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Hollywoodbets Greyville Sat 25 Jul 11:30

Race 1 Pinnacle Stakes (Polytrack) 1100m Win time: 63.34s

10Chantyman662.0G van Niekerk16-1
20.70Chimichuri Run962.0G Lerena63-20
31.00Captain Tatters360.0R Fourie7-1
41.25La Bella Mia1060.0M Yeni44-1
53.25Van Halen862.0C Zackey14-1
63.30Goliath Heron1156.5K de Melo40-1
74.30Singforafa261.0L Hewitson22-10
84.60Sunset Eyes762.0D Dillon12-1
96.70Donderweer459.5A Domeyer20-1
109.70Bwana559.5A Marcus11-1
119.95Hard To Play1258.0S Randolph44-1
1213.95Speedpoint162.0J Jacobs20-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Sat 25 Jul 12:05

Race 2 KZN Yearling Sale Million (2yo's)(Non-Blacktype)(Turf) 1300m Win time: 78.13s

10Winter Stories860.0M Yeni8-1
20.90Dandolo460.0S Veale16-1
31.80Walls Of Dubrovnik360.0G Lerena11-1
42.80Kavian's Cara957.5T Gumede50-1
53.40Native Tongue1060.0R Fourie14-1
64.20Colour My Fate560.0T Godden66-1
74.25Crimson King760.0G van Niekerk14-1
84.95Stella Act257.5A Domeyer9-1
95.10Storyland657.5K de Melo50-1
105.70Light That Loose1360.0A Marcus20-1
116.90Captain Oupie1160.0C Zackey30-1
128.10Vernichey1457.5W Kennedy53-20
1310.50Super Agra160.0D Dillon12-1
1415.30Sweet Sensation1257.5L Hewitson5-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Sat 25 Jul 12:40

Race 3 Gr3 Campanajo 2200 (Turf) 2200m Win time: 137.39s

10Sovereign Spirit253.0G van Niekerk47-20
20.80Tristful1357.5S Veale5-1
31.40Cat Daddy353.5J Gates9-1
41.70Leopold654.0C Murray13-1
53.20Tilbury Fort457.5L Hewitson22-1
63.50Herodotus156.5A Domeyer13-2
73.55Pack Leader1258.5K de Melo9-1
83.60Majestic Mozart1455.5S Randolph25-1
94.40Magnificent Seven1160.0R Fourie14-1
104.45White Lightning752.0S Moodley55-1
115.15Western Fort555.0W Kennedy12-1
127.95Lord Silverio952.0A Mgudlwa66-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Sat 25 Jul 1:15

Race 4 Gr3 Gold Vase (Turf) 3000m Win time: 194.79s

10Dynasty's Blossom1256.0W Kennedy35-4
20.05Before Noon350.0A Mgudlwa10-1
30.75Dark Moon Rising957.0T Godden11-1
41.05Paybackthemoney1550.0M Yeni25-1
51.55Imperial Ruby1357.0C Zackey12-1
62.05Shenanigans1455.5L Hewitson18-1
72.10Factor Fifty556.0G Lerena73-20
82.80Dharma255.5S Randolph20-1
93.50Silver Rose1657.0K de Melo20-1
103.55Wildlife Safari1750.0reserve 140-1
103.55Tap O' Noth160.0D Dillon9-1
123.80Wealthy855.5S Veale18-1
134.05Flichity By Farr654.5S Moodley18-1
145.25Swift Surprise454.0R Fourie16-1
156.05Mercurana1155.5G Wright50-1
1611.65Pomander1054.5C Murray12-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Sat 25 Jul 1:50

Race 5 Gr2 Golden Slipper (2yo Fillies)(Turf) 1400m Win time: 84.77s

10Love Bomb460.0S Veale35-1
20.80Caralluma160.0L Hewitson2-3
31.10Jasmine860.0W Kennedy35-1
42.90Trickster1060.0R Fourie33-1
53.50Maledimo960.0G Lerena9-1
63.60Sentbydestiny660.0G van Niekerk14-1
74.60Afternoon Tea560.0A Domeyer22-1
85.10Delta Queen760.0K de Melo33-4
95.35Vihaan's Pie1260.0D Dillon14-1
105.65Sav's Star1160.0T Gumede33-1
118.95Dubawi Princess260.0C Murray35-1
129.65Fromheretoeternity1360.0T Godden80-1
1312.25Big Hello's360.0B Jacobson100-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Sat 25 Jul 2:25

