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Hollywoodbets Greyville Sun 19 Jan 12:45

Race 1 Maiden Plate (F&M)(Polytrack) 1400m Win time: 82.42s

10Miss Charlotte959.0S Moodley77-20
20.05Lady Of Lutetia459.0W Kennedy7-10
34.80Girl From Ipanema259.0C Zackey40-1
48.55Constantia159.0J L Samuel16-1
513.80Me Before You359.0G Wright40-1
616.80Swindon559.0C Habib45-1
716.85Strawberrypoptart1160.0T Godden40-1
821.35Little Bits760.0X Jacobs75-1
925.60Catalyst859.0S Randolph40-1
1029.10Mirror Image1260.0D Dillon21-4
1137.30Blue Topaz659.0S Brown75-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Sun 19 Jan 1:20

Race 2 Maiden Plate (F&M)(Polytrack) 1400m Win time: 82.98s

10Explosive Beauty959.0A Marcus37-20
10Blush Of Dawn1159.0A Mgudlwa13-2
34.75Empress Ella259.0S Randolph107-20
44.85Yoshida559.0J Gates60-1
55.10Whiffler's Joy360.0D Dillon37-20
610.85Armengnac659.0S Khumalo35-1
711.60Celtic Cat859.0K de Melo13-1
813.60Retrial1060.0J Solomons50-1
913.70Tallulah Jet459.0A Arries60-1
1014.20Rainbow Roe760.0S Brown80-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Sun 19 Jan 1:55

Race 3 MR 89 Handicap (Polytrack)` 1000m Win time: 56.46s

10Di Mazzio160.5B Jacobson20-1
20.50Winter Blues759.0B Fayd'Herbe12-1
31.50So Var663.5W Kennedy8-1
41.55Calvary461.5J Jacobs33-10
52.80Hey Boy1158.0T Gumede93-20
62.90Constantine1054.0J Solomons12-1
74.40Winter Chill1354.0J Gates14-1
84.50Effortless Reward360.0Y Ramzan10-1
95.75Ronnie Rocket559.0S Moodley6-1
108.75Big King258.5S Randolph117-20

Hollywoodbets Greyville Sun 19 Jan 2:30

Race 4 MR 76 Handicap (F&M)(Polytrack) 1600m Win time: 94.82s

10Arizona Sunset261.0A Marcus5-2
21.75Barinois856.5J Gates10-1
33.25Bell Jar1258.0K de Melo15-2
43.75Enrapture556.0S Brown15-1
53.80Fire Faerie1554.5M H Zuma18-1
65.30La Bastide352.5S Moodley14-1
65.30Cherry Road1158.5W Kennedy4-1
85.40Slievanorra655.0D Schwarz29-4
98.40Flaming Desire752.0A Arries20-1
108.65Jo Mambo1054.5T Godden20-1
1114.90Enterthedebutante1352.0J L Samuel40-1
1218.40Aideen1452.0E S Ngwane33-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Sun 19 Jan 3:05

Race 5 MR 79 Handicap (Polytrack) 1600m Win time: 94.34s

10Skollie1256.5D Dillon25-1
20.10Baby Shooz459.5A Marcus3-4
32.10Powered Beauty562.5B Jacobson18-1
42.85Master Vision158.5B Fayd'Herbe15-2
54.85Galway1156.0S Randolph30-1
65.35Itsapleasure259.0W Kennedy8-1
75.40Loadshedder660.5A Mgudlwa35-1
86.90Mokoko1557.0T Gumede25-1
97.15Legend860.5N Juglall14-1
108.90Mighty Smart1456.5D Schwarz55-1
1119.00Moon Bird757.0J L Samuel66-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Sun 19 Jan 3:40

Race 6 MR 92 Handicap (F&M)(Polytrack) 1200m Win time: 68.92s

10Georgina Rose154.5T Gumede5-1
20.75Petra1057.5W Kennedy13-2
33.50Marsanne759.0A Marcus13-10
43.60Linear659.0C Habib18-1
55.10Township Melody1160.0S Moodley8-1
65.35Purple Nkanyezi254.5A Mgudlwa14-1
75.45Rocking Ruby1256.5J Gates50-1
86.95Dieci557.0T Godden40-1
97.95Naoshima855.5S Veale10-1
1011.70Tweed Valley954.5S Khumalo25-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Sun 19 Jan 4:15

Race 7 Michael Roberts Handicap (Listed)(Polytrack) 1800m Win time: 106.23s

10G G's Dynasty155.0A Marcus49-20
20.50Tristful759.0S Randolph13-1
30.75Born To Perform353.5C Zackey53-20
41.00Blackball460.0W Kennedy15-2
52.75The Dazzler1460.0D Dillon14-1
62.80Silver Rose257.5D Schwarz25-1
74.05Wealthy554.5S Veale13-1
85.30Amor Ardiente1354.5G Wright22-1
98.30Dark Moon Rising662.5K de Melo20-1
109.80Noble Joshua954.0S Khumalo20-1
1112.80Tommy Grand1152.0A Arries45-1
1213.30Marchingontogether1262.0B Fayd'Herbe20-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Sun 19 Jan 4:50

Race 8 Maiden Plate (F&M)(Polytrack) 1200m Win time: 70.37s

10Royal View1260.0S Khumalo32-10
21.75Brunilda660.0A Mgudlwa8-1
31.85Jayden's Shreya1760.0reserve 133-1
42.95Frilly Sox160.0D Schwarz21-4
53.75Mystery Trip260.0B Jacobson16-1
65.45Matadora's Parade560.0K de Melo6-1
76.35Ziva Noir360.0N Juglall40-1
86.85Hot Tin Roof760.0W Kennedy11-1
97.15Bold Speed960.0A Marcus3-1
107.55Burnt Paper Sky1560.0S Moodley50-1
1116.15Witzenberg860.0G Wright66-1
1223.45Mouille Point460.0A Arries66-1