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Soma Slams Racing 240 Channel

No response after trainer gives up punting

After 53 years of being a ‘punterholic’, Gauteng Gr1 winning trainer Joey Soma contacted the Sporting Post on Saturday afternoon to say that he is positive that he has now officially been ‘cured’ by Racing 240.

“No punterholic really wants to be cured, believe me. But this lot have just done it,” quipped Soma, who is one of a few attendees of last week’s National Yearling Sale currently believed to be down with covid.

Joey Soma – veteran has had enough of the games playing and incompetence (Pic – Chase Liebenberg)

“After 53 years of punting, I couldn’t believe what we were exposed to this afternoon. I was watching Dstv channel 240 and eagerly waiting to see the IOS Drill Hall Stakes runners in the parade. Instead we were provided with Borrowdale and views of the course. Don’t get me wrong. We want to support all racing, but how do they restrict proper viewer access to a leading Gr2 event and give us minor races instead?”

Soma said that he was not sure whether it was a conscious decision or incompetence that had led to SA racing’s prime season and the unofficial Hollywoodbets Durban July starter race, the IOS Drill Hall Stakes preliminaries, appearing to be mostly ignored.

“You know, we complain. I read the SP comments. I see the responses. But what do we believe? And what changes? Absolutely nothing! Racing is in trouble and nobody seems to give a damn. I have relied on this game for a living forever. I have not earned a salary. But the salaried guys need to wake up. And now I have had enough. I’m not punting on the tote. If I ran my business like this I wouldn’t last a week. I wonder how many other punters have called it a day? The turnovers tell a story!”

The Sporting Post wrote to the powers-that-be recording Mr Soma’s frustrations.

We asked if it was a conscious decision to curtail the KZN feature exposure or whether it was incompetence by the Producer on duty.

We have received no response.

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69 comments on “Soma Slams Racing 240 Channel

  1. Peter Wrensch says:

    The three features alone attracted me away from any football. But to get assaulted with the most vile sound is worthy of laying charges. I never watched the Guineas. I too am cured.


    Check out this payout/dividends Fundi

    # Horse Win Dividend Place Dividend
    12 Point Of Woods R 19.20 R 2.70
    2 Stallone R 2.60
    6 Marselan R 12.60
    14 Canaria Prince R 15.40
    Favourite : 3
    Bet Type Result Dividend
    Swinger 6/12 R 30.40
    Swinger 12/14 R 180.00
    Swinger 6/14 R 180.00
    Swinger 444861 R 0.00
    Exacta 12/6 R 2038.20
    Trifecta 12/6/14 R 549.00
    Trifecta 54247 R 0.00
    Quartet 86775 R 0.00


    The real result over in Blighty

    20:35 Thirsk
    Full Result
    Horse silk
    Point Of Woods
    Horse silk
    Marselan (IRE)
    Horse silk
    Canaria Prince
    Horse silk
    Stallone (IRE)


    Fundi’s result :

    Thirsk on Saturday 07/05/2022
    # Horse Win Dividend Place Dividend
    12 Point Of Woods R 19.20 R 2.70
    2 Stallone R 2.60
    6 Marselan R 12.60
    14 Canaria Prince R 15.40


    Mr. Editor, they seem to have corrected it

  6. Michael Jacobs says:

    Please bring back the old Tellytrack, all is forgiven, we’ll never moan about it ever again!!

    We’ll put up with Cecil, Lyle and Neil if we can just have our old Tellytrack back. As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for! 240 is the most amateur racing production we’ve ever had in South Africa.

  7. Neill de Bruyn says:

    Surely this must be a misprint in your article mr Ed.
    It’s impossible that Joey Soma has been a punterholic for 53 years, he only looks about 50 years old.
    Joey will be pleased to know that he’s got a secret admirer in the form of Cecil Pienaar’s mother-in-law. .

    1. Editor says:

      He started when he was in Sub B / Grade 2 , Neill 🙂
      Cecil’s skoonma is a great fan of his, we know that

  8. Deon Beyers says:

    I agree . This make me long for radio results 50 years ago.

  9. Peter Ellise says:

    It’s exactly like I said how can we devote more time to overseas racing while our racing suffers ,correct me if I’m wrong but hardly anyone bets on these buggy races the pools are miniscule ,at least gallop has its act together plus one can view the after race interviews .get our house in order then worry about the rest .

