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Injured Jock Recovering At Sorrento

Does the Stipes report tally with the reality?

After a crashing fall at Kenilworth on Sunday, Cape jockey Anthony Andrews could be out of action for a month or longer.

The 32 year old rider, a son of Sorrento Stud’s Terry and Annabel Andrews, fell from his mount Dancetildaylight just metres after the finish of the second race at Kenilworth on Sunday and injured his neck.

In a bunch that was very tight for running in the latter stages, the 32 year old Andrews’ first-timer finished strongly for second.

Watch the clip here – Anthony is in the yellow silks:

Wearing a neck brace and experiencing some discomfort, including a tingling sensation in his right arm, Anthony told the Sporting Post on Friday that doctors were happy with the fracture in the spur of his C2 veterbrae.

“But the C5 is misplaced and bulging and will hopefully rectify itself with rest. The Neurosurgeon has suggested a month off. It will be assessed again and I will be back on 17 Ju. But if it hasn’t rectified itself by then, I will have to undergo an operation. I have physio next week and another appointment with the Neurosurgeon on Wednesday. I would like to thank everybody who has shown an interest and for all the good wishes sent,” he added.

According to spine-health.com, the C2-C5 motion segments contribute the most to the mid-range of motion during the neck’s forward and/or backward movements. C4-C5 is typically more mobile compared to other motion segments between C2-C5. The lower cervical spine (C5-C7) is typically injured more often compared to C2-C5.

Anthony Andrews – lucky to be alive (Pic – Chase Liebenberg)

The original stipes report for the incident was amended by the NHRA after publication of our editorial published on Sunday. We were requested by a jockey to kindly published the revised report for the public record.

The reports are subject to change and the revised item reads as follows:

Shortly after the finish DANCETILDAYLIGHT (A Andrews) brushed RIO SUPREMO (M Winnaar) inwards onto DEMELZA (L Mxothwa), which was turned, shifted out and brushed RIO SUPREMO (M Winnaar) outwards onto DANCETILDAYLIGHT (A Andrews) which then clipped the heels of CHANSONETTE (G van Niekerk), became unbalanced and dislodged Jockey Andrews. This precluded Jockey A Andrews from being able to weigh in. In terms of Rule 66.2 the Stewards were satisfied that DANCETILDAYLIGHT had carried the correct weight.

Anthony said that he had not read the Stipes report and as a  professional would not be drawn on speculating as to the specifics of the cause of the accident.

He explained though that as the horse is a creature of habit, and the chute to home at Kenilworth is on the right hand side of the winning post, it was possible that runners could swing sharp right if not guided.

He pointed out that because of this, jockeys on horses on the outside would tend left and those on the inside to the right.

“If you can visualise what Im saying, this results in a sort of funneling effect at the post. I just want to say two things though, if I may. Firstly, I took a gap that was very definitely there – that’s how I managed to run second. And if all six of us involved in the finish were actually going in a straight line, why was there an accident?”

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