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Super Six Racing Is Here

Richard Hoiles will commentate

Super Six Racing is staging its Inaugural Raceday at Hollywoodbets Greyville on Wednesday 16 September 2020.

This Inaugural Raceday will encompass six races in the prescribed Super Six Racing format over distances of 1200, 1600 and 2000 metres.

The overall Raceday winning team will receive a first place prize of ZAR50,000 with a further prize of ZAR20,000 awarded to the runners up.

Hollywoodbets Greyville – scene of the trial meeting (Pic – Candiese Lenferna)

Super Six Racing aims to reach beyond horse racing’s current traditional fan base to gain worldwide recognition as an independent sporting product that is readily accessible to consumers across all demographics – particularly in markets where the gambling prohibition has, to date, denied the sport an opportunity to prosper.

The Super Six Inaugural Raceday will be broadcast live and, additionally, Super Six will further utilise supplementary cameras to create a bespoke production package that will be presented to both potential broadcast and live streaming partners worldwide.

This production package will be co-presented from the Royal Box at Newbury Racecourse in the UK by Nick Luck and Aly Vance together with commentary by Richard Hoiles.

The International award-winning team at Equine Productions will produce the programme.

The Super Six broadcast team from ICILY LIVE will work in close collaboration with the same Gold Circle TV lineup that recently produced the much-lauded online broadcast of the 2020 WSB Gold Cup meeting.

The Super Six Inaugural Raceday is expected to showcase and create significant interest in South African horse racing to new international audiences.

Super Six is delighted to announce team sponsors for this exciting and ground-breaking inaugural Raceday and their colours as follows:-


Team Body Colour First Cap Second Cap
Autoimmune Warriors Pink Pink Purple
Drakenstein Stud Light Blue Light Blue White
Dromex Yellow Yellow Black
Team G Racing Red with Yellow Circles Red Yellow
Klawervlei Stud White Green Spots on White White Spots on Green
Summerhill Equine Red, White and Blue Dark Blue Grey

Following on from the Inaugural Raceday, Super Six and Gold Circle will be working towards staging the first full series of Super Six Racing.

Finally, Super Six Racing recognises Gold Circle and thanks all team sponsors for their outstanding support in such difficult and unprecedented times – without which this Inaugural Raceday would not be possible.

  • Media release by Super Six Racing


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19 comments on “Super Six Racing Is Here

  1. M(artin)Gram(atica) says:

    What the hell! Can someone please explain what super six racing is? This is the aecond release that waffles on about absolutely nothing.

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Martin
      We have written to them to try and obtain an explanation of the concept in simpler term

  2. Donald Bradshaw says:

    Here we go again , pie in the sky , when are we going to hear something ” fixed and firm ” in respect of the raw deal currently being dished out to the lifeblood of the sport , the owners and the customers ?

  3. It’s easy.

    Punters are invited to select the winners of 6 races nominated, on the same day, across 2, 3 or more meeting.

    So, maybe Redcar, The Vaal and ant-racing in De Aar.

    Tote pool based with a consolation payout and a carry-over scenario to the next Saturday.

    Go your gums


    It’s a piece of cake.

    Punters are invited to pick the winners of six nominated races, on the same Saturday, across 2, 3 or more racecourses.

    A tote pool based bet, with a consolation payout with a carry-over scenario to the next Saturday.

    So, 2 races from The Vaal, two from Redcar and one ant-races from De Aar and other hedgehog race from Siberia.

  5. Sean Slabbert says:

    I believe your horse does not even run in your silks -which to my mind as an owner defeats the object of having silks completely


    SP Blogger, I can assure you that the carryover pools in respect of this bet will exceed R 20million comfortably after the 2nd Saturday carryover.

    I have played this bet often when previously residing in the UK.

    It is rather exciting especially with races nominated from both Africa and the UK.

    You will have to put in a proper form studying effort… asking trainers or buddies who’s going to win will count for nought, 90% of the time.

    Get ready to tackle a 22 horse field from Doncaster just when the winter is closing in. Haaaa


    Still more… part of the pool, usually 25 % is used to declare a Six Place dividend.

    So if you bomb out with 5 winners you can still collect a Place Accumulator type dividend over the 6 races.

    Lekker hey !

