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NHA CEO: Tarry & De Kock Are Being Selfish

Lockdown double standards?

Trainers Sean Tarry and Mike de Kock have had the jockeys they declared for Sunday’s Gr1 races at Hollywoodbets Greyville declined and removed by the National Horseracing Authority (NHRA).

They believe that this has been an unfair move, and that the NHA’s inflexibility on the issue will be detrimental to the owners of the runners involved, potentially also to the integrity of the Stud Book and the punter.

Mike De Kock (credit: hamishNIVENPhotography)

Mike De Kock (credit: hamishNIVENPhotography)


Turf Talk reports that Tarry had split his rides between Gauteng-based riders Lyle Hewitson, Gavin Lerena and Luke Ferraris, including those on Matador Man and Cirillo in the Gr1 Gold Challenge.

De Kock had Callan Murray marked in for Due Diligence in the Listed Devon Air Stakes and Pomander in the Gr1 Woolavington.

Three days ahead of Sunday’s Gr1 spectacular, these raiders remain without jockeys declared and the trainers have been told to refer to the NHA’s Covid-19 stipulations released on 28 May and revised on 18 June.

The NHA’s CEO, Vee Moodley, pointed to the 28 May statement, which reads: “Jockeys will be restricted to ride in the region of their choice and cannot move in between provinces. They will be allowed to make ONE move prior to the commencement of racing.”

Moodley confirmed to Turf Talk:“Jockeys had to choose to ride only in one racing district for June, as it states in the release. We have followed, and are following our protocols.”

The NHA said they took their decision to restrict the movement of jockeys inter-provincially, to prevent movement between “hotspots” and in so doing to “ring fence” areas (various racing centres), to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all stakeholders.

Tarry commented: “The revised Level 3 Lockdown regulations announced last week provide for jockeys to make ‘one permanent move for the month of July’, and that they will be bound to the province that they moved to for the duration of the month.

“There is a small window here. Sunday is the 28th of June, with only three days to the 1st of July, when jockeys will be allowed to travel. The hotspots that exist today will still be there on Wednesday, nothing changes. But the NHA do not want to give us 72 hours grace.”

The trainers believe it is their fundamental right to choose which jockeys to book on their runners. In selecting a jockey, they consider the experience of the jockey, the nature of the horse, the manner and style of the jockey’s ride, and the suitability of that jockey’s style for the horse concerned.

The suitability of a jockey for a specific horse is not simply judged on paper but, in many instances, the success of the partnership between horse and jockey is developed through work riding between races and racing together over time.

Tarry said: “What we’ll have to do now is engage jockeys who are not familiar with our horses, and they’ll be riding them at the highest level. They will be thrown in the deep end and this can compromise our winning chances, and by implication, too, the confidence of the punter to have a bet, and the stud book which relies on every runner in the Graded races having the best possible chance to achieve the most accurate results.

National Horseracing Authority“The Gauteng jockeys we wanted to engage have done all the preparation work on our runners and are adept at Graded level. What if their replacements fail to live up to the task? They, as a result, will not be considered in Graded races, at a future time when they may well have honed their skills to a higher level.”

During the lockdown trainers, grooms, veterinarians and NHA officials have been allowed to carry out their duties and they have been allowed to travel between racing centres. Trainers have also moved between sales facilities and racetracks.

De Kock said: “Why are jockeys being isolated, now that everyone can travel? The NHA did not consult with the people whose lives they control. I think they have over-stepped their mandate.”

Tarry agreed, saying:

“The NHA have done a lot right so far to get us racing within the lockdown, but this is not a one-day game. They could’ve applied their minds to the facts, as this is a fluid situation and things have changed since their initial media release.”

Moodley said that the trainers were being selfish and that they were not considering the industry as a whole.

“If jockeys were permitted to travel freely between centres, infections can spread to each and every centre, and all of the centres could be quarantined and closed, once again resulting in serious ramifications for the horse racing industry.”

It can be argued, however, that the travelling of grooms between racing centres is far more problematic from a Covid-19 standpoint given the higher number of grooms that travel (compared to jockeys) and the close proximity of the grooms to one another and to grooms from other yards.

Similarly, the NHA’s officials who are currently allowed to travel between all racing centres, come into contact with all of the participants on a race day, including jockeys, owners, trainers and grooms.

There is no basis to suggest that there is a greater likelihood of infections spreading if jockeys were to be allowed to travel between centres at will. Equally, there is no evidence that the confinement of jockeys will drastically reduce the likelihood of infections.

