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Robbing Hood – Or A Fair Stipes Call?

Was she given every chance?

Did the judgement of the Stipendiary Stewards fail the racing public in a marginal call at Hollywoodbets Greyville on Sunday?

This was the nub of the queries addressed to the Sporting Post after the running of the seventh race where the fancied Glen Kotzen runner Point Of Sale (7-2) jumped slowly after appearing to have the hood still covering her face once out of the stalls.

We regret the pic below is not high quality – that’s her in the orange hood


Trainer Glen Kotzen told the Sporting Post that the hood was clearly on as the pens opened and it was difficult to argue that the filly was not impeded.

He said that he had hoped that the Stipes would declare his charge a non runner as her supporters had lost their money without a chance.

The Stipes reported that a race review was called into the start of this race in order to ascertain whether the hood on Point Of Sale drawn in stall gate 9 was removed timeously.

In this regard, it was established that she had jumped from the starting stalls as per her grading ‘jump out of hood’.

This filly had not been impeded by a handler or faulty starting stalls and after reviewing the start with Jockey Hewiston and the Starter, it could not be established that Point Of Sale had not been afforded the opportunity of a fair start.

Therefore, no further action was taken and Point Of Sale was deemed to be a runner.

SP poster and veteran racing man Frankie Zackey had the last word and told the Sporting Post that he was ‘very angry’.

“I’d love to know why it took seven minutes to notify the public and a further ten minutes to decide on the outcome – that’s seventeen minutes that the public had to wait before the official result was announced. And if there was any doubt she should have been declared a non runner! If Stevie Wonder could see that 60 % of the blindfold was still on her head when the pens opened, surely then I saw the exact same thing,” said the fanatical racing man.


Watch the race here

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22 comments on “Robbing Hood – Or A Fair Stipes Call?

  1. Brian Fredericks says:

    I think its about time for new stripes its obvious they couldn’t see what was happening racing already is not in a good space now they come to mess everything up and why cause they thing they can go away make space for new blood who maybe will do a better job

  2. Jonny says:

    Let them be removed and get people’s who will do better. we are loosing lot of money

    1. Editor says:

      Jonny Mongale

  3. George McDonald says:

    If we knew what ===”she had jumped from the starting stalls as per her grading ‘jump out of hood’.=== means in English we may side with the Stipes actions.
    So what does, jump out of hood, mean.Cecil,William.Anyone?

  4. Steve Reid says:

    @Bryan the stipes have no stripes – they all on private level

  5. Perumal Padayachee says:

    Dean Padayachee
    Why are punters subjected to the continued incompetence of these stipes? Stipes are paid to do a job yet they continue to bring horse racing into disrepute without any sanctions being imposed Horse racing continues to suffer as there are unfortunately no punitive measures imposed by the racing authorities.

  6. Johnny Peter says:

    have to agree with the stipes. Reason being, you cannot just look at one frame of a race. You need to view the whole start in full motion and take an entire segment into context.

    And in doing so, it will be clear that the horse in question was not impeded.
    Horses that load with a hood will always have a negative: the trainer however has agreed that this horse should load with a hood.

    In viewing the full footage, it will be clear to see their are other horses that are slower out the pens than the horse in question.

    I know I am going to get lambasted. But this is my opinion with 40 years of racing experience

  7. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Hi Johnny, no lambasting, that is how you see it, and for that matter the Stipes….

    I, however disagree and wants consistency, am not talking from the pocket on this one. We have all the Technology, and at times when it suits, they’re ‘eagle eyed’

    Hi George , nee ek weet Nie, this term they use ‘jump out of hood as per her grading’ was invented on the day. If I read correctly, it took 17 minutes to decide, surely there was too much doubt.

  8. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…Johnny Peter I think on this one it’s 60/40 in favour of it being declared a non runner,, Pls My Brother My Uncle My Cousin My Best Mate you’ve been working too hard at Hyper Paint,, I told you ages ago let the young and well bred Colts take over the reign 😂Sorry JP I disagree…JP I want to ask you 1 question – just say it was the July and not a mediocre Sunday meeting would the result stand ? I’m betting 1/5 your answer would be No…Love you my blood brother

  9. Donald Bradshaw says:

    Jump with hood ? Only the NHRA can come up with such rubbish ! How can any handler be expected to have the perfect split second timing to remove the hood at the jump so that the horse is not impeded when leaving the start as happened in this case. It is clear that the handler was desperately trying to remove the hood with the horse already out of its stall ?

    NHRA show us the rule that states a race horse can be graded ” jump with hood ” surely there can only be a grading of ” load with hood ” !

  10. Tony Mincione says:

    Mr F Zackey, your last point is actually on the money. The issue isnt whether the Stipes get every 49/51 call correct with super powers, but that if it applies in a Maiden, that it should apply in the July.

    Lots of the courage to have an opinion has been lost in racing, but its due to a lack of respect from thin skinned bullies. Tackle the ball and not the man, and everyone can play.

    Being a stipe must be daunting.

    For the record, I’m with Mr Peter on the decision.

