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Tellytrack Should Be About Information

Drop the tipping service approach

How much longer must the racing public accept the mediocrity of the presenters on Tellytrack? Why should we have to utilize the mute button on a daily basis?

Selwyn Elk writes in the Sporting Post Mailbag that this is a professional sport and therefore one would expect it to be run professionally.

I have nothing against any one of them individually but they should be taught the psyche of a gambler.

Talking about “if our horse were to win I would be delighted” is irrelevant to the viewers and telling you race after race how open it is really becomes monotonous.

Winning over a million rand this month is another phrase that forms part of the programme lately instead of putting the betting up regularly for all the U.K. racing , particularly when there are exotic bets, instead of rambling on about irrelevant topics , time restraints are no excuse or to be told after a day of disastrous results “don’t worry, we have a Place Accumulator  tonight at Kempton for you to get your money back”.

They won’t accept washers or memories at any off course totes and no punter needs to be aggravated by comments like these.

The lack of professionalism goes on and on but space doesn’t permit.

I realize that the broadcast is viewed globally and the “guidance “ to overseas punters is of some value but it would be interesting to know from your followers if Tellytrack would be more beneficial if its prime use was as an INFORMATION channel and NOT as a TIPPING service.

Any feedback from Tellytrack or Sporting Post would be appreciated.

Edwe have asked Tellytrack for a comment

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47 comments on “Tellytrack Should Be About Information

  1. Bill says:

    Fully agree !

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Bill
      Plse add your surname to your comment

  2. Shalandra Bunseelall says:

    Common line by Tellytrack presenters “Let me leave you with some peace and quiet to get your bets on” and guess what, they go on talking and talking and talking…..

  3. Tony Mincione says:

    There are many different components we expect our tellytrack presenters to get right.

    Yes they are the hosts for the day and the master of ceremonies to a large extent. But a definite component is the gambling aspect, and the expert eye and opinion part. It is probably hard to switch from the affable host, to the colder analysis part and back again.

    A small racing community struggles to have people narrowly specialized, so we have people having to change hats mid-show. It does look like Tellytrack need to get the guidnce from further up market experts to eliminate bad habits that are now entrenched.

    Perhaps it’s time to ask who is telling the presenters everything is okay. So who is directing the show so badly? Maybe the racing people need TV experts to short cut the learning curve to get them where they need to be.

  4. Alexander Laird says:

    At the risk of upsetting the presenters, for my money the tipping is irrelevant. Information is key, ultimately all punters are entitled to an opinion. The more information the more enlightened the opinion and it’s your own money that you wager.

    Let’s help punters enjoy the game, how about showing some more background footage. At the training centres there are specific gallop days for grass gallops, these are the most important workouts in a horses preparation, why not record these gallops. Also at Randjiesfontein every Wednesday we pass unraced horses at the starting stalls and like the gallops, there is nothing stopping people from watching, the starting stalls are sometimes at the 1200m and 800m. We often use those days to gallop unraced horses. These can easily be timed and basically become barrier trials, it’s happening all the time, we are not hiding the horses away. For the benefit of racing, I expect other trainers would be willing to share this information.

  5. Gareth G says:

    On this topic just listen to the presenters @ Scottsville today.

    1. Editor says:

      Plse record your surname Gareth

  6. Kenny Masielela says:

    I like tipping presenters, especially when they are bullish, they create a lot value for us.

  7. Jack Swarts says:

    Agree 100%

  8. Warren craig says:

    Shaheen Shaw was last presenter who showed JP willpays,pick 6 will pays etc,he gave as much information as he possibly could, please bring him back

  9. Anver says:

    Get chainsaw / Neil /Nick
    Behind the Mike top guys know what the punter wants.

  10. Mike Miles says:

    Yes, and good luck with that because trainers and jockeys are so forthcoming with reliable “information.” You’d be hard pressed to get them to tell you their horse would win if it was the only horse in a race.

  11. Logan Chetty says:

    Don’t broadcast shows like breeding to win or racing documentary while live racing is on the go.We as punters have our money down and would like to listen to the commentary not a racing award presentation. It does not interest me .I’m a punter ,the rambling of Cecil does not interest me racing without presenters will be appreciated display the information only ? ? Thanks

  12. G McDonald says:

    Alexander Laird says,– we are not hiding the horses away. For the benefit of racing, I expect other trainers would be willing to share this information.
    One has to wonder if this is the same trainer when he had to comment about his First timers/Rested runners came with –No Comment.
    Mr. Laird it seems you have not been reading Sportingpost. Two top trainers did not think it was a good idea to let the public know what was going on at the training tracks,another trainer said that he had to protect his owners investments in his horses.Then there was the one that wanted his stable fees to be slashed to zero before he let out any secret info.
    We are not hiding horses away. Really?

