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Festival Of Racing – The Entries

Hollywoodbets Greyville - 31 July

Entries were received on Monday for the feature rich Marshalls World Of Sport Festival Of Racing to be held at Hollywoodbets Greyville on Saturday, 31 July.

A quality entry has been received for the four Gr1 races on the day, as well as for the Marshalls World Of Sport Gr3 Gold Cup.

Sean Tarry’s Gold Cup entry Nebraas (Pic – Candiese Lenferna)

28 entries have been received for the premier 3200m staying contest.

The Vodacom Durban July pretenders Got The Greenlight, Rainbow Bridge and Do It Again form the class backbone of a quality Champions Cup entry.

The big day is a World Pools event and massive betting turnovers are expected.

Supplementary entries close by 11h00 on Monday 19 July.

Declarations are due by 11h00 Thursday 22 July.

R600 000 1800m (Turf)
6 Catch Twentytwo Paul Peter 126
10 Crown Towers (AUS) Justin Snaith 117
11 Do It Again Justin Snaith 129
5 Got The Greenlight Joe Soma 126
7 Jet Dark Justin Snaith 130
8 Rainbow Bridge Eric Sands 134
3 Sachdev Justin Snaith 108
4 Seeking The Stars Vaughan Marshall 121
1 Sovereign Spirit Candice Bass-Robinson 120
2 Tristful Tony Rivalland 113
9 Warrior’s Rest Sean Tarry 115

De Kock’s exciting Desert Miracle (Pic – Candiese Lenferna)

R400 000 1600m (Turf)
9 Aisling Kumaran Naidoo 0
15 Bold Act Mike de Kock 0
6 Bon Vivant J A Janse van Vuuren 0
5 Desert Miracle Mike de Kock 0
7 Eternity Ring Barend Botes 0
17 High Flyby Corne Spies 0
3 Just For Laughs Glen Kotzen 0
8 Kailene Glen Kotzen 0
13 Look Yourself Paul Matchett 0
19 Maria Querol Justin Snaith 0
12 Mckenna Skye Paul Peter 0
18 Official Secret Glen Kotzen 0
16 One Night In Paris Alyson Wright 0
4 Paityns Pride Candice Dawson 0
10 Perfect Witness Candice Dawson 0
11 Rain In Holland Sean Tarry 0
20 Splash Of Green Weiho Marwing 0
1 Supreme Quest Corne Spies 0
14 Terra Time Lucky Houdalakis 0
2 Twice The Trip Sean Tarry 0
R500 000 1200m (Turf)
18 Al Sakeet Mike de Kock 106
6 Battle Force Paul Matchett 113
10 Bohica M G Azzie/A A Azzie 125
21 Captain Fontane Garth Puller 98
14 Cartel Captain Dennis Drier 115
12 Chantyman Gareth van Zyl 119
1 Chimichuri Run Sean Tarry 125
8 Gallic Princess Candice Dawson 114
15 Good Rhythm Louis Goosen 101
16 Kasimir Justin Snaith 125
2 Mk’s Pride Paul Peter 120
3 No Laying Up Vaughan Marshall 109
13 Pearl Of Asia R A Hill/S R Hill 107
5 Rio Querari Justin Snaith 130
11 Seventh Gear Dean Kannemeyer 103
19 Singforafa Corne Spies 119
9 Solid Gold Michael Roberts 107
20 True To Life J A Janse van Vuuren 119
7 Ultra Magnus Peter Muscutt 119
4 Viking Moon Alan Greeff 111
17 Warrior’s Rest Sean Tarry 115
R400 000 1600m (Turf)
11 Aj’s Captain WDF Badenhorst/BC Kennedy 0
10 Anytime Champ Joe Soma 0
20 Arnhem Land Michael Miller 0
1 Captain Lannister Ashley Fortune 0
16 Double Edge Gareth van Zyl 0
7 Dyce Lucky Houdalakis 0
23 Edgartown Michael Miller 0
9 Excellarator Fanie Bronkhorst 0
14 Fisher King Sean Tarry 0
8 Gaudis Masterpiece Justin Snaith 0
21 Good Traveller Glen Kotzen 0
17 Happy And Glorious Joe Soma 0
13 Hasta Manana Gareth van Zyl 0
18 Honokalani Michael Miller 0
22 Incredibill Vaughan Marshall 0
12 It’s About Time Justin Snaith 0
3 Laird Of Breedon Corne Spies 0
6 Partner In Crime Weiho Marwing 0
24 Peace In Our World Gavin Smith 0
2 Quantum King J A Janse van Vuuren 0
4 Rain In Holland Sean Tarry 0
25 Starrywinternight Weiho Marwing 0
19 Supreme Quest Corne Spies 0
15 Waterberry Lane Dean Kannemeyer 0
5 William Robertson Corne Spies 0