  11. Steve Reid says:

    Rule 61.6.7 is the only rule that refers to the use of the hood in the starting stalls and it is unambiguous in it’s meaning:

    When loading is completed and the assistant starter is satisfied that all the back gates are securely shut, he shall, from his position at the rear of the stalls, indicate accordingly to the starter. Thereafter the starter, having satisfied himself that there are no handlers in front of the stalls and that all hoods have been removed, shall instruct any handlers in the stalls to raise their hands and shall start the RACE. No handler shall assist a HORSE to leave the stalls.

    Accordingly it is blindingly obvious that the starter is at fault here for releasing the gates while Point of Sale still had the hood attached over its head. There is no way that any other outcome besides declaring the horse a non-runner would adhere to the wording of this rule. How the stipes saw this otherwise is beyond me, clearly 61.6.7 falls into the guideline category and is not a hard and fast rule. Every person who backed this horse got screwed over as a result of incompetence by the KZN stipes, there can be no other explanation.

  12. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey….Thank you Steve Reid…another chap they should consider having on board,,only if they can afford dollars…what a lovely morning it’s been in Jozi

  13. Donald Bradshaw says:

    Thanks Steve , that is what I have been trying to convey since Saturday in numerous posts one of which requested S.P. to approach the NHRA for an explanation as to how and why this horse was NOT declared a non- runner but all we got from the NHRA was a load of terms never heard of before in South African horse racing.

    One of my posts was that the NHRA is in need of a major clean out and overhaul from the C.E.O. to the tea lady and to this I now add the board of directors as they have left the racing public with no other option but to regard them as incompetent in the extreme !

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Donald
      The NHRA communications response to specific question items has ground to a halt in the past few months.
      Media/ public engagement simply just doesn’t happen.
      Ex Vaal racehorses allegedly found in a Gauteng township a week ago was our most recent query
      Then crop fine explanations
      New Vet employed from abroad
      And other items – list goes on.

  14. Donald Bradshaw says:

    Thanks Ed , the NHRA have become the laughing stock of horse racing in the country , no direction , no management , no integrity , no public relations , no responsibility to those who pay their salaries and gross dereliction of their official duties.

    I sign off by stating that they are lucky that I am not chairman of the board of directors or the C.E.O. !

  15. George McDonald says:

    Mr. Ed you are being very unfair to the NHRA and Mr. Vee Moodley.
    It was just more than two years ago that the NHRA headed by Mr. Moodley stated in part in their first Press Release that—
    A clear and effective communications strategy is also on the priority list, as is resolving any outstanding issues.

    “There’s much to be done, but I am looking forward to every aspect of the job, including working together with the different role players/stakeholders to ensure that the sport of horseracing is the winner at the end of the day. Everybody in the industry will be treated equally and fairly and there will be no discrimination. Horseracing’s integrity is paramount to its future”

    Mr. Ed,what do you expect in just over two years? Miracles?
    They may not be communicating but you cannot fault the NHRA on their statement that “there will be no discrimination” and everybody in the industry will be treated equally.
    It seems everybody’s questions put to Mr. Moodley have gone unanswered not only Sporting Post.
    Everybody treated equally we would say?

    1. Editor says:

      Good point George
      Your Dale Carnegie approach is refreshing!

  16. Cecil Pienaar says:

    😂 LoL George.

    Big Corporates always talk 3-5 year plans. The man in the grey suit might still get there, of hoe Pieta ?

  17. George Spelvin says:

    I’d take the Sporting Post a lot more seriously if they were to run an expose on bookmaking, over-round, false favourites, the dynamics of SPs and a whole host of other bookmaker activity. You will never get such an analysis. It is too close to the sponsor’s home. The continual incompetence of the stipes and the NHRA makes it quite easy to deflect punters attention away from the real hood to some other hood. Always follow the money in the gambling game if you want to stay above water as a punter.

    1. Editor says:

      Hi George

      Not sure what you suggesting with an expose – implies conspiracy theories / wrongdoing?
      Please drop us a line with specifics that you are aware of and we can take it up with the relevant bookmakers.

      Bookmakers price up horses initially but because those odds-makers are not omniscient, they go over round by 2-3% per horse. So the initial betting for say a 10-horse race will be to odds of around 127-130%. Is that wrong? Consider that some of the punters/stables do still know more than the oddsmakers and have the ability to back horses priced up at too big odds.

      The opening betting is a market – bookmakers are competing against each other for the early money and nobody is forcing a punter to take a bet.

      The market is fluid and where one horse shortens in the betting, another will ease.

      At race time the market is more fluid and dynamic.Here the public demand determines the prices .
      To be competitive the bookmakers odds are adjusted and their over-round position is down to 1-1,5% per horse. The 10-horse field is now at 110-114%. Again, pricing up at a margin is surely not an offence?

      You mention the term ‘false favourite’. Is it not possible that the initial oddsmaker may get the favourite wrong? That, after all, was just his opinion at the time. But the market determines the odds thereafter.Where is the benefit to a bookmaker to keep a horse 2/1 when it should be 4/1? Other bookies will recognize the error and offer better odds, simple. There is no cartel!

      What are the ‘dynamics’ of starting prices’ that you allude to? That will surely be the last price laid. In SA there are very few SP bets in any case.

      You say …’and a whole host of other bookmaker activity’ Like what exactly?

  18. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    wow George Spelvin is my hero, i want an advanced course on how to get topics that may not sit well with a sponsor published – prepared to pay good money, not petty cash

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