  13. Lutchman Devanpershad says:

    Tellytrack presenters like shayen shaw was brilliant. He kept ppl viewing well informed. He also should show us the will pays on exotics as the day progressed…. We need presenters to give us their views n insight in horses n its form and if there’s any info on 1st time runners. We also need transparency in racing whereby… These presenters are honest an open with the public. We also need them to select one or two horses in a race not preview a whole race n tell us about these horses all having a chance. Sheldon peters nails his colours to the mast. Hes bullish when he likes a horse. Prices to him dont matter…. The ntl n cape presenters most of them tip n selects favourites n money horses in a race.ppl want info so they can make their selections in accordance of wat info these prrsenters view on national tv. We kno that not in all cases the handicapper n mr system is correct but our presenters should give viewers more info. More time on local racing should on tellytrack should be given priority. Bring back the days re runs so ppl can view this after wrk when at home. Tellytrack shows overseas racing the whole nite… Catering just 4 the elite few that play overseas at nite. Most of the racing prog are terminated… Like the mornings on sat n weekdays where local racing is given a slot with presenters giving their views. Selections n intetviexing jocks n trainers. I should watch this every sun n sat morn n weekday previews too. Now we must go to u tube to watch clocking the gallop. N other previews. This years july n gold cup previews were given very little airplay on tellytrack. Only one july n gold cup preview on a Friday. This channel is killing the local racing n ppl are not getting enough info. Tellytrack better look into this matter n bring bk those morn previews n re runs n other prigrammes. Where james goodman n paul lafferty hosted once a week. Bring bk dom zaki in jhb as racing presenter n analyst. We really njoy this guys previews n selections…. Dave mollet to was a genius like shayen shaw. Clocking the gallop on you tube got micky mouse presenters n comedians like neil andrews n nico pretorious. Lol…. We dont need these okes on tellytrack…. They make racing look like a cartoon on television…. Neil andrews cheap jokes are not needed on racing platforms…. My view on this….so telltrack bring back those prog n presenters that do justice to racing

  14. Tim Denny says:

    Post race interviews…..”won a good race”!
    You don’t say

  15. Selwyn Elk says:

    Hi Kenny, the fact that you suggested that Cecil Mtembu was the right person to become CEO of teletrack indicates to me that you have not been in this game long. My humble suggestion to you is to follow your own fancies, when you go to a restaurant I am sure you don’t let somebody order for you, especially if you are the one paying, with no disrespect.

  16. Kenny Masilela says:

    Selwyn, I hope Cecil gets the job he really deserves it. Who would you like to see head the channel?

  17. Sagren Naidoo says:

    Watching Tellytrack oncourse presenters this weekend was a disgrace.Yesterday during a post race interview Lyle had to be reminded by Muzi that he is not Smanga.How does that happen?
    Guess what?It got worse during race 1 @ Scotsville post race.Kevin had no clue where the camera was.
    The broadcast is nothing short of a Idols wooden mic contest.

  18. Marlin Pedlar says:

    The worst is when the screen is split. You’ve taken a bet on the English meeting shown on the one side, but have to listen to the useless information presented to you on the other. We are constantly told about the Jackpots and Place Accumulators available on the overseas racing but the coverage is substandard.

    But let a local S.A meeting be abandoned, then suddenly the overseas racing takes centre stage and telly track tries to pull out as much information as they possibly can.

  19. M Kista says:

    Peronally i feel there should b no presenters or so called tipsters cos the information they give to u is of no value ie u r sold down the river everytime wonder whose making the money

  20. ShellyM says:

    It should be a standard procedure to congratulate the stable rep and jockey and ask abt their chances on the CARD. Some presenters di while others babble rubbish.
    It is about money….not a history or geography lesson.

    Get the necessary information for the punter who is critical in the game. Leave the frills GET THE INFORMATION

  21. trevor says:

    I must say there are to many races to cover during the day. But Tellytrack as been doing a good job by giving us the opportunity to watch these races. Thanks TellyTrack.
    The presenters I must say aren’t like Follow Molly full Your Wallie type we need that. MR Shaw we need him or someone of the same caliber to present.
    More info per race meetings need to be implemented.
    In saying this Hats off the racing shows that give insights to the punter.
    Back to the presenters
    Please guys add more fire and enthusiasm to the way you guys present Tellytrack.
    The game needs it alot inorder to survive.

    1. Editor says:

      Trevor Maistry

  22. Asgar Essack says:

    Lutchman please! realise that Clocking the Gallop has .nothing to do with Tele Track.
    And I believe Neil and Nico are doing a sterling job.
    They go out of their way to get us the most valuable information so that punters can make an informed decision.
    They often have jockeys and trainers on their show and their information helps the public to make some money.
    Neil and Nico are unafraid to tip outsiders as well.
    Sheldon Pieters,Rovuan Smit and Monty also gives us fantastic info
    The number of subscribers are growing everyday.
    Before having a bet I must watch Clocking The Gallop .
    It beats me how people like you are so ungrateful.
    Neil and Nico please don’t stop this great service that you’ll have provided to the S.African racing public.
    We really appreciate Clocking The Gallop and may it grow from strength to strength.
    Good Luck for the future.

