Myself, guilty of going off topics at times, mixing language, a little humor now and then, Skoonma stories. Yes even critical, but never had one binned.

    I am all for change, but will miss the banter.

    I hope it doesn’t get too stiff or boring, but hey Sporting Post and the Posters made my life more interesting the last 2 years, can’t believe I joined so late….

    I will still read all the articles and comment now and then.
    Before I say Good night –

    Remember I told you so – Racing would start 1 June, inside info at a Mayor’s meeting 😅

    Oh and Scottsville stays the best Racecourse in Africa

    Good Night All, Stay safe. (🐴 and 🍺 on Mon)

    1. Editor says:

      Cheers Cecil – you are still our only Mayor.
      And you were spot on calling 1 June as a start date.
      We wont be stiff or boring.
      Please keep posting!
      Study hard for Monday
      Good night

  9. Taki Nichas says:

    I agree with you Ed let’s see how brave they are now

  10. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Hey Rian, the feeling is mutual my friend 👍🏼

  11. Shanil says:

    Great idea to have full names although some may think that Ed may be captured with his changes. I enjoy the passion of the outspoken contributors to this site. If people were negative too often its because they had reason to be. The wrong people was entrusted to grow the sport .

  12. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…
    Wow Mr Ed this is a move with a Ton in hand

  13. Robin Bruss says:

    I also offer congratulations on your changed policy which aims for constructive and honest engagement and should encourage healthy and positive discussion on where racing should go from here.

  14. JessK(yriacou) says:

    “Sporting Post supports FREE SPEECH and the RIGHTS of people to have opinions and therefore encourages the more thoughtful channel of “letters/emails to the editor”.
    Restricted speech, yes, free speech not.
    However, this is no different to what is happening worldwide where some topics and differing opinions are either not allowed or removed by the moderator or owners of social media platforms.
    This has been accelerated with the coronavirus lockdowns and the “conspiracy theorists” who assert that this pandemic is exaggerated and just an excuse for the state(s) and global institutions to control the masses and deprive them of their RIGHTS. Censorship, control and surveillance is the new normal.


    Ohhh… I knew it. Be very very careful Bloggers, that is a conspiracy by the Sporting Post !

    The next thing they’ll want to know from us is who’s going to win this years Durban July.

    1. Editor says:

      We want the quartet too, please William 🙂


    Mr. Editor,

    My quartet – 1 Get haircut
    – 2 Lose 19 kgs
    – 3 Establish how many of my clients have gone under
    – Ask Hollywoodbets for betting relief scheme


    1. Editor says:

      Other than the haircut as a roving banker, you have two chances William – and they both under pressure! 🙂

  17. donald bradshaw says:

    There is a new sheriff in town , he walked into the ” COMMENTS SALOON ‘ in the high street which is patronized by that rowdy bunch and told them ” sharpen up your image boys ” and as he left he turned and said ” and that comments sign outside needs a lick of paint ” !

    1. Editor says:

      Sounds like something out of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Donald
      Can almost hear Hugo Montenegro in the background 🙂

  18. Louis Goosen says:

    Very good call, Ed.

    1. Editor says:

      Thanks Louis!

  19. JessK(yriacou) says:

    William and Editor, i was anticipating and expecting sarcasm and derision at my post, so i am hardly surprised. Kindly note my analogy refers to deprivation/restriction of rights and free speech by SP which is in keeping with the current trend worldwide and how people have been conditioned to accept these sort of things without question. But your immediate response(s) say(s) it all. At the end of the day, Ed, it is your paper and obviously your prerogative, but i couldn’t read without comment and furnish my opinion which we still entitled to (if full name is furnished, of course)

  20. Jay August says:

    Count me a cynic until I see substance. Faceless posters with valid comments are less of a problem than known posters who use ad hominem attack as their main form of debate.

    The industry loves the latter when their own prejudice is entertained while decrying the former when that prejudice is opposed.

    The coming months should get interesting when we test the water with serious debate intended to challenge the dogma which still plagues this industry.

    1. Editor says:

      Interesting thought Jay

  21. devan says:

    Well done SP, transparency is best

    1. Editor says:

      Thanks Devan

  22. Jc lee ching says:

    Any idea when computaform will be available

  23. Oscar says:

    Good move Ed.
    A fantastic way to get rid of the faceless commentators.

    1. Editor says:

      Thanks Oscar

  24. jc lee ching says:

    No news of Computaform??? still not on site, free or subscription

    1. Editor says:

      probably a bit early?
      Declarations a bit late

  25. jc lee ching says:

    Gallop.co.za site up and running with cards for Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

  26. Steve Reid says:

    Am I the only one enjoying the irony of people congratulating the Sporting Post for amending their letters and comments policy whilst posting under an alias?

