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Racing Needs To Make A Call

Cell Phones Could Be A Winning Bet!

I note that there is an article on the Sporting Post website pertaining to the launch of Super Six racing.

Stewart Ramsay writes in the Sporting Post Mailbag that he also notes from the comments on our website that the idea has not been voted concept of the year.

I will respectfully refrain from commenting on the merits of the concept, but assume it is being launched as an attempt to market horseracing to new markets.

It raises a number of age old questions.

  • How do you raise the profile of the horseracing brand?
  • How to do you get new people to participate in horseracing?

They are questions that have been asked over and over again for decades.

To date no one has found the answer.

There have been many ideas and concepts attempted, but all have failed. .

To answer the questions one has to understand the reason why the base of those participating in horseracing has not, and does not, grow.

The answer is simple – betting on horseracing is complicated – too complicated for a novice.

You have to understand what horseracing is.

You have to know how to look up and asses form.

You have to know how to bet and understand the different bets available.

So the point of entry into horseracing is prohibitive.

On the other hand, to play Lotto you don’t have to know anything.

Just ask the teller for a Quick Pick.

Same with the one arm bandits in a casino – just pull the lever.

To overcome horseracing’s barriers to point of entry one needs a concept that provides anyone and everyone the opportunity to participate in horseracing without having an in depth knowledge of form studying and betting.

There is such a concept.

Smartphone, social media

Social media is killing us

Here is the overview:


The latest statistics show that 80 percentage of the 57 million population in South Africa utilise cell phones.

Cell phones therefore provide the most powerful medium of communication with the general public.

This provides a major marketing opportunity.

Offer everyone in South Africa with a cell phone the chance to own a racehorse for one race.

To enter they simply send an SMS..

Before each race an ‘owner’ is drawn for each horse from the list of people that entered by SMS.

If their horse wins, or is placed, they get a payout.

The list of SMS owners per race is announced exclusively on Tellytrack before each race .

What will the concept achieve?

People will be able to participate in horseracing without studying form or knowing how to bet.

People who have never previously been exposed to horseracing will now be watching Tellytrack all day to see if they have drawn a horse in any of the eight or nine races.

They will then watch the race to see if they have won.

They will be totally exposed to horse racing.

In addition, during the day Tellytrack can screen educational programmes on horseracing.

The fact that the concept will not directly generate revenue may be seen as a negative.

It should be noted that it is a contravention of the Lottery Act to charge more than the standard SMS rate for a cell phone competition.

The objective however is to build and market the brand of horseracing.

The objective is to expose horseracing to a broader market.

The only way you can predict the future is to plan it yourself.

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18 comments on “Racing Needs To Make A Call

  1. Cliff Carmo says:

    Love the concept. It has enough legs to be implemented. Happy to help get it off the ground Stewart!

  2. Nolan says:

    This is an awesome idea!

  3. Philip Goldberg says:

    Nothing wrong with an idea like this.
    At least he is thinking.
    No idea what the paid are doing?

  4. Ian Sanne says:

    I agree with the concept very novel. Start with a race on a big race day such as the July, and owner/trainers can volunteer to enter their horse and forgo the stakes. Perhaps a split between a charity of the choice of the NHRA owner and the balance to the SMS owner…

  5. Arthur Talbot says:

    Whilst on the subject of making racing attractive has anyone visited the Sea point tote in Main road Cape Town since Covid restrictions were lifted.A more dismal place one bould not find ANYWHERE in South Africa.Coming off the street one is immediately struck by the eerie darkness of a place lit up by what looks like old Ostam lights which barely light up the yellow paint on the ceiling.Scatterered about are the self isolating punters struggling to see in the dark.I have fairly good eyesight but it is impossible to complete a betting form without the aid of a torch or a cellphone torch.Complaints have been lodged by patrons but nothing has been done about the lighting KENILWORTH RACING AND ALL THOSE ASSOCIATED WITH RACING IN THE PROVINCEAND YOUR REGIONAL OFFICES YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO THE RACING FRATERNITY..YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO BE RESCUED AND SHOULD DIE A NATURAL DEATH.NOW SUE ME.

    1. Editor says:

      Good morning Arthur
      We have referred your statement to the KR Board and Regional Office, as well as Phumelela, for comment.

    2. Editor says:

      Arthur, Jonathan Snaith thanks you for bringing this matter to their attention. He has advised that the matter has been referred to Betting Executive Mervin Gamble, who will attend to it immediately.
      Plse keep us posted on the improvement.

  6. G McDonald says:

    Knowing that meat has still to be put on this concept,here are a few things that come to mind.
    1) Will it be open only to Vodacom subscribers?( Does MTN, Telelkom, Cell C sponsor any race?)
    The networks would be making money.
    2)The list of SMS owners per race is announced exclusively on Tellytrack before each race .
    So if you cannot afford Dstv, horse racing does not think you are wanted.
    3) People will be able to participate in horseracing without studying form or knowing how to bet.
    That is saying something about horse owners.Back 50/55 years ago we turned up at race courses not knowing how to bet or study form.But we had to bet to feel we were participating in racing.
    4) People who have never previously been exposed to horseracing will now be watching Tellytrack all day to see if they have drawn a horse in any of the eight or nine races.
    After taking your Lotto bet are you glued to eNCA in the evening straight after work to watch the draw at 9pm No. We switch over from Netflix just before or get results later.
    But then who knows,this may turn out great.After all Donald J Trump was voted the president of America.

