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July Pace – Snaith Differs With Stipes

Damned if they do - damned if they don't?

The fast pace at which the Vodacom Durban July was run has generated debate.

Did pacemaker Silvano’s Pride go ‘too quick’ for some, or is this how races should be run?

The Stipes said:

SILVANO’S PRIDE (S Moodley) raced clear of the field in the early and middle stages. Thereafter, this filly compounded in the straight.  When questioned regarding his riding of SILVANO’S PRIDE, Jockey S Moodley told the Stewards that from his wide draw, his instructions were to set the pace on this filly which has been a front runner in its previous races.  After an adequate start, he had been able to attain a forward position, however, he had to still obtain clearance in advance of PADRE PIO (A Mgudlwa) which was also intent on leading.  Once he had obtained the lead, this filly had commenced to over-race and this resulted in him being further clear of the field than he had intended.  As a result, this filly had come under pressure in the home straight and had not finished the race off strongly.  The Stewards advised Jockey Moodley that this report would be noted, but his obligation as a professional rider is to ensure that he sets a pace which enable his mounts to close their races off in a competitive manner in future.  

Is it a way to prevent the dreaded ‘crawl’, so prevalent in graded races today?

Michele Wing gets it straight from ‘the horse’s mouth’ as she speaks to trainer Justin Snaith.

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32 comments on “July Pace – Snaith Differs With Stipes

  1. Marlon Sing says:

    Is this ( *edit)real,did Serino Moodley really have an obligation as a professional rider to ensure the pace is 100%,the stipes in charge of this game us definitely on something,look at so many races when horses do this,so I
    dont understand why the stipes have to undermine SERINO MOODLEY why? What if his mount won the race,I remember a few weeks ago in the UK a jockey in a big feature race worth millions of pounds won a race start to finish think it was Serpentine.S.A racing is run by clowns that was always my opinion,but maybe they just proving me right.

  2. margaret says:

    Aaah yes the “dreaded cape crawl”, it was an amazing race. And they raced right from the start

  3. brendanc says:

    I can’t believe they pulled the jockey up for this. There are so many false run races.

  4. Jay August says:

    The Stipes have every right to question the intention of a jockey, the instructions he rides under and the outcome of those intentions and instructions. Doing so is not questioning whether races are run too fast or too slow, or making any judgement on what is an acceptable pace in a race. It is standard practice worldwide where a horse races to the front and then compounds.

    Two jockeys in the recent Epsom Oaks were asked similar questions. In case some missed those questions here they are reproduced from the Stipe report.

    “An enquiry was held into the running and riding of PASSION (IRE), ridden by Padraig Beggy and trained by Aidan O’Brien, which was positively ridden to force a strong pace before being asked for an effort in the straight, finishing fifth of eight beaten by 14 ¾ lengths. The rider was interviewed and shown recordings of the race. The rider stated that his instructions were to jump well and if another runner was giving a lead, to take it but to keep her going forward as she is a strong stayer. Beggy explained that PASSION (IRE) jumped well and having initially taken a lead off TIEMPO VUELA, unplaced, ridden by Martin Harley, he felt his mount was lugging right and as such resulted in him racing towards the outside of TIEMPO VUELA. He continued that at this stage both horses began to take each other on, but he felt that the gap between them and the rest of the field was exaggerated by the remainder of the field easing the pace. He further added that he felt that PASSION (IRE) ran a good race and allowed the filly to run within her own rhythm from the top of the hill to approximately 4 ½ furlongs out. Beggy’s explanations were noted.

    An enquiry was held into the running and riding of TIEMPO VUELA, ridden by Martin Harley and trained by John Gosden, which made the running at a strong tempo before weakening from the top of the hill, finishing last of eight beaten by 51 ¾ lengths. The rider was interviewed and shown recordings of the race. The rider stated that his instructions were to jump well and obtain a position at the front. Harley explained that after jumping fine the filly travelled well going up the hill but when challenged to the outside by PASSION (IRE), placed fifth, ridden by Padraig Beggy, TIEMPO VUELA began to over race. He added that whilst going down the hill he did not want to break the filly’s rhythm by easing back. He further added that he felt that TIEMPO VUELA was unsuited by the undulations of the track. Harley’s explanations were noted.”

    Had Serpentine compounded badly in the straight in the Derby one can be sure his jockey would have faced similar questioning.

  5. L. Govender says:

    Why are people complaining. everybody wanted a true pace. They got one Red rake did it when bold silvano won.

  6. Jay August says:

    With reference to my prior comment: the Chief Seward at the Epsom meet, which included the Oaks and Derby, was ex-KZN Chief Steward Mr Shaun Parker.