R600 000 3200m (Turf)
GOLD CUP (Grade 3)
1 African Adventure Joe Soma 117
7 Bayberry Justin Snaith 103
2 Before Noon Sean Tarry 82
18 Catchafallingstar Glen Kotzen 90
19 Category Four Grant Maroun 92
14 Chitengo Alec Laird 108
3 Don’t Look Back St John Gray 101
10 Doublemint Justin Snaith 116
26 Dream Destiny Kumaran Naidoo 98
25 Electric Surge R A Hill/S R Hill 85
11 Favour Dean Kannemeyer 97
27 Flichity By Farr Alyson Wright 87
13 Holy Warrior Candice Bass-Robinson 90
12 In Auro Gareth van Zyl 73
16 Jasmine Glen Kotzen 98
21 Legitimate Dean Kannemeyer 101
24 Marchingontogether Gavin van Zyl 100
23 Nebraas Sean Tarry 95
20 Out Of Your League Fabian Habib 108
6 Paths Of Victory Gareth van Zyl 100
4 PayBackTheMoney Nathan Kotzen 90
28 Saint Philip Garth Puller 78
17 Shenanigans Sean Tarry 85
15 Silva Magic Dean Kannemeyer 85
22 Silver Host Justin Snaith 112
5 Sunshine Silk Grant Maroun 97
8 Wealthy Dennis Drier 89
9 White Fang M G Azzie/A A Azzie 78

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37 comments on “Festival Of Racing – The Entries

  1. Keegan says:

    I just want to know from the the de kick racing.. Where is Buffalo billcody😔

    1. Editor says:

      Keegan Martin – Buffalo Bill is at stud
      Click here

  2. Donald Bradshaw says:

    Can someone please explain how it is possible that Jet Dark a one time Group 1 winner is merit rated a 130 and Got The Greenlight a five time Group 1 winner and placed 2nd and 3rd in two July handicaps is FOUR points lower on 126 ?

  3. Steve Reid says:

    Donald you are poking the bear now. Expect a dressing down from Mr Witz shortly. I can answer this, it’s easily explained but would hate to steal his thunder.

  4. Mark campbell says:

    Good luck obtaining an answer that makes an ounce of sense Donald ., mind boggling to say the least .!
    This time not even the handicappers can worm out of it as there is NO logical answer I’m afraid to say 🙁

    # tag Handicappers destroying racing .!

  5. Donald Bradshaw says:

    Hi Steve , await the dressing down from Hilton , however , should he not give me one by tomorrow may I take you up on your offer of ” it`s easily explained ” as I am desperate for any logical explanation ( Mark appears to believe one does not exist ) which I trust will not be loaded with GTGL has been winning races that attract little or no penalty for winning because that answer would just lead to the questioning of the integrity of handicapping by the NHA !

    One more question , if I may , why was Rascallion who finished as distant 5th used as the line horse in the July by the handicapper and not Do It Again which appeared to me to be the logical choice for adjusting merit ratings after that race ?

  6. Jay August says:

    The handicappers take aim at a dart board every day, the landing of said darts determining the line horse. Much like the commenters on SP who take aim with random illogical questions in the hope someone will waste their day by typing an intelligent response.

    Given how wrong the handicappers always are one wonders why the commentariat is not cleaning up on the obvious arbitrage in the market. The handicapper is always wrong but handicaps are random and unpredictable races. Mark Campbell knows that the handicappers are useless and get everything wrong but he cannot capitalise on such knowledge because his knowledge is so imperfect it is only good for a soundbite and a hashtag. Campbell, you are so confused that your confusion is confusing. No hashtag required.

