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Racing 240 TV – Now Stipes Are Unhappy

Something will get done now - surely?

Maybe something will actually get done now that the Racing 240 television service has the Stipendiary Stewards officially recording their unhappiness with the product.

Geoff Curlewis writes in the Sporting Post Mailbag that he has been an avid racing fan for 30 years.

He writes:

I read the official Stipes reports as they are a mine of information and trivia.

Since the 4Racing roadshow cracked the whip at Kenilworth last Thursday, I have noticed that we have twice in six days had the racing regulator waving a red flag at the television crew.

But wait – 2 of the 6 days were KZN racemeetings.

So that means Racing240 effectively have a 50% strike rate – over the 4 recent non KZN meetings – with providing satisfactory on-course delivery for the Stipes. That is since we were told they were really world-class, or whatever they said on Thursday

At Fairview on Friday, I read that the television department representative was interviewed by the Stewards concerning the quality of the available patrol film footage of the first race and was advised that there was no footage of the start pertaining to the horses in the inside draws, ‘which was unacceptable’.

Then at Kenilworth on Wednesday, the Stipes had no head-on patrol film footage from the 600m to the 350m of the second race due to a technical issue. This report will be forwarded to Kenilworth Racing.

So, let’s discount the keyboard warriors or punters, and all the whingers. We know no racing operator ever takes the customer too seriously, anyway.

But if the Stipes rate Racing 240 a 50%, when is Ms Sithebe going to actually do something?

The absence of, or diminished quality footage, surely impacts directly on the policing of our racing? Never mind the havoc they are wreaking on our viewing experience.

Say no more.

Thanks for a great publication. I don’t comment but I read all the great suggestions.

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25 comments on “Racing 240 TV – Now Stipes Are Unhappy


    Keyboard Warriors untie !


    and Bad Spellers/Keyboard Warriors of the world, Unite !

  3. Wayne Fouche says:

    As previously asked……..does Ms. Sithebe know anything about horseracing? If she does then let her display her knowledge and ability.. Racing 240 cannot appoint a figurehead and expect to shine when there is so much at stake.

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Wayne
      Fundi did concede the other evening that she was learning about the game.
      It’s a baptism of fire for her.
      Tough job for anybody

  4. Ivan Terpend says:

    O how we miss teletrack. 4racing no good

  5. Umesh Indurjeeth says:

    Surely there are more competent people out there. If Ms Sithebe is still learning the game… make her an assistant until such time she can take over the reins…if not she must get prepared to fall off the horse.

  6. Kevin Sevlall says:

    The service is pathetic. Get back Telly track.

  7. Walter Abrahams says:

    Management don’t communicate with staff….. We’re don’t know who’s 4Racing and what’s going on staff left the job because here’s no future for us as staff…. I’ve been with racing for 18years…. But is time to hang up my boots now……

  8. Wayne Fouche says:

    Thanks Mr. ED but with the greatest of respect the Officer Commanding of any top business must be a very experienced person with an all consuming knowledge of the business he/she is running. Fundi seems to be a sparkling extrovert and for her own good and that of 240 should be used in a highly visible promotional area while she learns the business.

  9. Reggie Naicker says:

    Bring back teletrack with its local content channel like it used to be Pronto.This 240 is in a big mess.

  10. Geoff Logan says:

    What is happening to Juan Nel’s yard while he is banned. I know he has been given permission to oversee the horses but which trainers name are they running in for the moment?

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Geoff
      We have been assured that the hearing will be held very soon – possibly next week.
      Are not aware of any horses having changed yards.

  11. Frankie Zackey says:

    Frankie Zackey…Regarding 1st timers comments in Computaform…Is there any chance of doing away with it ??? luckily for me my grooms are well groomed and well looked-after,, unfortunately for most punters they have NO idea about the animals ability… Perfect example if I may use would be the Mike Azzie trained Coldhardstare that we all saw win smartly out at Turffontein yesterday,, the comment read “WILL NEED THE RUN” now for the novice they’ll think it will run motherless last… knowing 1st hand that the horse is flying back home I was really surprised to read Mike Azzie’s comment in Computaform,,it was so off putting that I had to question my guy’s over again,,they assured me that the 9/10 favorite would win,, only afterwards I started putting the puzzle together and realized that very similar comments were made in the passed and needless to say they came home smoking 😂😂😂 Nothing will change in racing,, good advice to the public/punters especially if a novice if you’re contemplating on taking racing seriously,,get a few grooms on your payroll,, trust me you’ll not be sorry…

  12. Deena Pillay says:

    1 word……… WOW!!!!!

  13. Rian Rix says:

    If ive said it once, ive said it 100 times, fire not only her the lot of them are useless , you cannot learn on this job
    Most of our Warriors cant fight anymore William

  14. Louie Amundsen says:

    Bring back Teletrack. 240 is a joke!

  15. Sanjay Ranjeeth says:

    The Grade 1 Kranji Mile in Singapore received pathetic coverage. There was a greater focus on an Australian race in Menangle and only a last minute crossing to the Grade 1 event that had South African interests. This shows you the lack of knowledge that is going on behind the scenes at 4Racing. The pathetic coverage of local racing has become entrenched as a norm. The regular punter simply has to put up with this shoddy coverage because “political correctness” is all that matters now!