Asked why everyone but jockeys were allowed to travel, Moodley said:

“That is a stupid question. Even under Level 5, trainers, grooms, veterinarians and officials were regarded as ‘essential services’, and were given permits to continue their duties. Jockeys were not regarded as essential services.”

Asked again why jockeys, now being “essential” under Level 3, were not allowed to perform their essential duties around the country, Moodley said:

“The NHA is the Chief Compliant Officer in this matter. We have to act responsibly and we’re not going to bend the rules. I am not going to argue this matter.”

Sean Tarry (credit: hamishNIVENPhotography)

Sean Tarry (photo: hamishNIVENPhotography)

Tarry concluded: “There is nothing selfish in our pursuit of the best for our horses. Nobody would have been compromised by jockeys travelling on Sunday instead of Wednesday.

“I also find it shocking that the NHA gave jockeys three days notice (28 May press release for 1 June), when this would have required some jockeys to change their addresses, find accommodation and move provinces, not to mention the financial implications to these athletes who never earned a cent during April and May. And they believed this to be reasonable notice.”

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53 comments on “NHA CEO: Tarry & De Kock Are Being Selfish

  1. Editor says:

    Just a reminder that all posters are required to use their name and surname.
    And please let’s keep the debate civil and within our comments policy!

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  2. jc lee ching says:

    I think this very straight forward, Vee Moodley is correct. We must be thankful to Vee for getting racing going after the lengthy state of limbo. Surely these trainers must know the rules and stipulations? so why the fuss? rules are rules! Tarry talks about “only a few days……” How far do you want to bend the rules to suit your situation, 3 days now and next month? 6 days? 12 days? 20 days? Times are hard and difficult, every one must just adapt and make the best of a taxing time, but think of those less fortunate, think of those in Kimberly who have NO racing, NO livelyhood, NO income, and be thankful.

  3. Louis Goosen says:

    I can only agree with Sean and with Mike. Tired of the half jobs and the ego driven conclusions in Racing.

  4. Louis Goosen says:

    I have to respond to the previous…..jc lee ching…
    We should have raced behind closed doors during May already, imho. So, put that in your pipe and smoke it!
    Time to WAKE UP !

  5. Eric Fordred says:

    I am amazed at the arrogant stance taken by the NHA, the Jockeys have time and time again supported the decisions made by the NHA during Covid-19, As racing moves to level 3,the Jockeys should immediately have been consulted, they like the trainers need to find the best way to earn a living, they don’t travel together as grooms do and they can easily have social distancing in the Jockey room, I am disgusted, and I have a very strong suspicion who is behind the dea originally, perhaps Mr Moodley would be kind enough to let us know, whoit was who came up with this ridiculous plot.

  6. Louis Goosen says:

    Oops….. we sure that jocks did not travel, to ride work, under level 5 ? We sure ???

  7. Neil Croft says:

    remember we now live in a world where logical thinking at its best is beyond reasoning. my parents cannot legally visit me at our place of residence however they can if they are ‘domestic workers’ and or ‘care givers’. go figure. same applies here. we are all at risk, we cannot single out specific people and mark them as ‘more dangerous’ or non essential. its essential to breathe air and eat food and drink water, everything else in my book is non essential. is this not a part hate for jockeys?

  8. Avril Lerena says:

    The NHA are totally ridiculous in their stance. Jockeys were advised today that if they ride in Gauteng on 2 July then they CANNOT ride in Durban for the month of July even if they commit themselves for staying there from the 3rd onwards. The NHA are a law unto themselves and should be challenged on a legal basis. Jockeys must relocate and basically run 2 homes when their earnings have been slashed by more than 50%.
    Furthermore when they asked the NHA to assist them by reducing their licence renewal fees.. this too was denied and they were informed this payment must be paid by end July latest. In my opinion they are rigid and heartless and go out of their way in making issues difficult for these riders. I’m sure they received full pay during lockdown.

    1. Editor says:

      Avril, that sounds odd – they refer to one PERMANENT MOVE.
      How is that defined?

      This is from the NHA themselves:
      Jockeys will be restricted to ride in the region of their choice and cannot move in between provinces. However, they will be allowed to make one permanent move for the month of July and must only ride in that province. They will therefore be domiciled in that respective region for the month.

