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Hollywoodbets Greyville Mon 27 Jul 12:35

Race 1 Maiden Juvenile Plate (Polytrack) 1400m Win time: 82.3s

10Var's Elusion1160.0A Domeyer29-20
23.60The Ghan160.0A Marcus13-2
34.10Winter Guard560.0K de Melo11-1
45.20Jays Dancer860.0W Kennedy66-1
55.90GonTravelin960.0B Jacobson75-1
65.95In Time 'n Tune760.0G Lerena18-10
77.45Oxford Blue460.0A Arries75-1
88.25Rainbow Rising260.0D Dillon16-1
910.55Prospero360.0T Gumede75-1
1011.45Flash Gala660.0S Moodley75-1
1112.05What About You1260.0T Godden75-1
1230.35Combat Unit1060.0J Gates75-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Mon 27 Jul 1:10

Race 2 MR 68 Handicap (F&M)(Polytrack) 1400m Win time: 82.84s

10Passivity358.5J Gates11-2
20.50Fire Faerie860.5T Gumede57-20
32.10Arctic Princess1358.0reserve 133-1
42.80Rock To The Music1157.5J Mphanya66-1
53.90Rachel759.5W Kennedy2-1
65.00Joyful Winter1259.0K de Melo18-1
76.20Mambo Lyric555.5M Yeni7-1
86.60Hey Jude659.5J Jacobs44-1
99.30Glad I Am452.0N Patel66-1
1010.70Top Salute952.5S Moodley66-1
1111.90Path To Glory161.0A Marcus10-1
1218.00Imagine That1052.5J L Samuel75-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Mon 27 Jul 1:45

Race 3 Maiden Plate (Polytrack) 1700m Win time: 102.03s

10Lunafacation1160.0S Randolph30-1
21.10All Time High560.0G Lerena77-20
31.50Hatton Hall160.0D Dillon25-1
43.50Master George860.0W Kennedy9-1
53.80Montana Sky1060.0S Moodley36-1
63.90Lunar Prospector456.0K de Melo16-1
74.40Predator360.0L Hewitson12-10
87.90Bold Move257.0M Yeni6-1
99.10Imperious Duke760.0T Godden36-1
1021.30Tinsel Toes1356.0reserve 150-1
1121.80Justice Is Served657.0B Jacobson66-1
12DistJudd1260.0J Mphanya75-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Mon 27 Jul 2:20

Race 4 MR 62 Handicap (Polytrack) 1700m Win time: 102.78s

10Proud Warrior361.0T Godden10-1
20.05El Sereno460.0A Marcus23-10
30.10Rocky Coast1158.0K de Melo40-1
40.80Sea Sponge861.0A Arries25-4
51.10Storm Ruler762.0L Hewitson25-4
62.80Putchini1056.0M Yeni12-1
72.85Head Boy160.5G Lerena17-4
83.55Short Skirt Flirt655.0J Gates18-1
94.85Just Call Me Angel556.0J Jacobs30-1
105.25Prince Charming957.0S Randolph16-1
116.65Ritchi259.0S Moodley40-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Mon 27 Jul 3:00

Race 5 MR 78 Handicap (F&M)(Polytrack) 1600m Win time: 94.85s

10Silva Magic659.5K de Melo67-20
21.50Futuristic Dame156.0M Yeni23-4
32.80Preferential959.0L Hewitson10-1
43.40Itsapleasure1060.0W Kennedy13-1
53.80Oloye761.5J Jacobs15-2
64.70Ice Imperial358.5S Veale10-1
75.90Count Dubucks860.0J Gates20-1
86.65Tupelo Honey1156.5S Moodley20-1
97.55Silver Dazzle1258.5G Wright16-1
108.65Arianos Spinner259.0T Gumede6-1
119.75She's A Dream561.5C Murray12-1
1213.45Bendy Bullet459.5J Mphanya66-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Mon 27 Jul 3:35

Race 6 MR 78 Handicap (Polytrack) 2000m Win time: 121.13s

10Donald McDonald1258.5W Kennedy6-1
21.70Velvet Season658.0G Lerena9-2
31.75Great Warrior1060.5S Moodley17-4
41.80Lightning Parcador557.5D Dillon40-1
53.10Smart Sox759.0K de Melo29-4
63.90Monarchy458.5A Marcus11-2
74.15Techno Captain1159.0S Veale25-1
84.20Two Of Us1357.5reserve 114-1
95.00Samsonite959.0M Yeni20-1
107.70High Green158.5J Gates14-1
118.80Banjo On My Knee259.0S Randolph12-1
1230.40Assisted Take Off857.5N Patel75-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Mon 27 Jul 4:10

Race 7 MR 80 Handicap (Polytrack) 1400m Win time: 82.18s

10Gentleman's Way555.5T Godden5-1
20.15Dutch Alley361.5K de Melo21-4
30.20White Cedar256.0L Hewitson12-1
41.70Walton Hall1156.5M Yeni22-1
52.30Mohican862.0G Lerena13-2
62.70Living Waters957.5W Kennedy29-4
73.10Father's Frost456.5D Dillon13-1
86.70Galway1055.0B Jacobson15-1
98.30Lucio154.0J Jacobs36-1
109.00High Voltage660.0A Marcus5-1
119.40Pinch Pot756.0J Gates75-1
129.90Sacred Journey1254.5S Veale10-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Mon 27 Jul 4:40

Race 8 MR 65 Handicap (Polytrack) 1400m Win time: 83.07s

10Alphamikefoxtrot757.5S Veale20-1
21.00Truly Wicked1159.5G Wright12-1
31.05Jardin1358.0reserve 117-4
41.10Viking Red854.5K de Melo43-20
51.15Fever658.5T Godden10-1
63.05Stand By Me956.0D Dillon55-1
74.95Fort Carol1058.5J Jacobs30-1
86.35Greattobecaptain359.5S Moodley16-1
96.40Eastbrook457.5S Randolph20-1
106.50Gravitation153.5B Jacobson11-2
1113.00Bequia552.0T Gumede25-1
1219.30Keanan's Rock1252.5M Yeni18-1