Race 6 Gr2 Golden Horseshoe (2yo's)(Turf) 1400m Win time: 85.59s

10Nourbese1060.0S Randolph10-1
20.50Portico1160.0W Kennedy20-1
31.30Erik The Red460.0R Fourie53-20
41.35Ecstatic Green357.5L Hewitson17-4
52.15Willow Express1260.0C Murray30-1
62.95Ashford Castle560.0G van Niekerk28-10
73.20Gold Season860.0A Domeyer7-1
83.25The Contractor960.0M Yeni20-1
94.15Royal Exhibit260.0G Lerena16-1
109.85Ziva la Winter660.0D Dillon55-1
1116.25Karnallie760.0C Zackey45-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Sat 25 Jul 3:10

Race 7 Gr1 Vodacom Durban July (Turf) 2200m Win time: 132.4s

10Belgarion1753.0R Fourie93-20
20.80Got The Greenlight1353.0M Yeni17-2
30.90Do It Again1859.5A Marcus15-2
41.90Golden Ducat153.0not declared30-1
51.95It's My Turn1253.0S Veale28-1
62.75Rainbow Bridge260.0W Kennedy4-1
73.45Divine Odyssey1053.0S Randolph75-1
84.45Soqrat559.0C Murray13-1
94.70Shango753.0L Hewitson33-1
104.95Vardy960.0C Zackey14-1
116.45Tierra Del Fuego1155.0G Lerena25-1
129.45Camphoratus1652.0G Wright100-1
1310.85Miyabi Gold452.0K de Melo18-1
1412.05Bunker Hunt1455.0G van Niekerk7-1
1519.55Capoeira853.0T Godden100-1
1622.55Padre Pio353.0A Mgudlwa75-1
1726.85Silvano's Pride1552.0S Moodley80-1
1829.25Twist Of Fate656.5A Domeyer28-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Sat 25 Jul 3:45

Race 8 Gr1 Garden Province Stakes (F&M)(Turf) 1600m Win time: 97s

10Temple Grafin660.0K de Melo40-1
20.70Celtic Sea760.0G Lerena47-20
30.95Pretty Young Thing559.0A Marcus14-1
41.55Driving Miss Daisy1159.0C Zackey14-1
52.65Mill Queen1059.0S Veale33-1
63.45Ronnie's Candy860.0G van Niekerk17-2
73.50Roy's Riviera460.0T Godden40-1
83.55Clouds Unfold1360.0A Domeyer11-4
94.15Sleeping Single360.0R Fourie10-1
104.95Vistula260.0C Murray9-1
115.55Perfect Tigress1560.0reserve 140-1
125.85Mary O959.0S Moodley100-1
1312.95In The Dance160.0L Hewitson50-1
1417.15Dancing Queen1460.0S Randolph75-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Sat 25 Jul 4:20

Race 9 eThekwini Sprint (3yo's)(Non-Blacktype)(Polytrack) 1200m Win time: 68.7s

10Gallic Princess555.5G Lerena4-1
22.50Rio Querari460.0R Fourie27-4
35.60Battleoftrafalgar356.0C Murray73-20
46.30Miss Florida655.5G van Niekerk20-1
56.35Hooves Of Troy1258.0M Yeni25-1
67.45African Warrior960.0K de Melo18-1
77.85Cavalieri1350.0reserve 125-1
88.15Cartel Captain160.0S Veale2-1
98.45Enjoy The View256.0S Moodley25-1
108.85True Charm753.5C Zackey33-1
1114.85Impressive Duchess1150.0J Gates33-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Sat 25 Jul 4:55

Race 10 Thukela Handicap (Listed)(Turf) 1600m Win time: 96.72s

10Infamous Fox261.0W Kennedy18-1
20.50Hudoo Magic756.0A Marcus8-1
30.60Priceless Ruler957.0S Veale10-1
40.70More Magic1353.5G Wright30-1
50.75Liberty Hall852.5K de Melo13-1
61.15Crown Towers457.5R Fourie15-10
71.20Born To Perform1052.0M Yeni12-1
81.45G G's Dynasty1156.0D Dillon10-1
91.75Tree Tumbo552.0L Hewitson17-2
104.15Cabo da Cruz1454.5C Zackey44-1
115.65Sniper Shot355.5T Godden11-1
128.75Orpheus155.0G Lerena9-1
139.95Generous Lady652.0J Gates55-1
14DistExclusive Quantity1253.5C Murray25-1