    How do you explain that Mr Sing? Who is the clown now?

  7. Garrick Bergh says:

    I have no problem with the questions posed per se so long as they also do the same EVERY TIME when we see races where the field literally ‘walks’ for the first couple of furlongs; irrespective as to whether it is a Grade 1 or not.
    That should keep the stipes VERY busy.

  8. adesh says:

    they shud investigate SERINO win on RUN RHINO RUN… top jockey taken instructions… job done… stewards shud get the game real

    1. Editor says:

      Please include your surname Adesh

  9. Marlon Sing says:

    Maybe you dont get my point Jay August,why was there no enquiry when he won on run rhino run,why the stipes on concentrate on graded races look at everydays racing alot of jockeys/apprentice do that even top jock BERNARD did that recently in capetown Was there an enquiry open????I still say our stipes are clowns enjoy the remainder of your day Jayy August….why they never question warren Kennedy ride in the 2nd race or open an enquiry?What was so different from the 2and race to the 7th race?????

  10. Keith sing says:

    on a lighter note all the best nico may God bless u abudantly and keep u safe in what you do in the future a gentleman who I had the privilege of picking his brains gonna miss that voice all the best

  11. donald bradshaw says:

    The situation was reversed with Run Rhino Run who won a long distance race not only from the front by the proverbial street but ran all over the race course especially on the back straight , in this race the riders behind were questioned and the winning jockey regarded as a genius of pace ?

    That race was the most extraordinary horse race I have ever seen and after that Run Rhino Run never shaped again !

    1. Editor says:

      For those who didnt see it – click on link to watch


  12. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Thanks, nice to watch again….

    Unusual name for a Roy Moodley horse.

    Run Roy Run more like it.

  13. Carla says:

    Maybe the stipes should call in the jockeys that raced in the July consolation race for the crawling pace instead , race time was 6 seconds slower than the July. Surely it’s better to have a Group 1 race ran at a true pace instead of a crawl.

  14. Tim says:

    JUSTIN, if ever you or someone from the snaith camp reads this, I just want to give you and the team my heartfelt thanks for your transparency. If people had listened and analyzed correctly, to find the winner was easy. The heavy hitters like RB had no chance given the pace. Thanks to snaith racing for reading the script and therefore assisting the punter.

    1. Editor says:

      Thanks Tim
      Good feedback
      Plse include your surname

  15. Tim says:

    Thanks Ed. Sometimes, as punters and professionals, we get it wrong. We are human. When we admit our error, only then shall we improve and assist the punter in doing so. The game is not for the faint hearted. Tim Visser

    1. Editor says:

      Thanks Tim!

  16. Tim says:

    Garrick I hear you. I don’t know for sure but perhaps the stipes feel that a very fast pace kills a horses chances that acts as the hare because to win in a highly rated field from the front is close to impossible (unless you are frankel). When there is a crawl set by the horse at the front, hes giving his horse the best chance because perhaps the jockey feels his mount can out sprint the rest of the field. So whereby in the first case, of a fast pace you are killing your mounts chances and an enquiry can ensue, in the second case even of a slow pace, you are giving your mount a winning chance therefore the stipes won’t call the jock up on it.

    Something silly to say, but basically a jock should be called up if he’s sitting at the back of the field in a race where there’s a crawl in front especially if he knows the crawl doesn’t suit his mount. Tricky, but a bit of converses to the application of the rule.

  17. Mark Logan says:

    The Stipes obviously need a racing education. I suggest they watch more of the Group races in the UK and see how pacemakers ensure an honest pace in races. Too many of our races are run at a crawl.


    Today’s Place Accumulator looks like it’s going to pay plenty, after two legs !

    I hope the Tote have their money ready, I waiting.

  19. Martin le Roux says:

    A perfectly legitimate question from the stipes and a perfectly legitimate answer from jockey Moodley. Silvano’s Pride was always going to be the pacemaker. Justin Snaith’s earlier comment that jockeys win July’s is so true. Richard Fourie is surely one of the finest judges of pace in the country as taught to him by the incomparable Basil Marcus. On the Thursday night panel Justin said two things of significance. a) I come to DBN to win the July else I wouldn’t come and b) when asked to name only one of his horses he named Belgarion. I for one wont underestimate his excellence again. Win or lose.

  20. Gianni Biral says:

    I believe that Silvano’s Pride was used as a pacemaker for the Snaith finishers Do it Again and Belgarion. There was no way Snaith could have risked a slow pace as this would have led to a sprint up the straight and also could have caused bunching during the race. Nothing wrong with these tactics provided the front runner Silvano’s Pride was in the same ownership as Belgarion or Do it Again, if not then had Sivlano’s Pride been my horse I would immediately move it from Snaith as it was not given a fair chance of winning being used as a pacemaker!