  23. Sunil Singh says:

    It’s not about Cecil really deserving it. It’s about the best person for the job. In my opinion Cecil is the worst presenter. His chatty chatty is really sore to my ears. He makes mistakes with horse names and numbers all the time. It’s time he moves on. Laff and Goodman were gud. Dees and Sheldon share lots of inside info. Shaheen was the best.

  24. Big Jules says:

    We need 2 racing channels, like UK and Aus

  25. Barry says:

    The teletrack presenters go on rambling and we as punters need to get the full view of overseas racing and we do not need Cecil to read the betting for us we are not illiterate also the betting should be displayed for at least 3 minutes

  26. Roy Sukdhrb says:

    I had written to Tellytrack with suggestions but they never bothered to respond. Coverage is highly pathetic by some of our current presenters and quite good by only a few.

    Cutting abruptly from local racing in preference to overseas Is disgusting. Some presenters especially those giving the results have a verbal diarrhea and wastes time on unnecessary info on the horses history and breeding …etc.

    Stick to giving the results, name of jockey, trainer, breeder, owner is fine and payouts……. nothing more .

    Sadly when the horses going down the TV coverage by the camera man is poor as often one cannot see the number on the saddle cloth and how the horse looks.

    Will it ever improve…. Never.!! We stuck with this poor standard …. till horse racing collapses totally.

  27. Ralph Fell says:

    Sir, Back in the day I used the medium of SP to castigate Tellytrack..This eventuated in a call from Rob Scott to elicit my opinion. I duly presented him with a blueprint which was ultimately pearls before swine. To summarise: 1. The incessant reminders of the size of the pools. Who cares? 2. The on course presenters going through the chances of the horses whilst they are loading. Who is listening? 3. The deceitful habit of stating the current win/place dividends whilst there is 8-10 minutes to the off. The dividends alter dramatically up until the off. The presenters have doubtless been instructed to do this – to what end? Is it the tote vs. bookmakers? When certain of then say that a horse is paying 70 cents a place I want to hurl a missile at the TV. 4. I realise personal slurs are taboo but Messrs. Lenferna and Shea are embarrassing. Are they simply left to their own sub-standard devices? 5. Presenters offering their exotic selections, often for 3 – 4K as if it’s chump change. Doesn’t bode well for responsible gambling. 6. Please unearth some dynamic talent forthwith as this maudlin channel will drive me back to Tops – obviously Mon. – Thurs.

  28. Philippe Bouffe says:

    Regret do not agree with you Mr Editor they do their best nit everyone us on top of their game at all times even yourself nobody topped the gold cup quartet sure some announcers might be better then others particularly with their tips they at least are brave enough to be there let’s, be positive bring the best out of them always say to yourself can you do better theirs is no easy task reading horse jockey and trainers brains

  29. Thanks alot for for reminding us (of these presenters and so called analyst) as the former Soviet Union employees use to walk around hurriedly with files in their hands, when the Soviet Union fell they asked the employees ” what were you people so busy with”? The reply was “we pretended to work and they pretend to pay us”…

  30. Selwyn Elk says:

    Hi Kenny, Sunil Singh has answered part of the question for me- as far as a CEO is concerned I can’t think of any one to fit the bill but there are a number that I know that shouldn’t!

  31. Shanil Singh says:

    Telly Track presenters deserve some respect . This is a hard game . All we can do is make suggestions and they should accept criticism . I respect a presenter being super confident over his selections and not tipping a winner than him going through the entire field with comments. He needs to supply trainer comments and his selections. The passion that Shahin displayed will be hard to replace. His whole demeanor will change if a huge outsider blue us all out of the exotics. He felt our pain and joys. What irks me is when a presenter asks a jockey what’s your next best. Come on. We need to hear about All his rides. And the jock should have the patience to discuss each of his rides. Racing is dying. And jocks are still not interested in assisting punters.

  32. Mags Gilbert says:

    As you may remember, I brought up this issue a month back about the rambling while live racing is on the go. I’m not sure what the reason is to have a presenter as the broadcast runs perfectly well each morning with the Aus racing. All you need is the producer to put up the relevant slides and info before the race,……..there is no need for anyone to read out what’s already on the screen unless blind people are being catered for. As for “on course presenters/punters”, some of them should be barred from this activity…….one from Durban actually gives his tips before previewing the race and runners…….his strike rate is so bad, he must be doing his nuts after each race……and the audacity to come back each race and still give tips. This is like a driver always meeting accidents and still allowed to drive…….time to get rid of these punting presenters from the screens……it’s embarrassing as the feed goes international.