  8. Donald Bradshaw says:

    Hi William , I do not know if you are having us on or what because the officials involved have not , as far as I am aware , divulged their exact secrets ?

    But if the bet is as you describe , then all I can say is TOO BLOODY DIFFICULT to win !

    When are the industry leaders going to realize that revenue is all about volume and churn so make it easy for people to win because they reinvest and become interested in the sport !

    For example pay 4 places in a 14 horse field , if there are no winners of the pix six , carry over 1/2 the pool to the next meeting and pay 1/2 the pool for 5 winners , these are just quick and simple things that can be done at no cost to create revenue / churn and draw people in by giving them more chance of success !


    Hello Donald, here’s last Saturday’s local UK summary

    Scoop6 Results for 5th September 2020

    Win Fund: No Winner – £140,906 rolled over to next time

    Place Fund: There were 46 correct selections each winning £266.90

    Scoop6 Race 1 – 2:50 Haydock Park

    Distance: 1m 6f 1y Runners: 17 Favourite: 6
    Place No. Name
    1st 2 Euchen Glen
    2nd 14 Dark Jedi
    3rd 5 Diocletian
    4th 7 Rhythmic Intent

    Selections remaining after this race:
    Win: 1,514 – Place: 11,438
    Show how selections ran.
    Scoop6 Race 2 – 3:05 Ascot

    Distance: 1m 3f 211y Runners: 10 Favourite: 6
    Place No. Name
    1st 6 Shandoz (F)
    2nd 2 Cepheus
    3rd 5 Kipps

    Selections remaining after this race:
    Win: 306 – Place: 5,868
    Show how selections ran.
    Scoop6 Race 3 – 3:25 Haydock Park

    Distance: 6f Runners: 13 Favourite: 2
    Place No. Name
    1st 2 Dream Of Dreams (F)
    2nd 3 Glen Shiel
    3rd 9 Golden Horde

    Selections remaining after this race:
    Win: 107 – Place: 2,444
    Show how selections ran.
    Scoop6 Race 4 – 3:40 Ascot

    Distance: 6f Runners: 11 Favourite: 9
    Place No. Name
    1st 11 Fortamour
    2nd 8 Rathbone
    3rd 9 Jonah Jones (F)

    Selections remaining after this race:
    Win: 1 – Place: 635
    Show how selections ran.
    Scoop6 Race 5 – 4:00 Haydock Park

    Distance: 5f Runners: 11 Favourite: 5
    Place No. Name
    1st 6 Count D’orsay
    2nd 5 Came From The Dark (F)
    3rd 1 Danzeno

    Selections remaining after this race:
    Win: 0 – Place: 317
    Show how selections ran.
    Scoop6 Race 6 – 4:15 Ascot

    Distance: 7f Runners: 16 Favourite: 4
    Place No. Name
    1st 5 Documenting
    2nd 14 Arbalet
    3rd 10 Society Lion
    4th 15 Almufti

    Mr. Editor, what’s unacceptable about my post here, if I may ask ?

  10. Asgar Essack says:

    Hi William thanks to try and simplify the bet for us.
    If it is like you say it.is.
    It’s not too bad.However more clarity is needed regarding the placed horses.
    As Donald states if there is definitely a foutth place dividend if fourteen or more horses are entered for a race regardless
    of the number of scratchings thereafter.
    Funny enough we do have our own.
    All To Come Bet whereby Punters can choose any horse for a win or place in any
    Six races of their choice.
    Beats me why this bet was never properly marketed.
    If the issues regarding the fourth place can be properly resolved.
    This would become a very popular bet for the punters. as well.
    Back to the Super Six we wait with bated breadth.


    Good day Mr. Essack & Donald Bradshaw,

    Correct, I don’t know the exact format. I can only image it is a clone of Pick 6 and Scoop 6.

    I do like and encourage the mixture of cross-country nominated races into that International TYPE pool.

    The ‘International label’ will force us ‘slapgats’ here to improve our race presentation and TV race pictures in a big way.

    Nobody from England will be interested in the buddy-buddy spaghetti information fed to our local viewership on the daily pictures we receive on 249.

    It might also lead to the British punters/analysts giving our handicappers a wake-up call about the ‘slaughtered Merit Rating’ system we have now.

  12. Mike Miles says:

    Hi William, hot tip for your ant-racing in De Aar.

    Ant by the name of Adam.


