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How To Make Money At The Races

With a little help from the Marx Bros




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5 comments on “How To Make Money At The Races

  1. avanza says:

    Ha ha – nice one…
    Once upon a time I paid a tipster. Kept track of all tips and payouts and of course subsequent losses (mostly)..
    Was then told I need to change my ‘betting strategy’, which required me to … buy his books !!! ha ha

  2. Fred Blomkamp says:

    Do not bet a horse for win, only play quartets then if the your horse has a danger and this one beets you and you run second you still win.

  3. sarel says:

    is there someone to explain to me the best thinking on how to play a quartet

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Sarel

      Not sure of your level of knowledge or budget.

      You may know that the quartet requires you to find the first four.

      Fractional betting allows you to find a bet structure and cost within your budget.

      Maybe try two roving bankers and box 6 horses with them – that means your two rovers must finish in top four with any two of the balance of the six.

      You can get 10% of the dividend for R36.

      You can even try boxing 6 horses for the same percentage and cost.

      Have a look at the costs calculator below. Break a leg

      Gamble with your head – and a copy of the Sporting Post! Enjoy it


  4. Hannes Marais says:

    Play pick 6 , even if it is only for 1percent (by far the best value).It is all about how you calculate your ticket. In each race ALWAYS play no 1,2,3,4 (because regardless of the odds, they are the class horses), and make sure you include the three favourites in the race as well. And include one donkey or two in each race as well. Then the trick is mainly to decide in which race can you bank only one horse (making your ticket affordable). Yes you will miss manny , but soon soon you wil hit a nice 1 or 2 percent pick 6. Otherwise just keep on playing number plate numbers, one day they will come just like that 🙂

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