    To highlight how words betray logic – the “distant fifth” Rascallion was half a length behind Do It Again. The line change would yield 1 less pt in overall rating. Come on Donald, you cant be bloody serious. Lastly, when you use “penalty” in relation to handicapping you display quite barely your inability to “get” handicapping. There are no “penalties” in handicapping merely adjustments to horses as relative offsets against those horses they beat and which are deemed to have run to form.

    There was a time when I would have attempted an explanation but those days are past. You lot ask questions but have no interest in the answer. All you want is validation that you are right – thump chest.

  7. Graham Martin says:

    Donald Bradshaw my good friend ask Jay August that question, i’m sure he will be able to clarify using his ornigram or whatever and his statistics. He will make it sound real convincing!.

  8. Michael Jacobs says:

    Donald, Jet Dark beat Rainbow Bridge, Belgarion, Do it Again in the Queens Plate at WFA.

  9. Cameron James says:

    Does it even matter? The race is run on WFA terms or an I wrong in saying that?

  10. Mark campbell says:

    Lol , very entertaining Jay ., just wondering why you would assume I don’t capitalize on the handicappers short comings in rating horses , on the contrary dear Watson ., plenty Money to be made with a little help from “formgrids “ and a clear understanding of our MR system and horse ratings ., you should try the combination one day , you may well surprise yourself 😉

    Ps the majority of handicap races are anything but random and unpredictable on the contrary they’ve been handicapped to finish as one ., but then again you new that right 🙂

    # don’t assume

  11. Jay August says:

    Mark Campbell ends his first comment with “# tag Handicappers destroying racing .!”, the implication clearly being that merit handicapping has killed racing.

    Then when challenged he makes the completely contradictory claim that,”….why you would assume I don’t capitalize on the handicappers short comings in rating horses , on the contrary dear Watson ., plenty Money to be made….”.

    So what is it Mark? Confused? If the MR system offers up obvious arbitrage then why are so few punters able to spot the opportunity, more so when they have the venerable formgrids for reference? I guess some very contorted answer will ensue, one which involves your secret trade knowledge (ala Graham Martin) and poor owners and trainers, all a babble of nothing but confused speak.

    One has respect for someone who not only can explain why they disagree with a rating but on what basis that disagreement is made. Campbell I suggest cannot even comprehend the question let alone the answer. He peruses formgrids in one dimension, mistaking casual and random lines of collateral form for evidence of his superior knowledge. He, like formgrids, has no analytical and auditable back view of at least 6 months which proves something of substance, but at least the presentation is colourful for those who like colours.

    Campbell is just another in a long line of questioners and accusers who simply cannot provide cogent evidence or analysis of the problem but know intrinsically that they are superior in their knowledge. Their questioning is intended to hide their own confusion and lack of understanding. The edition of a hashtag is the new childish expression of this problem.

  12. M(artin)Gram(matica) says:

    Understanding how Merit Rating functions is vastly different to answering whether this is the best system for South Africa. Owners need to be rewarded for racing good horses not be penalised because their horse is better than another. Jay August sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. Your defence of the MR system is admirable but leaves the question why you feel so strongly about it?

  13. Jay August says:

    Perhaps MGram should direct some of his concern towards those who continue to use vitriol as their primary arguing tool. The question they ask is simply a diversion to get their broader sarcasm across. Answer with equal sarcasm and you are guilty of an abomination.

    MGram agrees with them and their sarcasm and it is therefore allowed and overlooked. And here he is again suggesting I may be a shill for something. He cannot debate the issue in any manner other than to insert at some point in his discussion an attempt to discredit me with a pointed question about why I respond. Apparently having an own mind on handicapping and MRs is not allowed in SA racing. Strong views are only allowed if they align with MGram and friends.

    He now diverts the discussion away from a question about Jet Dark’s rating and opens up a new debate on which system may be best. He makes the point that owners need to be rewarded for racing good horses but he makes no suggestion how this can be achieved and be equitable across racing. He makes no attempt to prove that this is currently not so. He states this point often in his comments without any substance other than the fact that it is of course self evident, or should be to everyone except me.

    You should have you way soon MGRam. SANTA will be in control very soon and you will have the ability to shape this great new future. Let’s see where my sarcasm takes me at that point. I wonder what you will be accusing me of shilling once the NHA belongs to you and your friends and you have failed to deliver this great handicapping or points system which rewards owners in equilibrium to their horses absolute talent.