  7. Shanil Singh says:

    Brilliant concept. Need good social media to market. At last thinking outside the box. With people still nervous about visiting casinos this needs fast tracking. On course attendances may improve. Educate the merit rated fundis to make racing less complex by having more plated races to avoid the reversals of form that is so prevalent.

  8. Donald Bradshaw says:

    Hi Arthur , you are describing paradise compared to what is offered at the K.Z.N. off course tote outlets !

    If the senior management of these totes could find the time to travel and inspect 10 random locations they would be shocked at what their valued clients have to contend with in these hives ?

    One tries to be positive in these trying times but I am afraid that that is impossible in respect of these tote outlets which are a disgrace to the sport !

  9. Glenn Kourie says:

    Use Spar and Checkers to place horse racing bets like the lotto and make the pools more lucrative.

  10. Philippe Bouffe says:

    What about quick pick bets in one horse race there are say for example 16 chances of a winner in lotto and slots there are millions of combinations therefore the punter has more chance of winning a race millions of lotto tickets sold and there is only one winner so could have a quick pick trifecta quartet win and place etcwe all know firm selection never reliable look at the gold cup

  11. Leon Smuts says:

    Great idea Philippe. They have it at the racecourse/tote as an option called a “Mystery Bet”. I think the problem is software and IT infrastructure. If this is addressed with a bit of necessary spend many new possibilities could be entertained. Right now it would just be more bad publicity for racing as the systems are always down and would never be able to handle the increased volume of your wonderful suggestion. The way to go though, no doubt.

  12. Selwyn Elk says:

    Hi Spider, talking of racing in the Cape, some years back I went into a tea room in Sea Point on a Friday and asked for a Computaform, they had no idea what I was talking about. When I said “ just give me a race card then” , I was told the only cards we sell here are bicycle cards, kudus to the marketing team in the Cape, enough said.

  13. Graham Hurlstone-Jones says:

    “The fact that the concept will not directly generate revenue may be seen as a negative”….I was waiting for this statement and that is why it is dead in the water. The “industry” cannot let go of the old systems that allows them to run their own “agendas”…..The concept is obvious ( Hollywoods Punter dream is the way to go as well, it means whole meetings and people will start to look at jockeys etc ) SA racing has to get the turnover up before they can start sucking it out again ( did the elites take a pay cut during lockdown ? still no answer on that )……..The only problem with having more people involved who have never touched the “industry” before will start asking those awkward questions….Why do stablemates beat the stable choice ? Why the Cape crawl ? Why did they jockey stop riding for a place ? Who are the NHRA and why ? What does the RA do for anyone ? Can anyone buy SA racing ? Why do shoes keep falling off ? Why do races keep getting abandoned for bad surfaces ? How comes rank outsiders win without anyone knowing ? ( yeah right ). Why does the tote jump around like someone is playing “whack a hole” Why is MR and handicapping stopping horse in they’re tracks ? What is MR ? and why is it a fog of information specifically designed to confuse ? Why is there little choice in betting slips ? Why is the carryover money not handed back to punters to get turnover up ? and stop the manipulation of stable companions to get the exotics to pay ( insider trading ? ) Why are the shops so dismal with minimal information at hand ? ( please understand these questions and many more are asked continuously around the tables and Tv’s by the existing but ever more rare punter )….The “industry” will be exposed and then maybe it will get cleaned up from the breeding to the buying to the running to the selling but I doubt it. All the questions I keep asking will become a crescendo when they start seeing exactly what happens in the “industry” but I suppose the “industry” can keep shutting them up, the status quo will be protected and nothing will change.

  14. Arthur Talbot says:

    Hi Ed.Thank you for forwarding my complaint to the relevant KR authorities.They responded within an hour of your posting via email and I will be meeting Mervin Gamble on Thursday 17 September to discuss the issues that need attention .

    1. Editor says:

      Excellent Arthur
      Well done KR

  15. Munro Reddy says:

    I could not agree more with both Messrs Hurlston-Jones and Talbot. Everything you said is so true, but will it ring through to those running racing? They dont like changes. They cant even get the polytrack at Greyville right. KZN racetracks must rank as the worst in SA AND the world. There are problems as soon as there are rains, no matter how little. The parties responsible for installing the polytrack as well as the course maintenance teams are getting away with “‘murder”. Racing Club Gold Circle appear unable or not competent to FIX this historical problem. They do not want to expose those responsible for the substandard service. I wonder why? Yes a major clean up is overdue.
    As for horse shoes falling off, before and after races, (I am at the racecourse weekly,for the past 40 years) I have never seen so many cases as I have seen in the past 2-3 years. Is it the quality of Farriers?
    Tote carryovers: why is the public not informed of exactly how each carryover is managed. We need mo9re transparency.

    Also the Tattersalls/tote in Port Edward! What a dismal place. Service is shocking. The holiday makers that go there have money to spend , but will not go there because of the facilities and service. I was staying in Munster (less than 5 k’s away) last November , but had to leave them and go to Shelly Beach Tattersalls, which was substantially more customer friendly.
    I hope the owners take heed and do something about this.

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