  10. Steve Stevens says:

    Michael Jacobs,forget it Charles Savage will never bring it back he was the one together with Stephen Watson that wanted to go digital so they could make money out of it.If you believed Racing was captured in the past forget it Racing is now probably captured.I believe that sir De Kock is absolutely disgusted with whats going on and wants nothing to do with them anymore.

  11. Emil Khan says:

    The grass ain’t always greener on the other side & if it is then there’s a whole lot of crap which we have being experiencing ever since this channel was introduced

  12. Corrie lensley says:

    And the live streaming is forever of i had numerous phone calls with the bossman of channel 240 but nothing changes.I wonder if these people know how many peoples livelyhood depends on there product the putting out to the public

  13. Stan Smith says:

    Absolutely …what we wished for is disastrous …..old tellytrack was great

  14. Etienne Joubert says:

    Agree bring back the old teletrack. Etienne Joubert

  15. Ashley Jordan says:

    240 incompetence is coming to the fore now wake up or close up because you useless and clueless

  16. Avril Lerena says:

    There have been complaints in the Citizen newspaper letters page. Suggestions have been made that DSTV should scrap the channel and not be associated with such an inferior product.

  17. Daniel airey says:

    It was the worst coverage in history, it was as if they trying to purposely sabotage golden circus. Borrowdale was given way more air time.

  18. Jason Munsamy says:

    I agree with Mr Soma.Channel 240 has left a bitter taste in the punters mouth since inception and is getting worse as time goes by.

  19. Andries Neethling says:

    I agree with this channal 240 is a disaster and a shame for the industry. It is frustrating to watch and I am so irritated of this incompetence of all involve there. BRING BACK TELLYTRACK 249 OTHERWISE YOU WILLL LOSE PUNTERS AND VIEWERS

  20. Pragasen Naidoo says:

    Agree wholeheartedly.with all the comments..Even watching paint dry is more exciting than watching 240..bring telly track back…punting for 48 yrs…I don’t look forward to punting with much enthusiasm

  21. Inel Bekker says:

    We as an industry needs to wake up. And quick. All involved. Breeders, trainers, owners and punters need to get together and start working on helping the industry survive.

  22. Mark Schmidt says:

    Have to agree with Joey, the coverage has been shocking since they’ve taken over. Their so called mobile app is merely a mobile site that doesn’t work, we have commentators/ (with the exception of Alistair Cohen) who shouldn’t be on TV and a bunch of producers who know nothing about racing…What else should we expect?? This all makes you think what exactly Charles Savage and his crew are in this for? Thank goodness for Gold Circle and Gallop TV

  23. Neill de Bruyn says:

    I thought the Champions day coverage was’nt bad at all. What goes wrong from one week to another?
    They using different production teams at different venues or something? .

  24. Hilton Witz says:

    The biggest disgrace is the demise of tellytrack .com which was well worth the 89 rand per month and it gets replaced by the biggest rubbish 240…at least tellytrack .com had the direct feed from the track so i never missed the canter past and any interviews and also it had a fantastic library of replays which one could access at a touch of a button so useful for punters …Why are Dominic zaki and Colin Gordon so silent on these matters but then again when you hire individuals like fundi and Stephen Watson who dont know which side a horse *** from you should expect this mess ..

  25. Pravesh Gopal says:

    Pravesh Gopal
    Fully agree with Mr Soma.
    Also the lousy music in between interviews???

  26. Maduramuthu Gonaseelan Govender says:

    Tellytrack was much better.
    Also was surprised at the last race, a horse with no form wins like a favorite, very suspicious. If this is what the season is going to be then….

  27. nic botes says:

    Glad to say that i decided to watch the season opening races on the Gallop Tv stream. The studio presenters are always well dressed and we are treated to world class commentating.. 4 Racing Tv is not on the same level. Start with your dress code. Take a leaf out of Super Sport page. Presenters are dressed for success. The steaming is late ..not by seconds. Sometimes by minutes. The continual referring to owners/trainers as Uncle this and Aunt that should stop. You represent everyone in SA racing from the punter to the owner to the trainer and groom. this is not a family picnic or a boys night at your local pup. The coverage are sold to various countries across the world. Stand up and deliver or ask Gallop for help.

