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Hollywoodbets Greyville Sun 28 Jun 11:15

Race 1 Maiden Plate 1200m Win time: 73.16s

10Garrulous1057.0K Sakayi6-1
21.00Candyman560.0S Veale5-4
31.25Naval Secret957.0A Marcus33-10
42.75Purple Powahouse660.0T Godden12-1
55.50Just Liberty160.0S Moodley75-1
66.00Winter Guard1157.0K de Melo13-1
76.50Lightening Spirit260.0J Gates20-1
86.80Story Book357.0S Randolph20-1
97.50Freezing Fast460.0D Dillon33-1
1013.00Manhattan Melody1260.0C Zackey50-1
1117.20Le Quartier757.0B Jacobson75-1
1220.70Arctic Refuge857.0E S Ngwane55-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Sun 28 Jun 11:45

Race 2 Durban Dash (3yo's)(Non-Blacktype) 1100m Win time: 66.67s

10Celtic Voyager454.0W Kennedy20-1
20.80Binoche153.5S Veale15-4
31.05Ad Altisima254.0S Moodley20-1
41.85Golden Tractor558.0C Zackey12-1
52.10Rio Querari660.0A Marcus16-10
64.00We Light The Fire754.0S Randolph9-2
77.90Montreal Mist953.5not declared44-1
88.40African Warrior860.0K de Melo5-1
910.30Ground Control351.0J Jacobs40-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Sun 28 Jun 12:20

Race 3 Devon Air Stakes (2yo Fillies)(Listed) 1400m Win time: 86.49s

10Caralluma460.0not declared7-2
24.00Due Diligence360.0not declared16-10
34.70Stella Act860.0J Jacobs14-1
45.10Trickster1060.0A Marcus8-1
55.50Jasmine560.0W Kennedy9-2
65.90Emerald Palace158.0A Mgudlwa25-1
75.95State Of Mind658.0S Moodley40-1
87.15Keep The Lights On1158.0K de Melo12-1
912.15Laurel Lane258.0S Veale40-1
1013.65Shades Of Red958.0J Gates55-1
1114.15Altogetherlovely758.0E S Ngwane50-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Sun 28 Jun 12:55

Race 4 Gatecrasher Stakes (2yo's)(Listed) 1400m Win time: 86.66s

10Gold Season456.0C Zackey8-1
21.70Master Of Disguise260.0W Kennedy7-4
32.10Royal Exhibit1256.0J Jacobs50-1
43.10Fast Love1158.0A Marcus22-10
53.35Deorsa156.0S Randolph35-1
63.75Crushing Force856.0K Sakayi28-1
74.05King's Crusade1056.0G Wright20-1
84.30Colour My Fate958.0T Godden22-1
95.70Walls Of Dubrovnik760.0E S Ngwane14-1
106.20Kayson358.0S Veale17-2
118.70Storm Chaser1356.0S Moodley30-1
128.75Litchfield656.0K de Melo30-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Sun 28 Jun 1:30

Race 5 Gr2 Tibouchina Stakes (F&M) 1400m Win time: 84.97s

10Silvano's Pride160.0K de Melo25-4
22.30Sleeping Single957.0S Randolph20-1
33.90Master Keys357.0D Dillon93-20
45.00Point Of Sale1155.5C Zackey11-1
55.05Roy's Riviera257.0T Godden14-1
66.95Generous Lady657.0S Veale36-1
77.05Temple Grafin857.0A Marcus2-1
87.65Querari Ferrari555.5J Gates25-1
97.70Gabor758.5W Kennedy103-20
109.30Spiritofthegroove455.5not declared16-1
1119.00Sidonie1055.5not declared40-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Sun 28 Jun 2:07

Race 6 Gr1 Gold Challenge 1600m Win time: 98.38s

10Rainbow Bridge760.0W Kennedy5-2
20.90Vardy260.0C Zackey5-2
31.30Do It Again560.0A Marcus93-20
42.90Clouds Unfold457.5K de Melo6-1
53.60Matador Man360.0not declared50-1
64.20Twist Of Fate660.0D Dillon9-1
76.00Cirillo860.0not declared7-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Sun 28 Jun 2:42

Race 7 Gr1 Woolavington 2000 (3yo Fillies) 2000m Win time: 126.51s

10Summer Pudding360.0W Kennedy29-20
20.90Driving Miss Daisy160.0C Zackey13-1
32.10Lady Of Steel260.0B Fayd'Herbe43-20
42.60Victoria Paige660.0not declared13-1
53.60Keep Smiling460.0not declared80-1
64.00Kelpie1060.0A Marcus17-2
74.30Follow The Star960.0D Dillon16-1
84.70Rattle Mouse1560.0reserve 140-1
95.10Marygold760.0S Randolph22-1
107.40Sovereign Secret560.0K de Melo30-1
117.45Labyrinth1360.0S Veale22-1
129.35Heart Stwings1460.0T Godden80-1
1310.85Mary O860.0S Moodley36-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Sun 28 Jun 3:17

Race 8 Gr1 Daily News 2000 (3yo's) 2000m Win time: 125.8s

10Got The Greenlight560.0B Fayd'Herbe57-20
21.50Padre Pio660.0C Zackey13-1
31.55Golden Ducat460.0W Kennedy31-20
43.05Shango360.0not declared17-2
54.95Wild Coast260.0D Dillon7-1
66.45Share Holder160.0T Godden70-1
77.15Liberty Hall760.0S Randolph25-1
89.15Sachdev960.0A Marcus23-4
918.75Azores860.0K de Melo44-1
1019.25Tree Tumbo1060.0not declared50-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Sun 28 Jun 3:52

Race 9 MR 99 Handicap 1600m Win time: 99.41s

10Arizona Silk255.0T Gumede23-4
26.30The Bayou1454.5reserve 212-1
37.30Guru's Pride858.0W Kennedy2-1
48.00Twice Golden757.5J Jacobs44-1
58.25Williams Land959.0K de Melo25-1
68.55The Master1553.0reserve 310-1
79.25Desolate Road161.0K Sakayi28-1
89.75Paths Of Victory1163.0M H Zuma17-2
911.35Pearl Of Asia358.5A Mgudlwa9-1
1011.40Vikram562.5B Fayd'Herbe7-2
1111.50Euphoric459.5S Veale16-1
1215.20Jack Of Hearts1258.5J Gates44-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Sun 28 Jun 4:27

Race 10 Maiden Plate 1900m Win time: 123.47s

10In Auro160.0C Zackey21-20
21.70Kenneth Macarthur560.0D Dillon9-1
31.75Chewbaca860.0G Wright11-2
43.15Staff Sergeant660.0J Gates55-1
53.40Grey Linngari460.0K de Melo12-1
64.40Declaration Of War360.0W Kennedy11-2
74.70Power To Command260.0E S Ngwane50-1
84.95All Time High760.0S Randolph8-1
97.25El Ballero1160.0S Moodley25-1
108.45Hello Again1255.0J Jacobs55-1
1114.75Jumping Castle960.0J Mphanya70-1
1215.35The Snow War1055.0T Godden70-1