Heart Of Gold

Bonnievale-based sanctuary acknowledged

Each year, Network for Animals (NFA) awards the Brian Davies Award to three organisations that do outstanding work in animal welfare. The award is named after NFA founder Brian Davies, a pioneer of modern animal welfare campaigning.

This year, the Have A Heart Equine Sanctuary was the proud recipient of the 2021 Brian Davies Gold Award for outstanding work in animal welfare.

This award is an annual international accolade awarded to an organisation whose outstanding work succeeds in helping animals against overwhelming obstacles.

These organisations work in dangerous environments without any financial or logistical support or meet with local or political interference or resistance.

The Have A Heart team celebrates their award – from left to right: Mike, Marc, Vicky, Zoe and Joseph

Vicky Ward and her husband Marc have worked immensely hard over the past five years to save as many animals as they can.The Have A Heart Equine Sanctuary is a non-profit organization in Bonnievale for horses and farm animals founded in 2017.

“This award means so much to every volunteer and every staff member at Have A Heart,” says Marc.

“We are humbled by this award and would like to thank Network for Animals for the amazing honour,” he says.

Vicky adds that they have been overwhelmed and honoured to receive this award. She thanks her supporters for always believing in Have A Heart.

“Our sanctuary takes in and rescues unwanted, abandoned, abused, neglected or starved ponies, horses, donkeys and farm animals.

“We rehabilitate and retrain them, then rehome each horse to the best-suited home,” Vicky explains.

All of her equines are adopted under contract and monitored for the rest of their lives. If the horse cannot remain at their adoptive home for any unforeseen circumstances, they must return to the sanctuary.

“Our horses do not have a time limit at the sanctuary, and if found to be unable to be rehomed, they will remain with us for the rest of their natural lives. Provided they are pain-free, happy and healthy,” Vicky says with a smile.

“One final thanks to all our supporters who have helped us get here. This is for every person who has donated to us and our sponsors who are always there for us. To every family who has helped more than they know – thank you.

“I would also like to thank my beautiful wife,” says Marc.

“She’s been the rock of this sanctuary, and she’s gone without so much so that we could continue to feed and rescue. So, Vicky Ward, this is to you and all your hard work. All your support has helped us reach Gold!” cheers Marc.

Here’s to Have A Heart!

If you would like to donate, don’t hesitate to contact Vicky for more information: [email protected]

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