    Thanks, that is ant music to my ears, Mike.



    Check out this payout after twelve successive carryovers :

    Scoop6 Results for 24th May 2014

    Win Fund: There were 8 correct selections each winning £1,342,599.47

    Place Fund: There were 7327 correct selections each winning £301.50

    Scoop6 Win Fund Total: £10,740,796 (£6,874,345 from last time)

    Scoop6 Place Fund Total: £2,209,400

    Scoop6 Bonus Fund Total: £5,481,763 (£3,824,712 from last time)

    Scoop6 Race 1 – 2:05 Haydock Park

    Distance: 6f Runners: 16 Favourite: 2
    Place No. Name
    1st 5 Bear Behind
    2nd 9 Shore Step
    3rd 1 Barkston Ash

    Selections remaining after this race:
    Win: 238,627 – Place: 1,346,178
    Scoop6 Race 2 – 2:50 Catterick Bridge

    Distance: 7f Runners: 15 Favourite: 11
    Place No. Name
    1st 12 Conry
    2nd 1 Laffan
    3rd 11 Green Howard (F)

    Selections remaining after this race:
    Win: 21,682 – Place: 429,109
    Show how selections ran.
    Scoop6 Race 3 – 2:55 Goodwood

    Distance: 7f Runners: 12 Favourite: 2
    Place No. Name
    1st 6 Wee Jean
    2nd 7 Penny Drops
    3rd 5 Beau Nash

    Selections remaining after this race:
    Win: 2,162 – Place: 163,617
    Show how selections ran.
    Scoop6 Race 4 – 3:10 Haydock Park

    Distance: 6f Runners: 15 Favourite: 11
    Place No. Name
    1st 11 Joyeuse (F)
    2nd 3 Gathering Power
    3rd 15 Perfect Blessin’

    Selections remaining after this race:
    Win: 646 – Place: 85,967
    Show how selections ran.
    Scoop6 Race 5 – 3:25 Catterick Bridge

    Distance: 7f Runners: 14 Favourite: 2
    Place No. Name
    1st 4 Johnny Cavagin
    2nd 1 Powerful Presen’
    3rd 14 Beckermet

    Selections remaining after this race:
    Win: 122 – Place: 24,856
    Show how selections ran.
    Scoop6 Race 6 – 3:45 Haydock Park

    Distance: 1m 0f Runners: 17 Favourite: 11
    Place No. Name
    1st 8 Chatez
    2nd 4 Zarwaan
    3rd 9 First Flight

    Selections remaining after this race:
    Win: 8 – Place: 7,327
    Show how selections ran.


    Each winning ticket is eligible to play for the bonus fund next Saturday, which stands at a further £5,481,763.

    Last weekend, Ladbrokes punter Joe McGuire came within a length and a quarter of claiming just short of £7million for his £8 stake when denied in the last race of six in the bet at Catterick. The total pot in Saturday’s win pool was £10,740,797.

    One of the betting shop customers is believed to have staked the minimum £2, and the winnings eclipse the previous record for a betting shop success of £1,132,657 by Stuart Boland in 2004, also on the Scoop6.

  16. Ralph Fell says:

    ‘ Days of Our Lives ‘ is under threat of being usurped by the soapie a.k.a. ‘ Whither S.A. horseracing? ‘ Is it only me or do others comprehend that the damage has been done? A crumbling infrastructure, saualid totes, a vast percentage of the populace under enormous financial strain and the dreadful Tellytrack screening + – 150 live races a day is all beyond the pale. The suggestions that ‘ newcomers ‘ will be glued to TT to see if they have drawn a horse and TT used as an educational medium is ludicrous. As previously stated I would have to be certifiable to invite friends to the course, when permitted, or to an off course tote for a pie and gravy accompanied by tepid tea. The continual sniping, intrigue and appointments of personnel from Clicks and the like is frankly an episode of the soapie. The only option to resurrest racing is probably the Marshall plan.


    Good on you, Mr. Ralph Fell.

    What a load of crock we have to tolerate.

    Did you see the additional outline of Gold Circle’s Super Six ? ! Gold Circle been paid as guinea pigs for a product aimed for China.

    Gold Circle are broke, so they need the money for this experiment.

    and…. we are supposed to get excited about what ??

  18. Mike Miles says:

    Only a few would have got that.

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