  21. Tefo Montsho says:

    It is surprising that the people talk about Moodley, what about Kennedy who switched from draw 2 to 5. The horse lost two lengths for doing that. He was supposed to keep Rainbow under the cloud up to 1800m at least and switch only if necessary

  22. Marlon Sing says:

    I would like to close this topic by saying our Stipes have absolutely no control over whatever riding instructions are given by a trainer,if they were it should have been given before the race,my question to the stipes what is the difference between the 2nd race and the 7th race why wasnt an enquiry open against warren Kennedy,we the ordinary public go through this in nearly every race maiden plate or a graded race,show me or the racing public that you the stipes questioned Bernard on his ride a month or 2 ago when he rode a favourite in the 1st race in capetown,or the ride on Run rhino run,why pick on a jockey and doubt his proffesionalism when this same jockey rode more winners since racing commenced on the 1st June 2020,than Anton Marcus,why the stipes never once opened an enquiry on not one of the horses ridden by anton marcus?anyway I rest my case have an awesome 2020/2021 season

  23. Steve Reid says:

    It is surprising that between all the conjecture around the tactics of the Snaith stable and the pace set by Silvano’s Pride, that the rules have not been considered. There are no rules concerning pace -making and the following rule would in fact, see the use of a pace-making as illegal and an obvious infringement of the rules:

    62.1 Every HORSE shall be run and shall be allowed to run to the best of its ability and on its merits.

    Hands up all of you that feel Silvano’s Pride ran to the best of her ability and on her merits…. Now even the most one-eyed supporter of the NHA would be forced to admit that this is one of many rules that is there for show and is not enforced. To the best of my knowledge there has never been a jockey or trainer charged for “illegally” using a pacemaker to advantage a stable companion/s. The questioning of the jockey afterwards is as big a farce as the rule. What exactly were the men in dark glasses and white canes expecting to hear? What would they have done if the jock told them that he was actually riding to instructions? Charge the trainer for illegal tactics? Object against the winner? There is no doubt in my mind that the pace affected some horses in a negative way – Padre Pio being the obvious one.

    For the record let me state that I admire the tactics used. Trainer Snaith landed the bacon and should be congratulated on a magnificent training feat and in particular, his placing of Belgarion in the run in to the July was excellent. The question now remains – in the eyes of the NHA was this legal? The fact that no further action has been taken, indicates that it was. The question then is why have this rule in the first place. What a mickey mouse authority we have.

  24. Michael Jacobs says:

    A very interesting observation by Giani Biral.

    Belgarion is owned by the Fosters, Do It Again by a partnership of Mr Jonnson,Mr Kantor and Estate of Mr Mitchell, and Silvano’s Pride by Mr Peter. So did Mr Peter give the Snaith’s permission to use his horse as the pacemaker, or was he informed that his horse was going to be used as a pacemaker? I wonder if he had any say in the matter? Another point, his horse could have run in the Grade 1 Garden Province where she was more distance-suited?

    Would be interesting to hear Mr Peter’s view on the race?

  25. Vivian Mansour says:

    It is a bit late to pass a remark about the July win. Richard Fourie won the race because he used his Hong Kong experience in riding and had nothing to do with Silvano’s pride going to the front. If you watch Hong Kong racing, you will know that Richard rode Belgarion perfectly, he had him perfectly placed throughout. As soon as they turned into the straight he swung his mount out and race to the winning post like a winner. Perfectly ridden. Well done Richard and ofcourse the the Snaith Racing stables.

  26. Shanil Singh says:

    Terence Millard always entered a pacemaker in big races and no questions was asked back then. I can understand the stripes questions if Silvanos pride was the favourite and the public’s money was at stake. Only in our country we run at a snail’s pace in long distance races. By the way I must thank Justin for saying his runner for the first leg of the pick 6 on Saturday is a banker. Racing will survive if more trainers took his lead.

  27. Stephen Williams says:

    Strange that everyone is complaining about the fast pace in the July had it been slow there would have been more questions.pace making is allowed in all types of racing.why call it racing when you want to take the horses for a walk I
    remember a horse called hazy moon being used as pace maker year’s back and opening up lengths on the opposition . No wonder the horses can’t perform properly and we see horses running. 70_80 times for 2 or 3 wins .let’s have properly racing the animals are bred for racing.

    1. Editor says:

      Hazy Moon was trained by Cookie Amos?
      Good stayer

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