  16. PL.Nel says:

    oh dear Frankie,,, grooms on payroll ,,, truly professional punter you are as advertised,,, really.. my adviseto all is get involved in stables owning horses and as an owner and this will open doors for discussions with trainers, jockeys and all other racing staff,,, but to be dealing directly with grooms on your payroll is unethical. In my business all my staff sign confidentiality clauses that forbid them revaeling any information of the company, period. I know have a clearer picture of your seconhand racing information, and yes i am aware of your racing colours which should have raise a massive red flag. do the trainers and owners know of these grooms on your payroll??

    First timer betting is an opportunity for owners to get better prices, after that its public knowledge. Here trainers should rather have no comment and thus protect the integrity of their word.

    Appreciated this article as well as the diagnosis, admission of failures and forward planning. This is positive stuff.

  17. Michael Jacobs says:

    You are 100% correct Sanjay! The producers at channel 240 don’t have a clue! Stephen Watson talks about changing the focus of TV to the stars and the stories, yet Katak, one of our few overseas stars got scant coverage in a major race! So that shows that the crew at channel 240 are not racing people, and don’t have the inherent knowledge of what would interest a South African punter! They have a lot to learn!

  18. PL.Nel says:

    edited!! must get some grooms on my payroll !!! over and out

  19. George Croucher says:

    @PL Nel
    So in a world according to you
    “First timer betting is an opportunity for owners to get better prices, after that its public knowledge. Here trainers should rather have no comment and thus protect the integrity of their word.:
    Pray tell, would a “No Comment” response (whilst knowingly expecting a horse to win) not be analogous to deceit? If so (and it is so) then how can hiding facts and protecting one’s integrity be used in the same sentence??
    Lets not forget that owners race for Stake Money that is provided by the very people that you are trying to hide the truth from in order fort the “Privileged Few” to get the cream and then “the public” can fight over the scraps thereafter…
    It is also abundantly clear that you indevoured to belittle Frankie Zackey’s post by showing utter disdain at the point he made about Grooms being in his employ, this left me somewhat confused..
    Clearly the FZ’s phrase “Grooms in my employ” was done with his tongue firmly in his cheek, i trust (hope) that you chose to take his statement literally so as to suit your argument and not that you actually believed that it was meant in the literal sense.. should it be the latter, then Im afraid having an intelligent debate with you would be akin to playing “Eye Spy” with Stevie Wonder and Andrea Bocelli, however I doubt very much that you actually took him at his word, so onward we will go…
    Seeing as you are seemingly aware of Franks racing colors would you care to share them with us? as I for 1 would love to shout his horses home with him simply because he clearly has a true love for the game and his passion is out there for all to see, The game is in dire need of owners like him, we have had more than our fair share of the draconian crew who rule with the sword in 1 hand and NDA’s in the other, who not only find transparency without T’s&C’s reprehensible but also believe that only as an owner should you have open door “privilege’s” for discussions with trainers, jockeys and all other racing staff and then have the gall to state those despicable beliefs proudly on a public forum…
    Fortunately the afore mentioned clan are a dying breed……

    As Jimi Hendrix once said “Before you start pointing fingers at others make sure your hands are clean”

    Good Night Mr Nel…… Over and Out

  20. Frankie Zackey says:

    Frankie Zackey… PL Nel so you okay with being misled ? How you run your business with your rules and clauses in place is your business and I respect your decision…Now pls do yourself a huge favor and don’t worry or interfere how I run my horseracing business,,because not you nor Piet Pompies will stop me from looking out for what I believe is right for the racing punting public… It’s in my own interest that pools to grow,, imagine if the poor punter keeps losing his money there’ll be no more racing,, that means I’ll have to look for a new Job,, If I can defend myself and the punting public when we are being blatantly misled,, then I must rather turn the game up… Imagine if you were a newcomer or a novice at the game and you must read about a 1st timers comment where it clearly reads that the horse WILL NEED THE RUN,, I can only think that 90% if not more will be leaving the 1st timer out of all bets…. As for bringing up Unethical rather don’t as unethical is what this game survives on at the expense of the racing public… As for owning another horse that’s definitely ain’t going to happen,,I’ve had my fun and must admit it was very profitable,, luckily for me my horses paid for themselves over and over with plenty change left over… No not for me anymore,, owning horses is to win the stake money made up from the punters turnover anyway,, isn’t that enough reward for owning ? or do we the owners deserve more ?

  21. Selwyn Elk says:

    The late Brian Passmore was a friend of mine and told me once “ don’t ask me about a certain horse because you are asking me to lie to you, if I want you to know I will tell you”. The ridiculous feature in the Computaform gives certain trainers the platform to do exactly that- the sooner the Editor removes this feature, the better it will be for all concerned, unfortunately transparency in this industry barely exists and punters sadly must accept that this will always be the case.

  22. Frankie Zackey says:

    Hello Selwyn, well said .. you hit the ground running

  23. Scelo Mabaso says:

    today today they showing us two races from Australia instead of 3 or 4 is people are disgrace

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