  28. Shaheen Shaw says:

    A shamefully incompetent channel. How many times I’ve heard that song being played during racing, ”I’m a f*** up and a lonely b****!”. Go figure!

  29. Jay August says:

    This is not entirely a channel 240 issue. I do not watch on DSTV, rather I watch on 4racing.tv or gallop.tv via the internet, clean feeds in all cases.

    Gallop’s camera work yesterday in the parade ring was poor to say the least. Why follow long shots in the parade ring and completely ignore the favoured horses?

  30. Donald Bradshaw says:

    Good Day Ed , please could S.P. contact Dom Zaki and request him to advise what are his responsibilities , if any , at this absolute disaster of a horse racing channel ?

    How the executives at 4 Racing can allow their shop window to be of such poor quality in direction , presentation , production , content and simple basic horse racing information I cannot comprehend !

    When you discard a product such as Tellytrack surely you replace it with a superior not inferior product ?

  31. ERIC RED says:

    Racing 240 channel need to ask Gallop TV For help,there production is brilliant and much clearer then 240,and they got 4 different feeds to choose from,i watched GREYVILLE THE WHOLE AFTERNOON WITH NO INTERUPTIONS,and its a free App,,well done GOLD CIRCLE

  32. Frankie Zackey says:

    Frankie Zackey… Well done Joe ….. 100 million spent on channel 240 which is a absolute disaster …. Pay back the money and bring Tellytrack back …. Unfortunately Dom Zaki just like Clyde Basel has had his mouth strapped up with a citation bit and his hands been handcuffed…. There are a handful of people that have so much racing knowledge but have been sidelined…Once they done away with the most important tool Computaform I then knew 1 billion percent that the wrong people are in charge of racing…I’ll bet my life on it that because of the disappearance of the most important tool Computaform racing has cost themselves millions… Who the F…. wants to go online every F… time you need to check something out…Fundi listen and take it from a punter that has been around the longer you keep Computaform available online the more and more millions you guy’s are losing out on…. Ask My Brother Mike De Kock and Sean Tarry who are your personal trainers to explain to you how important it is to have Computaform available in our local shops and TAB outlets. I was a breath of fresh air last week on Champions day to see the ROA handing out Computaform to their customers for free… Don’t get me wrong we are nothing asking for a free hand the customers will pay just like they have done for the last 50 years plus God Help Racing I Give Up

  33. Kitsi Nomso says:

    I agree with Joey this is channel is one big f…up racing in S A is gone to dark ages PUNTER IS GETTING WORSE OF iIT AT EVERY TURN S A horses won at world stages now they making racing a joke like parliament. No commentry telephone lines best buy news paper to check results next day like old days why did telly track change … You took over good enough why fix something not broke… Boycott is urgently needed 😡

  34. Billy naidoo says:

    Please put the results on the screen on a regular basis.. Place acc n jackpot n pic 6..we pensioners dont have race cards so call the names n numbets ofhorses. Just the way tellytrack used to display.. I have been punting for 50 years n now this change.. Its so frustrating. 0833135567.Billy Naidoo

  35. Theo says:

    I’m tired of complaining, so I searched for an alternative and I found it. Oneotv.online/live…
    Might have the streaming address wrong, I’m sure you’ll find it

  36. HUGH BRITZ says:

    I’m only punting KZN at the moment. Gallop tv feeds, replays and presentation top notch.
    Well done guys.
    4racing’s product is abominable

  37. James says:

    I agree Joey Soma afte 3 decades I actually spend more time away from races after this racing 240, took off,

  38. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Hello William, Welkom terug uit die wildernis..

    I was one that called Tellytrack ,,,, Tellycrap ! Ek vra Om verskoning met my hoed in my hand.. Die nuwe spul is defnitief n pot k**

    If indeed Dom Zaki has any say and allowing this to carry on – it’s disappointing. This very forum helped indirect to get a few good guys back into racing, via HWBets

    Well done to the 10 x 50k winners, Big Hats off to HWBets, they don’t have to do it. LoL that’s why I don’t want Trainers tips, or people in the know ! 10 ordinary people won it, and no doubt the Big Boys play as well…

    Oh yes Mr Ed, Neill,,, ou SkoonMa is mal verlief op ons Joe Soma, sy Se hy laat haar 11 jr jonger voel…🙂 wraggies haar screensaver op haar Nokia 5110

    Happy Mother’s Day to all our Mamma’s en Oumas out there. We also remember our one’s in Heaven, like Clarkie

    Wet Albert Falls Greetings – 105 days Overflow

  39. Gary-Turf says:

    Frankie…..Computaform is available freely for every meeting.Just print it out for each meeting you require it for.
    If you don’t gave a printer,then go to a postnet.
    Each book won’t cost you more then R30 to print

  40. GERALD GANESH says:

    From a paying client Racing 240 I am ashamed by the lack of coverage. Tellytrack had its problems but by were there much more clued up and better at running a channel.