    * edited

  14. Graham Martin says:

    I would like to keep this comment as short as possible for Jay August. The handicapping system in this country is supposed to give each horse that runs in a handicap an equal chance of winning. Well this is not true because it gives some horses in a handicap absolutely no chance of winning, The handicapping system favours the mediocre horse and gives the better horse absolutely NO CHANCE of winning and I am sure that you know that! Rewarding the mediocre horse and punishing the above average or good horses is what has brought horse racing to the brink of total collapse in this country but you, Jay August, will continue to bury your head in the sand and deny the facts.

  15. Martin le Roux says:

    wow!!! and silly me for 56 years in the game I have had no idea how complicated it is. All I do is get some info from my stable and a few others in the game and have a bet on the horse I fancy most. Win some lose some. No MR or handicapping realities for me. Just happy to be in the game. If racing was an absolute science there would be no game. Enjoy everybody

  16. Graham Martin says:

    Michael Jacobs did Jet Dark beat Rainbow Bridge and Belgarion in the Gold Challenge at Greyville? Again I raise the issue of judging a horse so harshly on one run! What happened to Sovereign Spirit after his Amazing fluke in the Met and his huge hike in MR for one good run? And the list goes on, there are many more. How many horses have had to retire because of one good run and having their MR increased to a point where they are completely outclassed and are unable to be competitive? Thanks to the MR system of handicapping! I await a sarcastic reply from Jay August.

  17. Donald Bradshaw says:

    Still await an explanation on how Jet Dark is rated FOUR merit points better then Got The Greenlight ?

    I am not an expert on handicapping or how merit ratings are determined and allocated and some may say a little knowledge is dangerous , but when considering their respective race records and past performances on the race course I cannot understand how J.D. can be a 130 and G.T.G.L. a 126 ?

  18. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    The Queens Plate is the Holy Grail – like it or not – and for a 3 year old to win it, especially so soon in the season is astonishing! Winners of this race go on to win ARCSA awards – like it or not!. Only the second 3 yr old in over 20 years to achieve that feat. Not many 3 year olds even venture such a stiff WFA challenge.

    Jet Dark put in an amazing performance – and was handicapped as such, he beat the highest rated horse in the land – should we make him a 99?

    I don’t think Jet Dark is a 130 – but it matters not – for after winning the Queens plate at WFA, handicaps are prep races of zero importance, and races to take positions of opposition if you must

  19. Mark campbell says:

    Jay August , well well well ., what have we here , another wannabe keyboard warrior i see ..lol .!

    YOU take being opinionated to a level never witnessed before ., certainly not in my lifetime .!

    QUESTION have you EVA Been wrong ……….., yup thought as much .!

    MY guess is that you’ve never actually owned a horse in training right ?
    Yup i thought so ., very sad ., normally the ones with the BIG mouths .!


  20. Graham Martin says:

    Roderick Mattheyse, in the Queens Plate Jet Dark was receiving 5 kgs from Rainbow Bridge (yes I know it’s WFA ) and beat Rainbow Bridge by 0,75 lengths. In the Gold Challenge Jet Dark was receiving 1,50 kgs which makes him 3,50 kgs worse off at the weights. On 1kg =1 length Rainbow Bridge should now beat Jet Dark by 2,75 lengths, Well Rainbow Bridge beat Jet Dark by 3,65 lengths! Jet Dark should never be a 130!

  21. Martin le Roux says:

    After a lame attempt to bring some lighthearted banter into this rather personal attack from individuals on each other let me be quite clear that as an owner I have been the victim of over zealous Merit Rating. My filly won the Nursery (incidentally Gavin Lerena’s first graded win) against what proved to be not the best bunch of 2yr olds around. Come her 3 yr old campaign she was forced to race against the de Kock and Laird who had now revealed their hotshots.Result being end of career but in the true spirit of love of the game we take it on the chin and box on.. Enjoy everyone.

  22. Cameron James says:

    I don’t like getting into points of contention such as topics like this, but what the hell, I agree with Mr. August before dismissing the merit rated handicapping system what evidence do we have before us?

    There should be facts based on results over an extended period of time. If the ratings were indeed correct and GTGL was indeed rated incorrectly then shouldnt he have won the July?

    I think the problem with this system is the so called line horse and the determination of which horse to use and therein lies the problem. The handicappers erred when Cirillio ran 2nd to GTGL and used him as the line horse.