  9. Chris Wiles says:

    Why does it look like the trainers are shifting the goalposts

  10. jc lee ching says:

    Sorry Mr Goosen I don’t smoke nor do I engage in infantile tantrums. And yes sir I am wide awake, and if every one else was awake to the rules we would not be engaging in this pointless diatribe.

  11. Selvan says:

    Well to save the game..one should follow all protocols in due respect.. Its not about who’s ranked or who’s got the higher posts.. So let the fame run…in these difficult times

    1. Editor says:

      Name /surname please Selvan

  12. Patricia Hellriegel says:

    Mr Moodley you know very well that jockeys were issued with permits from NHA to ride work during lockdown level 5, so please don’t use that argument, it’s an untruth. I have heard from a reliable source that a certain stable employee is riding work in KZN and Gauteng, why is this being allowed. Unfortunately your comments reek of arrogance.

  13. Cheryl Koutsoudis says:

    Mr Moodley and Arnold Hyde make NDZ and her restrictions look like a walk in the park.

  14. Sydney Lenders says:

    Mr Moodley…Mike de Kock and Sean Tarry are all correct…..unfortunately the Virus is still here and decisions needs to be made and safety agreed rules needs to be respected. But being rude or disrespectful is really not neccessary from outsiders who does not have to make the decisions…

  15. What i find mind boggling is that Gavin Lerena turned down 7 competitive rides in Durban on the 1st July in order to fulfill commitments in Jhb on July 2nd which is in line with the ruling that allows a jockey 1 inter provincial travel in the month of July on condition that they may not return to their Province of departure for the duration of said month….so with this in mind we conclude the entire declaration process for the July 2nd meeting only to be told after today’s race meeting ends that any rider who participates at the meeting on July 2nd will lose the right to travel to any other province during the month of July…try as I may I cannot for the life of me understand why riding at the meeting of the 2nd would make any difference at all, I would really like to hear the reasoning behind a decision that makes it alright for Gavin and Muzi to depart to Durban for the Month of July on the 3rd but only if they don’t ride on the 2nd???
    Once again the Owners and Trainers get left with them headache of finding replacements…So Chris Wiles you tell me who is really shifting the goalposts….

  16. Santoro says:

    This whole thing is hogwash, we need live life and not fear it, take the precautions that are available and got on with the job on hand, life must go on. Touch wood next year, or the years after we dont have other viruses.
    Dont be sheep be leaders. The country is already sufferng economically.

  17. Akesh Singh says:

    This is what happens when people think they are above the rules.These were in place and all were aware.For Tarry and deKock to know cry foul is a blatant middle finger for rules as well as authority.They knew the rules and engaged jockeys in the hope that the rules would be bent for them.This demonstrates a lack of integrity .
    Mr Tarry needs to be reminded that someone like Lyle Hewitson was away all season and how were his horses trained and prepared in his absence?
    The biggest tragedy here is the shunning of available able and capable jockeys as if they are non existent.Instead what we are seeing is that instead of creating opportunities for other jocks battling financially, the chosen jocks are allowed to earn even more via opportunities that don’t want to be shared.
    The selfishness on display is concerning coming from individuals that should be respecting rules.
    Disgusting to say the least.
    The NHA should challenge the trainers concerned that if they can prove a shortage of jockeys then concessions could be made ?.

  18. Kenny Masilela says:

    They are not just selfish but big headed as well. The enemy is NOT the NHA but Covid19!

  19. Akesh Singh says:

    The reason is clear.Once you start the month in one province, you are expected to remain there.This makes sense to avoid the loopholes that can be exploited thereby undermining the restriction of movement.Being allowed one permanent move for the month must logically mean that you can’t be in more than one place ,as intended, to prevent movement and Covid spread.

  20. Dayalan Moodley says:

    If the NHA issued stipulations on 28 May 2020, why has it taken 3-4 weeks for the aggrieved parties to challenge the NHA. Messrs de Kock and Tarry accepted the NHA stipulations for the month of June as evidenced by their utilisation of KZN based jockeys for their KZN carded runners.

    The Cape trainers who have their preferred stable jockeys based in Cape Town have accepted the NHA stipulations for the month of June. Why should the Gauteng trainers get preferential treatment?

    If the NHA’s Covid-19 stipulations are not valid and binding on the parties, then Messrs de Kock and Tarry should challenged the NHA by filing an urgent court application?

    Globally, public health and infectious diseases experts continue to urge the public to avoid travel and face-to-face engagements, unless it is considered essential. There is no evidence to suggest that this virus will disappear anytime soon. China is currently dealing with its second wave of the virus while the USA infections graph looks less like a hockey stick and more like a vertical line.