  41. Vinny regnath says:

    Nobody will ever listen to us….we as the punter and customer play no part in the business as the big shots see it. Why don’t punters stop punting for 2 days. Just 2 days don’t have a bet with the tote or bookmaker and let’s watch what happens to the pools.

  42. Frankie Zackey says:

    Frankie Zackey…Gary you guy’s are missing the whole point brother. think about the guy’s that are not computer literate or haven’t got access to go online,, punters don’t even stress anymore about racing anymore,,I’ve seen top players just turn up the game.. BTW I print my own books and in color and if I run out of ink which does happen occasionally I then get my book/books from Glenanda bookmakers “Hello” Bookmakers and trust me they’ve definitely gained many but many punters because of that… Postnet by the way are way to expensive unless it’s in black and white

  43. Desire Friedland says:

    Ban the whip!

  44. Theodore John Roelofsz says:

    I challenge ANYONE with a smaller than 20″ TV screen to read anything that # 240 cares to dish up….coloring, printing etc etc…

  45. Donald Bradshaw says:

    Desire Friedland , you at the incorrect location , you should have turned right instead of left and now you are badly lost !

    Do not normally agree with Frankie`s comments which I find somewhat ” over the top ” but this pushing of electronic digital actions as to the solution to all things in life is not appreciated by many , I for one would turn the sport up if the Computaform Express was not available to be purchased in print book form from my local tote ?

  46. Mohamed Ismail says:

    I stopped punting after 47 years thanks to the new channel 240

  47. George McDonald says:

    Mr Jay August you must be very privileged having the choice of DSTV, Gallop and 4racing to do your race watching.

    Question for you Mr. August.
    Why is Cape Racing not shown on free Gallop?
    Could be because Gold Circle is being spiteful and does not want 4racing managed race meetings to be broadcast on their free channel?

  48. Jay August says:

    Mr McDonald, privilege in that I have LTE at home with which to watch these channels. LTE cost = R359pm, DSTV Compact = R89 pm. Is this insane privilege?

    Your second question should be directed at those who make those decisions. Why do you expect me to answer this question?

  49. Kenneth Strachan says:

    I agree 100% with Joey Soma we need to bring back teletrack with competent personel staff racing is going to the dogs what happened with the experts previews before the races Clyde and his cronies are misleading us with there tips

  50. George McDonald says:

    Mr. August,Sir, are you sure your bill for DSTV Compact is R 89 pm?
    If it is, then do we have to really answer your question== Is this insane privilege?
    After all Grandpa Jack is paying well over R 300 for exact same service.
    Typo Mr. August?

  51. Jay August says:

    Goergie. I signed for 3 years and was given a discount. The privilege I have is having a brain to negotiate. Perhaps you should try that in future.

  52. M(artin)Gram(matica) says:

    Mr Editor you never had the courtesy to respond with the BSA reply to my question regarding Covid protocols being followed at the National sales. I have been vindicated in my view that BSA were tardy by the fact that I know of more than 30 people who have contracted Covid after attending the sale and I am sure that the real number is in multiples of this.

    Perhaps Mr Moodley would be kind enough to revisit his rather dismissive statement regarding this transgression.

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Martin
      We spoke to Mr Moodley at the time- he is currently in flight and will get a final answer from him today.
      We were unable to obtain a comment from BSA.
      Were you in the environment?

  53. Matt Engelbrecht says:

    What`s most irritating is the bad sound !!! Most of the time it is echoing so badly, that you cannot hear anything !!