  33. Jay Dhunraj says:

    I am disappointed with telebet call center, during lock down the punters were told to open online and telebet accounts and deposits could be done using vouchers. Why on a Sunday when there is Shatin we cannot take a PA and bipot cos the PA starts at 8.30am and bipot at 9.00am and the call center opens at 9.00am.I queried this but got a negative response

    1. Editor says:

      We have referred the comment to Phumelela

  34. G Goliath says:

    Agree with Mags Durban regarding the Durban presenters. Only person that will give u a good thing will be Sheldon Peters regardless is its an odds on or 66/1.He always looks for value and doesn’t tip from the top of the betting. Otherwise it’s the mute button for me until they start loading.

  35. Michael Jacobs says:

    The tellytrack presenters are atrocious I am sorry to say. This is a fast-moving game and the presentation needs to be slick, crisp and informative .

    Two guys who definitely don’t cut it are Kevin Shea and Cecil Mathembu. Kevin is too stilted with poor presentation skills. Cecil can do better, he is very experienced but he waffles on and on, instead of cutting to the chase. Immediately after a race has been run punters want probable results and provisional dividends. Cecil doesn’t get this. Call out the numbers and names as per the commentator, thats what punters want to see and hear. Shaheen was good at that.

    Until Tellytrack can get their presentation correct, I agree it should just be an information channel, we don’t need anyone to put on a “tipping show” for punters!

  36. DEAN DEMONT says:

    Its absolutely shocking to say the least.. I understand there is plenty behind the scenes going on in the Tellytrack studio, but things turned for the worst once Dominic Zaki left there.. the irrelevance of 80% of crap they babble on about, doesn’t help the season punter, nor the newby wanting to get involved. There is no imagination whatsoever when trying to boost any betting pool and the monotonous tones in their voices are enough to play Russian Roulette. Also the comments following a race once the days banker gets rolled, it’s as if, they are happy it got beat. Just like everything in racing in this country, it’s time for change from the top in every department. Its only for the betterment of the game. As for the new background music they have introduced…who actually enjoys that trash they are playing? Australian racing channel’s atleast play a few golden oldies, which makes you want to tune in.

  37. Martin le Roux says:

    How grateful I am to have started racing 56 years ago. The good old days when race courses burst at the seams with racing addicts. Part of the game then was the “they tell me or I heard” brigade. Exciting times. Got close to one stable those days and did a few commission punts. the punters soon got to know this and followed you around to see what you were backing. Those days you had to be shrewd and know which stables to watch as well as which jockeys were on the right horses. As a punter you studied and got to know the tell tale signs coming from certain stables. The only stables that were forthcoming those days were van Minnen and Mrs. O, Neill. We learnt not to be cry babies when we got beat. Todays punters when reading most of the comments expect trainers, jockeys and presenters to almost give them a guarantee with their tips. Nobody forces anybody to have a punt. If you lose it’s part of the game. Take it on the chin. To those doing their best to point punters in the right direction ” damned if you do damned if you don’t” As I always tell my very good racing friends who have had a losing day. It’s not about the money it’s about participating that’s important. We pour a few sharpies and discuss the bad rides and the jockeys that shouldn’t be allowed to ride a bike never mind a racehorse forgetting that they won for us last meeting. Happy days.

  38. Shanil Singh says:

    The lotto will give info about winners in respect of where the ticket was bought and how much was spent. People want to see info on big payouts flashed on Tellytrack screens.including the perms and amount spent. This is an important marketing tool not used. This will also creates trust in the payouts.

  39. Mel Mienie says:

    Martin Le Roux – very well said. If jockeys and trainers all knew what was going to win they woyld all be multi millionaires.

  40. G Goliath says:

    @Mel who says they aren’t. No need to place the bets themselves there could be runners/family/friends doing it for them. How many times have you seen horses being backed from big odds down to single figures at the off time. Horses running nowhere for 5 runs and then boom pay pay. And the most common excuses ‘I think the blinkers helped alot’ or ‘You never know with these horses’.When the less fancied stable mate wins, raises the eye brows most for me. If it was a two horse race and the less fancied won so be it u can make an excuse but when a horse with no form for 5 races beats horses with better times and form well enough said.

  41. Yegen Chetty says:

    The South African production may have its problems but I’ll say this in our presenters defense… at least they are lively and enthusiastic. Some presenters of the various overseas productions just go on and on in a monotone as if someone was forcing them to be there.

    I do agree with the writer that the tipping is unnecessary and that the banter should be more information based.

  42. theunisj says:

    I am everyday amazed that people complain about nonsense like this and yet no one says a word of the over R50 000 000 thats FIFTY MILLION RAND locked up in carryover pools.

    1. Editor says:

      Theunis please use your name and surname

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