    All business leaders (trainers are business leaders!) should be discouraging unnecessary travel and contact. The Covid-19 infections and deaths, over the past 91 days, has grown steadily and as we approach Level 3, be mindful that your risk of contracting the virus is exponentially greater than it was in Level 5 and 4.

  21. Tarquin Gordon says:

    The comments: “That is a stupid question.” and ” I am not going to argue this matter” are reasons why the NHRA will never achieve any credibility. Such a high handed and uncompromising attitude makes enemies and not friends.

  22. Peter Woodley says:

    One only, has to watch F1 racing, to see the truth, given the Wright car, the majority of F1 drivers, could be winning, the championships.
    Let’s give, more opportunities, to our jockeys, and I’m positive, all will, be happy, with the results, they will achieve.

  23. Peter Demetriades says:

    We have been told by the NHRA that the horse racing coronavirus codes of practice were approved by government. That is why everyone in horse racing has followed the codes to the letter and without any argument. If the codes are not approved by government, the NHRA directors will have a lot to answer for as horse racing has been working on made-up codes by the regulator. I always wondered how the starting stall handlers could suitably distance themselves from the jockeys and horses in the starting stalls. This indicates to me that the NHRA has pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes and that government has not approved its codes. Please will the NHRA provide us with proof that government has agreed that its codes are suitable and must apply. The ugly chickens have come home to roost for the NHRA now that we can travel for business. There is no reason why jockeys should be restricted by the NHRA from travelling. It is time for the NHRA to start telling us the truth and to fix up this mess they have created.

  24. Mayen Naidoo says:

    Sorry MDK and Tarry. Rules was made clear before racing restarted. There was no debating then, why now.

  25. George Croucher says:

    Akesh you start with ‘the reason is clear’ then you wander off into vaguesville…The rule actually states that once you travel to a province you have to stay there for the duration of the month ,nowhere does it state that if you ride at a meeting in your home province you lose the right to travel,please explain to me which loopholes will be exploited once a rider is permitted to ride at his home track before departing to another province?

  26. Mayen Naidoo says:

    Tarry had 3 winners in Kzn after the restart with 3 different jockeys with nice prices. Instructions was carried out by the jockeys so what is the fuss in graded race if your horse is good enough to be ridden by professional jockeys and not amateur jump jockeys in minor races,

  27. Jonathan Harris says:

    I don’t think it’s a question of being selfish or a question of being heavy handed. I think its a question of understanding the rules and a lack of clarity of those rules.
    Let’s take the Gavin Lerena’s itinerary scenario if its true.
    He turns down rides in Dbn for the 1st and accepts rides in Jnb for the 2nd and then accepts rides in Dbn for the 3rd. Who in his right mind would plan this itinerary knowing full well this is not allowed under the current rules . Did the NHRA detail the allowances for travelling clear enough. I think not. Did the trainers and jockeys seek clarification in this regard? I think not.
    Was it explained that travelling to a new Province has to be undertaken before the month begins or not after riding activity in the home province in the month concerned. From Gavins itinerary and the trainers response, I think not.
    So, with ambiguity surrounding this rule, i believe level heads should rule and allowances made in this regard. I know the NHRA should apply the rules fairly and binding on everyone regardless of standing in the industry, but this particular situation clearly calls for some sort of compromise.

  28. Graham HJ says:

    Now they will slam the doors closed and not listen to reason. How to taint what should be a spectacular weekend of racing. Owners and punters screwed again by the very people that should be promoting at this time. Think about it Mr Moodley, surely you should be trying to exempt the jockeys for the one trip 72 hours before the rules are dropped any way….( I am not enjoying being polite ED… ). Take your Emperor’s uniform off Mr Moodley and put on some riding jocks, then you might think differently…..I find the defence of the NHA by certain voices most interesting…….praise singers ? “rules are rules” ? that is an excuse not a solution. Power trips are the order of the day from the Ivory towers….they love the bicycle in the spokes trick, another back slapping moment all round…..Nothing has changed but I have to be polite while Mr Moodley can be rude and obstinate ( that always bothers me when someone has an arrogant attitude without justification ( normally it means something is up but what do I know ? How is Larry doing ? )….

