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Guess Who #31

Recognise who this is?

Guess Who #31 It’s great to re-live memories, so write your comment, and tell us more if you can.

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17 comments on “Guess Who #31


    San Louis ..Kenny Michel was it ?


    Is that Windjammer in the background ?

    William Milkovitch

    Merry Xmas Everyone

    1. Editor says:

      You too Stay

  3. Glynis says:

    Tecla Bluff in Abe Swerskys colours?

  4. Rick says:

    Sunshine Man trained by Peter Kannemeyer


    maybe it’s Welcome Boy

    1. Robyn Louw says:

      It’s a tricky one this week. Nope, I’m afraid not. There’s a clue in the advertising boards and I’ll give you another hint – it’s a filly, who went on to produce a Met winner.

  6. Mich says:

    Regal Blue?

    1. Robyn Louw says:


      Ok, another hint. It’s a Cape Fillies Guineas winner.


    Festive Season ?

  8. tanay says:


    1. Robyn Louw says:

      Nope – sorry (didn’t realise it was such a toughie, sorry guys !!)

      Ok, a few more hints. It’s a Fillies Guineas winner. She was a chestnut filly, bred by Paul de Wet, trained by Terrance Millard and ridden to victory, as so many of his early horses were, by Bert Abercrombie. She retired to stud and produced a strapping chestnut colt, who went on to win the Met for Millard’s brother-in-law, Ralph Rixon.

      1. tanya says:

        ok, how about Saudies (ARG)?

      2. tanya says:

        Ok, amending my previous answer to Wild Ash?

        1. Robyn Louw says:

          Gold star !

          It is Wild Ash, well done Tanya 🙂

          I didn’t meant to make it quite so difficult, but she was a great filly and broodmare and I thought it was such fun to find such a nice pic of her.

          Thanks for playing along, everyone !


    That’s okay Mrs. Louw …it’s the season for forgiveness. Difficult is good.

    At least you are not as difficult to understand as Gold Circle

    William Milkovitch

    1. Robyn Louw says:


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