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Vaal Tue 23 Jun 12:15

Race 1 Maiden Juvenile Plate (Fillies) 1000m Win time: 58.01s

10Rise As One960.0G Lerena37-20
21.00Country Mile160.0L Hewitson7-4
31.75Nina Amelia760.0J R Syster35-1
42.50Hey Gorgeous660.0C Maujean10-1
54.75Forward March460.0R Danielson29-4
67.00Sheltering Sky1060.0D L Habib25-1
77.50Frosted Ice560.0L J Ferraris30-1
88.00Vignette1260.0B Nyawo50-1
99.25Crusade Cruiser260.0D Schwarz40-1
1010.00Smelting1160.0S Brown40-1
1110.05Dry Delta360.0D de Gouveia25-1

Vaal Tue 23 Jun 12:50

Race 2 Maiden Juvenile Plate (C&G) 1000m Win time: 57.06s

10Bowie160.0C F Dicken9-2
20.75South East760.0L Hewitson1-1
32.00Valyrian King1160.0D Schwarz8-1
48.00Western Lion1260.0M V'Rensburg8-1
58.05Jacalac260.0J Greyling66-1
68.50Tai Gold860.0M Thackeray20-1
710.25Tigers Edge960.0L J Ferraris55-1
810.75Jubilee360.0C Maujean20-1
911.50Liquid460.0R Danielson22-1
1016.50Trust The Fire1060.0S Brown30-1
1117.00Oliver's Mount560.0D de Gouveia50-1

Vaal Tue 23 Jun 1:25

Race 3 Maiden Plate (F&M) 1800m Win time: 111.67s

10Spirit Law160.0S Khumalo6-1
20.05Consol Queen460.0C Habib66-1
32.75Senescence1160.0G Lerena6-10
45.00Last Cheer660.0L J Ferraris12-1
57.00Miss Cap Mala360.0J Penny45-1
67.75Nabeela760.0P Strydom66-1
78.00Deebaa560.0S Brown33-1
88.05Super Duper260.0M Yeni8-1
911.25Jack's Swan1060.0L Hewitson10-1
1012.25Athenian Queen860.0C F Dicken75-1
1117.50Shuffling1260.0D Schwarz75-1
1219.75Intimidate960.0J R Syster75-1

Vaal Tue 23 Jun 1:55

Race 4 MR 97 Handicap 2000m Win time: 123.61s

10Christopher Robin856.0M Yeni3-1
20.50Johnny Hero756.5K Matsunyane15-1
32.00Hellofaride1054.0C Murray3-1
43.50Skiminac458.0S Khumalo12-1
55.25Master And Man557.0D Schwarz67-20
66.25Nimcha657.0G Lerena117-20
710.00Diamond Dancer360.0J R Syster14-1
817.00Wonderous Climber955.5L Hewitson15-1

Vaal Tue 23 Jun 2:25

Race 5 MR 80 Handicap 2000m Win time: 123.66s

10Apollo Robbins956.0S Khumalo7-1
21.50Sell High558.0P Strydom10-1
32.25Tyrus Express857.0D L Habib7-1
42.75Captain Chorus1056.0M V'Rensburg5-1
55.25Gentleman's Wager757.0C Maujean9-2
65.50Jagesa Jagesa458.5B Nyawo30-1
77.25Ideal Wolff657.0G Lerena9-2
88.00Meeraas359.0L Hewitson7-1
910.00Major Return160.0C Murray25-1
1012.00Seventh Of June1355.5reserve 120-1
1113.75Querari's Cowboy1255.5R Danielson33-1
1228.75Manitoba260.0S Brown50-1

Vaal Tue 23 Jun 2:55

Race 6 Graduation Plate 1200m Win time: 68.89s

10Battleoftrafalgar260.0C Murray47-20
20.50Rock The Globe459.5L Hewitson27-4
31.75Stop For Nothing1254.5M Yeni33-1
43.50Spanish Boy1055.0M V'Rensburg50-1
53.75Arapaho160.0L J Ferraris5-1
65.25How Does It Taste955.5P Mxoli9-1
75.30What A Story856.5C Bantam50-1
86.00Pure State359.5G Lerena57-20
96.25Country Squire756.5C F Dicken50-1
1010.75Bold Matador656.5C Storey55-1
1111.50Land Of The Brave559.5J R Syster25-1
1213.75Kay Tee Perry1154.5C Maujean15-2

Vaal Tue 23 Jun 3:25

Race 7 MR 105 Handicap 1200m Win time: 68.56s

10Marshall558.0C Murray14-10
21.75Urban Rock955.5L Hewitson14-1
33.25Bohica1154.0R Danielson14-1
43.50American Hustle262.5J R Syster12-1
53.75Epic Dream756.5P Mxoli6-1
64.00Clever Guy164.5S Brown25-1
77.50Donderweer459.0K Matsunyane5-1
89.75Old Man Tyme856.5L J Ferraris13-1
910.25Dan The Lad656.5M Yeni25-1
1013.25Danza359.5S Khumalo25-1
1115.00Premier Show1055.5C F Dicken75-1
1230.00Talktothestars1254.0C Habib50-1

Vaal Tue 23 Jun 3:55

Race 8 MR 88 Handicap 1200m Win time: 69.25s

10Singfonico161.0J Greyling20-1
23.00Twelve Oaks558.5L J Ferraris20-1
34.00Corvette Captain657.0C Maujean14-1
44.25Grindelwald1055.5L Hewitson53-20
55.00Pearl Of Siberia1155.5C Bantam20-1
65.75Donny G259.5P Strydom4-1
77.75Touch Of Fate757.0J R Syster14-1
88.50Makara956.0T Juglall14-1
99.25Blonde Vision857.0D de Gouveia20-1
1010.25Tokyo Drift458.5G Lerena177-20
1115.25Sacred Castle1254.0S Khumalo20-1
1216.25Palace Assembly359.5R Danielson6-1

Vaal Tue 23 Jun 4:25

Race 9 MR 86 Handicap 1200m Win time: 68.58s

10Bold Ransom758.0C Habib5-1
25.25Var Aglow957.0G Lerena10-1
35.75Smoke1254.0C F Dicken20-1
46.50Galactic Warrior359.5P Mxoli5-1
56.75Whorly Whorly260.0P Strydom10-1
68.00Pidgeon Rock160.0L Hewitson5-1
79.75Holy Man1055.5L J Ferraris11-1
810.25King Of The Delta858.0D de Gouveia16-1
910.50Informative658.5M Yeni12-1
1011.75Waimea1155.0M Thackeray11-1
1112.00Lone Survivor459.5S Khumalo25-1
1219.00Quick Wit559.0C Murray11-1