    Having posted under my own name for years, let me state for the record that I am more concerned about why this change has occurred than anonymity will no longer be in play when posting. Some recent articles such as the July – the show must go on ( Gold Circle ) and the subsidy for Kimberley owners – RA steps in to assist Northern Cape owners ( RA ), would certainly have had some robust debate if taking previous articles on the subject matter is used as a yardstick. These articles do not have comments allowed now. What criteria is used by the editorial staff to decide when comments are allowed on an article, and when they are not? This is a form of censorship no matter how you wash it. The question is why this is being implemented? Is this really the route that the Sporting Post wants to follow going forward? It seems that selective participation in racing matters will now be the norm depending upon what entity is involved. This is a dangerous path to take for obvious reasons. For the record, despite being totally compliant with the new policy, I am totally against it.

    The proof of the pudding will be in the eating, Let’s see how involved the prominent racing people that now compliment the restrictions, will be in contributing going forward.

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Steve
      We are in a transition phase, having implemented the new policy only late on Thursday.
      We are attending to the existing posters who use pseudonymns.
      Our aim is to encourage considered comment via the Mailbag facility, with short comments on selected opinion type editorials.
      You are welcome to mail us on [email protected] for input on the editorials you list.

  27. Cecil Pienaar says:

    KZN Amble Greetings Mr Editor

    My appeal is to Pops, Rian, Brian, Pieta and Karel to Please adjust as per the (new) comments policy.

    This forum won’t be same without any of you. Asb !

    Weather forecast for HWBets Greyville 1Jun is 27 deg and 🌞 sunny until last race 👍🏼

    Durban, warmest place to be in winter !

    Enjoy weekend

    1. Editor says:

      Cheers Cecil
      Goeie nuus – sunny until last race?
      We will let you know after the meeting:)


    Mr. Editor, is Rian… Rian du Plessis ?

    and Speedyvar, what’s his best time over 1000m ?

    1. Editor says:

      William, sending us a HWB Greyville Pick 6?

      We are giving the guys a day or two to update
      These are all staunch regulars.
      Rian is a genuine old school racing man – hopefully he comes on board and adds his surname
      Speedyvar had been round forever too – he is pretty quick – on the retort


    I’ll gladly send you a Pick 6 for Monday, Mr. Editor.

    1. Editor says:

      Great stuff, thanks William

  30. Mr. Ed, should I send the Pick Six as a comment on a Greyville welcome back post you might run or send it to you privately ?

    By the way, Good Morning All …. where’s my manners !?

    1. Editor says:

      Hi William
      We all in this together – the pie is big enough
      Will publish the link to betting shortly – maybe apend on there.
      Good morning !

  31. Anand Chetty says:

    Thank you Ed. and long overdue. Serious robust debate to improve and sustain this industry we are so passionate about, without rude, insulting and personal retorts.
    Nobody said debate and discussion must be without humor, laughter after all is the best medicine.
    Malicious comments and gossip are things we can do without, during the long haul back to normality.

  32. Dick Adcock says:

    Have no problem whatsoever with the pseudonym rationale, I’m sure that SP will continue to publish valid criticisms, no matter to whom or what they are directed. Not so sure about the selective response scenario. Yesterday’s inset regarding the outcome of the first race back at Greyville was worth response, if for no other reason than to comment that, as has become the norm for SA racing, the racing ran later than official start times right from the outset. It maxed at fifteen minutes behind schedule, whereby at one point we had the ludicrous situation of Warren Leferna providing a pre race ‘preview’, five minutes after the scheduled start time.

  33. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…slight bit rust but nothing to serious,, well done to all concerned for getting yesterday’s meeting away to a good start..Old Format we need back…Cheers… oh yes guys lets be a bit patient pools will grow…we need to support our national totes pls don’t forget

  34. Dayalan Moodley says:


    Since noticing the announced and unannounced changes in your editorial policy (not just your comments policy) from 28 May 2020, I believe that the horseracing industry has lost a lot more than it has gained. The answer lies in the question whether SA Inc. needs another ANN7 or New Age to promote the narrow interest over that of the voiceless masses?

    SP has historically been viewed by the masses as an independent open media platform that promoted discussions and debates that sought to hold the leadership withing the industry accountable. By all accounts I believe that it worked phenomenally.

    Mike De Kock recently indicated on another media platform that the remaining Phumelela directors were adamant that voluntary liquidation was the preferred route has MOD not provided PCF. These directors remain on the board of Phumelela despite the fact that they were of the “considered view” that the industry would have been better off with liquidation than their resignations. They directly contributed to the demise of the industry, yet they cannot be removed formally or informally. So, what has really changed? Notwithstanding the resignation of a few individuals from leadership positions, the leadership and operations of the horseracing industry has, if anything, regressed. SP is now being applauded for their new comment policy by those occupying leadership positions. This in my view is an invaluable contraindicator of what the industry requires and confirmation that SP has erred in this regard.

    Is it a matter of time that Mr. Bloch’s legitimate concerns will be blocked by your editorial policy and equally the exchanges between Mr. Soma and Maselle, because those influencing your editorial policy have not given due consideration to real issues that continue to plague the industry nor the damage historically inflicted on the industry when interests of a narrow interest group trumps that of the broader industry. The removal of the article on the SP platform for individuals testing positive for Covid-19 (allegedly announced by NHA) promotes the lack of accountability amongst the leadership in the industry.

    Let hope sanity prevails and independence of our media is respected like the constitution of RSA.


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