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Lost Shoes- Still No Explanation

Selwyn Elk suggests it makes no sense

A while back the topic was raised as to why so many horses lose shoes on the way to the start.

Andrew Bonn told Deez Dyanand in a post-race interview that horses lose shoes all over the world – of course they do!

Selwyn Elk writes in the Sporting Post Mailbag that he watches racing from the U.K. daily and can’t remember the last time a horse had to be reshod at the start.

A meeting seldom goes by at our local tracks that one or more horses don’t have to be reshod.

At the Hollywoodbets Greyville meeting on Thursday 12 November this happened on 5 occasions.

There must be a better explanation than horses weigh over 500kgs and when they come down heavily this is one of the causes – or do horses that race in the U.K. weigh a lot less?

This doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

Perhaps there may be a better explanation – I would really like to know.

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13 comments on “Lost Shoes- Still No Explanation

  1. Michael Jacobs says:

    Yesterday at the Greyville meeting before nearly every race a horse lost a shoe or had to be reshod. It was quite farcical. Yet at all the UK meetings yesterday (I watched Ludlow, Chelmsford and Sedgefield), I did not see one delay for a shoe change. What is going on with the farriers in SA? Is it poor training, poor skills or the usual South African “slapgat” work ethic?

  2. Brian says:

    This has been going on for a long time. The explanation that it happens everywhere is just not correct, we need a better response than that,

  3. Donald Bradshaw says:

    What happened to the comprehensive report a farrier representative was going to submit to S.P. giving some possible reasons for these loss of shoes in South Africa ?

    It appears that the all weather surfaces have got some sort of sucking action on the horses hooves that places stress on the shoes that are then displaced , but that is just my common mans observations !

  4. Robert van niekerk says:

    Its done so that the pools can get bigger

  5. Cecil Pienaar says:

    More Mnr Ed, hoop dit gaan goed. Ek het een Keer my skool skoene verloor, toe moer my ma my ….

    Good Luck to all the weekend Punters. To Graham HJ, look out for those long shot couplings in the P6 !

    Midlands Greetings 👍🏻

  6. Jesse says:

    Most of the time when this ‘phenomenon’ occurs, an upset is on the cards!

  7. Peter Dee says:

    The loosing of shoes in this country is at a rate that is unacceptable and my observation is the way the jockeys taking the horsrs down are to blame. A horse is ment to run straight not sideways so look next time how some jocks take them down feet out the stirrups and the horse is running sideways therefore his feet are hitting the surface sideways causing the shoe to loosen and this will happen more on poly than turf. Stipes should force jockeys to keep feet in the stirrups when going down and on a straight line. Just a laymans observation.

  8. Mike Olivetti says:

    An old proverb redefined

    For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
    For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
    For want of a horse the trainer and jockey was lost.
    For want of a trainer and rider the race was lost.
    For want of the race the punter was lost.
    For want of the punter the sport of horse racing was lost.
    And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

  9. Mervyn Padayachie says:

    Is it not the equality of the aluminium?

  10. Andre Nel says:

    Dear Ed…i think i was the first person to raise this issue some two years ago on this forum.All we have done is go around in circles.Surely at some stage the stipes /Gold Circle have to get involved to ascertain where the problems lie.If we are trying to sell our racing to overseas viewers…these issues will not be inline with other countries standards.Do we not have stats as to whuch stables/farriees ate the main culprits?

  11. A. NADESAN says:

    Horses that have to have their shoes at the start do not win the race. They stressed and they do not give their best. Check and see how many horses that have their shoes replaced at the start ever won. Those horses should be scratch

  12. Steve Reid says:

    Andre Nel is spot-on in his observation that we are going round and round in circles with this problem of lost shoes. This is unfortunately typical of the way the NHA handle uncomfortable or difficult problems. They seem to think being ostriches with heads in the sand is the solution, A look at the rules shows that with some sort of resolve by the stipes, this problem can be addressed. Lets start at the beginning and identify who is responsible for a horse entered into a race:

    58.8.1 The TRAINER of a HORSE shall be responsible for ensuring compliance with this RULE

    So no surprises, the trainer ensures that a horse presented to race complies with the rules in terms of having the correct shoes fitted and presumably in a racing ready condition, but most importantly, is the responsible person. So any horse going to track to race should presumably be checked by the trainer to ensure that all is in order. I also presume that the shoes are rechecked before presenting the animal in the parade ring before the race.

    To the best of my knowledge, the overwhelming majority of problems involving shoes needing replacement occur between the parading area and when the horse goes down to the start. This is covered by the following rules: Should the shoes of any horse presented to take part in a RACE require variation or removal, such decision shall be taken by a STIPENDIARY STEWARD, in consultation with a licensed veterinary surgeon and the TRAINER of the HORSE Should the shoes of any horse be damaged or lost after it has left the parade ring and before the RACE is started, the licensed veterinary surgeon may take such action as he deems necessary and shall report any action so taken to the SB.

    58.8.4 Any action taken in terms of RULE or shall be notified immediately to the RMR who shall notify the public prior to the running of a RACE.

    This is something that all seasoned racing fans are well aware of. An announcement is made that horse x needs to be re-shod before the start of the race. Interestingly, I know many punters that believe re-shoeing a horse before the start of a race is the kiss of death, and will change bets if possible, in this scenario. Invariably the re-shoeing of a horse takes time and this can, and does, result in races going off later than scheduled on many occasions. The question now needing asking is who is responsible for the horse losing the shoe/s on the way to the start? Is it the jockey, the trainer, or the farrier? Once again the rules allow the stipes to act decisively:

    61.6.9 Should any HORSE unduly delay the start or refuse to enter the stalls, or be intractable in the stalls, or if it is or may be a danger to other HORSES, its RIDER, other RIDERS or handlers, the starter shall order the withdrawal of the HORSE.[Amended 20.07.2018]

    61.6.10 Should a HORSE be the cause of undue delay at the start or refuse to enter the stalls or be intractable in the stalls, or if it is or may be a danger to other HORSES, its RIDER, other RIDERS or handlers, the SB may take such other steps as deemed necessary, including fining the TRAINER of the HORSE not less than R1000 and suspending the HORSE for intractability for a such period as deemed necessary

    Hands up all of you that have seen trainers being fined for being the responsible person for the horse/s that have delayed starts, particularly for the loss of shoes? There has never been one. Now before the inevitable wail comes from our conditioners that they cannot be held responsible, consider the following rules and tell me that trainers cannot be held responsible for shoes on a horse:

    10.5 A TRAINER, ASSISTANT TRAINER or STABLE EMPLOYEE (where applicable):-

    10.5.1 shall be responsible for the care, treatment and training of all HORSES under his control;

    10.5.8 shall be responsible for the equipment carried or used on a HORSE being exercised or in a RACE, and shall ensure that such equipment complies with the requirements of the RULES and/or the instructions issued by the NATIONAL BOARD;

    And the most contentious of all:

    73.3 Subject to the provisions of RULE 76.15, the TRAINER and/or OWNER of a HORSE shall be guilty of an offence if a SPECIMEN taken from that HORSE at any time contains any medicine, drug or related substance as provided for in RULE

    So if a trainer can be held responsible for any positive regardless of how it occurred, then I think taking responsibility for shoes should be a breeze, Start applying R1000 fines for transgressors and you will see results quickly.

  13. Graham Hurlstone-Jones says:

    ha ha ha !!! so that how its done, thx Cecil, but yes, they exist as sure as a shoe will fall off at regular opportune moments here in SA.

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