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Kenilworth Sat 18 Jan 1:00

Race 1 Maiden Juvenile Plate 1000m Win time: 59.19s

10Pray For Rain660.0M Byleveld43-20
210.25Bowie160.0A Marcus23-10
310.35Musical Glitch957.5S Mbhele31-10
411.35Star Captain760.0C Orffer40-1
511.75Katherine The Wow857.5L Mxothwa30-1
611.80Lord Marmite460.0K de Melo11-1
713.05Fort Mchenry260.0O Noach40-1
815.55Fort Red360.0B Fayd'Herbe25-1
915.75Opague560.0M Winnaar13-1

Kenilworth Sat 18 Jan 1:35

Race 2 Maiden Plate 1400m Win time: 89.14s

10Forged In Flame559.0B Fayd'Herbe11-2
20.10Red Rock Canyon359.0M Byleveld31-20
30.15Mr Fergie459.0K de Melo9-10
41.40Barberton Silver659.0S Mbhele30-1
52.65Kalimenta Wood160.0D Ashby30-1

Kenilworth Sat 18 Jan 2:10

Race 3 Maiden Plate (F&M) 1600m Win time: 101.86s

10Voice Of Reason1159.0K de Melo17-20
21.50Still Tappin459.0A Marcus13-2
32.50What A Flirt359.0G Cheyne21-4
42.55Northwest Passage959.0S Mbhele75-1
53.80A Moment Apart659.0M Byleveld15-1
64.80Mountain Ridge759.0M Winnaar40-1
75.30Foxy Lady559.0C Orffer11-1
86.80Winter's Awakening260.0B Fayd'Herbe33-1
97.30O Sole Mio160.0A Andrews9-1
107.70Festive Girl859.0G Behr75-1

Kenilworth Sat 18 Jan 2:50

Race 4 Maiden Handicap 2000m Win time: 126s

10Holy Warrior358.0B Fayd'Herbe13-2
20.75Night Song457.0M Byleveld22-1
31.05In Auro160.0A Marcus9-10
48.30Hope And Pray1154.0L Mxothwa10-1
510.55Abraham Lincoln556.5C Orffer22-1
612.30Naughty Boy656.0S Mbhele9-1
715.80Double Crown258.5R Fourie143-20
817.55Superbus1054.5G Behr75-1
817.55Slew Per Cool755.5K de Melo30-1
1020.80Nevil Mu1252.0A Andrews30-1
1122.80Live Wire955.0O Noach22-1

Kenilworth Sat 18 Jan 3:25

Race 5 MR 76 Handicap 1800m Win time: 112.05s

10Azores259.5K de Melo9-2
20.05Silver Plains856.5G Cheyne8-1
32.55Vforvictory558.0A Marcus19-10
43.05Cape Xtreme359.5B Fayd'Herbe30-1
53.35Winter Is Over658.0R Fourie29-4
64.85Hexatonic160.0M Winnaar16-1
78.10Brooklyn's Choice1153.0S Mbhele30-1
88.20Kursk757.0C Orffer16-1
913.70Brother Louis955.5M Byleveld15-2
1027.45Captain Turk1054.0A Andrews17-2

Kenilworth Sat 18 Jan 4:00

Race 6 MR 73 Handicap (F&M) 1400m Win time: 0s

10Springisintheair260.0B Fayd'Herbe15-10
20.10Waldorf Astoria358.5R Fourie5-1
30.85Proclaimer557.5G Cheyne11-2
41.05Grey Princess656.5C Orffer10-1
52.30Hidden Strings160.0K de Melo6-1
64.80Elusive Rain756.0A Andrews8-1
77.80Ferrari Red457.5L Mxothwa25-2

Kenilworth Sat 18 Jan 4:35

Race 7 MR 81 Handicap 1400m Win time: 87.29s

10Rockin' Ringo260.0L Mxothwa53-20
20.05Pink Floyd358.5G Behr9-1
30.55Gold Medal756.5K de Melo29-4
42.05Naturalist657.0S Mbhele25-1
52.10Selailai954.5A Andrews13-1
62.50Brandenburg855.5C Orffer23-4
72.90Alaskan Night1054.0G Cheyne11-1
84.15Icon King458.0D Ashby8-1
94.45Horatius557.5R Fourie20-1
105.70Dynastic Light160.0M Winnaar17-4

Kenilworth Sat 18 Jan 5:15

Race 8 MR 82 Handicap 1200m Win time: 73.22s

10Worlds Your Oyster855.5K de Melo8-1
20.75Savea260.0B Fayd'Herbe14-1
31.15Marco Polo756.0L Mxothwa33-1
41.55Moon Rock1352.0G Cheyne14-1
51.75Stopalltheclocks161.0R Fourie22-10
63.00Red Eight955.0S Mbhele63-20
73.30Call Me Al1153.0M Byleveld10-1
85.55Regimental358.5C Orffer19-4
96.30Will Scarlet657.0D Ashby33-1
108.05Forty Days1252.0O Noach40-1
118.25Metorite557.0M Winnaar66-1