    The line horse will always be open to debate. I believe it should not be taken on face value and factors such as the distance of the races should be considered as well.

    But as Mr August always says, the facts are always the best guide…..

  23. M(artin)Gram(matica) says:

    Jay August you credit me with lots of things that I have never advocated.

    “Ignorance is brought about by assumption.”
    T. D. Jakes

    There is nothing wrong with differences of opinion. I am not guilty of attacking either yourself or your views. Please do not.assume I am in a camp.and therefore guilty by association.

  24. Michael Jacobs says:

    Just for the record I would like to state again that I am firmly in the anti- MR camp, and wil always detest MR handicap racing, we are not talking about this, but Jet Dark’s rating. MR handicapping promotes mediocre racing, but this is about the pinnacle of South Agrican racing- the Queens Plate. Jet Dark won the QP impressively and no average handicapper wins the QP. Variety Club, GimmetheGreenlight, Futura, Legal Eagle, Cape Town Noir among others have all won the Holy Grail. The best stallions in SA come from the Queens Plate roll of honour.

    Therefore Jet Dark deserves his rating and we will see over the next few months if that rating is justified. For now it is.

  25. Yegen Chetty says:

    Remember when Elusive Gold (66/1) beat Captain America (17/10) in 2013? By how much did Elusive Gold get penalised after that race because I can never remember hearing of the horse again! Does anyone know what happened to Elusive Gold?

    1. Editor says:

      Exported to Hong Kong, Yegen

  26. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    Graham Martin – thanks very much for the humour, seriously needed in these times – 0.9l variation from your arithmetic masterpiece – one horse was race fit and the other was having its first run for 6 months and now the horse does not deserve it’s rating. I would conclude from your sums the horse very much seems to deserve his rating. I still think we should make him a 99 as it matters not Jet Dark will not be actively campaigning in handicaps – the Holy Grail is a bit heavy for that.

  27. Harold Narainsamy says:

    @ Donald Bradshaw. The crux of the matter is that the Cape form is stronger than that of Gauteng.

  28. Donald Bradshaw says:

    @ Harold , thanks for your comment but , apart from being a 5 time Group 1 winner GTGL thrashed your top cape horse Rainbow Bridge in two July Handicaps , so your reasoning does not make logical sense ?

    I suppose that the Champions Cup will reveal the true M.R. of Jet Dark as opposed to GTGL , assuming both horses stand their ground, !

  29. Harold Narainsamy says:

    @ Donald – I backed GTGL in the July. Your comment shifts away from your original question which is why JD is rated higher than GTGL. Also those 2 July defeats were RB’s 2 worst performances which proves that he did not stay 2 200m carrying a welter weight. Every middle distance Grade 1 in Durban baring the Woolavington, has gone to the Cape.

  30. Donald Bradshaw says:

    Hi Harold , no shift in my original question , which by the way has not been answered by the presentation of handicapping facts , but only a response to your post that somehow the Cape horses are handicapped on a ” superior plain ” as that form is stronger as you put it.

    Be that as it may Jet Dark is weighted in the Champions Cup off a 130 M.R. to win that race by the proverbial street due to the W.F.A. conditions of the event. Should that indeed happen then I shall doff my cap to your ” stronger Cape form ” and to the NHA handicappers superior knowledge on the implementation of this M.R. on Jet Dark !

  31. Rod Mattheyse says:

    oh dear!!!

  32. Jay August says:


    31-07-2021: Champions Cup – 1st Jet Dark (MR130)


  33. Pieta says:

    Lekker Roderick….Lekker…..well observed 👍 dankie man!👍

  34. Neill says:

    Not a fundi on MR but did follow the debate around Jet Dark’s 130. Seems Jay August and the handicappers had it right, the horse ran to his assessed potential in the Champoins Cup. Will the victory result in another raise in MR as it appears some WFA races do not carry a penalty?
    If I’m wrong assuming this please pardon my ignorance.

  35. George McDonald says:

    But But, The Mercury Sprint (1200 metres) WTA
    Pearl of Asia (MR 107) second lowest rating in 14 horse field against 130,125 merit ratings wins from second to last in the short Greyville straight at 75/1.
    But pays R 18.10 on tote with a 7/10 favourite in field.
    So what merit rating come Monday?

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