  54. Gavin Bechan says:

    i want to pay 89 rand for dstv compact … phoning dstv now ..lol

  55. Clinton Pillay says:

    Happy for Uncle Jay August, knew it, Old Age Pensioner rates.. 😃

  56. Neill de Bruyn says:

    Just a reminder that the current agreement by which 4R can broadcast GC racing, is a flimsy one which can be terminated by either party with a month’s notice.
    The intellectual property agreement that existed between Phumulela and GC, which was ceded to 4R, has been cancelled as everybody knows – this included Tellytrack.
    Two other agreements come up for renewal this year, the commingling agreement which expires on 31 July and the Sports Administration agreement which expires on 31 December.
    Let’s hope for a speedy conclusion. .

  57. George McDonald says:

    This afternoon took Jay August’s advice and marched down to local Multichoice office to use brain to negotiate.
    Told assistant wanted to negotiate a deal on DSTV Compact for 3 years at R 89 pm with the discount.
    Assistant looked at me with that look.
    Come again he said.
    So repeated request.
    No he said we do not do wheeling and dealing.
    So asked for the manager.
    So when manager comes I show him Jay August’s post and tell him I want that deal Mr. August has got.
    Manager says there is no such deal and there has never been a deal like that.
    And even Trump would not pull that off. No deal.
    He says– Sir I suggest you ask this gentleman for what ever he has got that he is smoking.
    So Mr. August
    You say laughter
    And I say larfter
    You say after
    And I say arfter
    Laughter Larter
    Let’s call the whole thing off.

  58. jc lee ching says:

    MR EDITOR can you please tell me what is the position regarding Computaform downloading? Before Covid I had a subscription but during the pandemic Computaform became a free download up until now. I logged on and was confronted with the old style pay as you go logo with no free download available. Has Computaform gone back to the pay only system? if so please inform me so that I can subscribe again, thank you.

    1. Editor says:

      Hi JC
      Seems bizarre that they would have changed the dynamics without informing customers.
      Have asked them to clarify.

    2. Editor says:

      Hi JC
      4Racing advise that Computaform can be downloaded for free on Tabonline.
      The Computaform website is not being used and there is no subscription.

  59. AP Pillay says:

    4racing.tv is a joke , u pay to watch replays ,more times it freezes and if u click on a Vaal race it’s shows a kenilworth race .Bring back tellytrack , I don’t mind paying double the price .

  60. jc lee ching says:

    Thank you

  61. jc lee ching says:

    Mr Ed thanks for your time and trouble, really appreciate it

    1. Editor says:

      Pleasure JC

  62. jc lee ching says:

    I’ve been biting my tongue for a while now out of fear of attacks from the host of rabid keyboard warriors, spelling professors and a menagerie of equine experts, but here goes anyway. Mr Soma is 100% correct, he usually is, he is passionate about horse racing in all it’s frail forms. He is to be congratulated and cherished for his achievements in this game of horse racing that we all love. He is to be applauded for his courage to speak out against this abysmal level incompetence. Mr Soma is a humble man and a sincere man but every normal tolerant person has a limit. The current menu of televised racing is a cry to the heavens for vengeance, it is soul destroying in it’s entirety. Those who hanker for the fleshpots of tellytrack are deluded, it was equally crappola, It puzzles me why they persist with that infernal din masquerading as music, if they have nothing constructive to say just shut up and let the punters use their own eyes to make a judgement instead of being bombarded with that incessant diabolical cascade of noise pollution? in heavens name have pity on our hearing. It is a absolute insult to our finer feelings. Those who are manning the cameras and equally those who decide which pictures we see are completely devoid of a miniscule understanding of horse racing. The whole idea of showing a horse going down is to show a side on view to see the action and general well being of the horse, and what do these infinitely incompetents show us? a close up view of the jockeys face or a fleeting glimpse of the horse’s arse, pathetic. Something else perplexes me, a image from English racing comes from thousands of kilometers away, bouncing from satellite to satallite, from receiving station to receiving station and arrives on my tv screen CLEARER than our local racing pictures, how is that possible? In conclusion, in spite of all the criticism levelled here the question is will the powers that be take heed and engage with you? don’t hold your breath, you may just get the middle finger.

  63. IAN Sanne says:

    Re ch 240. Look at Fairview today. At great expense, Grant Knowles is wheeled in – what is wrong with the regulars, i.e. Neil Pretorius & Nadine?

    This seems to happen at all venues – the presenters who are there week after week are not good enough for the “Big ones”, so the likes of Julie, Neil Andrews & Co are trundled in. Seems money is no object

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Ian
      We believe Neil is ill.

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