    1. Editor says:

      You did well, Graham 🙂

  29. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…
    what makes absolute no sense it that my Wife tested positive for the Coronavirus and opted to do a 2nd test which came back negative 24 hours later,,this is not the 1st I’ve heard of this nonsense…what’s happen to the Flu ? and it’s peak season?minutes before she had done the 1st test she was odds on to win the Garden Province,, her well-being has never been better…Covid – 19 is a absolute joke as far as I’m concerned…I’ve lost out on my normal 4 month visit to KZN for their season for the 1st time in 40 years because of this crap… I need to Go racing tomorrow pls hurry up,,I don’t wanna lose out on leading in The Champ Hawwaam…BTW will 72 hours really make difference ? I doubt that very much…Graeme Hawkins are dead serious about Hollywoodbets and Gold Cirlce not reinstating the OLD FORMAT back in KZK Computaform ? Pls tell me you joking,,it’s a bigger mystery to me than Covid-19..why did they changed the Format in the 1st without consulting with the users us the paying customer…R45 per book each and every day 365 days a year…I understand it was a trial run and it failed,,which is fine I mean Hawwaam got beat when not at his best so what,, but don’t continue using a tool if it’s going to continue failing

  30. This is what i raised 4 weeks ago on a different platform :-

    Jockeys will be restricted to ride in the region of their choice and cannot move in between provinces. They will be allowed to make ONE move prior to the commencement of racing.

    Wonder how this will work in reality seeing the KZN “season” is about to start. Would (say) Richard Fourie have to move to Durban before the commencement of the first meeting on 01/06, if Snaith already has horses here?

    Horses moving between regions shall NOT be allowed unless a horse is moving to another province on a permanent basis as per the regulations of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

    If a visiting horse is already here, then returning shouldn’t be a problem because it would be “moving” to another province or going back home permanently after the season winds up. What happens to the horses from out of Province who are yet to travel to KZN, what happens to them when the season is finished, take De Kock, Tarry and P. Peter, to name a few, who might have thought of sending their string down before lock-down restrictions came into play?

  31. donald bradshaw says:

    I hold no candle for Mr. Vee Moodley and am of the opinion that he is not the correct person for the position of C.E.O. of the N.H.R.A. as he does not have people or communication skills ( much like myself )

    However , in this particular matter he had no option as he was implementing whatever rules the N.H.R.A. had in their Covid _ 19 written protocols for better or for worse !

    I assume that these protocols were agreed with government so what would the racing public have said had this jockey movement been permitted outside the agreed protocols and government then turned around and decreed that the N.H.R.A. had acted outside the protocol agreement and therefore horse racing is suspended forthwith ?

    That is one issue , the other is that had this jockey movement been permitted Mr. Moodley would have drawn critic from many claiming that he does not implement his own protocols and also favors two big name trainers ?

    In this instance Mr. Moodley appears to be damned if he did and damned if he did not !

  32. Brian Fredericks says:

    Please guys lets not have a difference of racing at this moment one the trainer’s have a good point why now for jockeys two vee my man u brilliant and im sure u try to do the right thing for horse racing but please don’t become Mrs Zuma who think she can rule the world Bashier

  33. Dave McGillewie says:

    I concur Santoro, let’s get on with it !

  34. Cecil Pienaar says:

    It seems rules are the same for everyone, even RA Director trainers. Sort it out with Moodley, a man that was praised not that long ago by the Top trainers.

    “We are all in this together, and we not going to respond to negative keyboard warriors”

    I am glad it’s in the media for all to see and read, more important to debate. Different opinions ✔️

    I just wonder, if it was 2 lesser known Trainers, would it be such a big deal and will the Top bra’s come out gun(s) blazing in their defense ?

  35. Pieta Louw. says:

    Mr ED,
    I’m sure that professional athletes are allowed to travel with the normal permits?
    These permits are now as common as “kakibos”……
    I’ve just returned home after crossing 2 provinces…..there are roadblocks but they let you through and do not even want to see the permit…(I can’t blame it on my good looks as I had a mask on)…..you can see these officials are also now getting tired of this lot.
    So my question would be…..why are our jocks not classified as professional athletes?

  36. jc lee ching says:

    My my my, how fickle people are, less than a month ago when Vee Moodley negotiated racing back into business with a most deliberate and difficult goverment commitee he was being hailed by all and sundry as a a hero, a saint, the right man for the job. Some would have might even have elevated him to President, and now? This self same St George who slayed the Covid Dragon has been relegated to the depths of a modern day Quasimodo, a arrogant incompetent hunchback, what a difference a month makes.

  37. All, why aren’t the Cape trainers complaining – who rode Bunker Hunt, remind me again. Whilst i am a huge fan of both De Kock and Tarry, they have it wrong.

  38. Louis Goosen says:

    All of the betting rooms opening tomorrow, inter Provincial Travel for Business is cool. Restaurants open on Monday. But JOCKEYS MUST STAY IN ONE PROVINCE for the month…
    Please Lord, let’s never ever let common sense interfere with the rules, even if VAAL IS SITUATED IN FREE STATE and NOT IN GAUTENG !

  39. jc lee ching says:

    Roderick Isaacs, well said sir! You have encapsulated it in a nutshell. Besides Bunker Hunt what about Belgarion and other Snaith winners Richard Fourie missed out on? What’s good for the goose is good for Gauteng.

  40. Niran Pillay says:

    These rules cannot have exceptions to suit certain players, . Mr de kock and Mr Tarry have blessed horseracing with their skills and talents and it served them well but with respect I remind them that no individual is bigger than horseracing , so My tarry is asking for a 72 hour grace period to have the jocks of his choice ride in kzn , so then will those jocks remain in kzn until the end of July? Or is Mr Tarry asking for another grace period to have them go back to gp to fulfill their engagements there?

  41. Avril Lerena says:

    Hi Ed
    Let me make it clear… Arnold Hyde personally visited the VAAL yesterday. On his departure a few jockeys were called in by the head stipe on duty and informed that if they are carded to ride in Gauteng on July 2, then their chance to travel to KZN for the duration of July will NOT be allowed. In other words you make your choice from the 1st of the month and that will be enforced.

  42. Rakesh Singh says:

    For the love of the sport lets be united and fight the virus together. With the virus expected to spread significantly over the next 3 months lets just pray we will still be racing and see through to the end of the Kzn champions season.

  43. Hylton Perumal says:

    Here is a spanner in the works
    So inter Provincial travel is not permitted
    How are Gauteng jockeys riding in Vaal Racecourse then..
    Vaal racecourse is outside of Gauteng province and is actually in the Free State Province…
    How is this travel then permitted…

  44. Prasheen harrimohan says:

    In my honest opinion if a horse is good enough it can win with any jockey on it. All jockeys are experienced enough bar the apprentices its just that they don’t get the opportunity to ride the cream. Perfect example jp won on smart call the met when put on the horse the last minute cos weichong was injuref

  45. EDWIN VENSKE says:

    I am certain that everybody involved in the horse racing industry dearly wants to be afforded THE ABSOLUTE BEST CHANCE OF BEING SUCCESSFUL! Although the exception sometimes defies the rule – I am a firm follower of the MOST LIKELY… Punters (and trainers and owners and JOCKEYS!) invest a lot of money and blood and sweat into this game – and INCONSISTENT LAWS leaves any law abiding citizen extremely disappointed! Thank you for the likes of Mike and Sean and everybody else that shows respect for the individuals that actually causes the industry to make an earning!!!

  46. Thyla Van Eeden says:

    If jockey A (for the sake of the story, resides in the Cape) , has not traveled yet for the month of June, could he then travel to ride at the Vaal on the 30th, then ride at Greyville on the 1st July? Based on the rules this shouldn’t be a problem as these meetings are supposedly a month apart….

  47. Marina Munro says:

    I think Sean Tarry was ungracious when being interviewed after his win at Greyville today. Some extremely competent jockeys handled his horses. I didn’t hear any of the other trainers whining that they couldn’t have their jockeys from Gauteng to ride their horses.

  48. Richard Letwaba says:

    Blame blame blame. Fertile ground for Covid19. All stakeholders must assess and discuss the situation since coming back, from racing & government perspectives then come up with measures to grow in trying times. In as much as government is easing regulations, so can horse racing fraternity. With media lash outs this is not possible. I have always seen this industry as very professional industry but this!!! Come on people, this is time for sustainability not comfortability. Champions maintain level head during trying times. Make peace & start discussing issues & leave aggression to the horses.

  49. James Goodman says:

    Hit it right in the middle Louis G! Vaal is in the Free State but jockeys have been cross border riding since lockdown. As with most things with VEE, do as u like with no thinking through!

  50. Jay August says:

    The Vaal course is 1 mile within the border and 40 miles from Turffontein. Perhaps that means nothing to salted experts who know better but given that I live in the middle of these two courses I think I know the subtle difference between travelling to both versus travelling to KZN or elsewhere. Nuance is perhaps foreign to some.

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